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Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Bengaluru Bulls
Patna Pirates
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
That's it from us here at Sportskeeda's Live Coverage of Day 1 of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League. Join us for the coverage of the 2nd Day of the league tomorrow where the Bengaluru Bulls will lock horns with Gujarat Fortune Giants in a rematch of season 6 final while the hosts Telugu Titans will clash with Rahul Chaudhari's Tamil Thalaivas. Good Night!
Pawan Sehrawat has been adjudged the Man of the Match for his 9 raid points. 
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Pardeep Narwal registered a Super 10 and got good support from Mohammad Esmaeil however, their defense leaked points at crucial junctures. On the other hand, Bengaluru Bulls executed multiple super tackles to tilt the game in their favor. Pawan Sehrawat scored 9 points in the raiding department whereas defender Amit Sheoran completed his High 5. 
40' Rohit crosses the baulk line and returns with an empty raid. The defending champions have beaten the 3-time champs 34-32 in the 2nd match of the day. 
40' Pardeep brings down the lead to 2 once again but, with just 25 seconds left on the clock, it is unlikely Patna will win here. 
40' Pawan Sehrawat has almost sealed the deal for Bengaluru with his one-point raid. 
40' The deficit is down to 2. Pardeep Narwal gets a touch point for his side. 
39' Patna Pirates reduce the deficit to 3 once again. Mohammad touches Ashish Sangwan and crosses the mid line. 
39' Sumit Singh takes a touch point. Vikas' best efforts cannot get a tackle point for his team. 
38' Mohammad Esmaeil takes a quick bonus for Patna. 
38' Patna Pirates bring down the lead to 3 with a magnificent team tackle. Hadi Oshtorak played the role of the aggressor as Pawan Sehrawat has to go to the bench. 
38' Pardeep attempts a Dubki and almost escapes the defense before Mahender and Ashish stop him from doing so. 
37' Review unsuccessful. Patna have lost their right to challenge the umpire's decision. 
37' Patna have asked for a review. They want a bonus point as well. 
37' Captain Rohit Kumar commits a mistake in the defense. Tries to execute an ankle hold on Mohammad but, gifts a touch point in the process. 
37' Pawan Sehrawat extends the lead to 5 with a bonus point. 
A team time-out has been taken. Bengaluru Bulls are leading by 4 points at the moment. Patna need a Pardeep Narwal special in the closing moments to win this one. 
36' Vikas Jaglan takes the bonus but cannot get a touch point. Patna Pirates are all-out! Bengaluru Bulls have gained a 4-point lead. 
36' Pawan Sehrawat takes one point in his raid, reduces Patna to one man. 
35' Pardeep Narwal successfully tackled by Bengaluru Bulls defense. 
35' Pawan Sehrawat gets a touch point. The scores are level once again. 
34' Bonus point for Patna Pirates. The 3-time champions are back in lead. 
MILESTONE ALERT - Pawan Sehrawat Goes Past 550 Raids In PKL Career.
34' Iranian player, Hadi Oshtorak has got a green card from the referee. 
34' Pawan Sehrawat makes good use of lobby and gets a touch point for Bengaluru. 
32' Do-or-die raid for Bengaluru. Pawan Sehrawat gets away with an easy point. An unnecessary advanced tackle attempt from the defense. 
32' Do-or-die raid for Mohammad. Bengaluru Bulls have hunted one more raider. With this super tackle, they have inflicted a super tackle on each of Patna's 3 raiders. 
30' Do-or-die raid for Rohit Kumar. Hadi Oshtorak fails his jump attempt by catching his thighs in the air. 
29' Do-or-die raid for Patna. Pardeep tries his best but gets super tackled once again! 2 points for Bengaluru. 
28' Patna Pirates send Sumit to the bench. Good team tackle led by Vikas. 
27' Another super tackle for the Bulls! This time the defense takes down Pardeep. Bengaluru reduce the lead to 4. 
27' Bonus point for Bengaluru. Sumit Singh gets a point for his team. 
26' Pardeep Narwal proves why he is known as a 'Running Hand Touch Specialist'. Another easy point for the Patna raider. 
25' Super Tackle! Jang Kun Lee huffed and puffed however, he could not get to the mid-line. 2 points for Bengaluru. 
24' Patna Pirates take down Pawan. The raider tried to escape with a Dubki but the chain tackle of the defense sealed the deal for Patna. 
24' Iranian defender, Hadi Oshtorak gets the better of Rohit Kumar. Patna are in a commanding position now. 
23' Pardeep Narwal takes a point. Bengaluru Bulls' coach is disappointed!
