Bengal Warriors vs UP Yoddha Live Score - Bengal Warriors win 38-33 over UP Yoddha

Bengal Warriors
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BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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FULL-TIME: Bengal Warriors beat UP Yoddha 38-33

A game that gathered steam towards the end of the first half belonged to the Bengal Warriors in the second 20 minutes, with Mohammad Nabibakhsh putting in an all-round show to fuel his side's win. 

Pardeep Narwal's unimpressive debut for UP Yoddha was one of the biggest stories to come out of the game, with the star raider spending quite some time watching on from the benches rather than raiding on the mat. Eventually, none of the UP players came to the party, fuelling Bengal's charge throughout. 
40' Surender Gill comes in for the final raid, and he induces a false tackle from Darshan to pick up the last point of the match. 

Bengal 38 - 33 UP
40' Sukesh Hegde now comes in for the Do or Die raid, and he's been dragged down on the mat! 

Bengal 38 - 32 UP
40' Surender Gill pinches a bonus point, in just a matter of seconds. Bengal review the bonus! A top review from Bengal, looks like Gill's forefoot was dragged along the black line. 

Bengal 38 - 31 UP
39' Rohit has been deemed out as he stepped into the lobbies without a touch. UP review! Review unsuccessful!

Bengal 38 - 31 UP
38' Maninder Singh is being sent on his way on the Do or Die raid! Ashu Singh and Nitesh then rush in to keep him out. 

Bengal 37 - 31 UP
37' A hasty ankle hold from Rinku Narwal, Surender Gill picks up an important raid point

Bengal 37 - 30 UP
37' Surender Gill collects a bonus point on the Do or Die raid.

Bengal 37 - 29 UP
Time-out in place. 

Pardeep Narwal has spent way too much time on the bench for UP Yoddha's liking. 
35' Sukesh Hegde comes in for a Do or Die raid, and he picks up a Super Raid! First picked up a bonus, then got away from an ankle hold plus a tag on Nitesh. 

Bengal 37 - 28 UP
34' A sparky jump from Rohit this time, takes support from Rinku's back and jumps over the ankle hold.

Bengal 34 - 28 UP
33' Bonus point for UP now. Lead cut down to 7 points.

Bengal 34 - 27 UP
33' A double ankle hold from Nitesh brings down Maninder. Important point for UP.

Bengal 34 - 26
32' Darshan is on fire! Yet another double ankle hold from the cover defender as Pardeep jogs away to the benches.

Bengal 34 - 25 UP
31' Sukesh Hegde slides his hand through the mid-line after getting a tag on the dash from cover defender.

Bengal 33 - 25 UP
31' A running hand touch for Pardeep Narwal as Rinku Narwal is slow to backtrack on the left corner

Bengal 32 - 25 UP
30' Pardeep Narwal picks up a bonus point

Bengal 32 - 24 UP
30' First time Nabibakhsh has been tackled tonight as Nitesh Kumar does well enough to keep the Iranian down with a double ankle hold. 

Bengal 32 - 23 UP
29' Darshan J puts in a powerful double thigh hold to thrown down Surender Singh on the mat. 

Bengal 32 - 22 UP
28' Maninder Singh this time skips over a dash attempt from Ashu Singh to pocket another point.

Bengal 31 - 22 UP
27' Comfortable point for Maninder on left corner Sumit. A very hasty and weak ankle hold.

Bengal 30 - 21 UP
27' Bonus point for substitute Rohit. 

Bengal 29 - 21 UP
Back live now. Lot of work for UP to do.
Time-out now in place. 
26' A bonus point for Maninder, one of the rare points he's claimed tonight.

Bengal 29 - 20 UP
25' UP have been inflicted an ALL-OUT! Lone man comes in to raid but he's turned away off the mat by a strong back hold from Parveen.

Bengal 28 - 20 UP
23' Nabibakhsh comes in for the Do or Die raid, and my goodness!!! Nabibakhsh is an absolute magician! 4 point Super Raid!!

He first slithered away from an ankle hold and then got through a chain from the corners to get only a few fingers across the mid line! Wow!

Bengal 25 - 19 UP
22' Nabibakhsh and Abozar combine to bring down Pardeep! The UP star did try his famous dubki, but to no avail

Bengal 21 - 19 UP
22' Bonus point for Sukesh Hegde under Nitesh Kumar's nose.

Bengal 20 - 19 UP
21' Yet again, Parveen steps out into the lobbies before making a tackle. Another easy point for UP.

Bengal 19 - 19 UP
21' A very pacy running hand touch from Hegde on left corner Sumit.

