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How Ashu Kumar instilled belief in Thalaivas' setup and trying to revive the campaign? 
FT: Bengal Warriors 41-41 Tamil Thalaivas

Bengal Warriors looked down in the first half but they produced an amazing fightback in the second half led by their captain Maninder Singh to not only reduce the 15-point deficit but to level the score eventually. In fact, the Warriors could've emerged victorious but Ajinkya Pawar took a vital touch point in the final raid of the match. 

Bengal's defense had no answers to Narender's onslaught in the first half but Mani took matters into his own hands and ran away with raid points at regular intervals. The Bengal Warriors figured out a way to stop the Thalaivas in the final 20 minutes as inflicted two all-outs. Maninder got exceptional support from Deepak Hooda as his raid points turned out to be pivotal for Bengal in the fightback.

Tamil Thalaivas' defense couldn't deliver in the second half, while Narender too was kept quiet as this topsy-turvy game ends in a stalemate
Alright! Ajinkya Pawar takes a final raid of the match and the Thalaivas need at least a point to tie the match. No bonus on offer but he gets a touchpoint in the dying seconds to level the score

Bengal Warriors 41-41 Tamil Thalaivas
Oh my, Sahil Gulia commits himself to tackle Maninder but the raider easily falls on the mid-line. The Warriors take a one-point lead

Bengal Warriors 41-40 Tamil Thalaivas
Final 60 seconds. Maninder gets a bonus point before the Bengal defense tackle Narender. The umpires are having a discussion. Oh wait, it's been deemed as two defenders went out of bounds along with the raider. 
Narender gets a running hand touch on Balaji. But the defender denies it. The point has been given to the Thalaivas but the Warriors take a review. Big decision coming up. The review turns out to be unsuccessful
Maninder gets a bonus before he uses his strength to escape from Abhishek's loose dash
39' Ajinkya Pawar bails the Thalaivas out of trouble as he gets a two-point raid. The Thalaivas take the lead again in this topsy-turvy game

Bengal Warriors 36-37 Tamil Thalaivas
Bengal Warriors have a lead now and all three results are possible
37' Deepak Hooda has been exceptional as he gets Sagar with a vicious kick
36' DO-OR-DIE RAID! Here comes Narender and he's been dashed out of bounds by Balaji and Vaibhav. Bengal Warriors take a review now as they challenge the bonus point that's been awarded to the Thalaivas. The review has been successful and it's all square now

Bengal Warriors 35-35 Tamil Thalaivas
5 Minutes to go. It looks neck and neck at the moment, all thanks to an incredible fightback from the Warriors. 
35' Deepak Niwas Hooda gets a toe touch on the cover defender. It's turning out to be a cracking contest from nowhere

Bengal Warriors 33-35 Tamil Thalaivas
34' Sagar with a great block on Maninder before Sahil pulls his ankle back to pin the raider down 
Narender gets a touch point and it's all square now
33' ALL OUT! The Warriors inflict a second all-out and they take a lead now

Bengal Warriors 32-29 Tamil Thalaivas
Ajinkya Pawar has been tackled and the Thalaivas are reduced to one man
32' Deepak Niwas Hooda escapes from Himanshu's ankle hold. 
Turning out to be an excellent passage of play for the Warriors. The Thalaivas are reduced to three men and if the Warriors inflict an all-out , they are well and truly back in the game
30' Maninder takes out the cover defenders Mohit and Abishek. Oh wait, it's a SUPER RAID. The umpires are having a discussion and Sagar is asked to leave the mat. The Warriors are fighting back and the lead is just five points in favour of the Thalaivas

Bengal Warriors 27-32 Tamil Thalaivas
29' Deepak Hooda was inches away from touching the mid-line but the Thalaivas defense drag him back to ensure a successful tackle.
28' The momentum is with the Warriors now. Deepak Hooda gets a running hand touch on Sahil Gulia and uses the lobby to make his way to the mid-line

Bengal Warriors 24-30 Tamil Thalaivas
26' Narender has been finally tackled and here comes the first tackle point for the Warriors
25' It's 1 vs 3. Here comes Maninder and he inflicts an all-out. The Thalaivas' defense was tentative for a moment and Maninder took advantage.

Bengal Warriors 21-30 Tamil Thalaivas
Deepak Hooda reduce the Thalaivas down to three men yet again. Will the Warriors take advantage?
22' The Thalaivas are reduced to three. But who cares? They pin Maninder down and it's a super tackle.

