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Right then, that is all that we have for you from this game of kabaddi. Switch tabs and catch the War of the Stars as Pardeep Narwal's U.P. Yoddhas take on Naveen Kumar's Dabang Delhi K.C. Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu!
FULL TIME! Bengal Warriors 42-33 Bengaluru Bulls

Quite a clinical win by the Warriors as they hand the Bulls their first loss of the season. Well, the Bulls squandered a healthy lead in the first half after gaining some momentum initially. Just at the stroke of half time, it was the Warriors who had a slender one-point lead which they grew exponentially in the second half. The Bulls were completely blown away and much has to do with how they have failed to hold onto a lead this season. Kandola and Bharat combined to get 15 points whereas the corners did well. However, there were absolutely no points for the covers and that hurt the Bulls. As for the Warriors, they had a terrific game. Girish Ernak's poor strike rate continues as he keeps giving away as many, if not more points as he has scored. Deepak Hooda's form will be a cause of concern again as he managed just one raid point in all the raids that he put in. Maninder Singh, after starting slowly, used his skill and power to finish with 11 points in the contest. All-in-all a comprehensive showing and the Warriors will certainly be pleased with that. 
40' Vikash Kandola gets in a running hand touch on the cover defender. The final raid sees the Bharat escape from the left corner's ankle hold and making his way back to the mid-line. 
39' SUPER TACKLE! Saurabh Nandal runs around and gets in a back-hold on Deepak Hooda. Aman clutched Deepak Hooda's neck on that occasion and has been awarded his second green card of the night. That converts into a yellow card and he is sent to the bench for a two-minute suspension. 
39' As soon as Harmanjit Singh picks up a bonus point, a stellar block from Vaibhav Garje pounces and puts in a terrific dash. Whew! 
39' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and Deepak Hooda gets off the mark with a touch point. Ventures deep and gets in a hand touch on the left-in player, Neeraj Narwal. 
38' Sachin Narwal picks up a bonus point and as soon as he does that, the cover chain runs around and sends him spiralling out of bounds. One point to each side. 
37' Bharat leaps over the left corner's attempted double thigh hold but he comes down in the wrong direction. Lands parallel to the baulk line and the rest of the defense runs for assistance instantly!

Bengal Warriors 39-27 Bengaluru Bulls
36' Well that's just silly now isn't it? Shrikant Jadhav ends up spending all his third seconds in the bid to get a point and he has been TIMED OUT! Whew! 
35' Bharat picks up a bonus point as the Warriors' defense hangs back.

Bengal Warriors 38-26 Bengaluru Bulls
35' Vikash Kandola runs straight into Balaji D's double thigh hold and he collapses on the mat. 
34' Mayur Kadam throws himself at Maninder Singh's feet, who writhes his feet free and walks to his half.

Bengal Warriors 37-25 Bengaluru Bulls
34' Right corner, Vaibhav Garje, lunges at Kandola's feet but Vaibhav had already shifted his momentum towards the mid-line. Crosses the mid-line with comfort. 
33' Girish Ernak tries an advance tackle on Kandola but the latter is smart enough to turn and escape. 
32' Shrikant Jadhav gets in a kick on the left corner, Saurabh Nandal, and returns to his half. 
32' Bharat is dashed out of bounds by Saurabh Nandal but even Nandal ends up going out of bounds. One point to each side. 
31' As soon as Deepak Hooda gets a touch on Mahender, it is Narender in the left corner who puts in a double thigh hold to pin the raider down. 
30' Bharat extends his arm and gets in a running hand touch on Girish Ernak to send the left corner back to the bench once again.

Bengal Warriors 34-21 Bengaluru Bulls
30' Maninder Singh returns the favour as he escapes from Aman's advance tackle and extends the Warriors' lead. 
30' Girish Ernak attempts a very advance tackle on Bharat, who writhes his foot free and escapes to the mid-line. 
30' SUPER RAID! Shrikant Jadhav picks up a bonus point as Mahender Singh and Rajnesh come around for the dash. An airborne Jadhav crosses the mid-line! 
29' ALL OUT! Neeraj Narwal is granted the bonus and as soon as he does that, Shubham Shinde puts in a terrific ankle hold to send him packing. 
28' Maninder Singh ventures deep in the right side of the defense and sends back Rajnesh with a touch. 
28' Bharat is tackled as Vaibhav Garje runs around and puts in a terrific block! 
27' SUPER RAID! Whew! What has happened there? The left corner, Aman, steps out of bounds. Mahender Singh attempts a tackle on Maninder, who tumbles and crosses the mid-line. Aman participated in the tackle as well and is awarded a green card while Vikash Kandola seems to have gotten involved as well. 
26' Bharat uses his height to good advantage as he picks up a bonus point with ease between the left-in and the left cover defender. 
25' Bharat brushes aside Girish Ernak, who had come around for the block and makes his way around him to make his way to the mid-line!

