Pro Kabaddi 2022 LIVE Score, Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans: PKL live updates and commentary

Bengaluru Bulls
Telugu Titans
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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Right then, that is all that we have for you from this game. Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the third and final game as of the day as 'Showman' Rahul Chaudhari will be in action for the Pink Panthers as they take on the Record-Breaker Pardeep Narwal's U.P. Yoddhas. Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! 
FULL TIME! Telugu Titans 29-34 Bengaluru Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls at the Kanteerava - a never-ending love story! The Bulls have kicked-off their campaign with a win in front of their home crowd and against a formidable Titans side. A topsy-turvy game if ever there was one, with the Titans taking lead initially in both halves before the Bulls made a charging comeback on the back of some terrific all-round performance. Contibutions in all departments from the Bulls, the only cause of concern being their right cover. A team-effort sealing the deal for them. Meanwhile, Kandola, similar to Guman Singh earlier today, did not turn up to the party after being paid the big bucks. However, Neeraj Narwal's terrific form is a positive the Bulls will take home. The Titans, having some big names, could not hold their nerve too well and in the end, it is perhaps their raiding that let them down. They will have some time to fix that while the Bulls will be elated after the win. 
40' Vinay runs straight into the double-thigh hold of Narendra Hooda and has to make his way back to the bench. 
39' Another point gifted to the Titans as Mahender, playing in the left corner, steps into the lobby.

Telugu Titans 29-33 Bengaluru Bulls
39' Neeraj Narwal has to make his way back to the bench as Parvesh Bhainswal runs around and puts in a dash. 
38' Aman goes for an ambitious ankle hold on Vinay, who jumps over the defender. Writhes his foot free off the ankle hold and crosses the mid-line with ease.

Telugu Titans 27-33 Bengaluru Bulls
37' Rajnish perishes and Saurabh Nandal puts in a double thigh hold and pins the former down.

Telugu Titans 26-33 Bengaluru Bulls
36' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls and Neeraj Narwal strikes! Entices Pahal into going for a diving double thigh hold, leaps over it and makes his way to his half!
36' Siddharth Desai fumbles and gets rooted to his ground, allowing Mahender Singh to run in and put in a powerful block. Tries to bulldoze his way to the mid-line but the block is just too powerful.

Telugu Titans 26-31 Bengaluru Bulls
35' Siddharth Desai runs in and puts in a quick raid, picking up a bonus point in front of the left side of the defense. 
35' ALL OUT! Neeraj Narwal is granted the bonus point as the defense hangs back following which they surround him and pin him down. The Bulls coming to the party at the right time!

Telugu Titans 25-30 Bengaluru Bulls
34' Vikash Kandola gets in the slightest of touches on Surjeet Singh. The latter believed there was no touch but it has been granted by the umpire. 
33' Do-or-die raid for the Titans now and Siddharth Desai is substituted in for it. Picks up the bonus point but a powerful dash from Mahender Singh sends him packing! 
32' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls and Bharat has been sent in for it. Well, Parvesh Bhainswal has been deemed to have stepped past the end-line. He has to make his way back to the bench. 

However, the Bulls aren't happy with just one point. They want a touch point on Vishal Bharadwaj as well. 
Replays show that Parvesh Bhainswal's shoelaces, which had come untied, went past the end-line. Oh dear! What a travesty! 
As for Vishal Bharadwaj, his foot has gone into the lobby but there is also a touch on his fingers by Bharat, both happening at nearly the same time.
The touch has been granted! Review successful!

Telugu Titans 23-25 Bengaluru Bulls
30' Mahender Singh puts in a diving double thigh hold on Vinay and support from the rest of the defense pins him down.

Telugu Titans 23-23 Bengaluru Bulls
29' Ravinder Pahal attempts an ankle hold on Bharat but the raider uses his height to good advantage and crosses the mid-line with his outstretched arm. 
28' Picks up a running bonus point and Vikash Kandola attempts an ankle hold from the left-in. Vinay escapes that and makes his way back to the mid-line! 
28' A running hand touch from Bharat on left corner Vishal Bharadwaj and the scores are levelled once again.

Telugu Titans 21-21 Bengaluru Bulls
27' Aman attempts an ankle hold on Rajnish, who writhes his foot free and escapes to his half.