Bengal 19 - 18 UP
Sukesh Hegde to kick off the second half.
HALF-TIME: Bengal Warriors 18 - 18 UP Yoddha

A half that's had intense action, with both teams trading blows. However, the story has revolved around schoolboy errors from the defensive units, and the corner defenders will look to be a lot more careful to avoid gifting away easy points to the opposition. 

Pardeep Narwal (6) and Maninder Singh (4) haven't set the stage on fire, can we expect them to do well in the second half? Time will tell!
20' Do or Die raid for Maninder Singh, and he's been pulled back into the UP Yoddha half by a strong ankle hold from Sumit!

Bengal 18 - 18 UP
19' Raider or defender? How about both! Nabibaksh lands a fine double ankle hold to pin Pardeep down on the mat.

Bengal 18 - 17 UP
18' Bonus plus a touch point for Nabibakhsh, a two-point raid for the Iranian!

Bengal 17 - 17 UP
17' A freebie yet again for Pardeep, what is happening? Abozar Mighani misjudged the boundary and he gift wraps a point to Pardeep. Looks like Rinku Narwal also lost balance and feel out of court

Bengal 15 - 17 UP
16' UP almost hand Maninder a Super Raid! Eventually though, they manage to keep him in their own half, an important point.

Bengal 15 - 15 UP
15' Terrific frontal block from Sumit! Runs in from the left corner, Sukesh was blindsided and he's pinned down on the mat. 

Bengal 15 - 14 UP
14' ALL-OUT on Bengal! Surrender raid for Pardeep, now UP trail only by 2 points.

Bengal 15 - 13 UP
13' Sumit now steps into the lobbies. Sukesh gets a bonus point as well, but he's enveloped by the UP defenders.

Bengal 15 - 10 UP
13' Terrible error from Parveen, he's not only stepped out of court, he's given Pardeep the license to collect an easy point on the right corner. 

Bengal 13 - 9 UP
12' Sukesh Hegde pinches a bonus point

Bengal 13 - 7 UP
12' Two points for Pardeep this time. First gets away from Abozar's ankle hold and then turns away from an upper-body hold attempted by Nabibakhsh.

Bengal 12 - 7 UP
10' Point for Pardeep on the Do or Die! Gets away from an ankle hold from Rinku.

Bengal 12 - 5 UP
10' Maninder has been finally brought down! A thigh hold this time from UP skipper Nitesh, who gets enough support to trap Maninder.

Bengal 12 - 4 UP
9' Back to back empty raids now. First from Pardeep and then Nabibakhsh. 
8' Maninder continues to pick points, another to his kitty as he powers through a frontal block

Bengal 12 - 3 UP
8' Quite a statement from Darshan! He swoops in from the right cover position to dash Shrikant Jadhav out of the mat!

Bengal 11 - 3 UP
7' ALL-OUT on UP! Pardeep is floored by a formidable double thigh hold from Nabibakhsh! What a start for Bengal!

Bengal 10 - 3 UP
6' Mohammad Nabibakhsh now in the thick of things as he gets away from an ankle hold and pushes a dash to collect a point.

Bengal 7 - 2 UP
5' Surinder Gill gets a sliding toe touch on Rinku Narwal in the left corner

Bengal 5 - 2 UP
5' Schoolboy error from the left corner, who steps outside the court as Maninder draws him back. Poor from the Yoddha!

Bengal 5 - 1 UP
A slight pause in play here. Some confusion in substitutions. 
4' Bengal Warriors add two more points to their tally. The Yoddha has caught the raider's leg. However, he tries to escape and manages to do so. The Yoddha's lose another player as he tried to pounce on the raider and stop him from touching the line. 
3' Both sides have an empty raid each.

UP Yoddha 0 - 2 Bengal Warriors
1' Maninder Singh gets a point for his team with a close touch. He extends the Warriors' lead in this encounter. 
1' Pardeep Narwal to start off for UP Yoddha. The defence has no mercy on him as he's caught off by the defenders. 
Bengal Warriors have won the toss & will take the court first!
It's time for #KhelKabaddi! 
Starting 7s for today's Bengal Warriors vs UP Yoddha match -

Bengal Warriors: 

UP Yoddha:
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Defending champions Bengal Warriors will look to start their title defence campaign with a victory. Meanwhile, UP Yoddha have bolstered their squad with the addition of 'Dubki King' Pardeep Narwal, who will look to continue his fine run in the Pro Kabaddi League. The Uttar Pradesh-based franchise missed out on making it to the semis last season, having lost to the Bengaluru Bulls in the eliminator. 
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