Pro Kabaddi 2022 LIVE Score, Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans: PKL 9 Live Updates and Commentary, Pro Kabaddi Match 85

Bengal Warriors
Telugu Titans
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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FULL TIME! Bengal Warriors 36-28 Telugu Titans

Bengal Warriors with an important win to their name as Telugu Titans lose another game on the trot. After a game of even halves, Bengal Warriors turned the tide in their favor in the second half courtesy of some scintillating defending and Maninder Singh's raids upfront. 

Maninder and Shrikant combined to score 18 points upfront while Girish Ernak and Shubham Shinde both bagged 3 points each with their tackle points. The individual numbers look good for Telugu Titans as well - 9 points from Abhishek Singh and 8 from Sidharth Desai in the raiding department. 

Parvesh Bhainswal has a High Five to his name. But, the juncture at which the points came proved to be the difference. While Bengal Warriors inflicted two All Outs, the Titans were unable to inflict a single one. And that, ladies and gentlemen settled the tie. That will be all from your host Abhishek! But don't go anywhere as the third match of the night between Gujarat Giants and Bengaluru Bulls start in no time. 
40' Abhishek Singh gets a quick touchpoint. Maninder Singh is tamed but he winds down the clock more importantly. Match over!

Bengal Warriors 36-28 Telugu Titans 
39' A self Out from Bengal Warriors as Ashish Sangwan steps out of bounds.

Bengal Warriors 36-26 Telugu Titans 
39' Review unsuccessful! Abhishek clearly got his hand past the mid-line on that occasion.

Bengal Warriors 36-25 Telugu Titans 
39' Abhishek Singh gets two points in the raid as he successfully gets his dangling hand past the mid-line. Wait! Bengal Warriors review!
38' A self Out on the Do or Die raid! That's Parvesh! Telugu Titans' plans go awry.

Bengal Warriors 36-23 Telugu Titans 
37' Maninder Singh winds down 28 seconds. Abhishek Singh plays on the Do or Die raid by going past the walk-line quickly for the Titans.

Bengal Warriors 35-23 Telugu Titans 
36' Sidharth Desai gets a toe touch but Girish and Shubham combine to hold him from the front.

Bengal Warriors 35-23 Telugu Titans
35' Sidharth Desai starts off with a bonus. Maninder Singh gets a touch point in response.

Bengal Warriors 34-23 Telugu Titans 
35' ALL OUT! Maninder Singh with the clean-up act as he gets a touch on both Parvesh Bhainswal and Vijay Kumar

Bengal Warriors 33-22 Telugu Titans  
35' What was that Shrikant Jadhav? It was a Do or Die raid but Shrikant tries to be greedy by going for a back hold. Bonus plus one. 

Bengal Warriors 29-22 Telugu Titans 
34' Maninder Singh escapes from Prince D's frontal block. Telugu Titans down to one man.

Bengal Warriors 29-20 Telugu Titans 
33' That was some crawl from Shrikant Jadhav! Shihas loses control of the grip and Shrikant extends his body as Ankit fails to bag a touch.

Bengal Warriors 28-20 Telugu Titans. 
32' Bengal Warriors allow Mohsen the bonus in the Do or Die raid and then trap him from both sides.

Bengal Warriors 26-20 Telugu Titans 
31' Deepak Hooda ventures deep in the Do or Die raid and the four-man defense ushers him out.

Bengal Warriors 25-19 Telugu Titans 
30' Girish Ernak lifts and throws Sidharth Desai out of the mat. He picks up the Bahubali on his shoulder with brute force! That's one for the highlights reel.

Bengal Warriors 25-18 Telugu Titans 
29' Sidharth Desai with a bonus. But that doesn't bring on a player.

Bengal Warriors 24-18 Telugu Titans 
28' Maninder with a lightning quick touch on Parvesh Bhainswal.

Bengal Warriors 24-17 Telugu Titans 
27' Mighty Maninder with a running hand touch on Prince D. Telugu Titans bag a bonus in return.

Bengal Warriors 23-17 Telugu Titans 
26' REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Abhishek's left foot was inside the lobby when his dangling hand crossed the mid-line.

Bengal Warriors 22-16 Telugu Titans
26' Telugu Titans review! Abhishek is ushered out of the lobby but his team thinks he got his dangling hand past the mid-line before that. 
25' Telugu Titans play on the Do or Die raid! Shrikant Jadhav ventures deep and Parvesh Bhainswal dashes him.

Bengal Warriors 22-15 Telugu Titans
24' A feeble attempt from Mohsen while Maninder goes back to his side. Girish Ernak with a lunging ankle hold on Siddharth Desai to take him out. The lead is extended to eight minutes in no time. 

Bengal Warriors 22-14 Telugu Titans
23' ALL OUT! Adarsh T is thrown out of the lobby. He gets the bonus though.

Bengal Warriors 20-14 Telugu Titans 
22' Telugu Titans down to one man! Maninder Singh escapes from the clutches of Vishal Bharadwaj and on his way back gives Mohsen a handshake to take out two defenders.

