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Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Bengaluru Bulls
Tamil Thalaivas
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
That's it from us here at Sportskeeda. Do join us for the live coverage of the 3rd night of the Bengaluru leg tomorrow where Puneri Paltan will lock horns with Haryana Steelers and Telugu Titans will battle Tamil Thalaivas. This is Vinay Chhabaria signing off, Good Night!
Click here to get the latest Pro Kabaddi Points Table updated after the match of Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas. 
Pawan Sehrawat is the best raider of the match and Amit Sheoran is the best defender
Pawan Sehrawat's 17 raid points and Amit Sheoran's High 5 ensured that the Bengaluru Bulls record their first home win of the season. The Thalaivas got one point from this contest as they lost by 6 points
Mohit Chhillar Gets A Green Card
40' Manjeet and co. tackle Pawan in the final raid of the match!
40' Rohit Kumar gets tackled by the defence, the lead is down to 7
39' Ajay gets a touch on Mahender, Tamil Thalaivas should try to reduce the score difference to 7
39' Pawan gets a bonus point
SUBSTITUTION - V. Ajith Kumar in, Rahul Chaudhari out
38' Ajay revives Manjeet with a touch on Nandal!
37' In his two raids, Pawan first took out Manjeet and now, he has taken out Ajeet!
SUBSTITUTION - Anand in, V. Ajith Kumar out
36' ALL OUT! Bengaluru Bulls' lead has grown to 7 points with that all out! Ran got the bonus but gets tackled by the defence
36' Pawan has reduced the Thalaivas to 1 man! Takes out Manjeet and Mohit in a 1 vs 3 situation
35' Substitute Ajith has been tackled in Tamil Thalaivas' do-or-die raid!
SUBSTITUTION - V. Ajith Kumar in, Sagar out
34' Do-or-die raid for Bulls, the Tamil Thalaivas have pulled off another SUPER TACKLE!  This time, Rohit is their victim
32' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Rahul fails! Amit's double thigh hold takes him down
31' Do-or-die raid for Bulls, Pawan goes to raid but Sagar and co. SUPER TACKLE him!
SUBSTITUTION - Ajay in, Sumit Singh out
SUBSTITUTION - Ankit in, Mohit Sehrawat out
SUBSTITUTION - Sagar in, V. Ajith Kumar out
29' V. Ajith Kumar gets a touch on Mahender
29' Pawan sends the Thalaivas on the verge of an all out by taking out Ajeet
28' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Ajay tries a bonus but the officials deny! Ajay is out
26' SUPER 10! Pawan completes his Super 10 by taking out a touch on Mohit and Manjeet
SUBSTITUTION - V. Ajith Kumar in, Sagar out
24' Pawan hits a kick on Rahul's face! 
24' Rahul Chaudhari takes out Sheoran from the defence!
23' Do-or-die raid for Bulls, Pawan gets a touch on Ran Singh
23' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Ajay Thakur has been super tackled by Bengaluru, 2 points to the home side
21' Rahul showcases his tackling skills and slays Sumit!
1. Pawan Sehrawat - 6 Pts
2. Rahul Chaudhari - 6 Pts
3. Rohit Kumar - 5 Pts
20' Youngster Sagar takes care of Rohit Kumar! He has scored his 1st tackle point
20' Rahul Chaudhari scores his 6th point, Mahender is his victim this time 
19' Mohit Chhillar successfully tackles Pawan! 
19' Pawan escapes Manjeet's back hold attempt, Ajeet comes to support Manjeet but this allows Pawan to take 2 points in that raid. 
18' Now, Sheoran sends Rahul Chaudhari to the bench to pick his 2nd tackle point of the night
16' Rahul escapes Nandal's ankle hold attempt to reduce Tamil Thalaivas' deficit to 1
16' Rohit Kumar sends Ran Singh to the bench with a successful raid!
16' Ajay Thakur now unleashes his trademark running handtouch to send Mohit to the bench
MILESTONE ALERT - Rahul Chaudhari Registers 950 Points In PKL.
14' Rohit Kumar takes out Manjeet once again! 
14' Rahul Chaudhari executes a running hand-touch on Pawan Sehrawat!
13' Pawan unleashes the jump! Mohit Chhillar is clueless as the Bengaluru raider scores a raid point
11' Ajay Thakur takes out Mohit in his raid! Tamil Thalaivas have leveled the scores. 
10' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Rahul goes to raid but fails! Bengaluru get the lead back
10' Now, Rohit has been tackled by the defence, Ran Singh takes the tackle point
8' Rohit Kumar takes out Manjeet from the defence!
7' Rahul gets a touch on Sumit in his raid
6' Manjeet Chhillar gets the better of Pawan now, what a tackle from the Thalaivas!
5' Pawan gets a touch on Ajeet who has been the weak point of Tamil Thalaivas' defence
4' Ajay Thakur has been tackled by the defence! Amit takes the tackling honors
3' Pawan gets a bonus point
2' Rahul picks his first touch point, he had got a bonus earlier now he gets a touch on Nandal
2' Manjeet Chhillar unleashes his beastliness! He gets the better of Rohit
1' Rohit Kumar gets off the mark with a 2-point raid, Mohit and Ajay's chain fails to keep him down. 
Rohit Kumar, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Sumit Singh, Mohit Sehrawat, Mahender Singh, Saurabh Nandal, Amit Sheoran
TAMIL THALAIVAS - Ajay Thakur, Rahul Chaudhari, Ajeet, Mohit Chhillar, Sagar, Manjeet Chhillar, Ran Singh
The match will commence at 8:30 PM IST
The Bulls had defeated the Thalaivas the last time these two teams met in this season. Will history repeat itself or will the Thalaivas upset the Bulls? Only time will tell.
The home team, Bengaluru Bulls lost its first match at home last night but they will look to register their first home win today against an out-of-sorts, Tamil Thalaivas
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the 2nd match of the day featuring Bengaluru Bulls and Tamil Thalaivas
Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sun, 01/Sep/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019