Pro Kabaddi 2022 LIVE Score, Bengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates: PKL 9 Live Updates and Commentary, Pro Kabaddi Match 23

Bengal Warriors
Patna Pirates
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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That's the end of Super Saturday! Three games in a row and all three of them were one-sided. Here's hoping your day went as smooth as the winning side's exploits. Till then, here is your host Abhishek signing off. Good bye and take care! 
Patna Pirates 26-54 Bengal Warriors

Bengal school Patna Pirates both offensively and defensively. That's one of the most one-sided contests you will see in PKL 9 as Bengal Warriors beat Patna Pirates by 28 points. Enforcing a total of four All Outs, Bengal's 29 raid points were more than Patna's total number of points. While Maninder picked up 12 points, Shrikant got nine to his name as he narrowly missed out on his 'Super 10.' Defensively, Shubham Shinde, Vaibhav Garje, and Girish Ernak held their forte while pouncing on the Patna raiders who looked lackluster. 

Sachin Tanwar was the lone shining light as he collected a total of 12 raid points upfront. Their secondary raider Abdul Insamam picked only two raid points, which speaks volumes about the problem in Patna's raiding department. Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh picked up four tackle points, but the majority came late in the contest when Bengal rested their starting seven and brought on the substitutes. 

With the win, Bengal maintain their spot at the third spot after winning three on the go. Patna, on the other hand, continue to search for their first win as their strategy to bank on their defensive prowess has backfired so far. 
40' FULL TIME! Manoj Gowda crosses the baulk-line and stands near the mid-line. That's it! Patna's agony ends.

Patna Pirates 26-54 Bengal Warriors
40' Shadloui with a lunging ankle hold on the Do-or-Die raid.

Patna Pirates 26-54 Bengal Warriors
39' Manoj Gowda raids Sunil and Girish Ernak holds Abdul Insamam. Can Bengal get another All Out?

Patna Pirates 25-54 Bengal Warriors
39' R Sakthivel with a thigh hold on Ranjit Naik.

Patna Pirates 25-52 Bengal Warriors
39' Neeraj Kumar tackles Aslam Thambi.

Patna Pirates 25-51 Bengal Warriors
38' Defender out of bounds and involved in struggle. Ranjit Naik bags a point over Girish Ernak.

Patna Pirates 24-51 Bengal Warriors
38' ALL OUT! Aslam Thambi gets a running hand touch on Sachin and takes the other two defenders while retreating. Another five-pointer from Bengal Warriors. Review successful.

Patna Pirates 23-51 Bengal Warriors
38' Raider safe and he gets two points. Bengal Warriors challenge that two points. They claim three plus two points and an all out. The original decision is only two points. 
38' The referees consult amongst themselves to check whether the raider went out of bounds. 
37' Manoj Gowda dives past Shadloui's thigh hold and gets another defender in the process.

Patna Pirates 23-46 Bengal Warriors
36' Sachin gets a toe touch on Shubham Shinde.

Patna Pirates 23-44 Bengal Warriors
36' Sunil steps out of bounds. The referee signals him to go out but he is showing hesitancy. He gets a green card in the process.

Patna Pirates 22-44 Bengal Warriors
35' Ranjit Naik tries his best to go past the mid-line but the other defenders tumble him backwards.

Patna Pirates 22-43 Bengal Warriors
34' Shadloui initiates a frontal block but goes out of bounds in the process. One defender out of bounds and raider out.

Patna Pirates 22-42 Bengal Warriors
33' Abdul Insamam gets a running hand touch on Balaji.

Patna Pirates 21-41 Bengal Warriors
32' Vaibhav Garje takes down Ranjit Naik.

Patna Pirates 20-41 Bengal Warriors
32' Deepak Niwas Hooda scrambles out from the clutches of Manish.

Patna Pirates 20-40 Bengal Warriors
31' Shubham Shinde steps out of bounds.

Patna Pirates 20-39 Bengal Warriors
30' SUPER RAID AND ALL OUT! Shrikant Jadhav goes past Neeraj's back hold and the turn and the tumble takes out the other two defenders as well.

Patna Pirates 19-39 Bengal Warriors
30' Shubham Shinde initiates a back hold on Sachin as the rest of the defenders follow him.

Patna Pirates 19-34 Bengal Warriors
29' Sukesh Hegde goes too deep and gets encircled by the Bengal defenders.