Telugu Titans 21-20 Bengaluru Bulls
26' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls now and Neeraj Narwal attempts a bonus point in front of the left corner defender. However, it is not granted and Neeraj has been given out since it was a do-or-die raid.

However, the Bulls have reviewed it! 
A couple of attempts were made. Neeraj Narwal's leading foot had completely crossed the bonus line while the trailing foot was in the air. Review successful! 

Telugu Titans 20-20 Bengaluru Bulls
25' Do-or-die raid for the Titans and Vinay has been given out! Ran across and attempted a touch point on the left corner. Missed and went into the lobby. Both players are pretty confident that there was and wasn't a touch point respectively.

The Titans have reviewed it!
Pretty close but there indeed was no touch there. Vinay has entered the lobby without a touch and it is a self-out. The on-field decision remains and the Titans lose their review!

Telugu Titans 20-18 Bengaluru Bulls
24' Vikash Kandola is tackled as it is Parvesh Bhainswal who returns the favour with an immobilising ankle hold from the left cover position. 
23' Adarsh T is tackled as Mahender puts in an ankle hold from the centre position.

Telugu Titans 19-18 Bengaluru Bulls
22' Bharat is tackled as Vishal Bharadwaj runs around with the left-in player and they pin down the raider just in time. 
21' An attempted dash by Mayur Kadam but Rajnish tumbles, turns and uses his foot to cross the mid-line. 
HALF TIME! Bengaluru Bulls 17-17 Telugu Titans

An absolutely enthralling half of kabaddi! It was the Titans who were up and running first up before the Bulls staged a good comeback to assume the lead. They did pretty well to preserve that before the Titans came roaring back into the contest, inflicting an all-out on the Bulls and ensuring that the points are level going into the second half! Plenty of experience on the side of the Titans and their defense, especially, is living upto the lofty expectations. As for the Bulls, the raiders have distributed the workload and are keeping them in the contest. The covers need to come to the party while the corners have been pretty good so far. Promises to be a cracking second half! Stay tuned!
20' ALL OUT! A bonus point is granted to Kandola following which Ravinder Pahal puts in a diving double ankle hold which completely immobilises the raider!

Bengaluru Bulls 17-17 Telugu Titans
20' Rajnish gets in a running hand touch on Mahender Singh and the Bulls are down to a solitary member now! 
19' Only two Bulls players on the mat and the Titans opt to stay back and allow Kandola to pick up a bonus point.

Bengaluru Bulls 16-13 Telugu Titans
18' Mayur Kadam's left foot goes into the lobby as he is back-tracking while evading the raider. Self-out! 
17' The Bulls raider, Bharat, is pinned down as Surjeet Singh joins the action with a powerful block which pins down the lanky lad. 
16' SUPER RAID! The first of the season! Rajnish jumps over the right corner's attempted double ankle hold. Aman and Neeraj Narwal had come for support as well and get tagged in the process. 
16' Parvesh Bhainswal goes for the dash on Vikash Kandola, who hurls himself towards the mid-line. Turns on the ground and cross the mid-line with this feet.

Bengaluru Bulls 15-8 Telugu Titans
15' Vinay picks up a point as Aman attempts a very ambitious block well ahead of the baulk line. Vinay turns and escapes the mid-line. 
15' Vikash Kandola's speed forces an error from the left corner, who loses his balance and goes out of bounds all by himself. Vishal Bharadwaj makes his way back to the bench. 
14' Neeraj Narwal puts in a some swift footwork and gets in a toe-touch on Ravinder Pahal.

Bengaluru Bulls 13-7 Telugu Titans
13' A powerful ankle hold from Saurabh Nandal and he surrenders alsmot immediately. Gets pinned down by the covers. 
12' Do-or-die raid for the Titans now and Siddharth Desai is sent in for it. Entices Bharat into going for the ankle hold but the latter cannot get a grip. A comfortable point.

Bengaluru Bulls 11-7 Telugu Titans
11' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls and Bharat is sent in for it. He puts in a running hand touch and Parvesh Bhainswal is tagged. 
10' ALL OUT! Vinay is granted the bonus point but Neeraj Narwal puts in an ankle hold from the left-in position and the defense runs in and traps him just inches within the tramline.

