Pro Kabaddi 2022 Live Score Updates & Commentary Dabang Delhi KC vs Patna Pirates

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Patna Pirates
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Full Time: Dabang Delhi 26 - 23 Patna Pirates

In a match that saw a lot of key players for both the sides rested, the defences from the two sides stepped up on the night that saw a patient flow of Kabaddi on the mat. Neither team saw their raiders score many points and relied on the defensive strength to pull them through. Vijay Malik and Manjeet Chhillar were the star performers for the Delhi side as they rose to the second spot on the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings.

Do-or-die raid for Rohit and he goes deep into the Delhi defence but gets caught by the chain tackle initiated by Krishan Dhull and that seems to have locked the game for Dabang Delhi now!
Vijay Malik goes back in and again gets a bonus point at the right corner and rushes back with just over 30 seconds to go in the match. Delhi are leading 25-23 now!
Vijay Malik scores a quick but effective bonus point at the right corner of the Patna defence and Delhi are back with a single point lead now!

Patna Pirates 23 - 24 Dabang Delhi
Rohit is in for Patna and manages to catch Jeeva Kumar with a toe touch with a swift move and rushes back to his half of the court. Scores tied at 23-23 each
Sandeep Narwal is in for the raid and moves all around but gets dashed out by Shadlou who rushed in from the left corner.
Mohit goes for the raid but is unable to control himself and steps into the lobby and an easy point there for the Dabang Delhi side.
Back after the break, Neeraj Narwal comes in for the raid but gets blocked in front of the midline and the defence supports them quickly to keep the raider down.
Another timeout taken here as Dabang Delhi have a two-point lead over the Pirates with just under five minutes to play.

Patna Pirates 20 - 22 Dabang Delhi
Manjeet goes in for the do-or-die raid and tries to get away from the dash by Sourav Gulia but both the players go out of bounds, one point each for the two sides....
Door-die again as both teams are playing the safe game here....Monu comes in and quickly gets caught by Krishan Dhull at the right corner. Now Delhi's turn for the do-or-die raid!
Neeraj Narwal, in for the do-or-die raid tries to escape with the Dubki below the chain tackle from Shadlou and Balaji but no escape there for the Delhi raider! Things still close on the scoreboard....

Patna Pirates 19 - 20 Dabang Delhi
Do-or-die raid for Patna as Rohit comes in to raid but is trapped by Manjeet Chhillar with his classic diving ankle hold at left corner and completes his High 5 for the night! Time for Delhi's do-or-die raid now....
Timeout taken as we have just under ten minutes to play and Dabang Delhi enjoy a slim one-point lead over the Patna Pirates! We will be right back with the action!

Patna Pirates 18 - 19 Dabang Delhi
Shubham Shinde on point again as he catches Manjeet in air at the right corner in the do-or-die raid. WIth that tackle, Shinde completes his High 5 for the night!
Do-or-die raid for Patna as Mohit steps in but is caught in motion by Neeraj Narwal who dove in from the right In position. Now Delhi's turn for the Do-or-die raid!
Sandeep Narwal back in for the raid but is caught by the diving tackle from Sourav Gulia and Patna strike back here as the contest continues to stay close as we head closer to the final ten minutes of action.
Manjeet Chillar traps Monu with a perfectly timed diving ankle hold as the raider is unable to move an inch there! Delhi add another point to their total.
Manjeet goes for the raid for Delhi and gets a running hand touch but is unable to escape from the dash and goes out of bounds.
Shubham Shinde hogs the ankle of Neeraj Narwal and gets the first Super Tackle of the night!

Patna Pirates 15 - 17 Dabang Delhi
Daniel Odhiambo is dashed out of bounds by the block from Manjeet Chillar as the Patna defence is reduced to three men on the mat!
Mohit is not able to withstand the block from Jeeva Kumar despite attempting the Dubki skill there as the defence rushed in with the support.
Vijay Malik goes in for the raid and moves around but the Pirates' left corner Shadlou has stepped out of bounds in the lobby there!
The second half begins with Daniel Odhiambo who has scored a touch point as he escapes the ankle hold attempt at the right corner and scrambles past the midline.
Half Time: Patna Pirates 12 - 14 Dabang Delhi

Both the sides have been going at it right from the start of the match as we see a battle of the second string sides on the mat tonight. Naveen Kumar has been substituted as well after going for some raids. It will be interesting to see how the teams perform in the second half, with so many key players rested for the night.

