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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Tamil Thalaivas
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Naveen Kumar is the Player of the Match for his 7 raid points and 1 tackle point. 
Match Summary - 
Tamil Thalaivas dominated the Dabangs in the early stages of the match. They had built a big lead heading into the 2nd half but, a magnificent super raid from Naveen Kumar turned the tables in Delhi's favor. The defense worked in unison to inflict an all out on the Thalaivas and it all came down to the final raid of the match. It was a do-or-die raid for Naveen Kumar and the scores were level. The Thalaivas executed a fantastic team tackle but, the team's senior defender, Manjeet Chhillar committed an unforced error by stepping out of the back line. Dabang Delhi escaped with a 1-point win here and Joginder Narwal's side are the new TABLE-TOPPERS!
40' Rahul Chaudhari has lost his cool. The fans cannot believe what has happened! Joginder Narwal is elated!
40' Dabang Delhi have won! Another 1 point win for the Delhi-based franchise. 
40' In a surprising turn of events, Dabang Delhi have got the point while Tamil Thalaivas have got none!
40' The raider fails! Tamil Thalaivas execute a brilliant team tackle. But, the officials have given 1 point to each team. Thalaivas have asked for a review!
40' QUICK STAT- Dabang Delhi had won the season 5 match between the two teams by the scoreline of 30-29. Will we get the same scoreline tonight? Last raid of the night.
39' Ajay Thakur gets tackled and Naveen Kumar gets the tackle point! SCORES LEVEL. 
38' Dabang Delhi have brought down the deficit to 1 now, great raid from Naveen!
38' ALL OUT! Ajay Thakur tries to gain a revival but only gets the bonus. Fantastic team tackle led by Vishal Mane.
37' SUPER RAID! Naveen Kumar turns the tables! Ajeet, Vineet and Ran Singh on the bench!
36' Chandran Ranjit sends the dangerous Manjeet to the bench in his first raid after returning to the mat. 
36' SUBSTITUTION - V. Ajith Kumar out, Vineet Sharma in 
36' SUBSTITUTION - Vishal Mane out, Chandran in

36' Manjeet gets a green card for jersey pull. 
36' High 5 for Manjeet Chhillar! Naveen Narwal was helpless against the team tackle. 
35' SUBSTITUTION - Ravinder Pahal out, Sombir in 
35' Iranian player, Saeid Ghaffari takes out Rahul Chaudhari with a wonderful tackle. 
33' Meraj Sheykh fails to execute a successful raid. Ajeet and co. hunt him down. 
32' Super Tackle! Timely dash from Manjeet Chhillar. Naveen Kumar could not cross the midline properly. 2 points for Thalaivas
31' Ravinder Pahal is certainly not having the night he would have wished for. He has to go the bench once again, courtesy Ajay Thakur.
30' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas! V. Ajith goes in with the intent of taking a touch point but Joginder Narwal and co. tackle him successfully. 
28' SUPER TACKLE! Naveen Kumar fails to take advantage of the super tackle situation. Dabang Delhi asked for a review however, the third umpire ruled the decision against them 
27' SUBSTITUTION - V. Ajith Kumar out, Sagar in 
26' V. Ajith Kumar takes out Ravinder Pahal, but receives a green card from the officials.
25' Naveen Kumar gets the better of Ran Singh! 
25' Vishal Mane blocks Rahul Chaudhari from crossing the mid line! Dabang Delhi are coming back in this contest.
24' Rahul Chaudhari makes short work of Ravinder Pahal. The Showman shows no pressure of the Do-or-die raid.
23' Meraj Sheykh showcases his escape skills. He takes out Manjeet and Mohit Chhillar!
22' The Tamil Thalaivas defense hunts down Naveen Kumar. The tackle was initiated by Rahul Chaudhari!
21' Ajith goes in for a do-or-die raid but gets tackled by Meraj Sheykh
Top Performers of the First Half - 
1. Rahul Chaudhari - 5 Pts
2. Naveen Kumar - 4 Pts
3. Ajay Thakur - 3 Pts
Tamil Thalaivas - 18 - 11 - Dabang Delhi 
20' Last raid of the first half! Naveen Kumar huffs and puffs but returns home empty handed. 
18' Ajay Thakur scores his 3rd point of the night, takes out Ranjit
17' Another error from Joginder! Ajay Thakur gets a raid point
16' Naveen Kumar executes a two-point raid! The youngster sends Ajeet and Rahul Chaudhari to the bench. Dabang Delhi have taken a timeout!
15' What a raid from Rahul Chaudhari! He takes out both Pahal and Mane in a single raid.
14' Chandran Ranjit goes deep into the defense which tempts Manjeet to catch his ankle. The all-rounder fails to keep him down but Thalaivas successfully tackle the raider
13' Joginder Narwal's fantastic ankle hold, supported by the team's defense ensures Dabang Delhi hunt down Ajay Thakur
12' First error from the Tamil defense, Naveen Kumar touches Mohit Chhillar with supreme ease.
12' Chaudhari gets Vishal Mane out. Thalaivas are cruising at the moment
11' Meraj Sheykh gets the bonus point but, Thalaivas tackle him thanks to Ran Singh and co.'s effort. Thalaivas have a 5 point lead now
11' Another point for Ajay Thakur! Dabang Delhi are down to one man now. 
10' Delhi skipper Joginder commits an unforced error, steps out of the back line and gifts Tamil an easy point
9' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi and the Tamil Thalaivas defense shows no mercy to young Neeraj Narwal. 
6' The decision has been overturned! Dabang Delhi get a super tackle, Ajay Thakur stepped into the lobby without any touch!
6' Do-or-die raid for Ajay Thakur and the Iceman gets an easy touch point. Tamil Thalaivas have a 5-point lead now
5' Mohit and Manjeet combine forces to tackle Chandran!
4' Ajeet becomes the first man to tackle Naveen Kumar in PKL 2019! Magnificent effort from the cover defender
3' Rahul Chaudhari picks his first point of the night, the fans in Hyderabad roar in unison!
3' Do-or-die raid for Meraj Sheykh, he gets the bonus but gets tackled by the Tamil defense. 
2' Ajay Thakur gets a running hand touch on Vishal Mane. First point of the night!
Starting Sevens -
Dabang Delhi K.C
. - Joginder Narwal (Captain), Naveen Kumar, Ravinder Pahal, Anil Kumar, Meraj Sheykh, Chandran Ranjit, Vishal Mane
Tamil Thalaivas - Ajay Thakur (Captain), Ajeet, Manjeet Chhillar, Mohit Chhillar, Ran Singh, Rahul Chaudhari, Shabeer Bappu
Meraj Sheykh has a commendable record against Tamil Thalaivas in PKL. However, the all-rounder could collect only 2 points in the match against Telugu Titans. 
Players to watch out for tonight - Rahul Chaudhari, Ajay Thakur, Meraj Sheykh, Naveen Kumar. 
The head-to-head record of the two teams in PKL is as follows -
Dabang Delhi - 2-0 Tamil Thalaivas
The home team, Telugu Titans will not be in action tonight but, the encounter between the Thalaivas and the Dabangs promises to entertain the fans in Hyderabad. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of match number 9 of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2019 where the Tamil Thalaivas will clash with Dabang Delhi K.C. Both the teams have recorded wins against the Telugu Titans and the winner of this match will achieve the pole position on the points table. 
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Thu, 25/Jul/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Tamil Thalaivas
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019