Patna Pirates 19-33 Bengal Warriors
28' Maninder wins a freebie against Sunil. You don't go solo against that man!

Patna Pirates 19-32 Bengal Warriors
27' Balaji goes out of bounds in the tackle attempt. Abdul bags a bonus as well.

Patna Pirates 19-31 Bengal Warriors
26' Shadloui with a vicious ankle hold on Maninder, who gets a bonus. Vaibhav replies with a thigh hold on Sachin.

Patna Pirates 17-30 Bengal Warriors
25' Super 10! Sachin shrugs off Balaji's ankle hold. He gets a bonus as well.

Patna Pirates 16-28 Bengal Warriors
24' SUPER 10! Neeraj Kumar tries for a frontal block on Maninder but the latter shoves the former.

Bengal Warriors 28-14 Patna Pirates
23' Shadloui gifts another point to Mani. That was a half-hearted ankle hold in the Do-or-Die raid.

Patna Pirates 14-27 Bengal Warriors
22' Bonus plus three points. Bengal make a challenge. They say there is no bonus and only two points should be given. Sachin muscles past Girish Ernak's ankle hold. Balaji dives above Sachin. When did his shoe make contact with Sachin's? Before or after. Shubham Shinde does make a contact, but Sachin extends his dangling hand prior to that. TV umpire takes his own sweet time to make the final decision.

Review successful. It is just bonus plus one. Only Girish Ernak is out. That's a big call. That's not a Super Raid as earlier indicated!

Patna Pirates 14-26 Bengal Warriors
22' The umpires consult with each other to count the number of men. Is it two or three? 
21' Bengal play a high line and Sachin gets a running hand touch.

Patna Pirates 12-26 Bengal Warriors
HALF TIME! Bengal Warriors 26-11 Patna Pirates

It has been a one-way traffic so far with Bengal Warriors having the upper hand so far. Maninder has 8 raid points while Shrikant Jadhav has 6 raid points to his name. The defense have been on their toes as well, having cumulatively picked up 6 tackle points. They have enforced two All Outs already in the contest as Patna have to cover a lot of ground to make the contest an even one. 

Sachin alone has picked up 6 out of 8 raid points while the defense have been able to collect only three tackle points. Shadloui has been a flop as neither he has been able to earn a 'Super Tackle' for his side nor put pressure on the opposition raiders. 
20' ALL OUT! Maninder Singh crawls his way past the mid-line as he makes the most of the reach. He cleans the house as Patna Pirates' Super Tackle attempt fails.

Bengal Warriors 26-11 Patna Pirates
20' Monu goes for the bonus. He neither gets the bonus but is ushered out by Vaibhav.

Bengal Warriors 22-11 Patna Pirates
19' SUPER RAID! A dubki from Shrikant Jadhav to get not one but three defenders. Patna are down to three men.

Bengal Warriors 21-11 Patna Pirates
18' Shubham Shinde tackles Sachin. The teams are trading blows for fun.

Bengal Warriors 18-11 Patna Pirates
17' Maninder is brought down! Sunil holds him with the waist and upper body while Shadloui cleans up the bottom half.

Bengal Warriors 17-11 Patna Pirates
17' Patna close down the gap to seven points now.

Bengal Warriors 17-10 Patna Pirates
16' Abdul tries for a tackle too ahead.

Bengal Warriors 17-8 Patna Pirates
15' Deepak Hooda wins a point on Rohit Gulia. Abdul Insamam gets a freebie from Shubham Shinde.

Bengal Warriors 16-8 Patna Pirates
14' Sachin with a diving hand touch on Shubham Shinde.

Bengal Warriors 15-7 Patna Pirates
14' Shrikant Jadhav wins a bonus. Bengal Warriors extend their lead.

Bengal Warriors 15-6 Patna Pirates
13' ALL OUT! Shadloui is down on one knee trying to grab the ankle of Maninder but the latter gets out of the hold and bags another touchpoint in the process to enforce an All Out.

Bengal Warriors 14-6 Patna Pirates
12' Bengal allow the bonus and Vaibhav dashes from the other end to usher Sachin out from the mat.

Bengal Warriors 10-6 Patna Pirates
12' Sunil inflicts a self Out and Maninder with a kick on the other defender to bag two points.

Bengal Warriors 9-5 Patna Pirates
11' Patna do a quick raid as they play on the Do-or-Die raid.

