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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Dabang Delhi K.C.
U Mumba
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
That's it from this encounter, as this is Prasen Moudgal signing off! Join us for yet another double header tomorrow as the Bengal Warriors take on Tamil Thalaivas in the opening game of the day before the Telugu Titans and Puneri Paltan fight it out in the second game. 

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With this win, Delhi continue to sit pretty at the top of the points table with eight wins from 10 matches while U Mumba still remain on sixth place with five wins and six losses from 11 matches.
FT: Dabang Delhi win 40-24 over U Mumba. 

This is Delhi's third consecutive win from their home leg and this has been a complete performance from the Joginder Narwal-led side.

Besides yet another Super 10 from Naveen Kumar, who has made a habit of notching up Super 10s to his name, Ravinder Pahal was in fine form as the right corner picked up 8 tackle points while Joginder Narwal notched up a High 5 as well, with 6 tackle points to his name.
40' Arjun Deshwal ends the game with an empty raid.
40' Satywan extracts revenge on Athul MS by trapping the raider with a double thigh hold.
39' Balram, Delhi's substitute comes in to raid, gets away from Fazel Atrachali's ankle hold and gets a touch on Surinder on his way back.
39' Athul MS picks up a quick bonus point.
38' Athul MS gets a touch on substitute Satywan.
38' ALL-OUT on U Mumba! Naveen gets a surrender raid from Fazel Atrachali to effect an All-Out. 
38' Surinder Singh is rooted on the mat by Ravinder Pahal's frontal block.
Record alert! This is Naveen Kumar's 8th consecutive Super 10 as he equals Pardeep Narwal's record for most consecutive Super 10s in a season.
37' Super 10 for Naveen! Naveen Kumar comes in for the Do or Die raid and reaches out towards the Iranian in the left corner to collect a fantastic point.
36' Sandeep Narwal looks for a point with a raid but runs into the open arms of Joginder Narwal.
Back live now.
Time-out in place. 

Dabang Delhi lead 31-22 over U Mumba with a little over five minutes left on the clock.
35' Super Tackle for U Mumba! Fazel Atrachali times his frontal block to perfection as Chandran Ranjit fails to get under his grasp.
34' Pahal continues to shine as Rohit Baliyan is brought down by an ankle hold.
34' Super Tackle for U Mumba! Naveen Kumar is brought down by Sandeep Narwal's thigh hold as Fazel Atrachali comes in for support.
33' Dabang Delhi's defenders continue to shine as Pahal pulls off an ankle hold to trap the raider.
32' Deshwal gets very close to the mid-line but is pulled back by the Delhi defenders.
32' Surinder goes in with an advance tackle on Naveen Kumar but in vain as the raider gets away with ease.
31' Deshwal does well to get a toe touch on Joginder Narwal.
30' High 5 for Joginder Narwal! Latches on to the ankles of Deshwal to bring the raider down.
30' Bonus point for Naveen Kumar.
29' Arjun Deshwal gets away from Vijay's ankle hold and powers through a dash from Vishal Mane to collect two points.
29' Arjun Deshwal collects a bonus point from the left corner.
Review called in by U Mumba. 

Fazel Atrachali thinks that Naveen did not get a touch point and should head back to the benches. 

Naveen did get a slight touch on the Iranian's shoe and the U Mumba skipper should be off to the benches. 
28' Naveen Kumar claims a toe touch on Fazel Atrachali on the Do or Die raid. 
27' Athul MS is thrown off the mat as Joginder Narwal and Vishal Mane combine to trap the raider in his path.
25' Ranjit uses his reach to good effect as he gets a running hand touch on Harendra Kumar.
Ravinder Pahal has a High 5 from this match!
25' ALL-OUT on U Mumba! Abhishek Singh comes in as the last man on the mat for U Mumba, gets a bonus point but falls prey to Pahal's ankle hold. 
24' Naveen reduces U Mumba to one man on the mat as he steps away from Harendra Kumar's ankle hold.
23' Naveen Kumar strikes with two points as he gets away from Surinder's thigh hold and slides under a dash from Fazel Atrachali.
22' Wow! Drama, drama everywhere! Sandeep Narwal looks to struggle away from Pahal's ankle hold, gets his hand on the mid-line but his fingers did not get across the line as Narwal is off to the benches.
21' Naveen Kumar picks up a point as he gets a big toe touch on Athul MS.
21' Sandeep Narwal uses his pace to unsettle the defense and induces an error from Joginder Narwal to start the second half in fine fashion.
Back live now for an exciting second half!
HT: Dabang Delhi take a 14-11 lead over U Mumba.

