Dabang Delhi K.c. Vs Bengaluru Bulls 27 November 2022

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Bengaluru Bulls
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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FT: Dabang Delhi 49-52 Bengaluru Bulls

What a magnificent turnaround! Never write the Bulls out of the contest at any stage. Bharat fired on all cylinders and unsettled the Delhi defense time and again in the final ten minutes

Dabang Delhi struck first in the second half as they inflict an all-out in the 27th minute and took an 11-point lead. But the Bulls didn't give up as their star man Bharat led the fightback once again and wreaked havoc in the middle. The Delhi defense had no answers to Bharat's imperious raids as he cleaned the opposition out twice in four minutes. The Bulls took a five-point lead after the second all-out and that also turned out to be a final nail in the coffin

It turns out to be a super 20 for Bharat as he picked up 23 raid points in the end
40' Bharat runs down the clock before taking out Amit Hooda in the final raid of the match

Dabang Delhi 49-52 Bengaluru Bulls
40' Vijay Malik picks up a multi-point raid to reduce the deficit to two now. Dabang Delhi takes a review, claiming for another point. They say the defender goes out of bounds, but the replay shows that Vikas Kandola right foot is on the black line. Review Successful
39' ALL OUT! Bharat picks up a multi-point raid before the Bulls' defense hammers Vijay Malik down. It's a five-point lead for the Bulls

Dabang Delhi 46-51 Bengaluru Bulls
38' The momentum is with the Bulls. Whatever they touch turns to gold. Mayur Kadam comes up with a sensational ankle hold to pin Naveen Kumar
It's all level now. Bharat stuck to his guns and turned the match single-handedly
38' Amit Hooda can't win his battle against Bharat this time. He uses his brute power to wrestle past him and eventually dashes him into the Bulls' mat. Two points has been awarded. But they are claiming for a super raid and take a review now. Verdict coming up and the review is unsuccessful. 
38' Neeraj Kumar comes up with a tentative tackle and gifts Delhi a point. 
The lead is just a point now. It's a multi-point raid from Bharat
37' ALL OUT! Naveen Kumar takes a surrender raid. He gets a bonus but Mayur Kadam lets the raider to go deep before coming up with a sensational tackle

Dabang Delhi 44-41 Bengaluru Bulls
Delhi are down to two now. Naveen takes a bonus but Bharat gets a touch on Ashu Malik
Bharat is back and with a bang. This is not the first time we have seen his heroics in the crunch moments. He picks up vital raid points in the last three minutes and takes his tally to 15 now
35' BHARAT ON FIRE! He takes out Amit Hooda before using the lobby to escape from Vishal's dash

Dabang Delhi 42-36 Bengaluru Bulls
Bengaluru's defense comes up with another unsuccessful tackle. Two points were gifted to Delhi by Nandal
33' Sandeep Dhull comes up with an ankle hold but Bharat drags back to make his way to the mid-line
The Bulls are trailing by 9 points but it's still a familiar territory for them
Naveen continues to unsettle the Bulls' defense. Two raid points in successive raids
27' ALL OUT! Vikas Kandola has been dashed out of bounds by Vishal. What a day he's been having so far

Dabang Delhi 36-25 Bengaluru Bulls
Naveen Kumar picks up two quick raid points and here comes the surrender raid for the Bulls. 
The Bulls are down to three after Naveen Kumar took out Mahender Singh with a brutal kick
25' VISHAL YOU BEAUTY! Bharat has just been pinned time and again. Vishal goes low and comes up with a strong lower block to tackle him single-handedly
23' ALL OUT! Never rule the Bulls out. They are back with a bang instantly in the second half. Mayur Kadam comes up with a timely dash to tackle Manjeet, who took a surrender raid

Dabang Delhi 27-21 Bengaluru Bulls
Delhi are on the verge of an all-out! Will Manjeet save them?
The second half gets underway
HT: Bengaluru Bulls 16-25 Dabang Delhi

Dabang Delhi came up with a clear plan against Bharat & co in the first half as they inflicted an all-out twice in the first 20 minutes to take a 9-point lead at the moment.

Bharat usually rises to the occasion in the second half and the Bulls badly need another special performance from him in the second half. Will Delhi continue to stamp the authority or the Bulls make a comeback? Let's find out in a bit
20' SUPER RAID! Something for the Bulls to smile about at the end of the second half. Delhi's defense has been wreaking havoc so far but not on that occasion as Kandola picks up a bonus, escapes from Vijay Kumar's loose ankle hold before taking out one more player on his way to the mid-line
20' Ashu Malik with a smart kick to take out the left-in. It's a big blow for the Bulls as Bharat once again finds his way to the bench
19' Amit Hooda wins the battle with Bharat again as he bravely tackles him with a low ankle hold

Bengaluru Bulls 12-24 Dabang Delhi
17' ALL OUT! The second all out. Turning out to be a one-sided contest where the underdogs have dismantled the favorites so far

Bengaluru Bulls 10-23 Dabang Delhi
16' Ashu Malik deliveries once again as he picks another multi-point raid. The Bulls are reduced to two now and they don't have a specialized raid

Bengaluru Bulls 9-19 Dabang Delhi
14' Amit Hooda comes up with a stunning upper block to prevent Bharat from touching the mid-line. He still tries to wrestle past the defender but the support comes at the right time as they drag him back
12' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR DELHI! Aman tackles Naveen with an easy ankle hold
12' Another smashing tackle from Delhi's defense. Vikas Kandola has been easily dashed out of bounds and more importantly, the Bulls are reduced to four now
9' ALL OUT! Amit Hooda pounces onto Vikas Kandola's ankle before the support comes at the right time to pin the raider down. It's a five-point lead for Delhi

Bengaluru Bulls 7-12 Dabang Delhi
8' Ashu Malik attempts a dubki  to escape from the chain and also takes out two players. The Bulls are reduced to two now

Bengaluru Bulls 5-8 Dabang Delhi
Delhi's cover has been exceptional so far
Mahender Singh dashed Naveen Kumar out of bounds but it looks like the defender has also hurt his shoulder
5' DO-OR-DIE RAID! Neeraj Narwal has been hammered down by the Delhi defense

Bengaluru Bulls 3-4 Dabang Delhi
Vishal runs around to dash Bharat out of bounds. Two raiders are back on the bench in quick succession
1' Neeraj Narwal takes the first raid and he's been tackled with ease by Sandeep Dhull

Dabang Delhi (Starters): Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Naveen Kumar, Ashu Malik, Vijay Malik, Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Amit Hooda

Substitutes: Manjeet, Anil Kumar, Tejas Patil, Suraj, Md. Liton Ali, Vijay, Krishan

Bengaluru Bulls (Starters): Neeraj Narwal, Mayur Kadam, Bharat, Aman, Saurabh Nandal, Vikash Kandola, Mahender Singh

Substitutes: Sudhakar Krishant, Sachin Narwal, Harmanjit Singh, Narender Hooda, More GB, Lal Mohar Yadav, Ran Singh
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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls
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