Bengaluru Bulls Vs Dabang Delhi K.c. 13 December 2022

Bengaluru Bulls
Dabang Delhi K.C.
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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Right then, that is all that we have for you from this contest! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second game of the night as U.P. Yoddhas take on the Tamil Thalaivas in the Second Eliminator! Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! 
FULL TIME! Bengaluru Bulls 56-24 Dabang Delhi K.C.

A dominant, one-sided game this and it is the Bulls who advance into the Semi-Finals and set-up a date with the Jaipur Pink Panthers in the Semi-Finals. It was a performance for the ages and Delhi just looked out of sorts today. Their defense woes coming back to haunt them. Vikash Kandola scored 13 points while Bharat notched up 15 as well! Their defense was as solid as any while there were not many from the Delhi side who could garner too many points. In the end, Delhi surrendered to their fate as the Bulls charge their way to the Semi-Finals!
40' Vijay Malik runs down the clock and does not attempt any point. 
40' Bharat gets in a hand touch on Dipak in the right corner and Delhi are down to one man again!
40' Naveen Kumar is pinned down now as Subramanian runs around and puts in a terrific block. Naveen tries to escape but is brought down. 
39' Bharat ventures deep and gets in a hand touch on Vishal in the left corner. 
38' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls now and Vikash Kandola strikes! Krishan Dhull puts in a double thigh hold but it is an advance one. Vikash falls and drags himself towards the mid-line.

Bengaluru Bulls 53-23 Dabang Delhi K.C.
38' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Vijay comes in for it. He writhes his foot free from Saurabh Nandal's attempted ankle hold and returns to his half. 
37' Both sides are content with putting in empty raids and running down the clock. 
35' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls and Vikash Kandola strikes! Picks up pace and gets in a running hand touch Vijay Kumar. Enters the lobby, waits for the time to run down and returns.

However, Delhi review! They believe that there was no touch. The TV umpire deems that there was a touch there indeed and the review is unsuccessful! 

Bengaluru Bulls 52-22 Dabang Delhi K.C.
35' Subramanian producing a master tackle here! An advance dash and he runs around for it. Sends back Ashu Malik, who was just inches away from the mid-line. 
34' Naveen Kumar runs straight into the double thigh hold of Saurabh Nandal in the right corner and is pinned down instantly. 
32' ALL OUT! Another all-out inflicted on Delhi! Manjeet is substituted in and he is granted the bonus point following which he ends up venturing too deep in search of a point and is dashed out by Subramanian.

Bengaluru Bulls 49-22 Dabang Delhi K.C.
31' Vishal runs around for a dash but Vikash Kandola wrestles with him and uses the lobby to escape. 
31' Saurabh Nandal puts in an iron-clad ankle hold and Vijay Malik surrenders completely immediately. Delhi down to two men now!
30' Do-or-die raid for Delhi now and Vijay snaps up a bonus point as the Bulls defense hangs back and allows him to take it comfortably.

Bengaluru Bulls 44-21 Dabang Delhi K.C.
30' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls and Bharat strikes! Picks up pace, ventures deep and gets in a running hand touch on Vijay Kumar. 
28' Dipak is sent back to the bench courtesy of a running hand touch by Neeraj Narwal. Naveen Kumar is pinned down next up and Delhi's woes continue! Subramanian puts in a dash through which Naveen goes but the rest of the defense is quick to run around and take care of the dangling hand which could've crossed the mid-line. 
27' Ashu Malik is tackled as Subramanian runs around with a block which is as solid as ever/ 
26' Bharat is pinned down as Dipak runs around and puts in a thigh hold and the rest of the defense is quick to run around for assistance!
25' Aman's ankle hold is to no avail this time around as Naveen Kumar escapes from his clutches and returns with a point.

Bengaluru Bulls 40-19 Dabang Delhi K.C.
25' Bharat escapes from Vijay Malik's attempted ankle hold and Vijay Kumar's assistance is a little too late as he stumbles and returns to his half with ease.
24' Naveen escapes from Subramanian's attempted thigh hold and escapes back to the mid-line. 
22' ALL OUT! Manjeet snaps up a bonus point following which Subramanian runs around and dashes out Manjeet! Third all-out inflicted on Delhi and matters are going from bad to worse for them!

