Pro Kabaddi 2022: Gujarat Giants vs Patna Pirates Live Score and Updates

Gujarat Fortune Giants
Patna Pirates
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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Full Time:
Gujarat Giants 23 - Patna Pirates 43

A dominant second half performance from the Patna Pirates as they have clinched a 20-point win over the Gujarat Giants. After a competitive first half that saw the teams separated by just two points, the Pirates turned it on in the second half of the match. Guman Singh and Mohamedreza Chiyaneh were the stars of the night for the Patna Pirates, scoring 11 and 8 points respectively. The Pirates inflicted a total three all-outs on the Giants in the match, which proved to be a key factor in their dominance on the mat. 

That takes us to the conclusion of a Triple Threat night of Kabaddi as Patna Pirates and Haryana Steelers picked up key wins in their playoffs quest. The action continues on in the Pro Kabaddi 2022 season and you can catch all the live action and updates right here at Sportskeeda!
Do-or-die time for Sachin Tanwar and he is trapped with a well-timed double thigh hold by Mahendra Rajput and Giants have a Super Tackle for themselves.
Do-or-die raid from Rakesh Sangroy and he almost escapes the chain tackle but the defence was ready for the escape and rushed in to support the defence. The lead keeps on rising for the Pirates!
Guman Singh goes into the do-or-die raid, swivels around at the bonus line, the tackle comes in from Parvesh Bhainswal but the raider anticipated it and jumps over the tackle to get the raid point. 
Pardeep Kumar, in for the raid, gets caught unaware by Chiyaneh who rushed in from the left corner and dashed the raider out of bounds, eight tackle points for the Iranian defender so far! What a match so far for him!
Rakesh Narwal comes in for the first raid after the all-out, tries a leg kick but is blocked by Mohamedreza Chiyaneh just before the midline. During the tackle, Sajin C used unnecessary force and has been yellow carded by the umpires and will sit out for two minutes!

Gujarat Giants 21 - Patna Pirates 40
Sachin Tanwar comes in for the surrender raid and scores the easy touch and gets the all-out on the Gujarat Giants!
Last man in for the Giants as Mohamedreza Chiyaneh comes in for the Giants and is tackled down but one of the Patna defenders steps out of bounds, one point each for the teams!
Do-or-die time for Sachin Tanwar and he has scored a SUPER RAID here!! After a tackle attempt from Sunil Kumar, Tanwar escaped the incoming tacklers and manages to score four touch points here! What a raid by the former Gujarat raider!
Rakesh Narwal comes in quickly and takes the bonus point at the right corner of the Patna defence and rushes back to their end of the mat.
Pardeep Kumar almost makes it past the clutches of the Patna defenders as he tried to escape after the touch at the left corner. The Gujarat side have taken a TV review here for possible 'jersey pullling' by the Patna defence.

After a close look at various angles by the TV umpire, the ruling stands in favour of the Pirates. Gujarat would consider themselves unlucky here!
Sunil scores his second tackle point of the night as he traps Rakesh Narwal with a single thigh hold at the right corner as the raider had rushed in.

Timeout taken now!

Gujarat Giants 19 - 30 Patna Pirates 
Rakesh Sangroya comes in quickly for the do-or-die raid and gets a kick successfully on Chiyaneh at the left corner of the Patna defence.
Sachin Tanwar goes in deep at the left corner and goes for a hand touch but is trapped with double ankle hold by Parvesh Bhainswal and the defenders rushed in to support their teammate.

Gujarat Giants 18 - Patna Pirates 28
Pardeep comes in for the raid and gets a running toe touch on the right corner of the Patna defence.
Guman Singh goes in deep for a reverse kick attempt at the right corner of the Giants, sees the dash coming in and manages to make it past the midline evading the tackle from Girish Ernak.
Ajay Kumar is back in but gets trapped with a strong ankle hold by the left corner Mohamedrezz Chiyaneh, who has completed his High 5 on the night!
Mahendra Rajput goes in for the first raid after the all-out and is tackled at the right corner after a strong single thigh hold.
Do-or-die raid for Guman SIngh and he has done the deed here! He escapes the ankle hold from Hadi Oshtrorak and managed to escape the oncoming rush by the two covers as well. Five points there for the Pirates and the second all-out inflicted on the Giants!
Ajay Kumar, in for the do-or-die raid, is caught at the left corner by Chiyaneh with a sturdy ankle hold as the covers rushed in for the support.
Sachin Tanwar, in for the do-or-die raid catches Girish Ernak with a quickfire touch at the left corner position, and now we will have the Gujarat do-or-die raid.
The second half is up and running!
Half Time: Gujarat Giants 16 - Patna Pirates 18

An interesting half so far as the momentum has moved from one team to another in the course of twenty minutes of play. Gujarat Giants started off strong with their steady defence and good raids from Ajay Kumar and Mahendra Rajput as they scored a quick All-out on the Pirates. However, Guman Singh, Prashanth Rai and Mohammedreza Chiyaneh have managed to pull off a comeback and inflicted the All-out on their opponents. With the two sides separated by just two points, we are in for an interesting second half of Kabaddi action!

