Pro Kabaddi LIVE: Dabang Delhi vs Gujarat Giants LIVE score, PKL Match 11

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Gujarat Giants
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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All right then, the Dabang Delhi were on top of their game and they cap off the night in style by completing a fantastic win. Thanks for tuning in with me, Saikrishna MD, throughout this match, Adios!
FULL TIME! Dabang Delhi K. C. 53 - 33 Gujarat Giants

And it comes to an end. The defending champions, Dabang Delhi K. C., showed no mercy tonight. They went absolutely blitzkrieg against Gujarat Giants to record their second win of the season.

Both Naveen Kumar and Manjeet completed their Super 10s for the Dabangs, along with Krishan Dhull's high 5 and Ashu Malik's good raid performance, which ensured them the 5 points. 

Despite ending on the losing side, Ram Mehar Singh would be glad about Rakesh's good form, who also registered a Super 10, and some noteworthy efforts by Mahendra Rajput and Parteek Dahiya would be the key takeaways for the Giants from this evening.
40' Mahendra Rajput completes the final raid of the match, ends up without a point.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 53 - 33 Gujarat Giants
39' Dabang Delhi aren't settling for anything less.

38' FIFTY UP for Dabang Delhi! First team to cross the 50-mark this season. Yet another all-out has been inflicted by the men in blue.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 51 - 33 Gujarat Giants
38' The defending champions are just toying around Gujarat Giants.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 47 - 32 Gujarat Giants
37' Ravi with a double ankle-hold takes down Parteek Dahiya.
36' Mahendra Rajput gets two touch points. He's certainly playing like a super-sub, who's brought in instant impact.
35' Naveen does what he does the best, pick up points.
35' Time Out: What is going to be Gujarat Giants game plan for the last 5 minutes? Will they try to get a point from his encounter or have they let gone of this match, already?

Dabang Delhi K. C.  43 - 29 Gujarat Giants
33' Ashu Malik gets a point and increases the difference between the two sides.
33' Mahendra Rajput gets a quick running hand touch.
32' That was a furious block by the right cover of Dabang Delhi. Krishan Dhull registers a High 5.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 40 - 26 Gujarat Giants
31' Mahendra Rajput uses his height to his advantages bag a raid point.
30' Strategic Time Out: The Dabangs are running away with his contest.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 38 - 24 Gujarat Giants
29' Can Gujarat make a scintillating comeback?  
28' Rakesh is doing all by himself for the Giants.
27' ALL OUT! Naveen's tearing down the Giants defence, runs around and completes a fantastic raid.
26' SUPER 10 ALERT! Naveen Express registers his second biggie of the season with that 2-point raid.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 30 - 21 Gujarat Giants
25' 8th point of the evening for Naveen Kumar.

23' SUPER TACKLE! Crucial points for the Dabangs, Parteek Dahiya falls prey.
22' Review unsuccessful: The gap reduces to just 2, as Parteek gets 2 raid points. 
22' Parteek Dahiya is claiming points. What has happened here? Looks like they are challenging for a SUPER RAID.
21' Krishan gets a thigh hold on Rakesh
20' Parteek Dahiya gets a clutch ankle-hold on the big fish Naveen Kumar.
HALF TIME! Dabang Delhi K. C. 21 - 17 Gujarat Giants

What started as a defensive show between the two exciting sides, is now panning to be a thriller. The standout performers of the first 20 were definitely Naveen Kumar who surpassed 700 raid points in PKL and Gujarat's Rakesh HS. It's a 4-point cushion that the Dabangs over their opponents. An interesting second half is gets underway! 
19' NEW RECORD ALERT! Naveen ' Express' Kumar becomes the fastest man to complete 700 raid points in PKL history.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 21 - 17 Gujarat Giants
19' Vijay fails the ankle-hold on high-skilled Rakesh who gets back with a bonus plus a touch point.
18' ALL OUT! The young Dabang Delhi defence inflict the first all-out of the match. Giants get a bonus.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 19 - 14 Gujarat Giants
18' Naveen Kumar is cleaning house. He's just a raid point away from 700-raid-points mark in his PKL career.
17' High Flying move by Naveen Kumar to reduce the Giants to just 2 men on the mat.