Bengaluru Bulls 37-17 Dabang Delhi K.C.
22' Vikash Kandola ventures deep and gets in a hand touch on Anil to reduce Delhi down to one man! 
21' Vijay attempts an ankle hold on Bharat and Dipak runs around for assistance as well. However, Bharat uses the lobby to escape and returns to his half with ease. 
21' Manjeet is substituted in and makes an impact straightaway! Gets in a running hand touch on Subramanian and revives Naveen! 
HALF TIME! Bengaluru Bulls 31-14 Dabang Delhi K.C.

Whew! What a half we have been treated to! The Bulls are roaring in this contest and are all set to make their way into the Semi-Finals. They came out all guns blazing and the Delhi side just did not know what hit them! A couple of All Outs have been conceded by Delhi already in the first half and they were staring at another one. If not for the super tackle, Delhi might have very well been down by a few more points! Vikash Kandola is just a point away from his Super 10 while normal services have resumed for Bharat, with the lanky raider making his way to 7 points in the first half. All the defenders have chipped in with points as well! Delhi in dire need of a revival and will hope that they can produce something magical here if they are to make a turnaround in this contest and have any chance of winning it. An interesting second half awaits us! Will Delhi make a comeback? Or will the Bulls race away to an easy win? Let's find out!
20' Ashu Malik is pinned down as Subramanian runs around with an aggressive dash and Aman puts in an ankle hold to pull him back. 
19' SUPER TACKLE! So close yet so far for Bharat! He turns, tumbles and attempts to escape as the three on-foield defenders of Delhi combine. Is that the confidence booster Delhi needed? Bharat's hand just centimetres behind the mid-line. 
18' Vijay Malik is brought down now as Saurabh Nandal puts in an iron-clad ankle hold and the covers run around to dash him out.

Bengaluru Bulls 30-12 Dabang Delhi K.C.
17' Bharat changes directions quickly and returns to the right corner to send back the defender stationed there in the form of Krishan Dhull. 
17' Vijay Malik extends his hand and gets in a running hand touch on Mahender Singh in the left cover. The Bulls skipper has to make his way back to the bench. 
16' Naveen Kumar attempts a dubki as the covers look to tackle him but it is unsuccessful as the defense stays low and pins him down.

Bengaluru Bulls 28-11 Dabang Delhi K.C.
15' Bharat picks up speed and gets in a running hand touch on Sandeep Dhull and sends back the left corner defender. 
15' Naveen Kumar picks up speed and gets in a running hand touch on Neeraj Narwal standing in the right-in position! 
14' Ashu Malik is brought down now as the left side of the Bulls defense combines and runs around in a chain to pin him down!

Bengaluru Bulls 26-10 Dabang Delhi K.C.
13' Vikash Kandola has an attempt at the bonus point following which, Vishal attempts a dash but Vikash uses the lobby to escape back to the mid-line. The bonus has not been granted.

Bengaluru Bulls review! They believe that a bonus should have been granted. After a long and hard look it, the TV umpire rules in favour of the on-field umpire. The on-field decision remains! Only a solitary point!
13' ALL OUT! Vijay Malik is granted the bonus point following which, he runs straight into the double thigh hold of Mahender. Delhi staring at a huge deficit very early on in the game! The Bulls are bossing proceedings!

Bengaluru Bulls 24-10 Dabang Delhi K.C.
12' Vikash Kandola puts in a pursuit and gets a touch on Naveen Kumar, reducing Delhi to one last man. 
12' Naveen Kumar is granted the bonus point as the Bulls defense stands back. 
11' Bharat writhes his foot free from Amit Hooda's attempted ankle hold and escapes back to his half. Delhi down to two men again! 
11' Bharat's speed unsettles the defenders and causes Sandeep Dhull to step past the end-line. Unnecessary points being gifted to the Bulls.

Bengaluru Bulls 19-6 Dabang Delhi K.C.
10' Ashu Malik snaps up a running bonus point and as soon as he does that, Mahender Singh runs around in a chain and sends him spiralling out of bounds!
9' An advance block attempted on Bharat by Vishal but the tall raider turns and tumbles to return to his half.

Bengaluru Bulls 17-6 Dabang Delhi K.C.
8' Saurabh Nandal is sent back to the bench as Naveen Kumar strikes, executing a quick running hand touch!
8' Neeraj Narwal gets in a running hand touch on the cover defenders and is pinned down!

