Pro Kabaddi Highlights 2021, Match 27: Dabang Delhi and Tamil Thalaivas play out thrilling 30-30 tie

Dabang Delhi K.C.
Tamil Thalaivas
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That's it from this riveting encounter, as this is Prasen Moudgal, signing off! 

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FULL-TIME: Dabang Delhi and Tamil Thalaivas play out a 30-30 tie!

A match that saw momentum shift like a pendulum, with the Thalaivas first leading before Delhi took the lead into half-time. However, a string of Super Tackles facilitated Thalaivas' comeback in the game, and in the end, it seemed like Naveen's time on the benches cost Delhi dear. 

Despite the tie, Delhi still continue to occupy top position on the points table, while Thalaivas are now 5th with as many as 3 ties from 5 matches!
40' Manjeet is happy to cross the baulk line and play out a tie! Wow! Three ties in one day!
Right then. One final raid, three Delhi defenders up against one Tamil Thalaivas raider. 
40' Sandeep Narwal picks up a point on the Do or Die raid! A poor frontal block from Mohit, Sandeep Narwal is too strong and pushes it away. Thalaivas review, they feel it is a point each. Unsuccessful review. 

Thalaivas 30-30 Delhi 
40' An empty raid for Ajinkya with 40 seconds to go
29' Bonus point for Ajay Thakur on the right corner. Thalaivas review immediately! Review successful! An excellent review from the Thalaivas, they've saved a point. 

Thalaivas 30 - 29 Delhi 
39' Ajinkya Pawar is in for the Do or Die raid and he gets away from an ankle hold from Neeraj! A poor error from the substitute!

Thalaivas 30 - 29 Delhi 
37' A do or die raid for Delhi, and Ashu Malik is pinned down! Ajinkya Pawar throws in a tackle and gets support from the corners!

Thalaivas 29 - 29 Delhi 
36' A superb turn from Manjeet catches Joginder Narwal off guard for a touch point!

Thalaivas 28 - 29 Delhi 
Back live for the last 5 minutes!

Thalaivas have done a tremendous job of pulling off some Super Tackles to keep Delhi from running away with the game. Time will tell if they can convert this momentum into a win!
34' Super Tackle on Naveen again! Sagar on this occasion pulls off a solo back hold and he turned Naveen away from the mid line!

Thalaivas 27 - 29 Delhi 
34' Do or Die raid for Athul MS and he walks into the open arms of Manjeet Chhillar! The veteran was waiting in the trap for the double thigh hold, and Athul accepts the offer!

Thalaivas 25 - 29 Delhi
33' Vijay has been Super Tackled! Surjeet puts in a diving ankle hold on Vijay!

Thalaivas 25 - 28 Delhi
32' Athul MS comes in and picks up a bonus point. 

Thalaivas 23 - 28 Delhi
31' Super Tackle on Naveen! What an effort from the Thalaivas' duo! Sagar initiates the ankle hold on Naveen, Surjeet comes in with a strong back hold!

Thalaivas 22 - 28 Delhi
Time-out in place!
30' This is embarassing for the Thalaivas. Mohit comes in for a raid, but he steps into the lobbies without a touch!

Thalaivas 20 - 28 Delhi 
30' Naveen Kumar charges away into the lobbies with a swift toe touch on Ajinkya!

Thalaivas 20 - 27 Delhi
29' Jeeva Kumar's dash is too strong for the Thalaivas raider, Delhi are now running away with the contest!

Thalaivas 20 - 26 Delhi 
29' Terrible error from Sahil, who makes an advance tackle but slips in process. Gifting a point away!

Thalaivas 19 - 25 Delhi 
28' Athul MS in for the Do or Die raid and he's been pinned down by a formidable ankle hold from Sandeep Narwal! No way home for Athul!

Thalaivas 19 - 24 Delhi 
27' A comfortable bonus point under the left in's nose for Naveen Kumar. 

Thalaivas 19 - Delhi 23
26' Athul MS scores a touch point on his Do or Die raid as well! Top stuff!

Thalaivas 19 - 22 Delhi 
25' Vijay steps up for the Do or Die raid and he's brought down by a double thigh hold from Manjeet! Gets support from Surjeet as well. 

Thalaivas 18 - 22 Delhi 
25' A couple of empty raids brings us to the Do or Die raids. 
23' Ajinkya Pawar has been thrown down on the mat by a frontal block from Joginder!

Thalaivas 17 - 22 Delhi 
23' Vijay Malik induces a false tackle from Sagar, who is lured into an ankle hold, albeit a late one.

Thalaivas 17 - 21 Delhi 
22' All-Out on the Thalaivas! Last man in Manjeet is given a bonus, but he falls prey to Joginder Narwal's ankle hold!

Thalaivas 17 - 20 Delhi
22' Naveen Kumar turns away from Surjeet's dash to reduce the Thalaivas down to the one man again!

Thalaivas 16 - 17 Delhi 
21' Bhavani Rajput reaches deep to the right and taps Jeeva Kumar on the shoulder for a touch point, plus a bonus!

Thalaivas 16 - 16 Delhi
Back live now!
HALF-TIME: Dabang Delhi lead 16 - 14 over Tamil Thalaivas. 

Thalaivas falling prey to Naveen Kumar's superb skills late in the first half, with the youngster reducing Surjeet's men to just one left on the mat. The Thalaivas had a 5-point lead going into the last five minutes, but now they face the herculean task of erasing even the small 2-point deficit as they stare at the face of an all-out. Advantage Delhi!
20' Naveen Kumar reaches out deep to the left corner to get a touch on Athul MS! Thalaivas down to the last man at the stroke of half-time. 