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Rakesh Sangroya forces the error from Neeraj Kumar in the covers and manages to force his way past the midline with ease.

Gujarat Giants 16 - Patna Pirates 18
Guman Singh, in for another do-or-die raid goes deep into the left corner and steps into the lobby before the touch and unfortunately Sunil Kumar and Mahendra Rajput both are ruled out as well despite the timely dash tackle.
Rakesh Sangroya is up for the Giants but Chiyaneh is ready for the challenge and traps the raider with a strong ankle hold, the defence rushed within no time to subdue the attacker.
Prashant Rai goes in at the right corner and with his trademark reverse kick, gets the touch point on Hadi Oshtrorak to take the Pirates into a slim lead.
Hadi Oshtorak goes in as the last man for the GIants, takes the easy bonus but is trapped by the defence in no time. All out and all square on the scoreline as well!

Gujarat Giants 14 - Patna Pirates 14
Guman Singh in for the do-or-die raid now for Patna against three men and does brilliantly! He escapes the duo of Sunil Kumar and Parvesh Bhainswal's combination attempt and manages to slide his hand past the midline. One man left for Gujarat now!
Do-or-die time and Rakesh Sangroya is in off the bench! He is dashed out of bounds by Neeraj Kumar who pounced on the raider from the covers!
Guman Singh comes in and scores a multi-point raid here! The youngster does great to escape the initial tackle from Parvesh Bhainswal and also escapes the follow attempt from Girish Ernak. Two points on the board for Patna!
Mahendra Rajput is in for the do-or-die raid but is caught with a double thigh hold tackle by Mohammedreza Chiyaneh. Great tackle from the Iranian left corner defender.
Sachin Tanwar is dashed out with perfect timing by Pardeep Kumar as Tanwar made a jump for the midline and Gujarat are on top in the match at the moment!
Prashant Rai is back in and is caught this time by the chain tackle attempt of the famed jodi of Sunil Kumar and Parvesh Bhainswal in the covers.
Ajay Kumar takes the easy surrender raid point as the Giants get the first all-out of the night! Too easy there!

Gujarat Giants 11 - 5 Patna Pirates
Prashant Rai gets caught in the trap set by the Giants' defence as he goes for the hand touch on Parvesh but is trampled by the defenders after scoring the bonus.
Mahendra Rajput is in for the raid and manages to catch Guman Singh with a high kick and it is just two men on the mat for Patna now!
Pardeep Kumar shows his strength as he anticipates the block attempt from Sunil and drags him past the midline. There was some deliberations between the umpires but the point stands in favour of the Giants.
SUPER RAID!! Mahendra Rajput uses his length very well as he escapes the combination tackle attempt at the middle of the mat and manages to get his hand past the midline. Three points in his first raid of the match! What a start!
Prashanth Rai scores his first point of the night as he gets an easy touch on Hadi Oshtorak at the right corner.
Now, the do-or-die raid for Gujarat as Pardeep was in but the Patna defence is patient and then Chiyaneh goes in for the kill with a block and the score is tied 2-2 each.

Gujarat Giants 2 - Patna Pirates 2
Young raider Guman Singh comes in for Patna and scores the bonus point at the right corner of the Gujarat defence as Patna open their account on the scoreboard.
Do-or-die raid early on for Patna as Sachin Tanwar goes in and almost reaches the midline there with a stretch but the Gujarat defence just manages to keep him out of bounds!
After a couple of empty raids from the two sides, we have the first point of the night as Ajay Kumar makes his way to the midline despite the block attempt from Neeraj Kumar of Patna Pirates.
We are just minutes away from the action as the teams will be making their way onto the mat after a thrilling encounter between Dabang Delhi KC and Bengaluru Bulls (36-36)! 
Starting Lineups:

Gujarat Giants - Ajay Kumar, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Pardeep Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Girish Maruti Ernak, Sunil Kumar, Hadi Oshtorak

Patna Pirates - Guman Singh, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Sachin Tanwar, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, C Sajin, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh Shadlou
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Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the third match of tonight's Pro Kabaddi action as Gujarat Giants are all set to take on the Patna Pirates in Bengaluru's Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center.

The 'Bubble' Panga continues as we inch closer to the Pro Kabaddi 2022 playoffs with each match being more important for the sides as the picture becomes clearer on the standings table. 

Patna Pirates have been doing well this season and are at the third position with a total of 50 points from 14 matches - 9 wins, 4 losses and 1 tied encounter. They have won three out of their last five matches and will be aiming to go into the Top 2 with a win over their opponent tonight. On the other end, Gujarat Giants are way below in the 11th spot after the same number of matches. They have accumulated a tally of 38 points with 5 wins, 6 losses and 3 tied matches. However, they are in fine touch coming into this clash on the back of consecutive wins.
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Fri, 04/Feb/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Patna Pirates
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