Bengaluru Bulls Vs Dabang Delhi K.c. 29 October 2022

Bengaluru Bulls
Dabang Delhi K.C.
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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That's it from here. We have two more matches to go before we wrap up proceedings for the day. Do join us for the second match between Gujarat Giants and Telugu Titans. But for now, it's time to end the coverage here as this is Pragadeesh singing off
FT: Bengaluru Bulls 47-44 Dabang Delhi

What a nail-biter this is. It had everyone on the edge of their seats until the last minute but Bharat produced a magical raid to win the match for the Bulls. Did anyone see this coming? You should've, considering, how destructive Bharat has been for the Bulls this season so far. He got 20 raid points eventually

Delhi produced a stunning fightback after going down in the first half. Both teams continue to be on the front-foot throughout the match, as raids points and tackles were coming thick and fast from both ends. Naveen got a much-needed support from Ashu Malik in the second half. Malik led Delhi's fightback and got 15 points to his name, but in the end, they failed to come out on top, suffering a third successive defeat this season
40' IT'S HIM AGAIN! TIME AND AGAIN FOR THE BULLS! What a superstar Bharat has been as he rose to the occasion in the dying moments to win another edge-of-the-seat thriller for the Bulls
One minute to go and Delhi are reduced to three. Here comes Bharat and he takes out everybody to inflict an ALL-OUT

Bengaluru Bulls 46-42 Dabang Delhi
It's Nandal again, who tackles Naveen Kumar before Bharat escapes from an ankle hold from Delhi's right corner

Bengaluru Bulls 41-42 Dabang Delhi
TIME OUT! The lead is three points now
39' ALL OUT! A moment of magic from Naveen Kumar as he inflicts an all-out in the dying moments with a sensational raid. Delhi restore their lead but only for now

Bengaluru Bulls 39-42 Dabang Delhi
BIG MOMENT IN THE GAME! Bharat has been tackled with less than two minutes to go

Bengaluru Bulls 37-38 Dabang Delhi
Here comes a mistake from Nandal as Malik runs away with an easy raid point

Bengaluru Bulls 37-37 Dabang Delhi
37' The lead lasted for just a few seconds as Naveen has been super tackled by Bengaluru's defense. Saurabh Nandal pins him down with a brilliant double thigh hold

Bengaluru Bulls 37-36 Dabang Delhi
Vikas Kandola has been dashed out of bounds by the cover defender. Dabang Delhi takes a lead now

This could go down to the wire. All three results are possible in the final five minutes

Bengaluru Bulls 35-35 Dabang Delhi
1 vs 5 now. What will Naveen do now? He runs to his left in an attempt to get a hand touch and goes to the lobby. He claims that he got a hand touch but the umpire denies it. Naveen goes off the mat again
35' Ashu Malik gets a touch point as Delhi continue to fightback
34' Vikas Kandola takes a do-or-die raid at the other end but the defender goes into the lobby before the touch

Bengaluru Bulls 35-33 Dabang Delhi
DO-OR-DIE RAID! Here comes Naveen Kumar. He escaped from an ankle hold from Mahender but the right corner defender dashed him out of bounds
32' It's 1 vs 4 now. Ashu Malik is happy to return empty handed
31' Bharat has been tackled now. It's a team tackle to send the dangerman off the mat.

Bengaluru Bulls 33-33 Dabang Delhi
This game has so many twists and turns already. We are in for an edge-of-the-seat thriller, folks
31' The defensive error comes from Bengaluru's left corner as Manjeet gets a raid point

Bengaluru Bulls 33-31 Dabang Delhi
30' It's been a stunning comeback from Dabang Delhi! Oh wait, Saurabh Nandal tackles Naveen Kumar with a brilliant double thigh hold

Bengaluru Bulls 33-31 Dabang Delhi
FOUR POINT RAID! It's Ashu Malik, who escapes from the cover defender's ankle hold before wrestling from Nandal's block to make his way back to the mid-line. It's all square now

Bengaluru Bulls 31-31 Dabang Delhi
28' Sandeep Narwal is off the mat as Bharat gets a hand touch. 
Dabang Delhi's defense is too afraid to tackle Bharat as he gets a bonus point easily
26' Ashu Malik takes a bonus point but the Bulls take a review. It's been deemed unsuccessful and they lose a review
25' Bengaluru Bulls gets a first touch point in the second half as Bharat comes up with his signature running hand touch

Bengaluru Bulls 29-25 Dabang Delhi
What a fightback this from Dabang Delhi. The lead is just three points in favour of the Bulls
25' Vikas Kandola has been tackled by Amit Hooda with a block before Naveen express gets a touch point to inflict an All-out

Bengaluru Bulls 28-25 Dabang Delhi
24' DO-RO-DIE RAID! Vikas Kandola gets a bonus point but Naveen takes out one more man in the following raid to reduce the Bulls to two
23' Naveen Kumar escapes from the ankle hold to register another super 10

Bengaluru Bulls 27-20 Dabang Delhi
GB More comes in for Neeraj Narwal now
Saurabh Nandal steps into the lobby before the touch
The second half is underway and Naveen opens the raid. He attempts a kick on the left-corner but the defender stays deep to avoid a raid point to Dabang Delhi
HT: Dabang Delhi 18-27 Bengaluru Bulls

It was Dabang Delhi, who started off in a flying fashion as they raced to 5-1 but the Bulls struck back instantly to not only gain the momentum but also, inflict two all-outs inside 20 minutes.