Bengaluru Bulls 10-6 Telugu Titans
9' Vikash Kandola wrestles with Parvesh Bhainswal and turns to escape from the block. Titans reduced to a solitary man on the mat!
8' Vinay is granted the bonus point as the defense hangs back. 
8' Bharat jumps over Vishal Bharadwaj's attempted ankle hold and makes his way back to his half. 
7' Saurabh Nandal puts in an ankle hold while the covers run around and dash Siddharth Desai out of bounds. 
7' Neeraj Narwal gets in a running touch on the centre defender, Surjeet Singh, and writhes his foot free from Ravinder Pahal's ankle hold as well. 
6' Aman puts in a diving ankle hold on Monu Goyat, who was found venturing a little too deep. Support from the right side of the defense ensures that he is pinned down.

Bengaluru Bulls 2-4 Telugu Titans
5' Do-or-die raid for the Bulls now and Kandola perishes! Parvesh Bhainswal runs around with a dash while Ravinder Pahal puts in a dive at Kandola's ankles.

Bengaluru Bulls 1-4 Telugu Titans
4' Do-or-die raid for the Titans and Monu Goyat has been sent in for it. Saurabh Nandal from the left corner puts in a double ankle hold and the defence rushes to his support straightaway! 
2' Bharat is pinned down as Vishal Bharadwaj runs around with a chain from the right corner and pins down the lanky raider.

Bengaluru Bulls 0-3 Telugu Titans
2' Siddharth Desai picks up a bonus point in front of the right corner defender.
1' First points on the board for the Titans right-away! Vinay escapes the large cover's attempted thigh hold and makes his way to the mid-line. 
Toss Update: 

Bengaluru Bulls have won the toss and opted to defend. 
Titans to raid first!

Bengaluru Bulls: 
Vikash Kandola, Mayur Kadam, Mahender Singh (c), Bharat, Neeraj Narwal, Saurabh Nandal, Aman. 
Substitutes: Harmanjit Singh, Rajnesh, Sachin Narwal, Rajesh Narwal, Narender Hooda, More GB, Lal Mohar. 

Telugu Titans: Vinay, Surjeet Singh, Parvesh Bhainswal, Siddharth Desai, Monu Goyat, Ravinder Pahal (c), Vishal Bharadwaj. 
Substitutes: Mohit, Rajnish, Adarsh T, Nitin, Mohit Pahal. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 2 of Pro Kabaddi League 2022 between the Bengaluru Bulls and the Telugu Titans at the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru. As both sides look to begin their campaigns with a win, we are in for an absolute treat in this contest! 

The Bengaluru Bulls will be playing at their home venue and will have the complete backing of the crowd right up until October 28, when the action will shift to Pune. The Bulls will be looking forward to taking maximum advantage of this additional factor which goes in their favour. Having let-go of Pawan Sehrawat, the Bulls have now put their trust in Vikash Kandola, whose ardent desire to be coached by Randhir Singh Sehrawat has come to fruition. 

Lanky raider Bharat alongside Neeraj Narwal complete a formidable trio of raiders. The Bulls defense is quite a strong one too and they might just have the problem of plenty. Skipper Mahender Singh will man the left cover and will have the difficult decision of choosing between Saurabh Nandal and Aman to play the left corner. The right side of the defense looks pretty solid too with Mayur Kadam in the covers. A point to ponder upon will be whether the Bulls will play veteran all-rounder Rajesh Narwal, who was added to the squad post the auction. All-in-all, the Bulls look all set to charge ahead. 

The Telugu Titans had one of the best auctions ahead of the season. They have assembled what seems to be one of the strongest sides on paper. Monu Goyat, Ankit Beniwal, Abhishek Singh, Rajnish, Adarsh T, Mohsen Magshoudlou and Siddharth Desai are what make up what is an envious list of raiders. Their defense is no less, consisting of the likes of skipper Ravinder Pahal, Surjeet Singh, Parvesh Bhainswal and Vishal Bharadwaj. They have quite a staggering squad at their disposal and only time will tell whether having a host of superstars donning their jersey will pay rich dividends. 

Right then, sets up nicely for quite an exciting contest, doesn't it? Well, don't go anywhere! Sit back, relax and enjoy as I, Maanas Upadhyay, take you through all that transpires over the course of the this game!
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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