Pro Kabaddi 2022 Highlights, Match 50: Bengaluru Bulls rout Dabang Delhi KC 61-22; Pawan Sehrawat scores 27 points

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Bengaluru Bulls
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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Dabang Delhi KC would love to forget what happened tonight. Naveen Kumar's absence hurt them a lot as the Bengaluru Bulls routed them by 39 points. It is the 2nd biggest win margin in PKL history. Pawan Kumar Sehrawat led the Bengaluru Bulls from the front with 27 points - 5 more than what the entire Delhi squad managed. 
FULL TIME: Dabang Delhi KC 22 - 61 Bengaluru Bulls
40' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Ashu gets 1 point as Ranjit goes for a dive but fails to execute it well.

Dabang Delhi KC 22 - 61 Bengaluru Bulls
39' Bharat scores a bonus but Malak's block helps Delhi tackle him down!

Dabang Delhi KC 21 - 61 Bengaluru Bulls
38' Vijay's ankle hold helps Delhi tackle down Pawan!

Dabang Delhi KC 20 - 60 Bengaluru Bulls
37' ALL OUT!! Joginder gets a bonus but Bulls hunt him down and touch the 60-point mark!

Dabang Delhi KC 19 - 60 Bengaluru Bulls
37' Sandeep Narwal gets a bonus, but then returns to his half and fails while trying a block over Pawan!

Dabang Delhi KC 18 - 57 Bengaluru Bulls
36' Pawan gets another touch point and it was his 26th point - the best performance by any raider this season.

Dabang Delhi KC 17 - 56 Bengaluru Bulls
35' Manjeet tries a block on Pawan but the raider escapes easily!

Dabang Delhi KC 17 - 55 Bengaluru Bulls
34' Aman hunts down Ajay again with a perfect ankle hold!

Dabang Delhi KC 17 - 54 Bengaluru Bulls
33' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Mahender's double thigh hold helps Bulls tackle down Vijay!

Dabang Delhi KC 17 - 53 Bengaluru Bulls
33' Pawan scores a bonus and fails an ankle hold from Ashu!

Dabang Delhi KC 17 - 52 Bengaluru Bulls
30' ALL OUT! Pawan completes the formalities with a touch on last man standing.

Dabang Delhi KC 17 - 50 Bengaluru Bulls

29' Aman tackles down Ajay again; Pawan gets the better of Deepak again!! Delhi down to 2 men. Ashu Malik gets a bonus but gets tackled! OHH MY GOD! So much action inside a minute!

Dabang Delhi KC 17 - 47 Bengaluru Bulls
29' Pawan gets a running hand touch on Sandeep, what a night he is having!

Dabang Delhi KC 16 - 44 Bengaluru Bulls
29' Mayur attempted an advanced dash on Ashu but fails to execute it properly!

Dabang Delhi KC 16 - 43 Bengaluru Bulls
28' Pawan gets a touch on Joginder, the lead grows to 28

Dabang Delhi KC 15 - 43 Bengaluru Bulls
28' Saurabh's ankle hold helps the Bulls tackle down Vijay!

Dabang Delhi KC 15 - 42 Bengaluru Bulls
27' Pawan gets a running hand touch on Deepak!

Dabang Delhi KC 15 - 41 Bengaluru Bulls
27' Chandran attempts an advanced dive on Vijay but the raider escapes this time!

Dabang Delhi KC 15 - 40 Bengaluru Bulls
26' Substitute Deepak gifts a touch point to Pawan with an advanced tackle attempt!

Dabang Delhi KC 14 - 40 Bengaluru Bulls
25' ALL OUT!! Last man standing Ashu gets a bonus again, but gets tackled this time, Delhi are all out for the 3rd time.

Dabang Delhi KC 14 - 39 Bengaluru Bulls
25' Jeeva attempts an ankle hold on Pawan and gifts him a touch point; Ashu scores a bonus for Delhi

Dabang Delhi KC 13 - 36 Bengaluru Bulls
24' Pawan gets a running hand touch on Manjeet!

Dabang Delhi KC 12 - 35 Bengaluru Bulls
24' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Ajay gets tackled by the duo of Mayur and Aman!

Dabang Delhi KC 12 - 34 Bengaluru Bulls
23' Bharat takes out both corners of Delhi in the same raid, he has sent Joginder and Sandeep to the bench! What a raid!

Dabang Delhi KC 12 - 33 Bengaluru Bulls
22' Pawan scores a bonus and steps out of bounds, Vijay followed him as well! Both are SELF OUT.

Dabang Delhi KC 12 - 31 Bengaluru Bulls
21' Jeeva attempts an advanced dash on Pawan but fails to execute it well! Pawan also got a bonus!

Dabang Delhi KC 11 - 29 Bengaluru Bulls
HALF TIME: Bengaluru Bulls 27 - 11 Dabang Delhi KC
20' ALL OUT!! Ajay gets a bonus and then an ankle hold from Chandran helps the Bulls hunt him down!

