Bengaluru Bulls Vs U Mumba 22 December 2021

Bengaluru Bulls
U Mumba
U MUMBA won the match
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FULL-TIME: U Mumba beat Bengaluru Bulls 46 - 30.

A rather sour start to the campaign for Pawan Sehrawat and his Bengaluru Bulls, as the home team failed to arrest Abhishek Singh's momentum, with the U Mumba lead raider pocketing 19 points on the night. 

While Pawan failed to make a notable impact, the Bulls' defensive unit lacked bite, registering just 3 points in total. The U Mumba defenders, on the other side of the fence were at their aggressive best, stopping the Bengaluru raiders in their tracks to notch up 13 points. A great start to the campaign for U Mumba then, who have, fair to say, exceeded all expectations to assert their dominance early in the competition.
40' Last raid of the match, Ranjit picks up a point as he gets away from a dash attempted by Harendra.

U Mumba 46 - 30 Bengaluru Bulls
40' Abhishek Singh jumps away from an ankle hold from Mayur Jagannath to clinch his 19th point!

U Mumba 46 - 29 Bengaluru Bulls
40' Bharat this time has been laid flat on the mat! A massive tackle to pick up another point

U Mumba 45 - 29 Bengaluru Bulls
39' Bharat comes in and picks up a raid point for the Bulls

U Mumba 44 - 29 Bengaluru Bulls
39' Pawan Sehrawat just has no answers tonight. Ashish Sangwan puts in a frontal side block and throws the Bulls captain off the mat

U Mumba 44 - 28 Bengaluru Bulls
38' ALL-OUT on the Bulls, third one of the night! A surrender raid as U Mumba have 3 points.

U Mumba 43 - 28 Bengaluru Bulls
38' A bonus point gifted on a platter to Ranjit but he;s been dashed out by the Harendra-Ashish combination.

U Mumba 40 - 28 Bengaluru Bulls.
37' Errors coming quick and fast from the Bulls, Abhishek Singh now reduces the home team to two men.

U Mumba 39 - 27 Bengaluru Bulls
36' Pawan Sehrawat has been pinned down! He's having a shocker. Mohsen Maghsodlou on this occasion pulls off a double ankle hold.

U Mumba 38 - 27 Bengaluru Bulls
36' Bengaluru Bulls down to three men as Pawan comes in for a raid. Does well to induce a hasty tackle from Rinku and gets to his 12th raid point.

U Mumba 37 - 27 Bengaluru Bulls
Back live. 
Time-out now in place. 
35' Ajith now has a SUPER RAID! A 3-point raid from the youngster, and that could be the final nail in the coffin. Gets through a dash from Mahender, escapes from Amit Sheoran and gets a tag on the cover defender as well.

 U Mumba 37 - 26 Bengaluru Bulls 
34' Now Ranjit comes in for a Do or Die raid and U Mumba have a super tackle! U Mumba did well to draw Ranjit deep into the right corner, Fazel swoops in from the left and blocked his escape path.

U Mumba 34 - 26 Bengaluru Bulls
32' Do or Die raid for Abhishek Singh, and he's been thrown flat on the mat! A strong frontal block from Aman, who comes in front the right corner and gets support from Amit Sheoran.

U Mumba 32 - 26 Bengaluru Bulls.
31' Amit Sheoran looks absolutely puzzled as Abhishek Singh executes a stunning toe touch. Decision has been reversed, U Mumba review!

Review unsuccessful, and U Mumba now don't have any referrals left. 
31' Harendra puts in a weak ankle hold, not enough to pin Ranjit down down on the mat. 

U Mumba 32 - 25 Bengaluru Bulls
Back live now. Massive work to do for the Bengaluru Bulls. 
10 minutes to go on the clock as the umpires call a strategic time-out. 

U Mumba have a massive 8-point lead. 
30' Rahul S makes an impact on his debut tackle! Pawan runs in towards the right corner, Rahul puts in an ankle hold and gets enough support from the rest.

U Mumba 32 - 24 Bengaluru Bulls
29' Abhishek Singh picks up a bonus point and enjoys time at the mid-line on the Do or Die raid. 

U Mumba 31 - 24 Bengaluru Bulls
29' Pawan executes an elegant running hand touch on Mohsen Magsoudlou. 

U Mumba 30 - 24 Bengaluru Bulls
28' Pawan Sehrawat runs in and gets an easy touch point on Ashish Sangwan. Pawan has also reviewed for a bonus! Review unsuccessful. Pawan has stepped on the black line, and Bulls lose their review.

U Mumba 30 - 23 Bengaluru Bulls
27' A bonus point for Pawan, right under his opposite number.

U Mumba 30 - 22 Bengaluru Bulls.
27' Ajith Kumar pushes away a thigh hold from Mahender Singh to pick up a point.