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Vijay Malik is in for the raid and gets a bonus plus touch point as he escapes the double thigh hold tackle attempt from Monu at the bauk line.
Monu escapes the diving ankle hold attempt from Manjeet Chhillar and drags himself to the midline as the score remains tied on the scoreboard.

Patna Pirates 12 - 12 Dabang Delhi
The review goes unsuccessful and both the players are deemed out here...
Neeraj Narwal is caught unaware by the rushing Mohamedreza Shadlou who blocked the raider and dragged him out of bounds but he may have gone out in the process as well. The Patna Pirates side have called for a review as the umpires have given both the players out. We await the decision.....
Ashu Malik is dashed out of bounds by Soura Gulia as the raider went in too deep at the right corner attempting the running hand touch.
Daniel Odhiambo shuffles around at the right corner but is blocked well by Manjeet Chhillar and there was no escaping there for the Kenyan raider.
Mohit, in for the do-or-die raid gets caught by Krishan Dhull at the right corner and the support was quick from Manjeet Chhillar from the other corner as they kept the raider down.
Vijay is caught in the next raid as he fails to escape the tackle from Monu who went in with the double ankle hold as the defence rushed in quickly.
Mohamedreza Shadlou tried to pursue Vijay here but the raider showed great presence of mind and the Patna man stepped in despite the raider not having gone back!
Single-handed tackle from Shubham Shinde as he manages to keep Naveen Kumar from escaping to the midline, great display of strength there from the right corner man!
Daniel Odhimabo tries to escape from the chain tackle of the Delhi defence but is caught by the defenders and brought down at the baulk lie.
Do-or-die raid for Delhi as Ashu Malik steps up against five defenders. He is trapped by the Patna defence at the centre of the mat as he was not able to escape with the Dubki attempt.

Do-or-die raid for Mohit and a week attempt by Vikash at the left corner as the raider escapes easily. Scores tied with ten minutes played so far.

Patna Pirates 6 - 6 Dabang Delhi
Naveen is back in and Monu tries to trap him with the double thigh hold at the baulk line but no luck as the raider rolls over past the midline with ease.
Sandeep Narwal is in for the raid and moves around in blistering speed outfoxing Daniel Odhiambo who rushed in with the dash but mistimed it allowing the all-rounder to escape.
In hopes of a pursuit raid, Shubham Shinde rushed in behind Naveen but it turned out to be a do-or-die raid! He is blocked by Krishan and the defenders rushed in quickly there. Point for Delhi!
Vijay goes in and gets the bonus point at the right corner but Shadlou rushed in with the block and the support rushed in quickly to get the tackle point.

Patna Pirates 5 - 3 Dabang Delhi
Vijay opens his account with a hand touch on the Patna cover defender and manages to revive Naveen Kumar here.
Mohit induces the error from Sandeep Narwal who tries the advance tackle at the baulk line but that it is too easy for the raider.

Patna Pirates 4 - 1 Dabang Delhi
Kenyan raider Daniel Odhiambo gets his first point of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 season with a bonus point at the right corner end of the defence.
Naveen tries to use the jump escape but the chain tackle was effective from the Patna defence as Mohit and Shubham Shinde trap the prolific raider in is path.
Do-or-die raid early on for Delhi as Naveen Kumar steps up, he attempts a bonus but does not get it but manages to get a touch on the cover defender and rolls past the midline.
Mohit from Patna gets the first point of the night as he gets the deep running hand touch on Krishan Dhull at the right corner of the Delhi defence.
Couple of empty raids from Delhi to start things off here....
And we are just a minute away now....
The two teams are out on the mat and we will see action from the mat very soon, stay tuned for all the live updates right here!
Starting 7:

Dabang Delhi - Manjeet Chillar, Krishan Dhull, Vikash Kumar, Sandeep Narwal, Vijay Malik, Naveen Kumar, Ashu Malik

Patna Pirates - Monu, Mohit, Mohamedreza Shadlou, Daniel Odhiambo, Balaji D, Sourav Gulia, Shubham Shinde
Patna Pirates are the most in-form team in the league at this moment as they have not lost even once in their last five matches. They are at the top of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings with 80 points from 20 matches played so far.

Dabang Delhi are in the third spot on the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings with 65 points from the same number of matches, and will have a chance to rise to the second spot on the table with a win over the Pirates.

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 as Dabang Delhi KC take on Patna Pirates at the Sheraton Grand hotel in Whitefield, Bengaluru. The two sides that are placed comfortably in the top four of the standings.
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Thu, 17/Feb/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Patna Pirates
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