Bengaluru Bulls Vs Patna Pirates 23 October 2022

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Turned out to be a firecracker of a contest on Diwali's eve, and we have one more match to go in today's double header. The Thalaivas and Yoddha lock horns in a couple of minutes, so, catch the live updates on our Sportskeeda page. Now, it's time to end the coverage here as this is Pragadeesh signing off
FT: Patna Pirates 31-31 Bengaluru Bulls

What a sensational game of Kabaddi. Another edge-of-the-seat thriller we had in Kanteerava as Bengaluru Bulls produced a stunning comeback out of nowhere in the dying moments to level the score.

The Pirates had firm control in the match throughout the match but some wrong decisions in the crunch moments helped the Bulls to claw their way back into the contest. Bharat, who was kept quiet in the first half by the Pirates' defense, rose to the occasion in the final five minutes as he played a pivotal role in helping the Bulls to level the score
40' Bharat takes two raid points quickly and the Pirates tackle Rohit Gulia in the buzzer raid to level the score from nowhere. What a thrilling contest it was and the Bengaluru crowd goes wild at the moment

Patna Pirates 31-31 Bengaluru Bulls
39' The Bulls finally inflict an all-out in the dying moments of the game. The lead is just three points now

Patna Pirates 31-28 Bengaluru Bulls
Rohit Gulia saves the Pirates from an all-out as he gets a touch point

Patna Pirates 31-24 Bengaluru Bulls
Vikas Kandola gets a running hand touch and the Pirates are reduced to one man. Will the all-out be inflicted now?
38' Two men on the mat for the Bulls. Here comes Bharat and it's a super tackle from Pirates. Monu dives on the ankle before Naveen blocks the upper body to pin the raider down

Patna Pirates 30-22 Bengaluru Bulls
37' Bharat single-handily keeps the Bulls in the contest as he sends two defenders off the mat with running hand touches on consecutive raids
Monu takes a do-or-die raid and he attempts a running hand touch on the cover defender and gets it. It's a big mistake from the Bengaluru defense

Patna Pirates 28-20 Bengaluru Bulls
5 minutes to go. The Bulls have to inflict an all-out quickly to have any chance of a comeback in this match
The Bulls want to force a do-or-die raid, so they are taking quick raids, while the Pirates are slowing things down. TIME OUT
35' Three men on the mat for the Pirates. Will the Bulls inflict an all-out now?
Do-or-die raid for the Pirates and Sachin has been tackled by the defense. Neeraj Narwal with a diving thigh hold to pin the raider down

Patna Pirates 27-19 Bengaluru Bulls
It's 5 vs 5 now. Bonus not available
32' Bharat takes a raid and he's been tackled by the Pirates' defense led by Manish. The Bulls take a review saying it's 1-point each as Neeraj's toe goes out of the white line. What happened here? Well, the review is successful and it's been deemed as the super raid.

Patna Pirates 26-18 Bengaluru Bulls
Four players on the mat for the Pirates. Here comes the do-or-die raid for the Bulls
30' Rohit Gulia tries a running hand touch but Neeraj times his tackle really well before the right defenders dragged the raider back from the mid-line
29' Chiyaneh blocks Kandola before the support came at the right time. The Pirates are cruising along nicely at the moment
27' Bharat attempts a dubki but he couldn't escape from that chain from Sunil and Neeraj as the duo goes low to pin the raider down

Patna Pirates 23-15 Bengaluru Bulls
26' Four defenders remain on the mat for the Pirates and here comes Bharat. He returns without a touch point as the Pirates are slowing things down at the moment
The Bulls are fighting back again but the lead is still with the Pirates

Patna Pirates 15-22 Bengaluru Bulls
25' Sachin takes a do-or-die raid for the Pirates. But he's been pinned down by the Bengaluru defence
24' Bharath pushes the left- corner deep before getting a hand touch on Manish to reduce Bulls' deficit

22' SUPER RAID! Rohit Gulia escapes from the chain from the right corner defense to make his way back to the mid-line. The Bulls are reduced to three now

Patna Pirates 22-12 Bengaluru Bulls
Bharath gets a touchpoint.
Sachin takes the first raid in the second half and he is happy to return without any touch point
Half-time: Patna Pirates 19-10 Bengaluru Bulls

Bharat has been off the mat for more than 8 minutes and that tells you the whole story of how dominant the Pirates have been in the first half. Raid points were coming thick and fast from Sachin, while the defense proves too strong for the Bengaluru raiders. The Pirates inflict their first-all out in the 11th minute to have complete supremacy in the match.