Bengal Warriors 17-13 Telugu Titans
21' Abhishek Singh runs straight into the Bengal Warriors defense. He tries a Dubki but he is no Pardeep Narwal!

Bengal Warriors 15-13 Telugu Titans
20' HALF-TIME! Bengal Warriors enter the break with a slim one-point lead. 

This is a see-saw battle between the two sides. Very little to separate them. Abhishek Singh and Sidharth Desai are doing a great job for Telugu Titans upfront while the case is no different for Maninder Singh and Shrikant Jadhav in the raiding department. 

A couple of sloppy giveaways from the defense and that is the major reason why both the clubs are in the bottom half of the table. Don't go anywhere. Stay tuned! 
18' Maninder Singh is trapped in the Do or Die raid! However, a defender enters the lobby before and then gets involved in the tackle. The Titans are down to four men now. 

Telugu Titans 13-14 Bengal Warriors
18' Shubham Shinde inflicts a self Out on him. That's the easiest of Do or Die raids by Abhishek. 

Telugu Titans 13-13 Bengal Warriors
18' Siddharth Desai is out. Parveen Satpal with a lunging thigh hold on him.

Telugu Titans 12-13 Bengal Warriors
15' Mohsen Maghsoudlou is down on a Do-or-Die raid as all four defenders pile their bodies on him. Shrikant Jadhav gets his dangling hand past the mid-line and takes out Vishal and Ankit. 

Telugu Titans 11-12 Bengal Warriors
13' Telugu Titans regain the lead! Abhishek Singh with a running hand touch on Vaibhav Garje. Mighty Maninder is down on the mat as all seven defenders pile their body on him.

Telugu Titans 11-9 Bengal Warriors
12' A double ankle hold from Vishal Bharadwaj and the defense comes in to support him. Deepak Hooda is out.

Telugu Titans 9-9 Bengal Warriors
11' Ohh no! The lead is reversed! It's a Do-or-Die raid and Sidharth Desai tries for a bonus thrice. He wastes the final ten seconds of his raid before walking back but the umpire says one point to Bengal Warriors.

Telugu Titans 8-9 Bengal Warriors
10' Bengal Warriors equalize! Maninder was already on his way back but Vishal Bharadwaj tries to be greedy by attempting a back hold. Bonus plus one!

Telugu Titans 8-8 Bengal Warriors. 
9' Parvesh Bhainswal with a vicious ankle hold on Shrikant Jaidhav as the second line of defense pile their bodies on him.

Telugu Titans 8-6 Bengal Warriors
8' Girish Ernak with a combination of block-dash on Abhishek Singh to usher him out. That's a solo tackle.

Telugu Titans 7-6 Bengal Warriors
6' Parvesh Bhainswal with a great frontal block as Prince D comes up with the support. Deepak Hooda is out. Sidharth Desai with a toe touch on Vaibhav Garje. The home side is ahead by two points.

Telugu Titans 7-5 Bengal Warriors
5' Vishal Bharadwaj's sloppy approach to go for a solo tackle costs his side. Deepak Hooda with a raid point.

Telugu Titans 5-5 Bengal Warriors
4' Maninder Singh's lightning quick touchpoints have reduced the deficit now.

Telugu Titans 5-4 Bengal Warriors
2' Siddharth gets a touchpoint on Girish Ernak and on the follow through, Vaibhav Garje slides his feet past the mid-line.

Telugu Titans 3-0 Bengal Warriors
1' Maninder doesn't get a bonus. The Bahubali does so.

Telugu Titans 1-0 Bengal Warriors
TOSS: Telugu Titans win the toss and choose court. 
Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh, Vaibhav Garje, Parveen Satpal, Deepak Hooda, Shrikant Jadhav, Shubham Shinde, Girish Maruti
Telugu Titans: Abhishek Singh, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, Ankit, Vishal Bharadwaj, Parvesh Bhainswal, Prince D, Siddharth Desai
Puneri Paltan go atop the table with a 14-point win over Haryana Steelers. A short breather and then we will have Bengal Warriors and Telugu Titans squaring off against each other.  
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda for the live coverage of today's PKL 2022 Match 85 Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans. This is your host Abhishek Kundu, and I will be your eyes and ears for the contest. The match should kick off at 08:30 PM IST.

Bengal Warriors occupy the eighth spot with 37 points from 13 matches while Telugu Titans are positioned at the bottom of the pile with 9 points from 14 games. The Warriors suffered a 16 point defeat in their previous match. The case was no different for the Titans who fell behind by 11 points against Bengaluru Bulls. 

The chances look slim for both the clubs to reach the playoffs but Warriors and Titans will put their best foot forward to gain the upper hand in the contest. Maninder Singh is picking Super 10s for fun but has lacked support from his secondary raiders. It becomes imperative for the likes of Deepak Niwas Hooda and Shrikant Jadhav to support him. 

The problem for the Titans is no different as the injury to Rajnish has put a heavy burden on Siddharth Desai in the raiding department. Surjeet Singh is doing his part in the defensive department, but his colleagues need to step up. 

All said and done, exciting kabaddi action waits for you in a few minutes from now. Stay tuned...
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
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