Pro Kabaddi 2021 Highlights, Match 13: Dabang Delhi and Gujarat Giants play out nail-biting 24-24 tie

Gujarat Fortune Giants
Dabang Delhi K.C.
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FULL-TIME: Dabang Delhi tie 24-24 with the Gujarat Giants!

What a game this has turned out to be! Credit where it's due, the defensive units did well to keep away from the raiders in the second half, but errors from the experienced Ravinder Pahal kept creeping in. In the end, with all the pressure on young Naveen, Pahal's error probably ruined Gujarat's best chance to pick up their second win of the season. 

For Naveen though, it was a tough night of raiding, with the youngster putting in 12 empty raids, a massive shift to his usual dynamic style of picking up points in heaps. 
40' Ravinder Pahal what have you done?! Terrible, terrible error from Pahal, who puts in a false double thigh hold very close to the mid line and gifts a point to Naveen!

Delhi 24 - 24 Gujarat
40' Oh wow! Joginder Narwal loses his balance and steps out of the court on Gujarat's Do or Die raid! 

Delhi 23 - 24 Gujarat
39' Neeraj Narwal comes in as a substitute for Dabang Delhi on the Do or Die raid and he's been taken down! An ankle hold from Sunil Kumar, who gets enough support from Parvesh's frontal block.

Delhi 23 - 23 Gujarat
39' An empty raid by Naveen followed by one from Rakesh Narwal as well. 
38' Mahendra Rajput makes yet another error as he steps into the lobby without a touch, this could prove costly! Poor from the lanky raider.

Delhi 23 - 22 Gujarat
37' Vijay Malik comes in for the Do or Die raid and he's been hunted down by a fabulous ankle hold by Sunil Kumar to level scores!

Delhi 22 - 22 Gujarat
37' Two empty raids in a row for Naveen Kumar. Gujarat doing well in the dying minutes!
Time-out! With 5 minutes to go and Naveen on the mat for Delhi, this game could swing either way!
35' Wow! What a dash from Vijay! Jeeva and Naveen had their man with an ankle hold, but Rakesh escaped and was heading to the mid-line. Vijay's dash throws him out though, in the nick of time!

Delhi 22 - 21 Gujarat
34' Vijay picks up a point! He struggles away from Parvesh Bhainswal's ankle hold and gets over the mid line!

Delhi 21- 21 Gujarat
33' Rapid Rakesh! He runs in towards the right corner, and the pair lose their balance and step out of court! Delhi review, they claim it's just one touch point. Review unsuccessful! Gujarat have two points. 

Delhi 20 - 21 Gujarat
32' Rakesh Narwal continues to pick up points as he now gets a touch point on Krishan Dhull! Top work. Gujarat review! They want a bonus point as well. Looks like he's done well enough there, review successful!

Delhi 20 - 19 Gujarat 
32' Vijay Malik claims a touch point on Mahendra Rajput and looks like he's got a touch on the raider's thigh!

Delhi 20 - 17 Gujarat
31' Naveen has been pinned down! The Gujarat defenders lure him deep into the right corner, and Sunil picks up an ankle hold! Brilliant!

Delhi 19 - 17 Gujarat
Time-out in place! Delhi have a 3-point lead, and Gujarat now have some work to be done in order to get back into the contest. 
30' Vijay Malik gets a serious kick on Ravinder Pahal's face! What a move!

Delhi 19 - 16 Gujarat
29' Jeeva Kumar attempts a dash on Rakesh Narwal but in vain as the Gujarat raider pushes it away on his way to the mid-line.

Delhi 18 - 16 Gujarat
28' Schoolboy error from Rajput on this occasion as his backfoot steps into the lobbies.

Delhi 18 - 15 Gujarat
28' Bonus point for Vijay Malik.

Delhi 17 - 15 Gujarat
27' Manjeet Chhillar continues to err! A poor frontal block from Chhillar, just too weak again and Rajput powers through it to the mid-line.

Delhi 16 - 15 Gujarat
25' Naveen gets to his Super 10! 3rd in a row! Reaches out to his right side and gets a touch point on the left corner.

Delhi 16 - 14 Gujarat
25' Delhi envelop Rakesh! He tried the dubki under Krishan Dhull, but the Delhi defenders trap their man in their side of the court.

Delhi 15 - 14 Gujarat
24' A bonus point for Naveen Kumar! A point after 4 raids for Delhi.

Delhi 14 - 14 Gujarat
24' Mahendra Rajput scores! Jeeva Kumar goes in with a back hold but he's carried into the Gujarat half by Rajput's power!

Delhi 13 - 14 Gujarat
23' Top work from Gujarat! They do well enough to keep away from Vijay, and the pressure of the clock forces him to step into the lobbies.

Delhi 13 - 13 Gujarat
22' An error from the Gujarat raider yet again as he carries a lot of momentum into the lobbies, without a touch.

Delhi 13 - 12 Gujarat
21' Rakesh Kumar lures in a tackle from Manjeet Chhillar, who obliges but puts in a very weak double thigh hold.