Bharat's four-point raid set the tone for the second all-out as the Bulls dominated the proceedings in the first half. Delhi's raiders continue to struggle once Naveen has tackled, so unless the second raider proves his worth in the second half, Bengaluru Bulls will taste success in this encounter. Will Dabang Delhi fightback? Let's find out shortly
Bharat continues to run away with easy raid points. The lead is 10-points in favour of Dabang Delhi
19' Ashu Malik gets a running hand touch in the last second to get a raid point in the do-or-die raid

Dabang Delhi 17-26 Bengaluru Bulls
18' Vikas Kandola takes a do-or-die raid and he's been dashed out of bounds by Delhi's left corner defender

Dabang Delhi 16-26 Bengaluru Bulls
Less than three minutes to go and Bengaluru are slowing things down as they happy to return empty-handed
Bengaluru Bulls have scored 13 points in the last five minutes
15' SECOND ALL OUT! The Bulls stop Naveen express from striking. A diving ankle hold came from the cover defender but Naveen escapes from it but the support came from the other players at the right time

Dabang Delhi 14-26 Bengaluru Bulls
Bharat continues from where left off. He gets another running hand touch and Delhi have just a solitary man on the mat
13' Dabang Delhi is reduced to three. But Bharat sends Ashu Malik to the bench with a running hand touch
12' BHARAT HAS COME TO THE PARTY! It's a four-point raid and the lead is eight points in favour of the Bulls
12' The defensive error from Bengaluru's left corner as Ashu Malik escapes from the ankle hols

11' Naveen Kumar has been tackled for the second time. The Bulls have a four-point lead now
10' ALL OUT! Ashu Malik almost makes his way back to the mid-line but the support came at the right-time to pin the raider down

Dabang Delhi 10-12 Bengaluru Bulls
9' Vikas Kandola has been tackled by the defense. But is there a jersey pull by Manjeet? Dabang Delhi has taken a review and it's been deemed as unsuccessful
9' Ashu Malik gets a bonus point before escaping from an ankle hold from Narwal. The Bulls fails to inflict an all-out
8' Dabang Delhi is reduced to two now and Vikas Kandola gets a raid point

Dabang Delhi 7-8 Bengaluru Bulls
7' Naveen Kumar has been finally tackled by the Bulls defense and it's all level now
7' Bharat uses his height to good effect as he gets a running hand touch on the right corner
Naveen Kumar has a super 10 in every single game he has played so far. 
5' Manjeet has been tackled with a brilliant double thigh hold from Nandal

Dabang Delhi 4-1 Bengaluru Bulls
3' SUPER RAID! Naveen express gets a bonus and escapes from an ankle hold from Neeraj before sending one more defender out of the mat. Delhi are off to a flying start

Dabang Delhi 4-1 Bengaluru Bulls
1' Naveen Kumar opens the account straightaway as he gets a touch point on the left-corner defender
Here comes Vikas Kandola to start the proceedings. 
Toss: Dabang Delhi win the toss and Bengaluru Bulls will raid first
We are all set and it's go time now
Bengaluru Bulls

Starting Seven: Neeraj Narwal, Bharat, Aman, Mayur Kadam, Saurabh Nandal, Vikash Kandola, Mahender Singh

Bench: Sudhakar Krishant, Sachin Narwal, Harmanjit Singh, Narender Hooda, Rajesh Narwal, More GB, Lal Mohar YadavDabang Delhi:

Starting Seven: Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Naveen Kumar, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Vijay, Krishan

Bench: Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Amit Hooda, Anil Kumar, Tejas Patil, Reza Katoulinezhad, Ashish Narwal, Dipak
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL match between Bengaluru Bulls and Dabang Delhi at Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Hall in Pune.

It's Naveen Express vs Vikas Kandola. Enough said? No, actually it's Bharat, who has risen to the occasion in crunch moments to bail the Bulls out of trouble. The Bulls have a knack for producing an insipid display in the first half, looking down and out before producing an incredible comeback in the final 10 minutes when the odds were totally against them.

That's what happened in their encounters against U Mumba and Patna Pirates. The Bulls' side is packed with seasoned campaigners and they have a second expensive player in the PKL auction, but their go-to man is Bharat, who has been unstoppable in recent matches. Delhi's defense struggled against the Warriors in the previous match, so Bharat would look to expose them further and runs away with raid points and super raids.

On the other hand, Dabang Delhi has always been a one-man show in recent years and this year is no different. When Naveen goes out of the mat then hardly anyone revives him and that's what happened in their two recent defeats against Pirates and Warriors. Naveen always likes to attack and if the Bengaluru defense keeps him quiet, then they could have an upper hand in this clash.
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Sat, 29/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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