Bengal Warriors 7-5 Patna Pirates
10' Sachin escapes a dashed attempt from two defenders. Both sides have five men on the mat now.

Bengal Warriors 7-5 Patna Pirates
9' Shrikant Jadhav goes deep in the opposition half and gets a running hand touch.

Bengal Warriors 7-3 Patna Pirates
8' Balaji dashes Abdul Insamam out of the lobby. The latter did get his hand past the mid-line but he was outside the mat before. Patna lose their review early in the game.

Bengal Warriors 6-3 Patna Pirates
8' Panta Pirates review thinking that the raider is safe but the referee thinks otherwise. That's a bold move. 
8' Maninder Singh gets a toe touch on Shadloui. He makes it look so easy. That's a big fish!

Bengal Warriors 5-3 Patna Pirates
6' Mohammadreza Shadloui with a double thigh hold on Deepak Niwas Hooda in the Do-or-Die raid to enforce a tackle point. The Iranian is back! 

Bengal Warriors 4-3 Patna Pirates
5' Girish Ernak with a frontal block as he pushes Rohit Gulia back. The other defenders support him in time. Rohit gets a bonus. Patna down to five men.

Bengal Warriors 4-2 Patna Pirates
3' Maninder Singh wins a bonus point. Chiyaneh is playing very ahead. That can be risky!

Bengal Warriors 3-1 Patna Pirates
2' A Herculean block from Shubham Shinde from the right corner to bring Sachin down. The other defenders get on the struggle timely to force a tackle point.

Bengal Warriors 2-1 Patna Pirates
1' Girish Ernak lunges forward for an ankle hold but Sachin tracks back in time.

Bengal Warriors 1-1 Patna Pirates
1' Maninder Singh gets a touch on the right corner.

Bengal Warriors 1-0 Patna Pirates
Patna Pirates won the toss and it will be Bengal Warriors who will be raiding first. 
Dabang Delhi rout Telugu Titans 46-26 in the second match tonight. Delhi maintains their perfect record. 
Bengal Warriors Starting 7: Maninder Singh, Girish Maruti Ernak, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Shrikant Jadhav, Shubham Shinde, Balaji D, Vaibhav Garje

Bengal Warriors Bench: Sakthivel R, Rohit, Manoj Gowda, Amit Sheoran, Parveen, Akash Pikalmunde, Aslam Thambi

Patna Pirates Starting 7: Sachin Tanwar, Rohit Gulia, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, C Sajin, Abdul Insamam, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh

Patna Pirates Bench: Monu, Thiyagarajan Y, Manish, Shivam Chaudhary, Naveen Sharma, Ranjit Naik, Sukesh Hegde
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live commentary of today's third and final Triple Panga encounter between Bengal Warriors and Patna Pirates. This is your host Abhishek and I will be your eyes and ears for the contest. The match should start from 09:30 PM IST. 

Starting their campaign with a loss to Haryana Steelers, Bengal Warriors turned the momentum in their favor as they beat Telugu Titans 45-25 and Bengaluru Bulls 42-33 in their next two matches. The quartet of Maninder Singh, Manoj Gowda, Deepak Niwas Hooda, and Shrikant Jadhav have played a crucial part in helping their team cross the 30 point mark in each of the encounters as they picked raid points for fun. 

The complaint last season from the Bengal Warriors fans last season was inability to revive Maninder. However, that has not been the case as Girish Ernak has picked up 13 tackle points from three matches, including two 'High 5s.' Vaibhav Garje and Shubham Shinde have able supported him and that has made life tough for the opposition raiders. 

Patna Pirates, on the other hand, are the only team yet to win a match as they languish at the bottom of the table. Starting their campaign with a 34-34 draw against Puneri Paltan, Patna succumbed to 35-30 and 30-21 defeats to Jaipur Pink Panthers and Telugu Titans respectively. 

Their star performer last season, Mohammadreza Shadloui, was yet to arrive in India for the first two encounters and looked like a pale shadow of his former past in the next match as he picked only two tackle points. Rohit Gulia and Sachin have been entrusted to do the heavy lifting upfront, but they are lacking the cutting edge going forward and are yet to make a considerable impact this season. 

Can Patna Pirates sail their ships through the turbulent weather, or will the Bengal Warriors inflict another crushing defeat on their opponents this season? Let's find out. 
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Sat, 15/Oct/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates
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