Dabang Delhi K.c. Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers 04 November 2022

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Jaipur Pink Panthers
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And that's it for this high-octane contest. Thanks for tuning into this live coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. Make sure to switch channels and tune into the Triple Panga match-up on SportsKeeda. Until then, adios!
FULL TIME! Dabang Delhi K.C. 40 - 45 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Woah! What a match! A battle between two quality sides set the tone for Friday evening. At the halfway point, it was looking like a one-sided affair, and the Jaipur Pink Panthers were almost certain to hit the kill switch on Dabang Delhi K.C., but the second twenty minutes panned out a bit different. The defence pulled the rabbit out of the hat and came close, and with that effort, they aren't going back empty-handed instead they get a point off this high-scoring thriller. Arjun Deshwal was once again the star for the Pink Panthers; he registered a Super 10 and was assisted well by Ajith Kumar and the veteran Rahul Chaudhari with the raid, and on defense, it was Ankush and Sunil who forged a duo to scalp 7 tackle points. An important fact to note here is that Showman Rahul Chaudhari became the third raider to complete 1000 raid points in PKL history. On the other side, Ashu Malik was the standout performer for the Dabangs, as he put up a Super 10, while Naveen Kumar wasn't having a great time on the court. But in the final moments of the game, the Naveen Express turned up and helped in his side's valiant effort. And finally, it was the Pink Panthers who took home those match-winning points.
39' DO OR DIE! Arjun Deshwal takes time to complete this raid but gets back without a touch or bonus and concedes a point.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 40 - 45 Jaipur Pink Panthers
39' Naveen Kumar looks for a quick bonus and returns back with it and reduces the deficit to just 6. 
38' Ashu Malik completes a running hand touch on Ankush.
38' ALL OUT! Arjun Deshwal falls prey to a superb defensive block from Sandeep Dhull.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 37 - 45 Jaipur Pink Panthers
37' SUPER RAID! Naveen Kumar hurries and makes the play for striking points with aggression and it has yielded him the result. A massive 3-pointer this!

Dabang Delhi K.C. 34 - 45 Jaipur Pink Panthers
36' Naveen Kumar bags a couple of touch points within no time.
35' Jaipur ask for review claiming Ashu had already stepped onto the lobby before getting a touch.

Review successful: Raider had stepped out, before getting a touch.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 29 - 44 Jaipur Pink Panthers
35' Ashu Malik teases and Sunil Kumar puts in an ankle hold but, that's not enough to slow the man in form tonight.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 30 - 43 Jaipur Pink Panthers
35' A 14-point cushion is what the Pink Panthers are holding onto with final 5 minutes of play remaining.
35' V Ajith Kumar gets to a place where he's got no where to go and there comes a magnificent block from Vishal to tackle him down.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 29 - 43 Jaipur Pink Panthers
33' Arjun Deshwal tries for the bonus and he is successful with that attempt.
33' Both teams have exchanged a couple of empty raids here.
31' Rahul Chaudhari has been pushed out of brute force and it's Manjeet who puts in that powerlifting move.
30' Ashu Malik tries for the toe touch but, Ajith Kumar tries an advanced tackle and fails.
29' Naveen Kumar has nowhere to go a terrific teamwork on display and Ankush completes the job.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 25 - 39 Jaipur Pink Panthers
27' Sandeep Dhull concedes a point to Arjun Deshwal.
26' Rahul Chaudhari tries a running hand touch on Ashu Malik and with he has registered his 1000th raid point in PKL history.
26' Naveen Kumar returns with a running hand touch on Sahul Kumar.
24' ALL OUT! Ashu Malik the last man standing gets blocked by Ankush.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 22 - 35 Jaipur Pink Panthers
24' Arjun Deshwal makes use of Krishan's ankle hold attempt and escapes it with a point.
24' Ashu Malik tries for the bonus and gets it alright. 
23' Ravi Kumar is steps outside the court and Jaipur Pink Panthers run away with a point.
22' DO OR DIE! Ashu gets trapped in an ankle hold by V Ajith Kumar and takes back a bonus point in the process.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 20 - 30 Jaipur Pink Panthers
20' Rahul Chaudhari claims a hand touch on Sandeep Dhull and he has got that.
HALF TIME! Dabang Delhi K.C. 19 - 28 Jaipur Pink Panthers

