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Pro Kabaddi 2019
Gujarat Fortune Giants
Haryana Steelers
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
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FT: Haryana Steelers win 41-24 over Gujarat Fortune Giants. 

The Steelers, courtesy of this win have jumped to third place on the points table with seven wins from 11 matches while the Fortune Giants continue to lie in the second half of the points table. 

Prashanth Kumar Rai and Vikas Kandola led the way for the Steelers with 8 points apiece while Ravi Kumar picked up a High 5 to his name that had a big say on the outcome of the game.  
40' Prashanth Rai comes in for the final raid of the match, crosses the baulk line easily and ends the game with an empty raid. 
Time-out called by Gujarat with just a few seconds left on the clock. 

Prashanth Kumar Rai, last man on the mat for Haryana will come in to raid and Gujarat coach Manpreet wants his wards to play a high-line of defense and deny a point to Rai, in order to effect an All-Out.
40' Dharmaraj Cheralathan dives on to the ankles of Vinod Kumar but the raider wriggles away to collect a point.
Haryana call for a review. 

Prashanth Rai claims the raider did not get a touch on him. 

No touch point given on Prashanth Rai as the raider is given only two points.
40' Super Raid for Gujarat! Lalit Chaudhary comes in as a substitute, gets away from a chain tackle and tags the corner defender to pick up three points. 
39' Tin Ponchoo comes in for a raid but is pulled back into the Gujarat half by a combination from Sunil and Sumit.
38' Ravi Kumar comes in with a frontal block to trap Vinod Kumar in his path.
37' Cut, copy-paste from the last point as Prashanth Rai yet again gets a kick on Koravi's knee to pick up a point.
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Time-out in place. 

Haryana have an 18-point lead as Gujarat now have no time left on the clock to make any sort of a comeback.
37' Kuldeep comes in as a substitute and puts in an advance tackle, in vain as Vinod Kumar escapes to collect another point.
36' Prashanth Kumar Rai tags Ruturaj Koravi with a solid kick on the knee on the Do or Die raid.
36' Vinod Kumar picks up a point as he powers through a dash from Vikas Kale to collect a point.
35' Oh, no! Cheralathan slips and loses balance as the Haryana skipper steps into the lobbies and gifts an easy point to Gujarat.
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Time-out in place. 

Haryana Steelers enjoy a massive 38-18 lead with a little over five minutes to go on the clock.
34' Gurvinder picks up a point as he gets away from Sunil's ankle hold on the right corner.
34' Parvesh Bhainswal pulls off a terrific ankle hold as Kandola is rooted on the mat. 
33' Vinod Kumar comes in for the Do or Die raid and almost gets through the chain tackle but is held back by a combination tackle from the cover defenders.
31' ALL-OUT on Gujarat! Super Raid from Vinay! The youngster comes in for the Do or Die raid, gets away from Sunil's frontal block and a combination ankle hold from Parvesh and Sumit to clean up the Gujarat defense unit!
30' Rohit Gulia is thrown down on the mat by a strong frontal block from Vikas Kale and Ravi Kumar on the Do or Die raid.
29' Super Tackle for Gujarat! Kandola comes in for the Do or Die raid but is brought down by an ankle hold from young Sumit as Parvesh and Sunil come in for support. 
28' Gurvinder Singh is tackled once again as he falls prey to Sunil's ankle hold.
27' Vinod Kumar comes in as a substitute and almost gets to the midline but is pulled back by the Haryana cover defenders. 
26' Prashanth Kumar Rai struggles away from Koravi's ankle hold to pick up a point.
25' Fantastic dash from Vikas Kale as he shoves Gulia off the court.
25' ALL-OUT on Gujarat! Parvesh Bhainswal hands an easy point to Vikas Kandola as the Steelers now have a massive 13-point lead.
24' Gurvinder comes in as a substitute and gets away from Sunil's ankle hold but is pinned down by a dash from Vinay. 
23' Ravi Kumar strikes from the defensive front as he brings down More GB with a formidable thigh hold.
23' Super Tackle for Gujarat! Kandola is pinned down on the mat by a combination tackle from More GB and Ruturaj Koravi. 
22' More GB picks up a bonus point.
21' Kandola pulls off an ankle hold as Ravi Kumar comes in with a dash to trap Abolfazl.
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HT: Haryana Steelers take a 20-11 lead over Gujarat Fortune Giants. 