U Mumba 30 - 21 Bengaluru Bulls
26' Super 10 for Ranjit! Rinku runs in from the left corner for a dash, but Ranjit does well to turn away and evade.

U Mumba 29 - 21 Bengaluru Bulls
25' Abhishek Singh has been dashed out of the court by a solo dash from Mayur! What a tackle!

U Mumba 29 - 20 Bengaluru Bulls
24' Terrible decision from Pawan to turn away once he got to the corner, easy meat for Rinku on the right corner. Pawan continues to struggle. 

U Mumba 29 - 19 Bengaluru Bulls
23' Pawan Kumar picks up a quick bonus point. 

U Mumba 28 - 19 Bengaluru Bulls
22' Mohsen Maghsodlou claims a touch on Amit Sheoran and he's been granted it! Amit is furious and has asked for a review!

Review successful! Good call from Sheoran.
22' ALL-OUT on the Bulls! Last man in comes in to raid but had no chance against a formidable U Mumba defence. Three points to U Mumba!

U Mumba 28 - 18 Bengaluru Bulls
21' Pawan jogs off to the benches! An unnecessary tackle from Pawan, a wrist hold which was barely enough to keep Abhishek down.

U Mumba 25 - 17 Bengaluru Bulls 
Back for the second half! Bengaluru down to two men. 
HALF-TIME: U Mumba lead Bengaluru Bulls 24 - 17. 

Abhishek Singh has been sensational for U Mumba so far, with 14 points. Pawan Sehrawat, on the other hand, has looked a pale shadow of his dominating self, picking up 7 points from 10 raids. 

For the Bulls, Chandran Ranjit has been the star with 9 points from 8 raids. Will be interesting to see if he is given a lot more raids in the second half with the Bulls captain out of form. 
20' Abhishek continues his fabulous work! Takes all the time to finish the raid, Mahender dives in from the left corner and Abhishek escapes in time!

U Mumba 24 - 17 Bengaluru Bulls
Time-out taken by U Mumba with 15 seconds to go in the first half. 
20' Do or Die raid now for Bengaluru, and Chandran Ranjit comes in. Going 1 v 4 was always tough, he goes in deep but is caught by an ankle hold from Rinku.

U Mumba 23 - 17 Bengaluru Bulls 
19' Back to back empty raids. This game is going at breakneck speed!
17' What a raid from Abhishek! That is some raid! He's been given only two points, but that jump was absolutely phenomenal! 4 points, bonus + 3 touch points! 

He's single-handedly brought his team back in the game, and he's notched up a Super 10!

U Mumba 22 - 17 Bengaluru Bulls
16' Pawan reduces U Mumba to one point, gets a tag on Ajith Kumar on the right corner

U Mumba 18 - 17 Bengaluru Bulls
15' SUPER RAID from Ranjit! He went in deep, saw the left cover and corner coming in, gets through the chain to pick up his 9th point!

U Mumba 17 - 16 Bengaluru Bulls
15' Mayur Kadam this time with the error from the Bulls, Abhishek lures in a tackle and goes away with a point

U Mumba 17 - 13 Bengaluru Bulls
15' Phenomenal effort from Pawan! Now he's in the game! A two point raid for Pawan as he powers through a front hold and slips through a back hold from Fazel

U Mumba 16 - 13 Bengaluru Bulls
14' A very hasty back hold put in by left corner Aman, Abhishek spots it early and gets away.

U Mumba 16 - 11 Bengaluru Bulls
13' Ranjit brings back Pawan onto the mat with an easy touch point. He's in some form!

U Mumba 15 - 11 Bengaluru Bulls
13' GB More puts in yet another advanced tackle, Ajith Kumar slips away with a point

U Mumba 15 - 10 Bengaluru Bulls
12' A rare error from Pawan! He's picked up too much speed and run into the lobbies without a touch! Point gifted to U Mumba

U Mumba 14 - 10 Bengaluru Bulls
12' Bonus point for Abhishek Singh on the left corner. 

U Mumba 13 - 10 Bengaluru Bulls
Bengaluru take a review! Pawan has asked for a bonus + 2 touch points.

So the bonus point is clear, it's an excellent display of how to pick up a bonus. Now it's down to the two touch points. That's given too! SUPER RAID from Ranjit!
10' Ranjit gets away from Harendra's thigh hold as he crawls his way to the mid-line. Looks like he's picked up another touch point as well. 

U Mumba 12 - 9 Bengaluru Bulls
9' A flying hand touch from Pawan! Reaches out to his right and gets a touch on Mohsen. 

U Mumba 12 - 7 Bengaluru Bulls
9' Ranjit comes in and sneaks a bonus point. V Ajith picks up his first point through a bonus as well.

U Mumba 12 - 6 Bengaluru Bulls
8' ALL-OUT on the Bulls! The Bulls have been pegged back early, Abhishek Singh tags both the remaining defenders to pick up an early all-out. U Mumba ahead early!

