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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengal Warriors - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Bengal Warriors
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
That's all for the night from the Pro Kabaddi League action from Kochi as UP Yoddha and Dabang Delhi KC win the eliminator clashes to set up the clash for tomorrow.

Catch all the live action from Pro Kabaddi League here at Sportskeeda for the final two playoffs matches.
Dabang Delhi KC beat Bengal Warriors 39-28 in the Eliminator 2.

They will face off against UP Yoddha tomorrow in the Eliminator 3 tomorrow.
40' Vishal Lather comes in for the do-or-die raid in the final raid of the match. He uses up the entire time and escapes the tackle attempt by Surjeet Singh.
39' Strong waist hold from Joginder Narwal just past the midline as the Delhi skipper pulls off a stunning tackle.
38' A point each for the teams as Pawan Kadian stepped into the lobby before Ziaur Rehman got the tackle on the raider.
38' Vishal Mane puts in a strong block on Vishal Mane as the other Vishal comes in to support his fellow defender.
37' The Hawk' Ravinder Pahal strike again with a double ankle hold catching Ravindra Kumawat at the right corner.
36' Pawan Kadian is tackled with a strong thigh hold by Ziaur Rehman as the defence rushes in with the support to keep the lanky raider down.
35' Vishal fails to keep Ravindra Kumawat away from the midline as the raider rollls away to the midline.
35' Pawan Kadian escapes the tackle attempt by Surjeet Singh to keep the Delhi side in the lead.
34' Ziaur Rehman fails to connect with his dash as Chandran Ranjit dodges his way past the block to get to the midline.
34' All-out for Delhi!! Ran Sing gets the easy bonus but is tackled at the right corner with a double thigh hold by Ravinder Pahal.
33' Naveen Kumar pulls off another jump escape as this time, he jumps over the double thigh hold by Ziaur Rehman to reduce the Warriors to one man.
32' Stellar dash by Vishal Mane!! Jang Kun Lee is forced out of bounds after a brilliant dash by the cover defender.
32' Naveen Kumar gets his Super 10 as he jumps away from the thigh hold attempt by Baldev Singh.
32' Jang Kun Lee adds a bonus point at the right corner to keep the scoreboard ticking for the Warriors.
31' Chandran Ranjit gets the hand touch going deep into the right corner tagging Surjeet Singh.
31' Ravinder Pahal gets his second tackle point with a strong thigh hold at the baulk line.
30' Pawan Kadian manages to score a touch point on Ravindra Kumawat catching him on the arm at the left corner.
30' Maninder Singh escapes the ankle hold attempt from Joginder Narwal and rushes to the midline.
29' Ran Singh is the last man on the mat for Warriors and concedes the easy touch to Naveen Kumar.

Dabang Delhi KC get their all-out and take the lead (24-20).
29' Do-or-die raid for Amit Nagar but he is not awarded the bonus point.

Ran Singh calls for a review but the TV Umpire rules against the Warriors. Warriors lose their TV Review.
28' Naveen runs through to the midline after brushing off the weak block by Baldev Singh from the right corner.
26' Naveen Kumar scores two points as he runs through the chain tackle initiated by Surjeet Singh as he crawls to the midline.
26' Ravinder Pahal locks in a strong ankle hold on Jang Kun Lee who tried to sneak in the bonus point.
25' Ran Singh tackles Chandran Ranjit at the left corner with a strong double ankle hold rooting the raider to the spot after he tried to jump away.
24' Maninder Singh is tackled at the left corner after the tackle by Joginder Narwal as the cover defenders rushed in for the support.
23' Naveen Kumar steps out of the bounds at the left corner during the raid and is ruled out by the refs.
21' Naveen Kumar pulls off the Dubki to escape the tackle attempt by Surjeet Singh to keep the deficit at three points.
21' Maninder Singh starts off with a bonus point on the run to score his sixth raid point of the night.
The second half is set to begin in Kochi as Bengal Warriors lead over Dabang Delhi KC.
Half Time: Bengal Warriors 17 - 13 Dabang Delhi KC
20' Naveen Kumar is tackled at the left corner but Ran Singh stepped into the lobby before the tackle and thus, Naveen is ruled safe.
20' All-out!! Ran Singh cleans up the Delhi defence escaping the two tackles and rolls past the midline to take Bengal into a five-point lead.
18' Do-or-die raid for Meraj Sheykh and he gets tackled at the baulk line with a strong block by Surjeet Singh.
17' Super Tackle!! Vishal Lather and Vishal Mane get Maninder away from the midline to make the scores level on the board. Strong thigh hold by Vishal Lather.
17' Chandran Ranjit scores two as he gets the early bonus and escapes the ankle hold attempt by Baldev Singh from the right corner.
15' Do-or-die raid against three men for Maninder Singh. He does well to escape the ankle hold by Joginder Narwal and just stays in to catch Satpal as well. Last man on the mat now for Delhi.
14' Chandran Ranjit adds a bonus point for Delhi as they stay alive with three men on the mat.
12' Ravindra Kumawat gets the running hand touch on Ravinder Pahal at the right corner catching him on the thigh.
12' Naveen Kumar gets a touch point with a high kick on Surjeet Singh catching him square on the face. Naveen apologized to the defender.
11' Chandran Ranjit escapes the body hold by Baldev Singh from the right corner.
10' Ravindra Kumawat scores a Super Raid!! He gets the bonus at the right corner escaping the ankle hold by Pahal and braves the dash by the cover defender as well.
10' Strong dash by Ran Singh from the left corner catching Meraj Sheykh on the turn at the lobby.
7' Joginder Narwal picks up his first tackle point trapping Maninder Singh at the left corner of the Delhi defence.
7' Naveen Kumar shows great speed catching Surjeet Singh at the right cover position.
5' Jang Kun Lee scores his first point with a good touch point on Ravinder Pahal at the right corner.
5' Naveen Kumar gets the toe touch on the left In Ravindra Kumawat with a slick attempt and celebrates in style.
4' Maninder scores the running hand touch on Vishal at the cover position who fails to get back in time.
3' Naveen Kumar adds another bonus point for Delhi with a stellar running attempt at the right corner.
3' Maninder Singh comes in for the do-or-die raid and escapes the ankle hold by Vishal Mane at the cover position.
2' Chandran Ranjit picks up a bonus point at the right corner to start off proceedings on the night.
Dabang Delhi win the toss and choose the court option. Bengal will raid first.
Starting Lineups:

Dabang Delhi KC - Joginder Narwal (c), Ravinder Pahal, Vishal Mane, Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjit, Meraj Sheykh, Vishal

Bengal Warriors - Ran Singh (c), Surjeet Singh, Ziaur Rehman, Maninder Singh, Jang Kun Lee, Baldev Singh, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat
Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as the second eliminator sees Dabang Delhi KC take on Bengal Warriors at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Kochi, Kerala.
Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Kochi
Match Start Time
Sun, 30/Dec/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengal Warriors
Pro Kabaddi 2018