Delhi 12 - 12 Gujarat
21' Naveen Kumar starts off with an empty raid. 
Live now for the second half!
HALF-TIME: Dabang Delhi lead 12 - 11 over Gujarat Giants. 

A lot to play for in the second half, with Gujarat and Delhi looking fairly solid in the first 20 minutes. The defensive units have been patient in parts, and some more patience could go a long way in the raiders struggling to pick up points. An exciting second half coming up!
20' Empty raids from Naveen Kumar and Rakesh Narwal to end the first half. 
19' Sandeep Narwal is sent off to the benches as Rakesh Narwal gets a kick on the right corner.

Delhi 12 - 11 Gujarat
18' Naveen Kumar gets a kick on Parvesh Bhainswal's chest and Naveen picks up a point!

Delhi 12 - 10 Gujarat
18' Delhi have a point too! Rakesh falls prey to a combination tackle from Ajay Thakur and Manjeet Chhillar! 

Delhi 11 - 10 Gujarat
17' Vijay Malik is thrown down on the mat on the Do or Die raid! Pahal comes to the centre of the court, waiting for Vijay to run in and picks him up with a double ankle hold.

Delhi 10 - 10 Gujarat
17' An empty raid first from Naveen and then Rakesh Narwal.
15' Oops! Sonu picked up too much pace on his raid, loses his balance and steps into the lobbies without a touch. 

Delhi 10 - 9 Gujarat
14' Pace on display from Naveen as he stretches out to his right and catches Sunil Kumar off-guard!

Delhi 9 - 9 Gujarat
13' Naveen Kumar picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid! 

Delhi 8 - 9 Gujarat
13' One point given to Rakesh! Joginder Narwal put in an ankle hold but got no support, Rakesh slips away easily.

Delhi 7 - 9 Gujarat
12' Rakesh picks up pace and hares towards Jeeva Kumar, who is slow to retreat and concedes a hand touch.

Delhi 7 - 8 Gujarat
10' Extremely poor from Pahal. Naveen was looking to go back without a point, Pahal jumps in for a tackle and hands him an easy point.

Delhi 7 - 7 Gujarat
10' Rakesh Narwal strikes! Gets a touch point on Vijay with an extended toe touch!

Delhi 6 - 7 Gujarat
9' Easy touch point for Vijay as he brings out a sliding toe touch to send Pahal on his way.

Delhi 6 - 6 Gujarat
7' Rakesh Narwal pushes off a block attempt from Manjeet Chhillar and crosses the mid-line! Poor from the experienced all-rounder.

Delhi 5 - 6 Gujarat
7' Naveen gets a toe touch on Sunil Kumar! He's asked for the bonus, but it's not been given. 

Delhi 5 - 5 Gujarat
5' Rakesh Narwal scores a bonus point on the Do or Die raid. 

Delhi 4 - 5 Gujarat
5' What a tackle from Parvesh, Vijay's flat on the mat! The Gujarat cover come and brings about support for the corner, which was Sunil on that occasion!

Delhi 4 - 3 Gujarat
4' Naveen goes in deep towards the right corner, and extends his right arm to get a touch on Ravinder Pahal's thigh!

Delhi 4 - 2 Gujarat
3' Bonus point for Naveen on the left corner. 

Delhi 3 - 2 Gujarat
3' A wonderful running hand touch from Rakesh sends Sandeep Narwal off to the benches!

Delhi 2 - 2 Gujarat
2' Rakesh too picks up his first point with his bonus

Delhi 2 - 1 Gujarat
1' Naveen opens his account! Girish Ernak goes for an ankle hold but in vain

Delhi 2 - 0 Gujarat
1' Sandeep Narwal strikes! Runs in from the right corner, Rakesh Narwal was blindsided and he's taken down

Delhi 1 - 0 Gujarat
Delhi win the toss and opt for court. Gujarat to raid first!
The two teams have charged onto the mat and it's game time!
We are only moments away from live action!
Starting 7s for today's clash!

Dabang Delhi: 
Joginder Narwal (C), Naveen Kumar, Vijay Malik, Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chhillar, Jeeva Kumar, Sandeep Narwal.

Gujarat Giants: Sunil Kumar (C), Rakesh Narwal, Rakesh, Ravinder Pahal, Parvesh Bhainswal, Girish Maruti Ernak, Sonu Singh. 
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 13 of Pro Kabaddi 2021, between the Gujarat Giants and Dabang Delhi KC!

Delhi have made a dream start to the season, picking up wins from both their games so far. Gujarat, on the other hand, have a win and a loss from their two encounters, and a win today will take them to third place on the points table. Today's winner could well be decided by how well Gujarat's fearsome defensive unit put a halt on Naveen Kumar's raiding prowess, with the youngster having already registered two Super 10s. 

Gujarat's raiders haven't been in the finest of form, with only Rakesh Narwal having impressed, notching up a Super 10 in the Giants' previous clash. Against Delhi's experienced defensive unit, they could face their toughest test so far. I'm Prasen Moudgal, and I will bring you all the action from this exciting clash! Stick around to the blog!
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Sun, 26/Dec/2021 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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