Bengal Warriors 22-17 Bengaluru Bulls
24' Saurabh Nandal is far too advance and Maninder Singh comfortably gets a running hand touch on him. 
24' Vikash Kandola is brought down as Girish Ernak puts in an audacious block and pins him down. 
23' ALL OUT! Bharat steps out of bounds in the left corner and following that, Maninder Singh gets a touch on Vikash Kandola and makes his way back to the mid-line. 

Bengaluru Bulls review! Well, Bharat was not allowed to participate in the tackle anymore and subsequently, Maninder Singh could comfortably get a touch on Kandola. 
Bharat had stepped out of bounds there and even if Bharat was not of bounds and was touched by Maninder, it would have been interesting to see how the referees would have ruled as Bharat was not allowed to participate in the tackle anymore. Nonetheless, he had stepped out of bounds. Review unsuccessful! 
22' Shubham Shinde steps out of bounds after Vikash Kandola was granted the bonus point. The Bulls delay the all-out!
21' A nothing hand-hold attempted on Maninder Singh by Aman but he returns to his half pretty comfortably. 
21' Vikash Kandola picks up a bonus point and returns back to his half. 
HALF TIME! Bengal Warriors 15-14 Bengaluru Bulls

Much like their last game, the Bengaluru Bulls have squandered away quite a substantial lead that they had worked so hard to achieve. Despite inflicting the all-out, the Bulls find themselves trailing by one point going into the second half. The Bulls mangled to keep Maninder Singh quiet for the majority of the half and Bengal's defense kept them in the game. On the other hand, Aman scored four tackle points for the Bulls while Bharat chipped in in the raiding department. Manoj Gowda's super raid to avoid Bengal's all-out has certainly gone about a long way in them not trailing by too much when the all out was inflicted. The Bulls have just two men on the mat and will need to consolidate and re-strategise before taking the mat in the second half. Momentum on the side of the Warriors now. Which side will emerge on top? Stick around to find out!
20' With just three men on the mat, Maninder Singh strikes as Saurabh Nandal attempts an ankle hold but Maninder is smart enough to change directions and make his way to the mid-line. 
20' Neeraj Narwal runs straight into Girish Ernak's double thigh hold and is pinned down. 
19' Mayur Kadam puts in a block and Maninder Singh absolutely bulldozes his way to the mid-line. On his way, he gets in a touch on Mahender Sigh's heels too. 
18' Maninder Singh finally gets off the mark with a bonus point in front of the left-in defender.

Bengaluru Bulls 14-11 Bengal Warriors
18' As soon as Bharat attempts a hand touch on Girish Ernak. Vaibhav Garje from the cover runs around and puts in a terrific block to stop Bharat in his tracks. 
17' ALL OUT! Akash Pikalmunde departs as after picking up a bonus point, he attempts a hand touch on the centre defender and is surrounded by the defenders and brought down. 
16' Vikash Kandola corners both remaining defenders once again and this time around, Shrikant Jadhav has engaged in a jersey pull. Kandola's pants came off completely there. 
15' Manoj Gowda in the right corner has to return back to the bench as Bharat uses his height to get in a running hand touch.

Bengaluru Bulls 10-8 Bengal Warriors
13' With just one man left on the court, Manoj Gowda is substituted in. He gets in a bonus point early in the contest. A dash is attempted but Gowda has used the lobby to really good effect. Aman and Mayur Kadam are the two who have to make their way back to the bench and the umpire has adjudged that to be a SUPER RAID after much consideration!
13' Vikash Kandola gets both defenders to one side and Vaibhav Garje attempts a weak arm hold of sorts. Vikash Kandola comfortably returns to the mid-line and the Warriors are down to just one man. 
12' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and Deepak Hooda has a go at the Bulls' defense this time. Only five seconds left on the mat and Saurabh Nandal pounces at his toes to bring down the raider. 
11' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls and it is a freebie given to Bharat by Shubham Shinde. Ventures forward for a tackle, just like his corner partner. Bharat was once again alert enough to get in a touch there and return. 
9' Three-in-three for Aman! Another superb ankle hold on Maninder Singh and the ace raider is sent back to the bench once again!

