Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Patna Pirates 08 January 2022

Gujarat Fortune Giants
Patna Pirates
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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FT: Patna Pirates beat Gujarat Giants 27-26

Gujarat Giants yet again falter in crunch situations, while Patna ride on their success so far to pick up an important win. The Giants were in the game until Prashanth Rai's 2-point raid late in the second half, which extended Patna's lead to 3 points, from where the Giants left it too late to make a comeback. 

It was a team effort for the Pirates that brought about their win, with skipper Rai (8) and Sachin Tanwar (6) shining on the raiding front, while Sajin C's first High 5 of the season stopped the Giants' raiders in their tracks. 

Courtesy of this win, Patna jump to second spot on the points table with 5 wins from 7 matches, while the Giants have a lot of work to do with just the 1 win from an equal number of games.
40' Prashanth Rai stays at the mid-line on the Do or Die raid, crosses the baulk line and uses up all the time!

Patna 27 - 26 Gujarat
40' Rajput gets away from Shubham Shinde to pick up a solitary point.

Patna 27 - 25 Gujarat
39' An empty raid for Prashanth Rai followed by Rakesh. 
38' Do or Die raid for Gujarat, and Rakesh comes in. He's picked up a point! Monu dives in with an ankle hold, but Rakesh gets away with ease. Gujarat review, they want two points! REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL!

Patna 27 - 24 Gujarat
37' Prashanth Rai is claiming three points, but he's been given two! What a raid! It was a Do or Die raid, the Patna skipper gets away from Ankit's ankle hold and gets a touch on Parvesh on the way back. Patna Pirates review! UNSUCCESSFUL! 

Patna 27 - 23 Gujarat
35' Rakesh gets away from Sajin's ankle hold to collect a point!

Patna 25 - 23 Gujarat

Only a 3-point lead for Patna, but the Gujarat defenders have made far too many errors for their own liking. They'll need to put in quite an effort to stop the Patna raiders!
35' Bonus point for Sachin Tanwar on the left side. 

Patna 25 - 22 Gujarat
35' Rajput strikes! A side kick on Neeraj, Rajput uses all his height to collect a point!

Patna 24 - 22 Gujarat
33' Prashanth Rai does well to turn away from Girish Ernak's frontal block yet again! Powerful from Rai!

Patna 24 - 21 Gujarat
32' Rakesh Narwal just does enough to get away from Shubham Shinde's ankle hold on the Do or Die raid! Looks like he's also gotten away from Monu Goyat's attempted ankle hold. 

Patna 23 - 21 Gujarat
32' Prashanth in now for the Do or Die raid, and he pushes off an early block from Parvesh! A point for the Patna skipper!

Patna 23 - 19 Gujarat
31' Rakesh Narwal and Prashanth Rai put in empty raids. 
Live now, with less than 10 minutes to go!
30' Rakesh Narwal gets a touch on Shadloui! The Iranian looked to go for support on a tackle, but Shinde decides against it to leave the Iranian high and dry.

Patna 22 - 19 Gujarat
29' Prashanth Rai gets a touch on Girish Ernak, who is slow to retreat while evading a touch.

Patna 22 - 18 Gujarat
29' Rakesh is turned off the mat! Tries the dubki under Shubham Shinde's block, but the corner does well to trap his path. 

Patna 21 - 18 Gujarat
28' Super Tackle on Gujarat! Yet again, Sajin C in the thick of things, but this time Rajput jumps into the defender's open arms and he's got only himself to blame. High 5 for Sajin!

Patna 20 - 18 Gujarat
27' Sachin Tanwar in for a Do or Die raid and he's quickly thrown down! Rakesh Narwal with an ankle hold yet again to cut down Tanwar's pace, before the rest of the defenders trap him down. 

Patna 18 - 18 Gujarat
25' Super Tackle on Rakesh! Sajin starts off with the ankle hold, Shubham Shinde runs in from the right corner and turns him away from the mid-line!

Patna 18 - 17 Gujarat
24' Rakesh Narwal and Ankit combine with an ankle hold to keep Monu down! He was only a few inches away from the mid-line

Patna 16 - 17 Gujarat
24' Rajput gets a touch on Shadloui! Gathers pace and gets a hefty touch on the Iranian with a side kick!

Patna 16 - 16 Gujarat
23' Prashanth Rai is turned backwards! Girish Ernak runs in with a frontal block and pushes Rai away from the mid-line!

Patna 16 - 15 Gujarat
23' Rakesh in for the Do or Die raid and Shadloui strikes! The Iranian waited for Rakesh to get deep, he backs himself and lays him down with a double ankle hold!

Patna 16 - 14 Gujarat
21' Sachin Tanwar is down! Ankit on the left corner bends low and traps Sachin down with a double thigh hold!