What a first half we got to witness here Jaipur Pink Panthers are on song; they have certainly outplayed Dabang Delhi K.C. in all aspects of this match. Arjun Deshwal received perfect support from V. Ajith Kumar and Rahul Chaudhari on the attack front. But for the Dabangs, it has been a silent evening for Naveen Express, and Ashu Malik has done all the hard work. Can the defending champions stage a comeback? An exciting second half is coming up!
19' Naveen Kumar steps onto the lobby before getting a touch once again and gets himself out.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 19 - 28 Jaipur Pink Panthers
19' V Ajith Kumar completes a quick raid with a touch point off Vishal.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 19 - 27 Jaipur Pink Panthers
18' Ashu Malik continues his rich form and bags two crucial points to send Abhishek and Ankush to the bench.
17' Naveen Kumar's dull evening continues and once again he's been caught prey by Sunil Kumar.
16' Sunil Kumar puts in a solid block on Ashu Malik and the Pink Panthers have inflicted yet another all out.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 16 - 24 Jaipur Pink Panthers
15' DO OR DIE! Arjun Deshwal returns with a quick touch point on Ravi Kumar.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 15 - 21 Jaipur Pink Panthers
15' DO OR DIE! Naveen Kumar gets trapped with a clutch ankle-hold by Abhishek after that jump came in from the raider.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 15 - 20 Jaipur Pink Panthers
13' V Ajith Kumar dives and makes through to the mid-line with a couple of touch points.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 12 - 19 Jaipur Pink Panthers
12' SUPER TACKLE! First it was a super raid now it's been backed up a super tackle of the highest order. Vishal takes down Arjun Deshwal with a solid double thigh hold.
11' SUPER RAID! Ashu gets crucial scalps in form of Ankush and Sahul here we can sense a comeback on the cards.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 10 - 17 Jaipur Pink Panthers
8' It's been a dream start for the Pink Panthers. They are literally running away!
7' V Ajith Kumar capitalises on the defensive error and takes a touch point off Vishal.
6' Arjun Deshwal snares and sneaks in a bonus attempt and gets that right.
5' ALL OUT! Naveen Kumar steps onto the lobby before a touch and he's self-out. The inaugural edition champs have inflicted all-out within the first 5 minutes.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 3 - 10 Jaipur Pink Panthers
4' SUPER RAID! Ashu Malik, Ravi Kumar, and Manjeet off to the bench after a specular raid from Arjun Deshwal.
4' A bonus point here for Naveen Kumar.
3' Rahul Chaudhari bags home two massive points off Vishal and Vijay Kumar, who failed to tackle him, and he escapes.
2' Arjun Deshwal comes to the party, gets a touch point of his with an important coming on Krishan Dhull.
1' It's business as usual from Naveen Kumar sends in-form Sahul Kumar to the bench.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 1 - 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers
1' A running hand touch from the Showman Rahul Chaudhari on Vijay Kumar. The Pink Panthers draw first blood here.
TOSS UPDATE: Dabang Delhi K.C. won the toss and it's the Pink Panthers who have the first raid.
Here are the squads:

Dabang Delhi K.C.

Starters: Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Naveen Kumar, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Vijay, Krishan

Bench: Monu R, Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Amit Hooda, Anil Kumar, Reza Katoulinezhad, Ashish Narwal, Dipak

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Starters: V. Ajith Kumar, Arjun Deshwal, Ankush, Shaul Kumar, Abhishek KS, Sunil Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari

Bench: Nitin Panwar, Lucky Sharma, Ashish, Deepak Singh, Bhavani Rajput, Devank, Reza Mirbagheri
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. We are going to witness a battle between two quality sides that have absolute firepower among their ranks. Be it defence or attack, these two have got it all covered. The defending champions Dabang Delhi K.C. will lock horns with the inaugural edition champions Jaipur Pink Panthers here this evening.

Naveen Kumar has been shining like a diamond this whole campaign and has performed at the highest quality. He has also gotten support from his teammates, like Ashu Malik, Krishan Dhull, and Manjeet, who have also contributed to the team’s cause. On the other side, Arjun Deshwal will be leading the attack for the Jaipur Pink Panthers, and captain Sunil Kumar will be the maestro defence line. 

With two sides looking to take home all five points, a high-octane contest is on the horizon. Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill, and enjoy the coverage.

Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Fri, 04/Nov/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
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