Thalaivas 14 - 16 Delhi 
19' Abishek Nadarajan steps out of the court, and Naveen also slips away from the right corner Sagar's ankle hold to register a Super 10!

Thalaivas 14 - 15 Delhi 
18' That's some tackle from Joginder! A very late lower back hold from the left corner, Pawar was almost struggling out of it but the Delhi skipper gets enough support. 

Thalaivas 14 - 13 Delhi 
18' Naveen Kumar is back on the mat and he picks up a point! Gets away from Sahil's back hold to get over the line with ease. 

Thalaivas 14 - 12 Delhi 
16' Manjeet has been Super Tackled! Jeeva Kumar initiates the ankle hold, Sandeep Narwal comes in with a strong frontal block to score two points!

Thalaivas 14 - 11 Delhi
15' Ashu Malik has been dashed off on the Do or Die raid! The umpires get together and they've granted a point to the Thalaivas! Delhi review! They've asked for a bonus and one touch point. Review unsuccessful!

Thalaivas 14 - 9 Delhi
14' Ajinkya Pawar comes in for the Do or Die raid as a substitute and he gets a running hand touch on Manjeet Chhillar! The veteran was slow to retreat and he's off to the benches!

Thalaivas 13 - 9 Delhi
13' An empty raid from Manjeet and then Malik. 

Thalaivas 12 - 9 Delhi
12' Vijay has been shoved off the court by a strong dash from the Thalaivas defenders, led by the corner!

Thalaivas 12 - 9 Delhi 
11' Schoolboy error from Joginder Narwal as he steps into the lobbies without a touch.

Thalaivas 11 - 9 Delhi
10' Naveen has been tackled down by the Tamil Thalaivas defense! What a brutal tackle from the Thalaivas!

Tamil Thalaivas 10 - 9 Dabang Delhi KC
10' Delhi's defense comes to the party, it's their first tackle point of the night! A strong block from Sandeep Narwal helps Delhi tackle down Manjeet!

Tamil Thalaivas 9 - 9 Dabang Delhi KC
10' Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Sagar, Delhi are not allowing Thalaivas to build a big lead.

Tamil Thalaivas 9 - 8 Dabang Delhi KC
9' Manjeet gets a touch on Jeeva Kumar again! Thalaivas' lead grows to 2.

Tamil Thalaivas 9 - 7 Dabang Delhi KC
8' Tamil Thalaivas' defense strikes! They hunt Vijay down with a magnificent team tackle!

Tamil Thalaivas 8 - 7 Dabang Delhi KC
7' Manjeet scores a bonus for Tamil Thalaivas

Tamil Thalaivas 7 - 7 Dabang Delhi KC
7' Naveen Express continues his form. Sahil tries an ankle hold, Athul MS comes in to support him, both fail to tackle him down!! 2 points to Delhi

Tamil Thalaivas 6 - 7 Dabang Delhi KC
5' Manjeet scores 2 touch points for Thalaivas, Naveen Kumar scores one for Delhi, we are seeing some fantastic raiding from both sides tonight!!

Tamil Thalaivas 6 - 5 Dabang Delhi KC
4' Bhavani Rajput fails a block attempt from Sandeep Narwal, the score is level again!

Tamil Thalaivas 4 - 4 Dabang Delhi KC
4' Naveen Kumar attempts a bonus, Sahil attempts an ankle hold on him but fails to grip it, Naveen scores another touch point!

Tamil Thalaivas 3 - 4 Dabang Delhi KC
3' Athul MS gets a touch on Manjeet Chhillar to open his account in this match!

Tamil Thalaivas 3 - 3 Dabang Delhi KC
3' Naveen gets a touch on Tamil captain Surjeet and Delhi get their lead back!

Tamil Thalaivas 2 - 3 Dabang Delhi KC
2' Manjeet levels the score with a running hand touch on Jeeva Kumar

Tamil Thalaivas 2 - 2 Dabang Delhi KC
2' Naveen Kumar scores his first touch point of the night by failing a block attempt!

Tamil Thalaivas 1 - 2 Dabang Delhi KC
1' Naveen Kumar and Manjeet open their accounts with a bonus point in the first 2 raids of the match!

Tamil Thalaivas 1 - 1 Dabang Delhi KC

Dabang Delhi KC: 
Naveen Kumar, Sandeep Narwal, Joginder Narwal, Ashu, Vijay, Jeeva Kumar, Manjeet Chhillar

Tamil Thalaivas: Surjeet, Manjeet, Mohit, Athul MS, Sahil Singh, Sagar, Bhavani Rajput
There's a lot to look forward to as Naveen looks for yet another Super 10! Here's how both teams could stack up! 😍
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Hello folks, and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Dabang Delhi vs Tamil Thalaivas game!

Delhi are yet to lose a single match in this season of Pro Kabaddi 2021, with three wins and one tie that sees them occupy top spot on the points table. The Thalaivas, on the other hand, have failed to grab opportunities that have come their way, and as a result, they have two ties to their name apart from one loss and a win out of 4 matches. 

Today's encounter will undoubtedly be the Thalaivas' biggest test, with the threat of Naveen Kumar looming large. However, the relatively young Thalaivas' defensive unit has produced a few moments of brilliance, and that could well be the difference between a win and a loss for the Surjeet Singh-led side. 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Sat, 01/Jan/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas
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