Dabang Delhi K.c. Vs Patna Pirates 19 November 2022

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Patna Pirates
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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From Manjeet Chillar to Fazal Atrachali, we have seen some breathtaking performances from the defenders in the past but nothing really matches or comes close to what we witnessed today. Take a bow, Shadloui as this is the greatest individual performance ever from the defender in the history of PKL. Well, we have a lot of time to catch our breath after witnessing Shadloui's madness. It's time now to end the coverage as this is Pragadeesh saying goodbye and goodnight
FT: Dabang Delhi 30-27 Patna Pirates

It was a performance for the ages from Shadloui. No defender in the pro-kabaddi history has picked up 16 tackle points in a single game. Delhi had a chance to inflict an all-out in under 10 minutes, but Shadloui kept the Pirates in the contest with stunning super tackles. Patna's raiders really struggled tonight as they picked up just six raid points.

Delhi's raiders tried their best to take Shadloui out but were unsuccessful in their attempt until the 33rd minute of the match. It was a self-out from Shadloui as he goes out of the line before the touch as Delhi cleaned the Pirates out to take the lead.

Sachin's absence was felt when Delhi's defense tackled Rohit Gulia and the other raiders non-stop throughout the match. Shadloui took some vital raid points at the back end before he ran himself out of the lobby without a touch. That turned out to be the final nail in the coffin
DELHI WIN THE THRILLER, BUT THE MAN OF THE MOMENT IS MOHAMMADREZA SHADLOUI CHIYANEH. He picks up 16 tackle points and 3 raid points in the contest
40' Shadloui goes to the lobby without a touch point. Can you believe it?
A mistake comes from Sunil as Vijay Malik gets a raid point but Rohit Gulia takes a quick point at the other end
39' Another raid point for Shadloui as he gets a toe touch to send the cover defender back to the bench. Oh goodness, that happened was in a flash

Patna Pirates 28-26 Dabang Delhi
Two minutes to go. Shadloui comes in for the raid and gets a running hand touch. Is there anything that he can't do at the moment?
38' Monu has been tackled and Delhi restore their four-point lead

Patna Pirates 24-28 Dabang Delhi
37' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR DELHI! Ashu Malik comes in and he goes without a touch point. It's a schoolboy error from Ashu Malik. Delhi take a review challenging the player goes out of bounds. Manish's right foot is on the white line and this could hurt Delhi. Verdict coming up and the review is unsuccessful
36' Amit Hooda tackles Rohit Gulia as Delhi strike instantly after the time-out

Patna Pirates 23-27 Dabang Delhi
Dabang Delhi have a slender lead at the moment as it took 33 minutes to inflict an all-out. Patna Pirates took just three raids points at the moment, so it's up to the defense led by Shadloui in the last five minutes to do the job for the team
33' ALL OUT! Finally, Dabang Delhi inflicts an all-out. Insamam has been tackled and Dabang Delhi take a lead now
A standing ovation comes from the crowd as Shadloui makes his way to the bench
32' Ashu Malik escapes from Shadloui ankle hold but Neeraj Kumar blocks him at a vital time to tackle the raider. But the referee awards the point to Dabang Delhi. The Pirates take a review now. What happened here? Look like Shadloui right foot goes out of the line before the touch. It's a self out and the Pirates are down to one. Review unsuccessful
31' MAKE IT 16 TACKLE POINTS. He just blocks Vijay Malik with ease. 

Patna Pirates 21-18 Dabang Delhi
Absolutely breathtaking performance by Shadloui. This is a performance for the ages. He single-handedly keeps the Pirates in the contest. Will the Delhi raiders have any answers to Shadloui in the final 10 minutes?
14 tackle points - This is a greatest performance ever by a defender in the history of PKL
28' 14th TACKLE POINT FOR SHADLOUI. WE ARE WITNESSING MAGIC OUT HERE! He runs around and blocks Ashu Malik as the Pirates take a two-point lead now

Patna Pirates 19-17 Dabang Delhi
DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE PIRATES! Naik attempts a bonus but he's been tackled easily by the Delhi defense
27' ABSOLUTE MADNESS! Shadloui, you beauty. 12 tackle points for a defender as he pins Naveen down with a brilliant ankle hold

Patna Pirates 17-16 Dabang Delhi
The Pirates are happy to strike in the do-or-die raid
24' Naveen Kumar gets a running hand touch and reduces the Pirates to two now
Monu has been tackled easily and the Pirates are down to three again
22' Are the Delhi raiders scared of Shadloui? Two empty raids and here comes the do-or-die raid. Manjeet comes in and Shadloui tackles him with a brilliant ankle hold. 10th tackle point for Shadloui
Another empty raid from Delhi in the super tackle situation
Ashu Malik comes in as the second half gets underway
HT: Dabang Delhi 14-12 Patna Pirates

Four super tackles from the Pirates and Shadloui has taken eight points so far. He just ran riot in the first half and takes out Naveen Kumar thrice to keep the Pirates in the contest. Dabang Delhi were off to a good start as they took an eight-point lead but their raiders haven been so tentative whenever the Pirates were down to three. Shadloui just waited for the right time and tackled the Delhi raiders four times in the first half

It's just a two-point lead for Delhi, all thanks to some stunning super tackles from Shadloui. Will Naveen have any answer's to Shadloui in the second half? We will find out shortly
Eight tackle points for Shadloui
19' STAY AWAY FROM SHADLOUI. He just pounces onto Naveen's ankle and pins him down with ease. Fourth super tackle for the Pirates and the deficit is just one point now

Patna Pirates 12-13 Dabang Delhi
Rohit Gulia has been tackled yet again and the Pirates are down to three again
Dabang Delhi raiders have been so tentative and Shadloui is making them pay
16' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR DELHI. Another super tackle. Third super tackle for the Pirates. Shadloui dives into Ashu Malik's left thigh and the support came at the right time

Patna Pirates 10-12 Dabang Delhi
13' Shadloui takes out Naveen yet again. Sensational ankle hold to pin the raider down. Another super tackle for the Pirates

Patna Pirates 8-11 Dabang Delhi
13' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE PIRATES! Naik comes in and gets a running hand touch on Amit Hooda. He saves the Pirates from an all-out

Patna Pirates 6-11 Dabang Delhi
Dabang Delhi aren't taking any risk even though the Pirates are down to two
9' THIS IS A BATTLE WE WANT TO SEE. Naveen Kumar has been tackled with an excellent ankle hold. It's a super tackle for the Pirates and Shadloui is off the mark

Patna Pirates 5-9 Dabang Delhi
7' Rohit Gulia has been tackled for the second time. The Pirates have got just two raid points so far

Patna Pirates 3-9 Dabang Delhi
7' Ashu Malik takes out Sunil and the Pirates are reduced to four now
5' Vijay Malik first escapes from Anuj's ankle hold before getting himself away from Manish's dash. It's a multi-point raid
4' Vishal dashes Monu out of bounds. It's a good start from Dabang Delhi as they take a three-point lead

Patna Pirates 1-4 Dabang Delhi
Naveen gets a bonus point at the other end but Dabang Delhi's defense tackles Rohit Gulia in the next raid
The first half gets underway and Rohit attempts a bonus point and gets it straightaway
It's Naveen express vs Shadloui - Who will come out on top?
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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Patna Pirates
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