Bengal Warriors Vs U Mumba 29 October 2022

Bengal Warriors
U Mumba
U MUMBA won the match
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FT: Bengal Warriors 25-36 U Mumba

U Mumba's defense were rock solid throughout the match as they beat Bengal Warriors by an 11-point margin. Rinku Singh had eight tackle points, Mohit had seven and Surender with 4 points as Manindar & co had no answers tonight

Whenever the team were reduced to three players, the defense stayed strong and stopped the Warriors from inflicting an all-out. Bengal had their moments but the raiders were often seen on the bench and that was the main reason for their downfall.
40' Only 6 raid points from 16 raids from Maninder. He returns empty-handed
It's a defensive error from Shinde as U Mumba gets a raid point
39' Shrikanth Jadhav couldn't escape from the chain from Surender and Mohit as he's been pinned down
It's been high-quality defending from U Mumba
36' Another Super tackle! Is it? We are waiting for the verdict. And the point has been awarded to the Warriors. What happened here? Maninder attempts a touch point on Mohit but the defender pins the raider down with an ankle hold. Big decision coming up. The review has been successful and Manidar goes off the mat again. It's an 8-point lead now for U Mumba
TIME OUT! U Mumba have only three men on the mat but they have been sensational in the super tackle department. If Bengal Warriors somehow inflict an all-out, then we have a match on our hands
Bengal Warriors get two quick points to reduce the lead to 6 points
35' Guman gets a running hand touch on Girish Ernak in the do-or-die raid. But the umpires are having a discussion and the point had been awarded to U Mumba

Bengal Warriors 23-30 U Mumba
34' Maninder wrestles past the dash from Surender Singh and it turns out to be a two-point raid
Rinku registers his high five
32' Ashish takes a do-or-die raid but he goes to the lobby without a touch point. Meanwhile, Shrikant Jadhav has been tackled as Rinku's ankle hold proved too strong for him

Bengal Warriors 20-28 U Mumba
TIME OUT! U Mumba's defense has been rock solid so far.
30' Ajinkya Kapre has been tackled in the do-or-die raid and the lead is 8-points in favour of U Mumba now
28' 1 vs 3. Manindar takes a do-or-die raid. But he's been super-tackled here. Maninder's struggle is evident as he has only five raid points in 13 raids

Bengal Warriors 18-23 U Mumba
26' Guman takes another do-or-die raid but Balaji dashed him out of bounds
The lead is just 5 points in favour of U Mumba. With Surender Singh goes off the mat now, will the Warriors inflict an all-out?
SUPER RAID! Shrikanth Jadhav wrestles past Mohit's block before sending two more players to the bench

Bengal Warriors 18-23 U Mumba
23' Ashish gets a diving hand touch before making his way back to the mid-line
23' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR U MUMBA. Here comes Guman Singh. He escapes from a thigh hold from Balaji but the block was too strong from Shinde. He is still searching for his first raid point
22' Another impressive ankle hold from Rinku to pin Maninder down
Guman Singh opens the raid as the second half gets underway
Surender has 4 tackle points and Rinku has three in the first half. Can Maninder & co respond in the second half?
HT: Bengal Warriors 13-21 U Mumba

Both teams started off slowly as they were taking risks only in the do-or-die raids. U Mumba had three super tackles before the substitute Ashish took out four players on the mat at a brink of half-time and it turned out to be a massive moment in the first half as U Mumba take an eight-point lead
20' U Mumba's defense is firing on all cylinders as they take an 8-point lead at the end of the first half
Ashish takes a do-or-die raid for U Mumba. It's a SUPER RAID. Four points has been awarded. Sheer strength from the youngster as he wrestles past Bengal's defence to make his way back to the mid-line

U Mumba 19-12 Bengal Warriors
19' SUPER TACKLE! It's a third super tackle for U Mumba. Jadhav attempts an kick but Rinku's diving ankle hold was too strong to pin the raider down
17' Ashish with a vicious kick to get a much-needed raid point for U Mumba. They have three players on the mat now
1 vs 3 and here comes Maninder for the do-or-die raid. Rinku attempts a loose ankle hold and Manindar safely drags himself back to the mid-line
15' Jai Bhagwan takes another do-or-die raid for U Mumba. He has been dashed out of bounds by Bengal's cover defender
Both teams are playing safe at the moment. They are happy to strike in the do-or-die raids
Shrikant Jadhav wrestles past the defender to get a raid point

U Mumba 9-10 Bengal Warriors
12' Jai Bhagwan with a two-point raid as he gets a bonus before escaping from Deepak Hooda's loose dash to make his way back to the mid-line
11' After a flurry of empty raids, here comes a do-or-die raid for Bengal Warriors. He escapes from an ankle hold from the defender and gets a raid point
Bengal Warriors takes a review. Did Balaji go out of bounds or he has some part of his body inside the lobby? It turns out to be an unsuccessful review as Balaji goes out of bounds along with Guman

U Mumba 7-8 Bengal Warriors
9' Maninder has been tackled again before Guman has been dashed out of bounds by Balaji in the following raid
8' Surender Singh with a diving ankle hold to pin Deepak Hooda down. Another Super tackle for U Mumba

U Mumba 5-7 Bengal Warriors
7' Here comes Mani again. It's 1 vs 3. He keeps an eye on Surender Singh after being tackled in the previous raid
SUPER TACKLE! Surender Singh dashed Maninder out of bounds
Mumbai are reduced to three as Jai Bhagwan has been tackled
6' Another defensive error comes from Rinku as Shrikant Jadhav escapes from an ankle hold to make his way back to the mid-line
5' Jai Bhagwan gets a raid point to open the account for U Mumba
4' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR U MUMBA. Guman Singh attempts a dubki to escape the chain from the left cover but he's been tackled as Balaji pins him down with a strong ankle hold
2' Rinku goes one-on-one with Manindar but it turns out to be an unsuccessful tackle

U Mumba 0-2 Bengal Warriors
Maninder opens the raid and he gets a bonus point
Toss: U Mumba win the toss and Bengal will raid first
Bengal Warriors

Starters: Maninder Singh, Vaibhav Garje, Girish Maruti Ernak, Shubham Shinde, Balaji D, Shrikant Jadhav, Deepak Niwas Hooda

Substitutes: Vinod Kumar, Surender Nada, Ajinkya Kapre, Soleiman Pahlevani, Sakthivel R, Rohit, Manoj Gowda

U Mumba: Rinku Hc, Guman Singh, Harendra Kumar, Mohit , Jai Bhagwan, Heidarali Ekrami, Surender Singh

Substitutes: Shivansh Thakur, Kamlesh, Satywan, Rahul Sethpl, Ashish, Kiran Laxman, Rupesh
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL match between Bengal Warriors and U Mumba

Both teams are tied with 21 points, so they will fight tooth and nail until the last second to emerge victorious in this match. The battle between Manindar and Surender will be the one to watch out for in this match.
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Sat, 29/Oct/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs U Mumba
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2022
Pro Kabaddi 2022