Dabang Delhi K.c. Vs Puneri Paltan 23 December 2021

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Puneri Paltan
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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That's it from me, Vinay Chhabria! Hope you enjoyed Sportskeeda's coverage of the 5th match of Pro Kabaddi 2021. Switch tabs to follow all the commentary from Match 6, Haryana Steelers vs Patna Pirates right here.
Alright then, the 5th match of PKL 2021 has ended. Naveen Kumar stole the show once again and continued his fine form in the Pro Kabaddi League. On the other side, Puneri Paltan's star-studded squad failed to get going as a unit. 
Interestingly, Ajay Thakur did not raid even once during the match! Vijay and Naveen went in to raid on a majority of occasions for Delhi. 
Nitin Tomar was the top-scorer for Pune with 7 points, while Rahul and Inamdar scored 5 points each. Defender Sanket Sawant failed to open his account in the match. 
Naveen received fantastic support from all-rounder Vijay who scored 9 points and experienced star Sandeep Narwal who scored 3 points. 
Dabang Delhi KC have opened their Pro Kabaddi 2021 campaign in style with a 11-point win against Puneri Paltan. The likes of Rahul Chaudhari and Nitin Tomar failed to impress in their first match of the season, but Naveen Kumar shone for the Dabangs and scored 16 points in the match. 
FULL TIME: Dabang Delhi KC 41 - 30 Puneri Paltan
40' Bonus point for Inamdar

Dabang Delhi KC 41 - 30 Puneri Paltan
40' Do-or-die raid for Delhi. Vijay escapes from a double ankle hold and takes Delhi's score past 40.

Dabang Delhi KC 41 - 29 Puneri Paltan
39' Inamdar steps in the lobby without touching a defender. Self out!

Dabang Delhi KC 40 - 29 Puneri Paltan
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL - No bonus for Puneri Paltan.

Dabang Delhi KC 39 - 29 Puneri Paltan
REVIEW - Puneri Paltan have asked a review for a bonus point. 
38' Vishal tries an advanced tackle and fails again! Naveen gets a touch point easily

Dabang Delhi KC 39 - 29 Puneri Paltan
37' Inamdar takes a bonus again!

Dabang Delhi KC 38 - 29 Puneri Paltan
37' Inamdar takes a bonus point for Pune.

Dabang Delhi KC 38 - 28 Puneri Paltan
36' Inamdar executes an ankle hold and takes out Vijay but not before he took a bonus!

Dabang Delhi KC 38 - 27 Puneri Paltan
We are in the last 5 minutes of the contest. Delhi should win this comfortably from here. They have a 12-point lead at the moment. 
35' Last man standing Rahul Chaudhari gets tackled by Delhi! He got a bonus, but Delhi earned 3 points!

Dabang Delhi KC 37 - 25 Puneri Paltan
35' Naveen gets 2 this time! Pune are down to 1 man now! Marvelous escape from the Delhi youngster!

Dabang Delhi KC 34 - 25 Puneri Paltan
34' Bonus point to Inamdar

Dabang Delhi KC 32 - 25 Puneri Paltan
REVIEW SUCCESSFUL - Only 1 point to Delhi

Dabang Delhi KC 32 - 24 Puneri Paltan
REVIEW - Puneri Paltan have challenged the decision. They feel only 1 defender should be out. 
33' Naveen is claiming two touch points. The referees have given 1 and are having a discussion for the 2nd. And Naveen gets 2!

Dabang Delhi KC 33 - 24 Puneri Paltan
33' Substitute Inamdar gets a touch on Manjeet! What a way to open your account!

Dabang Delhi KC 31 - 24 Puneri Paltan
32' Do-or-die raid and Vijay gets a hand touch on Vishal!

Dabang Delhi KC 31 - 23 Puneri Paltan
31' Pankaj has been tackled down! All 3 raiders of Pune are on the bench now.

Dabang Delhi KC 30 - 23 Puneri Paltan
Dabang Delhi KC have dominated the match so far, but Ajay Thakur has not gone to raid even once. It is a little weird to see Ajay not to raid even once because before the season, he appeared on Sportskeeda's Kabaddi Hangout show and said that he wants to score at least 200 raid points this season. 
30' Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Nitin Tomar! Both star raiders of Pune are on the bench now.

Dabang Delhi KC 29 - 23 Puneri Paltan
29' Naveen attempted an ankle hold on Rahul, the Showman jumped over Naveen but got tackled by the other defenders!

Dabang Delhi KC 28 - 23 Puneri Paltan
28' Naveen completes his SUPER 10 with a bonus.

Dabang Delhi KC 27 - 23 Puneri Paltan
28' Nitin Tomar has scored a bonus for Pune.

Dabang Delhi KC 26 - 23 Puneri Paltan
SUBSTITUTION: IN - Jeeva Kumar, OUT - Neeraj Narwal
26' Substitute Neeraj Narwal gets a bonus but is timed out! ALL OUT, Puneri Paltan are back in the match!

Dabang Delhi KC 26 - 22 Puneri Paltan
26' Super tackle opportunity for Delhi, but Nitin gets a touch on Joginder and rushes to his half of the court. Delhi down to 1

Dabang Delhi KC 25 - 19 Puneri Paltan
25' New raider Ashu Malik comes in as a substitute and returns to the bench after being tackled by the Pune defense! Excellent chain tackle from the Puneri Paltan defenders.

Dabang Delhi KC 25 - 18 Puneri Paltan
25' Rahul targets Manjeet Chhillar and gets him! Delhi are down to 3 men again.