Bengaluru Bulls 27 - 11 Dabang Delhi KC
20' Delhi down to 1 man as Pawan gets the better of Ashu!

Bengaluru Bulls 24 - 10 Dabang Delhi KC
20' Ajay scores a bonus for Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls 23 - 10 Dabang Delhi KC
19' SUPER RAID!! Captain Pawan completes his SUPER 10 by beating Joginder, Manjeet and Jeeva in the same raid! What a moment in the match!!

Bengaluru Bulls 23 - 9 Dabang Delhi KC
19' Vijay gets tackled by the Bulls thanks to a combined team effort!

Bengaluru Bulls 20 - 9 Dabang Delhi KC
18' Pawan scores 2 raid points, Ajay Thakur scores 1 point! The raiders are keeping the scoreboard ticking!

Bengaluru Bulls 19 - 9 Dabang Delhi KC
15' Manjeet takes a bonus and returns to his half, Pawan easily touches him and completes an ALL OUT!

Bengaluru Bulls 17 - 8 Dabang Delhi KC
15' Sushant attempts a dive on Pawan but a lion jump helps the raider escape!

Bengaluru Bulls 14 - 7 Dabang Delhi KC
15' Sushant scores a bonus for Delhi

Bengaluru Bulls 13 - 7 Dabang Delhi KC
14' Pawan gets the better of Joginder this time! Delhi down to 2 men.

Bengaluru Bulls 13 - 6 Dabang Delhi KC
14' Saurabh's excellent block breaks Ashu's momentum and the rest of the defense comes in to support at the right time as Ashu gets tackled!

Bengaluru Bulls 12 - 6 Dabang Delhi KC
13' Bharat gets a running hand touch on Ajay! The lead grows to 5.

Bengaluru Bulls 11 - 6 Dabang Delhi KC
12' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Mahender dives on Vijay's toes and takes Bulls' score to 10!

Bengaluru Bulls 10 - 6 Dabang Delhi KC
11' Joginder wins the battle of captains against Pawan with a strong ankle hold!

Bengaluru Bulls 9 - 6 Dabang Delhi KC
10' Do-or-die raid for Bulls, Pawan fails a dash from Jeeva!! The lead grows to 4.

Bengaluru Bulls 9 - 5 Dabang Delhi KC
9' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Neeraj goes against a defense of 3 and gets SUPER TACKLED!! 2 points to Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls 8 - 5 Dabang Delhi KC
8' Chandran scores a bonus for Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls 6 - 5 Dabang Delhi KC
7' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Ashu Malik gets an easy touch on Aman!

Bengaluru Bulls 5 - 5 Dabang Delhi KC
5' Manjeet Chhillar opens his account with a fine double thigh hold on Bharat!

Bengaluru Bulls 5 - 4 Dabang Delhi KC
5' Chandran scores a bonus for Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls 5 - 3 Dabang Delhi KC
4' Mahender Singh dives on Ashu Malik's toes and hunts him down! 1st tackle point of the night for Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls 4 - 3 Dabang Delhi KC
3' Bharat opens his account with a bonus for Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls 3 - 3 Dabang Delhi KC
3' Mayur stepped out of bounds during Neeraj's raid - SELF OUT!

Bengaluru Bulls 2 - 3 Dabang Delhi KC
2' Chandran Ranjit scores a bonus for Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls 2 - 2 Dabang Delhi KC
2' Pawan attempts an advanced ankle hold on Vijay but ends up gifting a touch point to him!

Bengaluru Bulls 1 - 2 Dabang Delhi KC
1' Pawan gets off the mark with a bonus

Bengaluru Bulls 1 - 1 Dabang Delhi KC
1' Vijay opens his account with a touch on Nandal!

Bengaluru Bulls 0 - 1 Dabang Delhi KC

Dabang Delhi KC: 
Ajay Thakur, Sushant Sail, Mohammad Malak, Dipak, Krishan

Bengaluru Bulls: Abolfazl Maghsodloumahali, Deepak Narwal, More GB, Mohit Sehrawat, Ankit
BIG NEWS! Naveen Kumar is not playing this match. 

Dabang Delhi KC: 
Ashu Malik, Neeraj Narwal, Jeeva Kumar, Joginder Singh Narwal, Manjeet Chhillar, Sandeep Narwal, Vijay

Bengaluru Bulls: Chandran Ranjit, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Mayur Kadam, Mahender Singh, Saurabh Nandal, Bharat, Aman
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Every member is looking forward to the battle between Pawan Kumar Sehrawat and Naveen Kumar. Expect a flurry of raid points tonight!
It is a battle between the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams on the PKL 2022 points table. The Delhi-based franchise have suffered only one defeat in eight matches so far, whereas the Bulls have lost two out of their eight matches in season eight. Interestingly, both teams lost their previous matches. 
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Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Wed, 12/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls
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