22' Mohammad Esmaeil gets his 6th point of the day. The debutant gets a touch point on Amit. 
With the likes of Pawan Sehrawat and Rohit Kumar present in the Bengaluru Bulls team, one can never rue the defending champs out of the contest.
Bengaluru have scored more raid points than Patna but the defense of the 3-time champions has a 3-point lead against the Bengaluru defense. Also, Patna Pirates got 2 points for the all-out they had inflicted in the 18th minute. 
Top Scorers of the First Half - 
Mohammad Esmaeil - 5
Pardeep Narwal - 5
Rohit Kumar - 4
20' Last raid of the first half and Pardeep gets a bonus point. Patna Pirates finish the half with 17 points while Bengaluru are 4 points behind their opponents. 
20' Pawan Sehrawat makes use of 'Dubki' and escapes the Patna Pirates defense to add 2 points to his team's score. 
19' Neeraj Kumar picks his first tackle point for Patna Pirates, sends Rohit Kumar to the bench. 
19' Pardeep Narwal gets a touch point, Patna's lead expands to 3. 
18' First all-out of the match! Jaideep tackles young raider, Banty. Patna Pirates gain a 2 point lead. 
17' Jang Kun Lee takes a touch point, Bengaluru down to one man once again. 
16' Do-or-die raid for Bengaluru. Pawan Sehrawat taken down by Mohammad Esmaeil! The Iranian powerhouse is making his presence felt at the big stage. 
14' SUPER TACKLE! Pawan Sehrawat and Ashish Sangwan execute a successful super tackle on Pardeep Narwal.
14' Left corner commits an error! Bengaluru Bulls get a lucky raid point. 
13' Pardeep Narwal takes one more defender out, Bengaluru Bulls down to one man. 
12' Pardeep Narwal takes a touch point, the 3-time champions have a 1-point lead now. 
11' Vikas Jaglan's unbelievable back hold seals the deal for Patna Pirates. 
11' Rohit Kumar gets tackled by the Patna defense but takes a bonus point for his team in a do-or-die raid. Bengaluru have asked for a review. 
10' Pardeep Narwal registers his first raid point of PKL 2019, it was a do-or-die raid for Narwal but the defense committed the mistake of an advanced tackle.
8' Do-or-die raid for Bulls! Hadi Oshtorak gets the better of Pawan Sehrawat. 
8' Mohammad Esmaeil gets his 4th point of the day! He takes out defender Ashish 
6' Do-or-die raid for Patna Pirates! Jang Kun Lee gets pinned by Amit Sheoran!
4' Magnificent super tackle from Mohammad Esameil! The Iranian single handedly gets the better of Pawan Sehrawat. 
4' Rohit Kumar gets another touch point! Vikas Jaglan has to go out. 
3' Pardeep Narwal gets tackled in his 2nd raid of the day. Amit Sheoran with a picture perfect tackle
3' First touch point of the season for Rohit Kumar! 
2' Bonus point for Iranian raider, Mohammad Esmaeil
2' Pawan Sehrawat opens his account in PKL 2019 with a touch point. Bengaluru get a 2-0 lead
1' Rohit Kumar gets the scoreboard ticking with a bonus point
Bengaluru Bulls Starting 7 - Sumit Singh, Ashish Sangwan, Mahender Singh, Pawan Sehrawat, Rohit Kumar, Vijay Kumar and Amit Sheoran
Patna Pirates Starting 7 - Pardeep Narwal, Neeraj Kumar, Vikas Jaglan, Mohammad Esmaeil, Jang Kun Lee, Jaideep and Hadi Oshtorak
It will be interesting to see how Patna Pirates line up in the absence of Surender Nada.
The Bihar-based franchise has roped in all-rounder Monu Singh, who played for Puneri Paltan last year as Nada's replacement. 
Patna Pirates will be worried because their key defender, Surender Nada was ruled out of PKL 2019 today. It was reported that Nada had still not recovered from the injury he suffered in season 6. 
Bengaluru Bulls will be extremely high on confidence as their stalwart, Pawan Sehrawat showcased his fine form with a Super 10 in the exhibition match between Indian 7 and World 7
The fans are very excited to witness the battle between Pardeep Narwal and Pawan Sehrawat as both of them know how to run through the defensive units. 
3-time winners, Patna Pirates could not make it to the playoffs of season 6 whereas the Rohit Kumar-led Bengaluru Bulls emerged as the champions of season 6 thanks to Pawan Sehrawat's heroics.
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the 2nd match of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 7 between Patna Pirates and Bengaluru Bulls. 
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Sat, 20/Jul/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates
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