Dabang Delhi KC 25 - 17 Puneri Paltan
24' Vijay has finally been tackled! Jadhav with a magnificent double thigh hold. Vijay has no option but to stop!

Dabang Delhi KC 25 - 16 Puneri Paltan
22' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan and Pankaj fails against a defense of 4!

Dabang Delhi KC 25 - 15 Puneri Paltan
22' Vishal tried an advanced tackle but fails to dash Vijay out! Delhi have 4 men on the court now!

Dabang Delhi KC 24 - 15 Puneri Paltan
21' Vijay scores a bonus point for Delhi. The lead grows to 8

Dabang Delhi KC 23 - 15 Puneri Paltan
Alright then the players are back in the middle. It's time for the 2nd half. Ajay Thakur did not go to raid even once in the 1st half, will he finally raid for Delhi in the 2nd half? Let's find out. 
HALF TIME: Dabang Delhi KC 22 - 15 Puneri Paltan
20' Vijay saves Delhi, a failed dash attempt from Pune! Delhi will start the 2nd half with 3 men. 
20' Nitin sends Sandeep Narwal to the bench! Pune have reduced Delhi to 2 men. 
20' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Naveen has been tackled by the Pune defense! 
19' Jeeva steps behind the back line. 1 point awarded to Pune. 
18' A failed block attempt from Manjeet! Nitin escapes through and he has scored 2 important points for his team!
17' ALL OUT! Captain Joginder executes a fantastic ankle hold and Delhi complete the 2nd all out of the night.

Dabang Delhi KC 21 - 10 Puneri Paltan
17' Another failed tackle attempt from Pune as Naveen crosses the midline easily, and Pune are now down to 1 man.
16' Naveen gets a touch point, Pune are down to 2! A poor advanced tackle gifts Naveen another point. 
15' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan. Rahul gets dashed out inside 10 seconds. What a tackle! Jeeva shines for Delhi
14' Naveen inches closer to his Super 10 with a touch on Vishal! Both corners of Pune are back on the bench

Dabang Delhi KC 15 - 8 Puneri Paltan
13' Vijay has been in some form tonight. He executes a picture perfect toe touch on Sombir. 
13' Rahul scores a bonus for Paltan. 
13' Dabang Delhi KC asked for a review for a bonus, but the review was unsuccessful!
12' Sandeep Narwal with a mighty back hold! He hunts down Nitin Tomar.

Dabang Delhi KC 13 - 7 Puneri Paltan
11' Vijay scores a bonus for Delhi

Dabang Delhi KC 12 - 7 Puneri Paltan
10' Both teams score a touch point each in the last two raids! Vijay scores a point for Delhi. Nitin gets a touch on Manjeet, and the lead is down to five.

Dabang Delhi KC 11 - 7 Puneri Paltan
9' Last man standing Vishal gets tackled by Delhi, ALL OUT!! What a start for Delhi! Vishal gets a bonus for Pune, but Delhi earn 3 points. 
9' Naveen gets another touch point! He executes a fine kick on Mohite, Pune are down to 1 man.

Dabang Delhi KC 7 - 4 Puneri Paltan
7' Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Jadhav! Excellent hand touch from the Delhi raider!

Dabang Delhi KC 6 - 4 Puneri Paltan
7' Rahul Chaudhari tried an ankle hold on Naveen but fails! The Showman is out!

6' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan. Pankaj Mohite tries a bonus and gets it!
5' Naveen gets another touch point! Sombir has to go to the bench. 
4' Naveen Kumar levels the score with a touch point. 

Dabang Delhi KC 3 - 3 Puneri Paltan
3' Rahul strikes again! He seems to have regained his form in PKL 8! Another touch point for the Showman. 
3' Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Nitin Tomar, he has opened his account in style!
2' Sandeep Narwal scores his first tackle point of the night! A fantastic ankle hold from the beasty all-rounder!
2' Puneri Paltan dash Vijay out of the court, great start for Pune!
1' Rahul Chaudhari scores his first point of PKL 8! A failed thigh hold attempt from Joginder gives Pune their first point
Puneri Paltan have won the toss and invited Dabang Delhi KC to raid first. 

Dabang Delhi KC: Sandeep Narwal, Joginder Narwal, Vijay, Jeeva Kumar, Ajay Thakur, Naveen Kumar, Manjeet Chhillar

Puneri Paltan: Rahul Chaudhari, Bala Jadhav, Pankaj Mohite, Sombir, Vishal Bhardwaj, Nitin Tomar, Sanket Sawant
Alright then it's time for the 2nd match of the night!
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Both teams are full of star players and it will be interesting to see which team gets off to a winning start in the Pro Kabaddi League 2021 season. 
On the other side, Dabang Delhi KC have built their squad around young raider Naveen Kumar. They retained him ahead of the PKL Auction 2021 and signed some big names ahead of the new season. Delhi have shown faith in experienced stars like Joginder Narwal, Manjeet Chhillar, Ajay Thakur and Sandeep Narwal. 
Puneri Paltan have made some big changes to their squad ahead of the eighth season. Coach Anup Kumar signed Himachal Pradesh's corner defenders Vishal Bhardwaj and Baldev Singh at the auction along with Nitin Tomar and Rahul Chaudhari, two of the best raiders in Pro Kabaddi League history. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of match number five of Pro Kabaddi 2021 between Dabang Delhi K.C. and Puneri Paltan. Neither of the two teams have won the PKL trophy before despite being a part of the tournament since the inaugural season. Delhi made it to the final in season seven but lost to the Bengal Warriors. 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Thu, 23/Dec/2021 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Puneri Paltan
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