Bengal Warriors Vs Tamil Thalaivas 16 February 2022

Bengal Warriors
Tamil Thalaivas
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
Lineups & Stats
FULL TIME: Bengal Warriors 52 - 21 Tamil Thalaivas
40' Rakesh Gowda has been dashed out by the Thalaivas, and in the next raid, Himanshu gets tackled after scoring a bonus.

Bengal Warriors 52 - 21 Tamil Thalaivas
39' Another team tackle from Bengal ensures the Warriors' score crosses 50!!

Bengal Warriors 51 - 19 Tamil Thalaivas
37' Himanshu Singh has been tackled down by Abozar Mighani and co.!

Bengal Warriors 50 - 19 Tamil Thalaivas
36' ALL OUT!! Nabibakhsh beats both defenders remaining in Thalaivas' half as the lead grows to 30 now!!

Bengal Warriors 49 - 19 Tamil Thalaivas
36' Abozar dives on Asiri's ankles and completes his HIGH 5!!

Bengal Warriors 45 - 19 Tamil Thalaivas
35' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Nabibakhsh fails a dash from the left in defender!

Bengal Warriors 44 - 19 Tamil Thalaivas
33' Ran Singh tries an advanced block on Himanshu and is successful in tackling him down!!

Bengal Warriors 43 - 19 Tamil Thalaivas
33' Himanshu scores a bonus for Thalaivas

Bengal Warriors 42 - 19 Tamil Thalaivas
32' Maninder Singh continues his excellent form by failing an ankle hold from the left corner in a do-or-die raid!

Bengal Warriors 42 - 18 Tamil Thalaivas
31' Himanshu steps in the lobby without any struggle - SELF OUT!!

Bengal Warriors 41 - 18 Tamil Thalaivas
30' Amit Nirwal tries an advanced ankle hold on Himanshu, but the raider escapes

Bengal Warriors 40 - 18 Tamil Thalaivas
30' Sukesh scores a bonus point for Bengal

Bengal Warriors 40 - 17 Tamil Thalaivas
29' Himanshu scores a bonus and fails a dash from the cover defender!

Bengal Warriors 39 - 17 Tamil Thalaivas
28' Himanshu executes a kick on Ran Singh

Bengal Warriors 39 - 15 Tamil Thalaivas
27' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Maninder gets a touch on 2 defenders and takes his tally to 13 points

Bengal Warriors 39 - 14 Tamil Thalaivas
27' Himanshu scores another point, can he inspire the Thalaivas to a miraculous comeback?

Bengal Warriors 37 - 14 Tamil Thalaivas
26' Himanshu scores a touch point and reduces the lead to 24

Bengal Warriors 37 - 13 Tamil Thalaivas
26' Nabibakhsh executes a pursuit and completes his SUPER 10 with a touch on Asiri!

Bengal Warriors 37 - 12 Tamil Thalaivas
25' Maninder gets an easy hand touch on the right corner

Bengal Warriors 36 - 12 Tamil Thalaivas
24' Abozar goes for an advanced back hold on Himanshu and hunts him down!

Bengal Warriors 35 - 12 Tamil Thalaivas
23' ALL OUT!! Nabibakhsh beats Sagar and Himanshu in a 1 vs. 2 situation and inflicts another all-out on the Thalaivas

Bengal Warriors 34 - 12 Tamil Thalaivas
22' Himanshu scores a bonus

Bengal Warriors 30 - 12 Tamil Thalaivas
22' Sahil tries an advanced double thigh hold on Nabibakhsh, but the Iranian gets the better of him!

Bengal Warriors 30 - 11 Tamil Thalaivas
21' Athul MS steps in the lobby without any struggle, a defender follows him outside - 1 point each!

Bengal Warriors 29 - 11 Tamil Thalaivas
HALF TIME: Bengal Warriors 28 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas
20' Do-or-die raid for Thalaivas, Himanshu fails against the defense!

Bengal Warriors 28 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas
20' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Maninder Singh completes his SUPER 10 by failing a block from Mohit! Only 1 second was remaining when Maninder crossed the midline!

Bengal Warriors 27 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas
18' Abozar comes with a chain from the right corner and pulls off a successful tackle on Bhavani

Bengal Warriors 26 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas
17' Sagar goes for an ankle hold on Nabibakhsh, but the Iranian escapes quickly

Bengal Warriors 25 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas
17' ALL OUT!! Athul scores a bonus, but Ran Singh floors him quickly after that.

Bengal Warriors 24 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas
16' Maninder Singh fails a block from Surjeet Singh and reduces Tamil Thalaivas to 1 man

Bengal Warriors 21 - 9 Tamil Thalaivas
16' Athul scores a bonus point

Bengal Warriors 20 - 9 Tamil Thalaivas
15' Nabibakhsh gets a touch on Mohit and the Thalaivas are down to 2 men

Bengal Warriors 20 - 8 Tamil Thalaivas
14' Maninder gets the better of Sagar! Ran Singh's advanced tackle ensures the Bengal Warriors score a tackle point.

Bengal Warriors 19 - 8 Tamil Thalaivas
12' Sukesh gets a touch on the left corner Sahil and in the next raid, Ran dashes out Himanshu

Bengal Warriors 17 - 8 Tamil Thalaivas
11' Himanshu gets a touch on Amit and sends him to the bench!

Bengal Warriors 15 - 8 Tamil Thalaivas
9' Maninder scores a bonus, but Sagar and Mohit's duo hunt him down!

Bengal Warriors 15 - 7 Tamil Thalaivas
9' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Amit dashes out the raider Bhavani!

Bengal Warriors 14 - 6 Tamil Thalaivas
8' ALL OUT!!! Mohammad Nabibakhsh wipes out the Tamil Thalaivas defense by beating all the remaining defenders!

Bengal Warriors 13 - 6 Tamil Thalaivas
7' Nabibakhsh executes a toe touch on the right-in defender

Bengal Warriors 8 - 6 Tamil Thalaivas
6' Himanshu scores a bonus, but Abozar dives on his ankles and hunts him down

Bengal Warriors 7 - 6 Tamil Thalaivas
6' Sagar comes with a chain from the right corner to tackle Maninder, but the raider escapes with two points

Bengal Warriors 6 - 5 Tamil Thalaivas
5' Nabibakhsh has been trapped by the Thalaivas' defense in his 1st raid of the night

Bengal Warriors 4 - 5 Tamil Thalaivas
4' Bhavani opens his account with a bonus point

Bengal Warriors 4 - 4 Tamil Thalaivas
4' Surjeet came for an advanced block on Maninder, but the raider escapes

Bengal Warriors 4 - 3 Tamil Thalaivas
3' Himanshu gets a touch on Abozar's shoulders

Bengal Warriors 3 - 3 Tamil Thalaivas
3' Maninder gets a running hand touch on Mohit

Bengal Warriors 3 - 2 Tamil Thalaivas
2' Sukesh has been dashed out in his 1st raid of the match

Bengal Warriors 2 - 2 Tamil Thalaivas
2' Ran goes for an advanced tackle on Himanshu, but the raider escapes

Bengal Warriors 2 - 1 Tamil Thalaivas
1' Maninder opens his account with a bonus and a touch on Sahil 

Bengal Warriors 2 - 0 Tamil Thalaivas

Bengal Warriors: 
Maninder Singh, Sukesh Hegde, Amit, Abozar Mohajermighani, Tapas Pal, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Ran Singh

Tamil Thalaivas: Bhavani Rajput, PO Surjeet Singh, Himanshu, Sagar, Sahil Singh, Mohit, Sahil Surender
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Wed, 16/Feb/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas
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