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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Patna Pirates - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Patna Pirates
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
That's it from us here at Sportskeeda. We move to Bengaluru tomorrow night, do join us for the live coverage of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2019's Bengaluru leg. Until then, Goodbye! This is Vinay Chhabaria signing off. 
Pardeep Kumar is the best raider of the match and Ravinder Pahal is the best defender
Naveen Kumar's 15 raid points and Ravinder Pahal's 4 tackle points ensured that Pardeep Narwal's 18 raid points go in vain. Delhi defeat Patna by 3 points to end their home leg with a 100 percent win record.
40' Dabang Delhi win! Crazy scenes here in Delhi! The defence has tackled Pardeep in the final raid to seal the deal.
39' Pardeep has made Anil his bunny tonight! This is Anil's 7th unsuccessful tackle of the match!
39' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Naveen gets a touch on Jawahar
38' Pardeep takes out Vishal Mane in his raid! 
37' Pardeep with another touch point! This time Anil Kumar is his victim.
SUBSTITUTION - Meraj Sheykh in, Chandran Ranjit out
37' ALL OUT! Pardeep completes the formalities by touching Joginder in a 1 vs 1 situation, 3 points to Patna
36' Ranjit returns to the bench after being tackled by Patna's defence!
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar(33) Becomes The Fastest To Reach 300 Raid Points Surpassing Maninder's Record Of 35 Matches.
Pirates have taken a review and the decision has been ruled in Patna's favor! 2 points to Patna
36' Pardeep pulls off a successful raid! The officials award him one raid point but Pardeep wants two. 
36' Naveen Kumar scores a bonus point
35' Pardeep gets a touch on Vijay! His 12th point of the night
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Goes Past 300 Raid Points In PKL.
35' Naveen gets the better of Vikas Jaglan in his raid!
35' Pardeep gets a touch on Anil! What a battle we are witnessing here!
34' Now, Vijay expands Delhi's lead to 10 with a touch on Jawahar
33' SUPER 10! Pardeep has completed his Super 10 by escaping Pahal's ankle hold attempt
32' Patna's defence earns a point for tackling Chandran in a do-or-die raid
31' Ashish joins Pardeep on the bench after Vijay successfully tackles him! Delhi's lead grows to 11
29' A beastly tackle from Vishal Mane sends Pardeep to the bench!
28' Now, Hadi hunts down Naveen Kumar! The lead of Delhi is down to 8
26' Pardeep gets a touch on Pahal, can Patna script a comeback?
26' Ranjit has been tackled by Patna's defence, Jawahar takes the tackle honors
24' Pardeep Narwal gets a bonus point
24' Ranjit gets a bonus point
23' Ashish fails in his raid, Ravinder takes the tackle point
SUBSTITUTION - Ashish in, Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou out
21' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Naveen gets a bonus
21' Pardeep Narwal takes Anil Kumar out straightaway!
1. Naveen Kumar - 10 Pts
2. Pardeep Narwal - 6 Pts
3. Vikas Jaglan - 5 Pts
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Becomes The First Player In PKL History To Register 9 Consecutive Super 10s.
20' Do-or-die raid for Patna, Mohammad goes to raid but Vishal executes a perfect block to tackle him successfully!
19' SUPER 10! Naveen Kumar breaks Pardeep's record of most consecutive Super 10s in PKL however, he has been tackled by the defence which allowed him to take a bonus first
17' ALL OUT! Third all out of the half but this time Patna have inflicted one on Delhi, Naveen gets a bonus but gets tackled by the defence!
17' SUPER RAID! Pardeep Narwal has reduced Delhi to 1 man with a 3-point raid! What a raid from the Record Breaker!
16' First tackle point of the night for Patna, Vikas hunts down Vijay
15' Pardeep now takes out Joginder in his raid! Can Patna come back into this contest?
14' Do-or-die raid for Patna, Anil gifts Pardeep an easy raid point! 
14' Naveen gets a bonus point
13' Chandran takes Neeraj along with himself to Delhi's half, Dabang Delhi are battering Patna at the moment
SUBSTITUTION - Pardeep Narwal in, Jaideep out
12' ALL OUT! Ravinder successfully tackles Jaglan to inflict the 2nd all out of the match on Patna
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Registers 300 Points In PKL.
11' Naveen takes out Jawahar in his raid to leave Vikas as the last man standing again
SUBSTITUTION - Jawahar in, Pardeep Narwal out
10' Vikas saves his team from an all out, gets a bonus and a touch point in his raid
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Registers 100 Raid Touch Points This Season.
10' Naveen reduces Patna to one man by taking out Hadi Oshtorak
9' Do-or-die raid for Patna, Vikas gets a bonus point
8' Naveen takes out Neeraj from the defence, Patna on the verge of another all out!
7' Vijay takes out Monu and Jaideep to open his account in the match!
6' Joginder hunts down Mohammad Esmaeil and sends him to the bench
5' Chandran Ranjit gets a bonus point
5' Ravinder successfully tackles Pardeep! Delhi are cruising at the moment
4' ALL OUT! Patna Pirates' last man standing, Monu fails to get a touch point and gets tackled by the defence, 3 points yo Delhi!
3' Naveen takes out two defenders to reduce Patna to one man!
MILESTONE ALERT - Vijay Is Playing In His 50th PKL Match.
2' Pardeep has been tackled by Anil and Mohammad Esmaeil gets a bonus but gets tackled by Vishal Mane and co.
2' Naveen picks his first point, sends Neeraj to the bench
MILESTONE ALERT - Ravinder Pahal Is Playing In His 100th PKL Match.
1' Pardeep opens his account with a touch on Anil
1' Chandran Ranjit kicks off the proceedings with a touch point!
DABANG DELHI K.C. - Joginder Singh Narwal, Chandran Ranjit, Naveen Kumar, Vishal Mane, Ravinder Pahal, Anil Kumar, Vijay
PATNA PIRATES - Pardeep Narwal, Mohammad Esmaeil, Monu, Neeraj Kumar, Jaideep, Hadi Oshtorak, Vikas Jaglan
The fans are highly excited to witness the battle between Pardeep and Naveen. Also, Naveen is on the verge of breaking Pardeep's record of the most consecutive SUPER 10s in PKL history.
Delhi has registered victories over U Mumba, Bengaluru Bulls and U.P. Yoddha in front of their home fans and looking at the recent form of Patna, the home side will start as favorites to win this contest. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the final match of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2019's Delhi leg. The home side, Dabang Delhi K.C. will battle 3-time winners, Patna Pirates with an aim to end their home leg on a high.
Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Match Start Time
Fri, 30/Aug/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Patna Pirates
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