Bengaluru Bulls Vs Gujarat Giants 06 November 2022

Bengaluru Bulls
Gujarat Giants
GUJARAT GIANTS won the match
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FT: Bengaluru Bulls 44-46 Gujarat Giants

Bengaluru Bulls are known to be the team to wreak havoc in the second half but they got the taste of their own medicine today as Parteek Dhaiya rose to the occasion in the final 5 minutes to help the Giants edge past high-scoring thriller eventually

Neeraj Narwal tries to save the Bulls from a second all-out but that stunning super raid from Parteek in the 38th minute changed the complexion of the match. He showed sheer power to escape from Neeraj's ankle hold and Nandal's block - This turned out to be a match-defining moment in the end

Bharat registered his super 10 but the star of the show was Parteek Dhaiya as he got 16 points to his name
40' The Giants gift Bengaluru a point and it's a do-or-die raid for  Parteek Dhaiya and he's been tackled. But the Giants show nerves of steel in the dying moments to get a two-point win over the Bulls
Final 60 seconds to go. The Bulls trail by 3 points. Vikas Kandola gets a raid point but he wants more as he claims a bonus. He drags the forefoot by raising his trailing foot but it's not over the line. The review has been deemed as unsuccessful
Bharat has been tackled before the Mahendra Rajput gets a running hand touch as the Giants take a four-point lead
38' SUPER TACKLE ON! BUT IT'S AN ALL OUT! Parteek shows his power to escape from an ankle hold and block from two players to make his way back to the mid-line

Bengaluru Bulls 41-42 Gujarat Giants
Neeraj Narwal gets a running hand touch to send Vijin back to the bench
36' Alright! Neeraj Narwal takes a surrender raid and he saves Bengaluru from an all-out. It's a stunning super raid. He gets a bonus before goes low to power past Rinku's challenge.
Ram Mehar Singh is having an animated conversation with the players
35' It's 3 vs 1 now. Rakesh Narwal escapes from an ankle hold before getting one more point to not only level the score, but also, reduce Bengaluru to a solitary man

Bengaluru Bulls 36-36 Gujarat Giants
GAME ON! Bharat has been tackled as Parteek goes down low and gets hold of the ankles strongly. Bharat gave up instantly
Parteek gets a super 10 as he escapes from the block to make his way to the mid-line
33' It's 1 vs 4 now. Rakesh takes a raid and he wrestles past Nandal's challenge to make his way back to the mid-line. But it's been deemed as the raider out as Rakesh goes out lobby before the touch

Bengaluru Bulls 36-32 Gujarat Giants
Vikas Kandola has been dashed out of bounds by Arkam Shaikh
Bharat is unstoppable at the moment as he is running away with points in every raid

Bengaluru Bulls 35-31 Gujarat Giants
Rakesh Narwal attempts a bonus but it's not been given. Hang on, the Giants take a review. The review has been deemed unsuccessful
29' SECOND ALL OUT! The Bulls take a five-point lead

Bengaluru Bulls 33-28 Gujarat Giants
Gujarat are left with one man again. 
28' Parteek Dhaiya escapes from Neeraj Narwal's loose tackle to make his way back to the mid-line
The Giants are reduced to two and Kandola gets a raid point
Rakesh Narwal has been tackled again. He attempts a dubki but Nandal goes low to block him. But in the next raid, Bharat leaps to escape from an ankle hold from Gujarat's right corner to register another SUPER 10
25' Vikas Kandola gets a running hand touch on Vijin as Bengaluru take a lead again in this topsy turvy game

Bengaluru Bulls 25-24 Gujarat Giants
24' BHARAT HAS BEEN TACKLED! But is there an error? It's one point each as Shaikh goes out of bounds along with the raider
The Bulls go all-out attack in the second half instantly and take a lead now
It's the combination of Aman and Rinku to tackle Rakesh Narwal
The second half gets underway. And straightaway, there is an ALL OUT! The Bulls have reduced the deficit to two now

