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Bengaluru Bulls vs Haryana Steelers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Bengaluru Bulls
Haryana Steelers
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
Rohit Kumar is the best raider of the match and Vikas Kale is the best defender of the match
Bengaluru Bulls started off the game on a positive note with their captain, Rohit Kumar coming to the party. They inflicted the first all out of the match but, Haryana Steelers showed character and returned in the match. Vikas Kandola, Vikas Kale and Vinay's combined efforts gave Haryana the upper hand and a last minute failure from Pawan Sehrawat denied Bengaluru Bulls a win in this contest. 
40' Vikas Kandola completes his SUPER 10 with 2 points in the final raid! HARYANA STEELERS WIN!
40' Rohit Kumar completes his SUPER 10 with a consolatory raid point
40' Vinay takes out Mahender Singh, the match now definitely in favor of Haryana Steelers
40' Now, Now! Pawan Sehrawat has been hunt down by Dharamraj Cheralathan and co. Haryana have almost sealed the deal
39' Vikas Kandola gets tackled by Pawan Sehrawat! Unbelievable scenes in Ahmedabad, Scores are level now
38' Vikas Kandola gets the better of Amit Sheoran in a do-or-die raid while Mohit Sehrawat takes a point in Bengaluru's do-or-die raid.
37' Do-or-die raid for Bengaluru Bulls, Vikas Kale ensures that Sumit Singh does not take a touch point. This is Kale's 6th tackle point of the match
36' Naveen fails in his do-or-die raid, dashed out by the defence
SUBSTITUTION - Naveen in, Sunil out
35' Vikas Kandola dashes Pawan Sehrawat out of the mat! What a moment in the match, Scores level
35' Bonus+1 touch point for Vikas Kandola. Mahender Singh commits an unnecessary tackle attempt
34' Pawan Sehrawat takes out Cheralathan, 3 points lead for Bulls 
33' What an ankle hold from Amit Sheoran! Vinay was clueless against that ankle hold
31' Bengaluru Bulls' skipper Rohit fetches 2 points from his raid, Bengaluru in lead now!
30' Haryana Steelers' raiders are cruising and their defence has failed Ashish Sangwan in his do-or-die raid, they have a one point lead now. 
26' Pawan Sehrawat fails in his do-or-die raid, Vikas Kale executes a ruthless dash to send Pawan out of the court
26' Vinay gets a touch on Ashish Sangwan this time, the young raider has stepped up and taken the responsibility of scoring raid points for Haryana. 
25' Naveen was revived by Vinay but he has returned to the bench once again after being tackled by the Bengaluru defence
25' Vinay takes out Amit Sheoran now. 
24' Pawan takes another touch point, fantastic toe touch on the corner defender
23' Vikas Kandola steps in the lobby without any touch, both the raiders of Haryana out
23' Pawan Sehrawat levels the scores with an easy touch point
21' Rohit Kumar has been hunt down once again! Vikas Kale with a magnificent tackle there
21' Vikas Kandola gets a bonus point
1. Rohit Kumar - 8 Pts
2. Vikas Kandola - 5 Pts
3. Vikas Kale - 3 Pts
MILESTONE ALERT - Vikash Kandola Registers 200 Successful Raids.
20' ALL OUT! Haryana successfully tackle Ashish Sangwan! First all-out of the match for Haryana Steelers 
20' Vikas Kandola takes out Sumit now, Bengaluru on the verge of an all out
19' Substitute Sumit Singh gets a bonus point
19' Vikas Kandola reduces Bengaluru to 2 men, great jump from the Haryana raider. 
18' Mohit Sehrawat joins Pawan and Rohit on the bench, Haryana's defence is coming back in this contest
17' Pawan Sehrawat on the bench! Vikas Kale takes the tackling honors
16' Now, Pawan Sehrawat tackles Vikas Kandola! He gets good support from the defence and manages to send Vikas to the bench
15' Vikas Kandola gets the better of Mahender Singh, grabs one raid point
MILESTONE ALERT - Amit Sheoran Registers 100 Tackles In PKL.
15' Rohit gets tackled! Fantastic tackle from the substitute defender Kuldeep Singh. 
14' Vinay gets a touch on Amit Sheoran, his 1st raid point of the match
MILESTONE ALERT - Rohit Kumar Registers 600 Raid Points In PKL.
13' Rohit Kumar gets a touch point, completes 600 raid points in PKL 
12' Beautiful tackle from Bengaluru's defence, the first defender killed Vikas' momentum and then everyone chipped in to stop him from crossing the mid line. 
12' Rohit Kumar gets a bonus point
11' Naveen goes for the final raid, gets the bonus, and gets tackled! ALL OUT!
11' Dharamraj Cheralathan gives away an easy point to Rohit. Haryana down to 1 man. 
10' Naveen gets a bonus point
10' REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! 1 point to Bengaluru Bulls
9' Do-or-die raid for Bengaluru Bulls, Rohit Kumar goes in to raid in 1 vs 3 situation, Rohit is asking for a touch point and he has been awarded a point. Haryana have asked for a review
8' Do-or-die raid for Vikas Kandola, Rohit Kumar tackles him, Pawan Sehrawat back on the mat
7' SUPER TACKLE! Dharamraj Cheralathan and co. tackle Mohit Sehrawat, 2 points for Haryana
6' Vikas Kandola takes out Pawan Sehrawat in a do-or-die raid! 
5' Roit Kumar pulls off a 2-pointer raid, fantastic effort from the Bengaluru skipper
4' 2nd touch point of the night for Pawan, Vikas Kale is his 2nd victim
2' Naveen steps in the lobby without a touch, Bengaluru get an extra point
2' Cheralathan gifts Pawan Sehrawat an easy touch point! 71st raid point of the season for Pawan
1' Vikas Kandola gets a bonus point
1' Rohit Kumar gets a bonus point
The starting sevens of both the teams are out - 
BENGALURU BULLS - Rohit Kumar (C), Ashish Sangwan, Mahender Singh, Pawan Sehrawat, Mohit Sehrawat, Saurabh Nandal, Amit Sheoran
HARYANA STEELERS - Dharamraj Cheralathan (C), Vikas Kandola, Vikas Kale, Ravi Kumar, Naveen, Vinay, Sunil. 
It will be exciting to see whether Dharamraj Cheralathan and co. be able to stop Pawan Sehrawat and Rohit Kumar tonight. 
Bengaluru Bulls had performed extraordinarily well in the Patna leg while the Haryana Steelers had defeated 3-time winners, Patna Pirates in their last leg. Hence, both the teams have ample amount of momentum by their side. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of match number 36 of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2019. On the 2nd day of the Ahmedabad leg, the Bengaluru Bulls will lock horns with Haryana Steelers. 
The Arena by Transstadia, Ahmedabad
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Sun, 11/Aug/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Haryana Steelers
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
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