Bengaluru Bulls 16-5 Dabang Delhi K.C.
8' Vikash Kandola snaps up a bonus and Naveen Kumar returns the favour with a bonus of his own in front of the left corner. 
7' Ashu Malik is brought down now as Aman puts in his specialty ankle hold and the raider had no chance of escaping!
7' Bharat is tackled this time around as the defense combines successfully to pin him down! Sandeep Dhull initiating the tackle and the rest of the defense was quick to pounce!

Bengaluru Bulls 14-3 Dabang Delhi K.C.
6' Subramanian attempts an advance block on Ashu Malik but the latter wrestles with the defender and escapes back to his half. 
4' Bharat gets in on the action now! Vishal and Dipak combine and attempt to bring down the lanky raider but it is Bharat who comfortably escapes to the mid-line. 
3' ALL OUT! Vikash Kandola delivering when it matters the most! Cleans out the Delhi boys with a terrific raid. Uses the lobby to escape as Amit Hooda's ankle hold is not enough to keep him down. The Bulls with an amazing lead first up!

Bengaluru Bulls 11-2 Dabang Delhi K.C.
3' Ashu Malik is allowed to take a bonus point as the Bulls defense hangs back. 
2' SUPER RAID! Vikash answering his critics in grand style! Runs around Vishal and pushes aside Sandeep Dhull and escapes to the mid-line, getting Dipak on his way too!
2' Vijay snaps up a bonus this time around following which Mahender puts in another terrific dash to send Vijay spiralling out of bounds.

Bengaluru Bulls 3-1 Dabang Delhi K.C. 
1' Naveen Kumar is tackled and the Bulls have made a stellar start to the contest. Saurabh Nandal puts in a block and brings down the raider instantly! 
1' Vikash Kandola kicks off proceedings with a bonus point first up in front of the right corner defender. 
Toss Update:

Dabang Delhi K.C. have won the toss and chosen court. Bulls to raid first!

Bengaluru Bulls:

Starters: Vikash Kandola, Ponparthiban Subramanian, Mahender Singh, Bharat, Neeraj Narwal, Saurabh Nandal, Aman. 
Substitutes: Harmanjit Singh, Sachin Narwal, Ran Singh, Rahul Khaki, Sudhakar Krishant, More GB, Lal Mohar. 

Dabang Delhi KC:

Starters: Naveen Kumar (c), Dipak, Vishal, Ashu Malik, Vijay Malik, Amit Hooda, Sandeep Dhull. 
Substitutes: Anil Kumar, Vijay kumar, Ravi Kumar, Reza Katoulinezhad, Manjeet, Krishan, Tejas Patil. 
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Lights! Camera! Action! Pro Kabaddi 2022 has reached it's last leg and the action has moved to the Dome @ NSCI, Sardar Vallabhai Patel Stadium in Mumbai for the Playoffs! And what an encounter we have to kick-off the proceedings! It will be Bengaluru Bulls locking horns with Dabang Delhi K.C.! 

It has been quite the season for the Bulls after what was a decent auction for them. They had a terrific campaign in the league stages of the tournament and just about made it to the top-two. However, some hurdles towards the end of the tournament meant that they had to settle for the third spot. Bharat in himself is an unstoppable force and it will be interesting to see how he can perform in the pressure situations in the playoffs. Vikash Kandola is a seasoned campaigner and can be the X-factor in the pressure situations. Their defense has been rock-solid over the past few games and they will be hoping to suppress the Delhi raiders. 

Delhi's topsy-turvy campaign was a roller-coaster ride surely, with the side getting winning streaks under their belt followed by a massive losing streak. Just when it seemed like the side would not be able to make a comeback, the side's defense managed to hold their nerve. Vijay's return also bolstered the all-round capabilities of the side. Delhi have a bit of momentum going into the playoffs but will need to be wary of the rampaging Bulls side. 

We have a mouth-watering contest on our hands and it promises to be an absolute edge-of-the-seat thriller! Sit back, relax and enjoy as I, Maanas Upadhyay, take you through all that unfolds over the course of this contest! 
Dome, NSCI, SVP Stadium, Mumbai
Match Start Time
Tue, 13/Dec/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
Pro Kabaddi 2022