The Bulls produced one of the greatest fightbacks in PKL to beat U Mumba in the last match and it's interesting to see how whether they can replicate a similar performance in front of a packed Bengaluru crowd
20' Rohit Gulia easily escapes from the loose ankle hold from Nandal. Bengaluru Bulls are in firm control at the moment

Patna Pirates 19-10 Bengaluru Bulls
Sachin has been tackled in the do-or-die raid. It's a chain from Nandal and Neeraj Kumar to pin the raider down
18' Here comes an ankle hold from Chiyaneh on Bharath but looks like he steps out of the lobby before the contact. The umpires are having a discussion and it's deemed as the raider is out

Patna Pirates 17-8 Bengaluru Bulls
16' Mahender with a strong block on Rohit Gulia before sending the raider out of the bounce.
14' It's a two-point raid from Vikas Kandola as the dash from the Pirates' cover defenders wasn't powerful to send him out of the bounce
14' Rohit Gulia gets a running hand touch on Aman before using the lobby to make his way to the mid-line

Patna Pirates 14-5 Bengaluru Bulls
11' ALL OUT! It's been a good passage of play for Patna Pirates as they inflict their first all-out and raced to 12 points

Patna Pirates 12-5 Bengaluru Bulls
The Patna Pirates' defence is on fire as the cover defenders dash Vikas Kandola out of the bounce. Meanwhile, Sachin leaps and escapes from the ankle hold to make his way back to the mid-line. The Bulls have just a solitary man on the mat
8' DO-OR DIE RAID FOR THE BULLS. Bharath has been tackled with a proper chain from Monu and Neeraj Kumar. Once again he finds himself on the bench
7'  Mahender sends Sachin to the bench with a diving ankle hold and the support comes at the right time.

Patna Pirates 5-4 Bengaluru Bulls
5' SUPER RAID! The Bengaluru defense tries to tackle Sachin but he escapes from the chain from the right defense before touching the mid-line.

Patna Pirates 5-3 Bengaluru Bulls
4' Here comes the first do-or-die raid. Rohit Gulia walks in but he's been tackled by Mahender with a double thigh hold

Patna Pirates 2-2 Bengaluru Bulls
2' The Pirates' defence continues from where they left off in the other night as they tackle Bharat and there is no escaping from it

Patna Pirates 2-0 Bengaluru Bulls
1' Vikas Kandola returns empty-handed in his first raid before Sachin gets a running touch point to open the account for the Pirates

Patna Pirates 1-0 Bengaluru Bulls
Toss: Patna Pirates win the toss and chose to defend
Patna Pirates:

Starters: Sachin Tanwar, Rohit Gulia, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, Monu, Manish

Bench: Abdul Insamam, Thiyagarajan Y, Shivam Chaudhary, Naveen Sharma, Ranjit Naik, Akshay Jaywant, Sukesh Hegde
Bengaluru Bulls:

Starters: Neeraj Narwal, Mahender Singh, Bharat, Aman, Rajnesh, Saurabh Nandal, Vikash Kandola

Bench: More GB, Lal Mohar Yadav, Mayur Kadam, Sachin Narwal, Harmanjit Singh, Narender Hooda, Rajesh Narwal
Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL match between Patna Pirates and Bengaluru Bulls. This is Pragadeesh and I will be taking you through everything that unfolds in this contest

5 matches, 4 losses and here came Dabang Delhi a few days back to add more fuel to Patna's fire. At least this is how many would've imagined it but the Pirates produced an astonishing performance to not only pin Naveen Kumar down but also got their first win in the tournament. Chiyaneh, who had a terrible start to the PKL campaign, fired on all cylinders against one of the most dangerous raiding units, and there is no doubt that his performance against Dabang Delhi would give him so much confidence heading into this fixture

The Bulls, on the other hand, have been blowing hot and cold at the moment, so it's difficult to predict anything from them at the moment. They won against U Mumba, and they would be looking to continue their momentum now. They have a strong raid unit and it will be a good battle to watch out against Patna's corner defenders

This is going to be a cracking contest as these two teams look very even on paper. It's going to be a battle between Bengaluru's raiders vs the Pirates' defense and it's interesting to see who comes out on top
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sun, 23/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates
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