Yet again, Vikas Kandola has led the way for the Steelers with 6 points to his name and has been ably assisted by Prashanth Kumar Rai, who has picked up 5 raid points. 

Abolfazl Maghsodlou and Rohit Gulia have picked up 4 points apiece but with the defenders failing to pick up a single point barring a brace from Ruturaj Koravi, they have fallen behind. 

An exciting second half awaits!
20' More GB's empty raid signals the end of the first half.
20' Gulia looks for a jump on an attempted thigh hold from Ravi Kumar but is brought down by a solo tackle from the cover defender.
19' Koravi picks up his second point of the night as Kandola is brought down by an ankle hold.
19' Rohit Gulia picks up a bonus point as Gujarat's score now hits double digits for the first time today.
18' Prashanth Rai produces a moment of magic as he gets through a chain tackle from Sunil and Parvesh Bhainswal with a classic dubki!
17' Raider out! Abolfazl steps into the lobbies without getting a touch and has been deemed out. Poor error from the Iranian!
16' Abolfazl pushes off a half-hearted block from Sunil to escape with a point.
16' Gujarat have their first tackle point of the night! Ruturaj Koravi puts in a double ankle hold as he gets support from the rest and Kandola is off to the benches.
15' More GB has been pinned down on the mat by an envelope of Haryana defenders.
13' ALL-OUT on Gujarat! Super Raid from Kandola! He comes in for the Do or Die raid, gets away from Koravi and Gulia's dash and then escapes from Parvesh Bhainswal's hold to collect three points!
12' Rohit Gulia picks up a bonus point.
Gujarat call for a review.

Kandola is adamant that a defender went out of the court before a tackle was made on the raider and the umpires have given Haryana the point. 

REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! Looks like he did step out of court and he's off to the benches.
11' Parvesh Bhainswal produces a strong tackle to trap Kandola down on the mat. 
10' Rohit Gulia catches Sunil napping with a sliding toe touch.
10' Vinay reaches out to the right corner as he tags Sunil Kumar on his way to the lobbies.
9' Sunil gifts a point to Rohit Gulia as the former attempts an advance ankle hold but in vain.
8' Kandola does well to use his pace and gets a touch on GB More in the dying seconds of his Do or Die raid.
7' Dharmaraj Cheralathan strikes with a firm ankle hold on Abolfazl Maghsodlou.
6' More GB attempts a kick and gets a lot on that as Sunil is off to the benches.
5' Prashanth Rai gets a touch on Parvesh Bhainswal and uses his pace to get a firm running hand touch on Pankaj as well.
5' Abolfazl gets a bonus point under Vikas Kandola.
5' Kandola picks up a bonus point from the right corner.
4' Prashanth Rai induces a tackle from Koravi and gets away to collect a point.
3' Abolfazl Maghsoudlou picks up two points on his first raid as he gets a touch on Cheralathan and does well to get away from Vikas Kale's dash.
2' More GB comes in for his first raid but is brought down on the mat by a frontal block by Ravi Kumar.
1' Kandola picks up the first point as he gets away from a weak ankle hold from Rohit Gulia.
Toss won by Haryana Steelers! Gujarat to raid first.
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Starting 7s-

Gujarat Fortune Giants:
Sunil Kumar (C), Rohit Gulia, More GB, Abolfazl Maghsoudlou, Parvesh Bhainswal, Ruturaj Koravi, Pankaj.

Haryana Steelers: Dharmaraj Cheralathan (C), Vikas Kandola, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Vinay, Vikas Kale, Ravi Kumar, Sunil.
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In terms of head to head records, the Haryana Steelers enjoy a slender advantage with three wins from six encounters between these two teams, while the Fortune Giants have won once and the other match has ended on a tie. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of today's first game between the Gujarat Fortune Giants and Haryana Steelers! 

The Fortune Giants finally put an end to their losing streak courtesy of a win against the Patna Pirates and will be hoping to pick up another important win while the Haryana Steelers have four wins from five games and will be the favorites to win this game. 
Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Match Start Time
Wed, 28/Aug/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Haryana Steelers
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019
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