Ravinder Pahal and Joginder Narwal have looked extremely good today with 3 tackle points for both veterans. U Mumba made a strong start with a 4-1 lead but the hosts have made a terrific comeback to take a three-point lead. 

Can Delhi hold on to their lead and register a hat-trick of wins?
20' Arjun Deshwal is thrown down on the mat to signal the end of the first half. 
18' Meraj Sheykh ventures too deep into the right corner as the combination of Fazel and Surinder sense the opportunity and come in with a chain tackle at the center.
18' Athul MS is only inches away from the mid-line on the Do or Die raid but is held back by an ankle hold from Joginder, who gets support from Vishal Mane.
17' Do or Die raid for Meraj Sheykh and the Iranian picks up a point as he turns away from Abhishek Singh's double thigh hold.
Review called by Delhi. 

Vijay is confident that Deshwal has not got a touch on that occasion.

Looks like Deshwal did get a touch and Delhi have lost their review.
15' Arjun Deshwal claims a touch on Vijay and has been granted a point.
14' Naveen Kumar is off to the benches courtesy of an ankle hold from Fazel Atrachali.
14' Ranjit commits an error on the defensive front as he looks for a thigh hold close to the mid-line, gifts an easy point to Athul MS on the Do or Die raid.
14' Ranjit uses his pace to tremendous effect as he gets a running hand touch on Harendra Kumar.
12' Naveen is down on the mat as Sandeep Narwal yet again brings the youngster down with a back hold.
11' Ranjit picks up a bonus point.
10' ALL-OUT on U Mumba! Rohit Baliyan comes in for a raid but is brought down by Ravinder Pahal to inflict more damage on U Mumba.
10' Top stuff from Naveen! The youngster comes in for the Do or Die raid, slips away from Atrachali's ankle hold and gets a touch on Harendra Kumar on his way back to the mid-line.
9' Athul MS looks to get away from Pahal's ankle hold but is trapped by support from Vishal Mane and Anil Kumar.
7' Arjun Deshwal falls prey to a strong ankle hold from Joginder Narwal but is given a bonus point.
6' Ranjit collects his first raid point of the night as he gets away from Sandeep Narwal's ankle hold.
5' Delhi have their first point of the night as an ankle hold from Ravinder Pahal traps Abhishek Singh.
4' Wow! Power from Sandeep Narwal! Naveen Kumar looks to slip under a hold from Sandeep Narwal but the burly all-rounder turns the youngster on his back with a solo tackle.
3' Vijay comes in for a raid and uses his pace to unsettle the U Mumba defense unit but is brought down by a frontal block from Sandeep Narwal.
2' Arjun Deshwal picks up a bonus point on his first raid.
1' U Mumba strike first blood, courtesy of a strong dash on Ranjit by Harendra Kumar.
U Mumba win the toss and opt for court. 

Dabang Delhi K.C. to raid first. 
Starting 7s: 

Dabang Delhi K.C: 
Joginder Narwal (C), Naveen Kumar, Ravinder Pahal, Chandran Ranjit, Anil Kumar, Vijay, Vishal Mane.

U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali (C), Abhishek Singh, Athul MS, Arjun Deshwal, Surinder Singh, Sandeep Narwal, Harendra Kumar.
Have you made your Dream11 teams yet? If not, here are a few tips to help you form a team for today's encounter!
In the buildup to this game, read up to find about the form of both teams and predictions as to who will win this encounter. 
For Delhi, Naveen Kumar has yet again been the impact player as the youngster has notched up 105 points from just nine matches, including eight Super 10s and has stamped a seal of authority on the league. 

With a 16-point show against U.P. Yoddha, Naveen will certainly be the man to watch for and the U Mumba defenders will need to be at their best to plot his downfall.
Apart from sitting pretty on top of the points table, Delhi are unbeaten in their home leg thus far and will be looking to register a hat-trick of wins at home when they face off against U Mumba today. 

The Fazel Atrachali-led side have some issues to sort out before the clash as the raiding unit has failed to come to the party and against an in-form defense unit, the likes of Abhishek Singh and Arjun Deshwal will need to step up to the task. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of today's second game between hosts Dabang Delhi K.C and U Mumba!

Dabang Delhi have been in scintillating form all through the season and find themselves perched right on top of the points table with seven wins from nine matches, and a win from this game will certainly strengthen their grasp on the top position. 

U Mumba, meanwhile, have had a mixed bag of fortunes as they have five wins and an equal number of losses from this season and will be keen on registering a win that could hand them some much-needed momentum ahead of the second half of the league stages. 
Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Match Start Time
Wed, 28/Aug/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U Mumba
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