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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U.P. Yoddha - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Dabang Delhi K.C.
U.P. Yoddha
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
That's it from us here at Sportskeeda. Do join us for the live coverage of the third day of the Delhi leg tomorrow. Though the home team won't be in action, we still have two star-studded encounters scheduled to take place tomorrow. This is Vinay Chhabaria signing off, Good Night!
Naveen Kumar's 16 raid points and Ravinder Pahal's High 5 ensured that Delhi take the top spot of the points table despite Rishank's late 4-point super raid. Monu Goyat tried his best but could not help U.P. Yoddha win the match
40' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and U.P. Yoddha have super tackled Ranjit! 2 points to Yoddha
39' High 5 for Pahal! Surender Gill is his 5th victim.
38' And, that's final nail in the coffin! Delhi's defence tackles Monu Goyat
38' Naveen hits a 2-point raid! Sumit and Ashu are on the bench
SUBSTITUTION - Naveen Kumar in, Sombir out
38' Monu Goyat completes his SUPER 10! Delhi are down to 2 men again.
SUBSTITUTION - Anil in, Naveen out
38' 2-pointer raid from Naveen, he gets a bonus and also a touch on Ashu
SUBSTITUTION - Sombir in, Anil Kumar out
37' Monu gets a touch on Ranjit, Delhi down to 2 men
SUBSTITUTION - Surender Gill in, Rishank Devadiga out
37' SUPER RAID! Rishank Devadiga has pulled off a 4-points raid, do we have a twist in store here?
MILESTONE ALERT - Naveen Kumar Registers 100 Raid Points This Season.
36' ALL OUT! Naveen cleans up the U.P. Yoddha half with 2 touch points, 2+2, 4 points to the home team
35' Rishank gets a bonus again!
35' Naveen completes his SUPER 10! He reduces the Yoddhas to 2 men with a touch on Nitesh
35' Do-or-die raid for U.P. Yoddha, Rishank goes to raid and gets a bonus
34' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Ranjit uses his escaping skills to score a point, Delhi have almost sealed the deal here.
33' Do-or-die raid for Yoddhas and now Surender SIngh has been tackled however, the raider got a bonus point
32' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Naveen goes to raid but fails! Surender Singh takes the tackle point
30' Monu has to go the bench! Pahal with an absolutely terrific tackle
29' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Ranjit has been tackled by the U.P. defence
29' Anil successfully tackles Jadhav as U.P. Yoddha are down to 4 men
27' Naveen takes his 9th raid point of the match as Delhi's lead grows to 7
26' Delhi's defence responds with a tackle of their own! What a match we are having here!
25' Monu Goyat tries to execute a SUPER RAID but falls inches short of the mid-line. 1 point to U.P. Yoddha
24' Naveen Kumar has to go to the bench! U.P. Yoddha trying to come back in the game
There was a flurry of substitutions in the half time break - 
Anil and Vijay came in for Delhi in place of Saeid and Meraj while Surender Singh replaced Surender Gill in U.P. Yoddha's side
22' Delhi have extended their lead by 2 points
20' Meraj gets a bonus point
20' Pahal loses his patience and tries a tackle on Jadhav only for him to escape with a point
19' Vishal dashes out Monu from the court! Delhi's lead grows to 4
18' ALL OUT! Naveen cleans up U.P. Yoddha's half! 2+2, 4 points to Delhi
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17' Monu gets a bonus once again
17' Naveen gets a touch on Sumit and reduces U.P. Yoddha to 2 men
SUBSTITUTION - Narender in, Surender Gill out
15' Monu gets a bonus point
15' Naveen takes out Nitesh in his raid but injures himself in the process
14' Do-or-die raid for Yoddhas and Pahal gets the better of Jadhav once again.
13' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Sheykh gets hunt down by Nitesh Kumar! Fantastic tackle from U.P. Yoddha
11' Do-or-die raid for Yoddhas and Monu takes a bonus point
10' Naveen pulls off a miraculous 2-pointer raid! He takes out Ashu and Amit in his raid.
9' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Ranjit fails! Sumit takes the tackling honors
7' Pahal successfully tackles Jadhav to pick his first tackle point of the night
6' Ranjit opens his account by eliminating Amit
5' Monu takes out Saeid now, he has got a touch on all of Delhi's defenders tonight!
MILESTONE ALERT - Shrikant Jadhav Registers 100 Raids This Season.
5' Naveen Kumar takes 2 points in his 2 raids, he got a touch on Sumit in his first raid and then got a bonus in the 2nd
4' Now, Monu takes out Joginder in his raid, U.P. Yoddha are cruising
3' Do-or-die raid for Delhi, Meraj gets tackled by the defence!
1' Monu Goyat takes two points in his first raid! What a start for Monu, Pahal and Mane on the bench
DABANG DELHI K.C. - Joginder Singh Narwal, Chandran Ranjit, Naveen Kumar, Vishal Mane, Ravinder Pahal, Saeid Ghaffari, Meraj Sheykh
U.P. YODDHA - Monu Goyat, Shrikant Jadhav, Surender Gill, Ashu Singh, Nitesh Kumar, Amit, Sumit
The match will start at 8:30 PM IST
Both the teams will try to continue their winning momentum in the upcoming match. 
The home side kicked off their home leg on a winning note by downing the Bengaluru Bulls last night while U.P. Yoddha had defeated tabletoppers Jaipur Pink Panthers in their previous match. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the 2nd encounter of the day featuring hosts Dabang Delhi K.C. and U.P. Yoddha
Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Match Start Time
Sun, 25/Aug/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U.P. Yoddha
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019