16' Naveen Express has started the engine, gets a quick touch point.
15' Chandran Ranjit comes back with a touch point.
14' DO OR DIE! Manjeet has enforced a SUPER RAID to claim 3 massive points.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 12 - 11 Gujarat Giants
14' DO OR DIE! Rakesh wins the battle against Sandeep.
13' It's back-to-back empty raids.
12' It's becoming a defensive showdown between Dabang Delhi and Gujarat Giants. Ashu Malik falls prey.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 9 - 10 Gujarat Giants
11' Rakesh the raider puts on a good defensive effort to claim a tackle point.
10' Parteek gets a back kneel kick on Sandeep.
9' Review Unsuccessful: The verdict remains, just a point off that raid by Manjeet.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 8 - 6 Gujarat Giants
9' Acrobatic stuff here! Adrenaline rushing moves what makes PKL so very interesting. 
9' Manjeet asks for 2 raid points, the ref says its just 1, the Dabangs have appealed for a review.
8' Vishal gets an ankle-hold on Ranjit and the whole Dabangs come to complete the tackle.
7' Gujarat defence counters Ashu's dubki into a perfect tackle.
6' What a thigh hold! Youngster Krishan Dhull traps Rakesh.
5' Rakesh is in his zone, picks up 2 points and make perfect use of the lobby.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 4 - 5 Gujarat Giants
4' Ashu Malik picks up a quick touch point.
4' What a hand touch! Rakesh gets a touch point to revive Ranjit from the bench.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 3 - 3 Gujarat Giants
3' DO OR DIE! Naveen Kumar swears that he's got a running hand touch. The defender says otherwise, but the official decision stands as a point to Dabang Delhi.
2' Dabang Delhi's defence comes to the party, a team effort to take down the Giants skipper, Ranjit. A SOLID DEFENSIVE MOVE!
1' In reply, Naveen Kumar too gets a bonus from the other side.

Dabang Delhi K. C. 1 - 1 Gujarat Giants
1' Chandran Ranjit comes in for the first raid of the match and gets a bonus.

TOSS UPDATE: Gujarat Giants to raid first. Dabangs will defend.
It's certainly a battle between the Naveen Express and Ram Mehar Singh's formidable Gujarat Giants. 
Here are the squads

Dabang Delhi K. C.: Ravi Kumar, Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Vishal, Naveen Kumar, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Krishan

Gujarat Giants: Chandran Ranjit, Rinku Narwal, Arkam Shaikh, Sourav Gulia, Rakesh HS, Parteek Dhaiya, Shankar Gadai
Monday Blues? PKL season 9 has got you covered for some intriguing sports entertainment. As the first week of this edition closes, the teams will look to find their groove and bring their A-game to solidify their positions on the points table. The third-placed Dabang Delhi K. C. who have gotten off to a great start in this tournament will be striving to take a second win, while their opponents, the Gujarat Giants, who are currently placed seventh, will be hoping to get their first win of this campaign. 

It’s not just a battle between two sets of top-quality players, but it's also a battle between two charismatic coaches Krishan Hooda (Dabang Delhi K.C.) and Ram Mehar Singh (Gujarat Giants). 

Naveen Kumar showed great resilience in the first match where he recorded 13 raid points as the captain of the Delhi-based franchise. Ashu Mallik, Krishan Dhull, and Sandeep Dhull were among the top performers for the Dabangs success in their first match of the season. On the other hand, Gujarat Giants despite settling for a draw had positives to take away with the performances of Rakesh, Chandran Rajith and Parteek Dahiya.

All right, it’s about go time and let’s see who will take those important points to strengthen their position on the table in these early days of the season. This game surely promises to be a high-octane encounter. Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Sit back, relax and enjoy the live coverage! 

Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams!
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Mon, 10/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Gujarat Giants
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