Bengaluru Bulls 19-21 Gujarat Giants
HT: Bengaluru Bulls 16-21 Gujarat Giants

Once again Bengaluru were so passive in the first half as they started off in a slow fashion and got all-out in the 10th minute. Then they fought back as Bharat led the charge and picked up crucial raid points but the defense continued to leak errors

The Giants have only Rakesh on the mat now and if the Bulls inflict an all-out, then this match will be wide open. Bengaluru Bulls are known to be a second-half-team as they do most of the damage in the final 20 minutes, so Gujarat Giants have their task cut out to stop Bharat & co. Losing Chandran Ranjit due to a knee injury is a big blow for the team
20' Saurabh Nandal steps out of of line to gift Giants a point but Vikas Kandola gets a raid point in the following raid. The Giants are reduced down to one but the umpire signals it Half-time
Vikas Kandola takes out of Rinku Narwal's block and the Giants are reduced to just a solitary men
19' BHARAT HAS ARRIVED! AND IT'S A TWO-POINT RAID. He escapes from the block from Rinku Narwal before taking out one more defender to make his way back to the mid-line
18' Aman is not having a good day as he gifts Rakesh another point
The Giants are reduced to three men after the defender goes out of bounds. But Rakesh revives one as uses the lobby to good effect to escape from Nandal's dash
16 Rakesh Narwal takes a do-or-die raid for the Giants and he escapes from Anuj's loose tackle

Gujarat Giants 15-10 Bengaluru Bulls
Bharat extends his long arms and gets a raid point now
It's a six-point lead for the Giants. Hang on, looks like Chandran Ranjit has hurt his right knee and it's not looking good at the moment. He is limping and has been taken off the mat. It's a big blow for the Giants
13' A mistake comes from Giants' left corner as Kandola gets a raid point before Rakesh sends Aman to the bench with a vicious kick
12' Rinku Narwal dashed Bharat out of bounds single-handedly

Gujarat Giants 13-7 Bengaluru Bulls
Bharat Naresh gets a first raid point as he escapes from Anuj's loose tackle
10' DO-RO-DIE RAID! Super tackle opportunity but Parteek Dhaiya took out all three players to inflict an ALL-OUT

Gujarat Giants 11-5 Bengaluru Bulls
Three defenders on the mat for the Bulls. Gujarat Giants' raiders happy to return empty-handed
8' Bengaluru's trump card Bharat Naresh has been tackled for the second time
The Bulls are reduced to three men. SUPER TACKLE! Mahender Singh pounced onto Ranjit with a strong thigh hold to pin the raider down
Ranjit gets a running hand touch on Bengaluru's left corner before the Gujarat defense tackled Kandola. It's a three-point lead now

Gujarat Giants 5-2 Bengaluru Bulls
Neeraj looked for a bonus but he's been tackled eventually
Ranjit takes a do-or-die raid at the other end. He gets a bonus and it's all square now

Gujarat Giants 2-2 Bengaluru Bulls
4' It's been a flurry of empty raids. Here comes Bharat for the do-or-die raid. He's been tackled by Anuj with a strong thigh hold

2' Neeraj Narwal gets a running hand touch on Vijin to open the account for the Bulls before Rakesh the raider blocks Rakesh in the next raid. What a chain that was from Nandal and Neeraj
Chandran Ranjit opens the raid but he returns empty-handed
Bengaluru Bulls win the toss and the Giants will raid first
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL match between Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Giants

Vikas Kandola can't live up to the expectations at the moment after Bengaluru went all in for the star raider at the auction. He just has a solitary super 10 to his name and his dip in form has put more pressure on Bharat to deliver in crunch moments.

Bharat Naresh single-handedly destroyed defenses in this tournament so far to bail his team out from unimaginable positions. He has 112 raid points to his name, which is the second best in this season so far. Bharat's will be a big threat to Gujarat defense and if he gets a support from Kandola and Neeraj, then Bengaluru have a very good chance to reign supreme

On the other hand, Gujarat Giants have won just a solitary match in the last four encounters, so they head into this contest as an underdog but you know as there is every slip between the lip and the cup

Rakesh has 80 raid points to his name and his battle with Mahender will be the one to watch out for
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
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Sun, 06/Nov/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants
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