Bengaluru Bulls 6-4 Bengal Warriors
9' Girish Ernak ventures forward for a tackle but Bharat is alert enough as he simply pats Ernak on his head and makes his way back to the mid-line. 
7' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and this time around, Shrikant Jadhav has been sent in for it. Runs out of time once again and he had only a couple of seconds left on the raid clock before Aman puts in a double thigh hold and pins down the raider. 
6' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls now and Neeraj Narwal has been sent in for it. Runs out of time and in the end, attempts a poor attempt at a touch. Shubham Shinde puts in an ankle hold and it is curtains for Narwal in this raid.

Bengaluru Bulls 2-4 Bengal Warriors
5' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and Maninder fails to get in any point. Aman puts in a solid ankle hold once again and brings down 'Mighty Mani' for the second time in a row! 
3' Vikash Kandola stops in his tracks for a moment and that is all that Girish Ernak needs to put in a short block to stop Kandola on his tracks.

Bengaluru Bulls 1-3 Bengal Warriors
2' Girish Ernak runs around from the left corner while Shubham Shinde puts in an ankle hold. Bharat is tackled just inches within the mid-line! 
2' Mahender Singh attempts an advance thigh hold on Shrikant Jadhav, who uses his height to make his way back to the mid-line. 
1' Well would you look at that? Aman from the left corner puts in a diving double ankle hold and Maninder Singh is trapped! The covers run around for support instantly! The Kanteerava is notching up new levels of decibels! 

Bengaluru Bulls 1-0 Bengal Warriors
Toss Update:

Bengaluru Bulls won the toss and chose court. Warriors to raid first!

Bengaluru Bulls:

Vikash Kandola, Mayur Kadam, Mahender Singh (c), Bharat, Neeraj Narwal, Saurabh Nandal, Aman. 
Substitutes: Harmanjit Singh, Rajnesh, Sachin Narwal, Rajesh Narwal, Narender Hooda, More GB, Lal Mohar. 

Bengal Warriors:

Maninder Singh (c), Vaibhav Garje, Balaji D, Deepak Hooda, Shrikant Jadhav, Shubham Shinde, Girish Maruti Ernak. 
Substitutes: Akash Pikalmunde, Ashish Sangwan, Amit Sheoran, Aslam Thambi, Manoj Gowda, Rohit, Parveen Satpal. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022. The fourteenth game of the tournament will witness the Bengaluru Bulls locking horns with the Bengal Warriors at the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru. 

It has been a dream run so far for the Bengaluru Bulls, winning both their games on their home turf. They sit third in the points table with ten points from two matches. A win in this game will take them to the top of the table and the Bulls will certainly be hoping to keep their winning momentum going. Their first game saw them record a comprehensive win over the Titans. 

Their second fixture was a closely-contested one, with a young Puneri Paltan brigade giving them a scare. Eventually, it was the Bulls who held their nerves and finished with a 2-point win but will have to address the fact that they squandered a massive lead. The Bulls' corners are performing well while their skipper is leading from the front. The onus to get the points in the raiding is largely on Vikash Kandola and the lanky Bharat. The Bulls are a well-rounded side and look all set for their third win. 

The Bengal Warriors faced defeat in their first game as they were blown away by a Manjeet show. However, they did well to bounce back and absolutely thrashed the Telugu Titans by 20 points in a game where all of their starters raked in the points. Maninder Singh, after looking a touch ginger initially, was back in form in the last match and the Warriors will be pleased with that. 

Deepak Hooda came back into his own as well after a poor first game and expect the all-rounder to play a huge part if the Warriors are to win tonight. Girish Ernak might want to have a positive net point score in the end as the veteran left corner has been too aggressive in his approach and has given away comfortable points to the opposition. It will be interesting to see how the Warriors go about their defending in front of an aggressive Bulls raiding set-up. 

Right then, we are in for a cracker of a contest and expect it to go right down to the last minute! Sit back, relax and enjoy as I, Maanas Upadhyay, take you through all that unfolds over the course of this contest! 
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Wed, 12/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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