U Mumba 11 - 5 Bengaluru Bulls
7' Pawan has been taken down with a formidable thigh hold! Ashish Sangwan, a former Bulls player pins him down with a formidable double thigh hold!

U Mumba 7 - 5 Bengaluru Bulls
7' Abhishek Singh's pace is too much for Saurabh Nandal and now the Bulls have been reduced to three!

U Mumba 6 - 5 Bengaluru Bulls
6' Another bonus point for Pawan Sehrawat. That's just too easy for the Bulls skipper.

U Mumba 5 - 5 Bengaluru Bulls
6' Abhishek Singh claims a running hand touch on the corner, and he gets it with ease!

U Mumba 5 - 4 Bengaluru Bulls
5' Chandran Ranjit is dashed out! Harendra Kumar hares in from the left cover and pushes Ranjit out of the mat!

U Mumba 4 - 4 Bengaluru Bulls
5' Mohsen Maghsoudlou picks up an easy bonus point on his debut raid for U Mumba

U Mumba 3 - 4 Bengaluru Bulls
4' Abhishek picks the first raid point for U Mumba! GB More on this occasion makes an error and gives away an easy point. 

U Mumba 2 - 4 Bengaluru Bulls
3' A very comfortable bonus for Pawan as he's now back on the mat. Right under Fazel's nose. 

U Mumba 1 - 4 Bengaluru Bulls
2' First defence point for the Bulls! V Ajith is caught by a strong thing hold from GB More! What a tackle!

U Mumba 1 - 3 Bengaluru Bulls
2' Bonus point for Chandran Ranjit on his first raid. 

U Mumba 1 - 2 Bengaluru Bulls
1' First blood to U Mumba! Pawan Sehrawat is thrown flat on the mat after picking up a bonus! Combination from Fazel and Harendra to pin the Bulls captain on the first raid!

U Mumba 1 - 1 Bengaluru Bulls
U Mumba won the toss and they've opted for court. Bengaluru to raid first. 
Neeraj Chopra, India's golden boy at the Tokyo Olympics sang the national anthem, quite a melody isn't it?
The U Mumba stars have charged onto the mat, and they're followed by Pawan Sehrawat's Bulls. It's GAME TIME!
We are now only 10 minutes away from the first raid of Match 1 of Pro Kabaddi 2021! Are you excited???!!!!!
Fazel Atrachali (U Mumba captain) - "I'm very happy that after 2 years we are coming back to PKL, it feels good. This is just the start of the season. For this season, we have a new team with new stars, some experienced players as well. This season is also difficult, we hope we take the trophy this season. Everyone knows that Pawan is their best raider, he's been the best. We also have good players, it will be a really tight match. We are fighters and we will fight."
Starting 7s for today's Bengaluru v U Mumba clash - 

Bengaluru Bulls: 
Pawan Sehrawat (C), Chandran Ranjith, GB More, Saurabh Nandal, Mahender Singh, Mayur J Kadam, Aman.

U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali (C), Abhishek Singh, Ashish Sangwan, V Ajith, Harendra Kumar, Rinku, Mohsen Maghsoudlou.
An array of stars on both teams, have a look at how the two teams can stack up for today's clash! 🔥
For the opening clash of Pro Kabaddi 2021, we've made your job of picking a good Dream11 team a lot easier! Take a look! 👆

It’s taken 700+ days in a global pandemic for kabaddi to return to our screens, but it’s finally time for Pro Kabaddi 2021! 12 teams will contest in a brand new format that includes a ‘Triple Panga’ [Three matches in a day] as part of the round-robin format of PKL 8.

As for battles in the Pro Kabaddi League, it really doesn’t get bigger than a marquee battle between PKL’s best raider, Pawan Sehrawat and one of the world’s leading corner defenders, Fazel Atrachali! For the season opener, the Bengaluru Bulls will square off against U Mumba in what promises to be a mouth-watering clash.

Bengaluru Bulls came off with a better overall balanced squad from the Pro Kabaddi auction, roping in some quality raiders such as Chandran Ranjith, Deepak Narwal, Abolfazl Magsodlou among others. U Mumba, on the other hand, will undoubtedly hinge most of their hopes on skipper Atrachali, with a relatively inexperienced squad certain to be put to test in their first game of the season.

If history is anything to go by, U Mumba have enjoyed quite some success against their rivals from the south, with a 10-4 lead in head-to-head records. However, they failed to get past the Bulls on both occasions last season, and it's fair to say that the Pawan Sehrawat-led side will be oozing in confidence heading into the game.

This encounter then kicks off what's going to be two-month packed schedule of riveting kabaddi action! I'm Prasen Moudgal, and I am thrilled to take you through all the live action from game 1!

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Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Wed, 22/Dec/2021 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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