Patna 15 - 14 Gujarat
Back live now for the second half!
HT: Patna lead 15 - 13 over Gujarat 

Gujarat Giants will be happy to have clung on and prevented Patna from running away with a massive lead, having avoided two all-outs in the first half. However, the all-out finally did come for Patna and they now have a slender two-point lead going into the second half. Hadi Oshtorak has come off the benches to pull off a Super Tackle and picked up a couple of raid points, and the onus is now on the Rakesh-pair to keep their side in the game. 
20' Rajput claims a touch point on the corner defender Sunil, but he's not given the point! The Gujarat raider is furious. He's eventually given the point, and Sunil makes his way out. 

Patna 15 - 13 Gujarat
19' Patna finally have the All-Out! Rajput gets the bonus point but he's brought down by an ankle hold from Monu Goyat!

Patna 15 - 12 Gujarat
19' Sachin Tanwar shrugs off a frontal block from Hadi Oshtorak to pick up a point on the Do or Die raid. 

Patna 12 - 11 Gujarat
18' Do or Die raid for Ajay Kumar and he's thrown off the mat! Neeraj Kumar initiates an ankle hold, Monu Goyat puts in a strong dash!

Patna 11 - 11 Gujarat
17' Empty raids for Monu Goyat and Ajay Kumar. 
16' Sachin Tanwar does well to get a running hand touch on Rakesh and send him on his way!

Patna 10 - 11 Gujarat
15' Do or Die raid for Gujarat, and Rakesh slips away from a clumsy ankle hold attempt by Sajin C.

Patna 9 - 11 Gujarat   
14' Super Tackle for Hadi! The Iranian dives onto Prashanth's ankles, Girish Ernak runs in from the right corner and they pin their man down!

Patna 9 - 10 Gujarat
13' Hadi Oshtorak picks up a bonus and turns away a block from Sunil! Two points!

Patna 9 - 7 Gujarat
12' Prashanth Rai now has Gujarat down to the last man! Gets away from a poor ankle hold from Bhainswal.

Patna 9 - 5 Gujarat
11' Mahendra Rajput comes in as a substitute and gets a touch on Neeraj with a back-kick!

Patna 8 - 5 Gujarat
10' Brilliant from Sachin Tanwar! Reduces Gujarat to one man! Pushes away Sunil's block and slips away from Ankit's ankle hold to pick up important points!

Patna 8 - 4 Gujarat
9' Ajay Kumar in for the Do or Die raid, and he's fallen prey to an ankle hold from Shadloui! The Iranian picks up his first point of the night with a strong ankle hold! 

Patna 6 - 4 Gujarat
8' Super Tackle for Gujarat! Sunil comes in with a chain tackle, Parvesh supports him in time to keep Monu Goyat down!

Patna 5 - 4 Gujarat
7' Rakesh is pinned down on his raid, Patna are on fire!

Patna 5 - 2 Gujarat
6' Sachin Tanwar claims a toe touch on Girish Ernak! A rapid touch, fabulous athleticism!

Patna 4 - 2 Gujarat
5' An empty raid for Monu Goyat followed by one for Rakesh as well. 
4' Rakesh Narwal runs into a fine frontal block from Sajin C! Narwal had no chance to escape on the Do or Die raid.

Patna 3 - 2 Gujarat
4' Poor error from the Paltan! Prashanth Rai lures in an ankle hold from Ajay Kumar, who gives in to the temptation and gifts a point!

Patna 2 - 2 Gujarat
3' A bonus point on the right side for Prashanth Rai. First point of the night for Patna!

Patna 1 - 2 Gujarat
1' A left kick on Sachin Tanwar from Rakesh Kumar, who gets a massive touch on the raider's wrist!

Patna 0 - 2 Gujarat
1' Girish Ernak opens the scoring with a firm ankle hold on Monu Goyat! First blood to Pune!

Patna 0 - 1 Gujarat
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Today's Starting 7s - 

Gujarat Giants: 
Sunil Kumar (C), Rakesh Narwal, Ajay Kumar, Rakesh, Parvesh Bhainswal, Ankit, Girish Maruti Ernak. 

Patna Pirates: Prashanth Kumar Rai (C), Monu Goyat, Sachin Tanwar, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh Shadloui, Sajin C. 
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Hello folks, and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 42 between the Gujarat Giants and Patna Pirates!

The Pirates and Giants have endured contrasting campaigns in the PKL so far, with the former currently occupying third spot on the points table with 4 wins from 6 matches, while the Giants are 10th with only one to show for their efforts from an equal number of matches.

The Giants have struggled on both the raiding and defensive fronts, with the least number of points scored across all 12 teams this season. The Pirates, on the other hand, have benefitted from an all-round show, with even the raiders contributing with a few handy tackles. Purely in terms of form as well, the Giants have a massive mountain to scale, having failed to pick up a single win from their last 5 matches. 

On the other side of the fence, the Pirates are unbeaten from their last 4 games, which makes them favourites to run away with a win. Then again, a lot of funny things have happened in this clash, so expect the unexpected! And I, Prasen Moudgal, will take you through all the live action! 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Sat, 08/Jan/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Patna Pirates
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