Bengal Warriors 15-29 Tamil Thalaivas
The second half gets underway and Deepak Hooda gets a raid point straightaway. He escapes from Sagar's loose thigh hold to make his way to the mid-line
HT: Tamil Thalaivas 26-14 Bengal Warriors

It was a fast and furious start from the Thalaivas once again as they rip the Warriors into shreds to inflict two all-outs in the first half. Narender wreaked havoc to the Bengal defense with his dubki skills and swift movement, completing a super 10 already. Still, the Warriors are waiting for their first tackle point, and considering the mood that Narender is in today, it would be tough for them to handle him

Will the Warriors fightback in the second half? Or will the Thalaivas continue to stamp their authority? We will find out shortly
20' Narender survives Abhishek's dash and Sahil's ankle hold to complete a two-point raid
20' ANOTHER STUNNING DUBKI. ANOTHER SUPER RAID! Narender is unstoppable at the moment. Oh wait, the umpires are having a discussion and it looks like Narender enters the lobby before the touch. Tamil Thalaivas take a review. It turns out to be an unsuccessful review and one point has been awarded to the Warriors. 
Narender gets a super 10. But at the other end, Maninder has been tackled
17' SECOND ALL OUT! This is a sumptuous start from the Thalaivas. Once again they go all-out-attack in the first half and get an unassailable lead

Tamil Thalaivas 25-10 Bengal Warriors
Maninder has been tackled again before Narender gets a raid point to reduce the Warriors down to two men
15' DON'T TOUCH HIM. Narender escapes from Shinde's ankle hold to make his way to the mid-line

Tamil Thalaivas 20-9 Bengal Warriors
14' Maninder gets a hand touch to send Abishek to the bench
Bengal Warriors are still waiting for the first tackle point
Maninder and Hooda have already been tackled as the Thalaivas' defense continue to stamp their authority

Tamil Thalaivas 17-9 Bengal Warriors
11' ALL-OUT! Narender you beauty. Oh god, we are running out of words. He attempts a dubki before wrestling past three defenders to touch the mid-line

Tamil Thalaivas 16-9 Bengal Warriors
10' This time Shrikant Jadhav saves Bengal from an all-out. Is it a super raid? No, it's a two-point raid as he gets a running hand touch on Sahil before escaping from Abhishek's dash
9' Maninder saves Bengal from an All-out as he escapes from the block from Sagar

Tamil Thalaivas 9-7 Bengal Warriors
8' It's been a great passage of play from the Thalaivas as Narender escapes from the ankle hold from Ernak. More importantly, the Warriors are reduced to a solitary man
7' Tamil Thalaivas' defense has been rock solid as they tackle Deepak Hooda

Tamil Thalaivas 8-5 Bengal Warriors
Deepak Hooda gets a raid point and revives Maninder
5' DO-RO DIE RAID! It's a two-point raid from Ajinkya Pawar and the Warriors are reduced to three suddenly

5' Another dash comes from Abhishek as he sends Shrikant Jadhav out of bounds
4' Shrikant Jadhav gets a toe touch on Mohit and Bengal restore their lead. 
3' A mistake from Girish Ernak as Narender escapes from his block before Abhishek dashed Manidar out of bounds in the next raid. It's all square now

Tamil Thalaivas 3-3 Bengal Warriors
1' Manindar gets two points as he sends the corner defenders to the bench. We are off to a fiery start already
Narender gets a bonus point straightaway
Narender Hoshiyar opens the raid for the Thalaivas as the first half gets underway
Toss: Bengal Warriors win the toss and Tamil Thalaivas will raid first
Bengal Warriors:

Starters: Maninder Singh (c), Vaibhav Garje, Girish Maruti Ernak, Shubham Shinde, Balaji D, Shrikant Jadhav, Deepak Niwas Hooda

Bench: Suyog Gaikar, Sakthivel R, Aslam Thambi, Parveen, Amit Sheoran, Rohit, Manoj Gowda

Tamil Thalaivas

Starters: M. Abishek, Sagar, Himanshu IX, Narender , Sahil Singh, Mohit-II, Ajinkya Ashok Pawar

Bench: K. Abhimanyu, Himanshu Narwal, Arpit Saroha, Visvanath V, Ashish-II, Sachin, Thanushan Laxmamohan
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Can Narender Hoshiyar lead Tamil Thalaivas to a third straight win? Have a look at the preview below to know how the star raider has performed so far
Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL match between Bengal Warriors and Tamil Thalaivas

A couple of weeks back Tamil Thalaivas looked down and out. They were without the star raider Pawan Sehrawat and to add matters from bad to worse, Coach Uday Kumar, stepped down when the team desperately needed someone to uplift the campaign.

Now, who would've imagined this turnaround from the Thalaivas? Ashan Kumar took charge and won both matches quite comprehensively. Will the Thalaivas win three straight matches? Well, the confidence from the setup looks sky-high at the moment and that was evident from the way they played against Dabang Delhi and Jaipur Pink Panthers.

A lot will be riding on how the young sensation Narender Hoshiyar performs in this match. He picked up an astonishing 37 raid points in the last two matches to help his team cross the line without any fuss. Will he replicate his heroics against the Bengal defense? Well, they aren't as destructive as they once were but still, they can pin Narender down to cause trouble for the Thalaivas

The momentum is clearly with the Thalaivas as the Warriors are heading into this clash with just a solitary win in their last four matches. Maninder has really been struggling recently and it's interesting to see his approach against Sagar & co.

 This match is surely a battle between two raiding units, so the defenders from both teams have to be rock solid to stop the raiders
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Wed, 02/Nov/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas
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