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Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Puneri Paltan - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Gujarat Fortune Giants
Puneri Paltan
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
Good Night!
That's it from us here at Sportskeeda. We have a rest day tomorrow but, the action will resume on Wednesday with the home team, Patna Pirates taking on Haryana Steelers and Tamil Thalaivas will lock horns with UP Yoddha. 
Gujarat Fortune Giants and Puneri Paltan started the game slow however, the Gujarat outfit gained momentum and inflicted an all out on Surjeet Singh's men. Puneri Paltan fought back like true warriors and instantly came back into the contest. The raiders of both the teams tried their best to save the day for the their respective team and ultimately, Pune's defense got the better of Gujarat's raiders, with Girish Ernak being the wrecker in chief. Though Gujarat reached very close, it lost the game by 2 points. 
40' Consolatory point for Gujarat's defense and, then Pune's defense gifts Rohit a point. 
40' Puneri Paltan have sealed the deal with this tackle point! GB More fails to get a point for his team and instead gets tackled. 
GUJARAT FORTUNE GIANTS have taken a Team Timeout
39' Girish gets the better of Sonu! A 3-point deficit for Gujarat
38' Gujarat Fortune Giants have bounced back, 2 points in a minute, courtesy a Parvesh Bhainswal tackle and a successful raid from Sonu
37' Puneri Paltan's lead is up to 4 now, Rohit Gulia fails!
MILESTONE ALERT - Girish Maruti Ernak Registers 250 Points In PKL.
SUBSTITUTION - Shubham Shinde in, Girish Ernak out
36' HIGH 5 for Girish Maruti Ernak! Sachin is his 5th victim.
35' Gujarat gets two points but, GB More concedes one to Pawan! Pune still have a 2-point edge over Gujarat
33' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Manjeet was running out of time but, Gujarat's defense lost patience and gave away 2 points to the tall raider. 
30' SUPER TACKLE! Girish and co. take down Rohit Gulia, the game is heading towards a nail-biting finish
29' Another 2-point raid from Sachin! Amit and Surjeet are his 2 victims this time!
28' Amit Kumar gets a bonus
27' Manjeet gets tackled but still gets a life as Sumit had stepped out in the lobby without any touch
26' 2-pointer raid from Sachin, the Gujarat raider sends Sanket and Pankaj to the bench
25' Pankaj gets a huge touch on Sunil, this is the 2nd time he has got the better of the Gujarat skipper
25' Finally a point for Sachin, Manjeet allows Sachin to take his 2nd touch point
24' GB More steps out of the lobby without any touch. Gifts Pune a point
24' ALL OUT! Parvesh surrenders to Manjeet and Pune are in lead now
24' Sonu fails in his raid only one man left in Gujarat's half
23' Super sub of Pune, Pankaj picks his first point of the night as Sunil Kumar had no clue of what's happening
22' Silly error from Pune's defense, Amit gifts Sonu a point
21' Sachin fails once again! Girish and co. have not allowed Sachin to play his natural game tonight
1. Rohit Gulia - 5 Pts
2. More GB - 5 Pts
3. Pawan Kadian - 5 Pts
HALF TIME - Gujarat Fortune Giants - 17 - 14 Puneri Paltan 
20' Do-or-die raid for Pune, SUPER TACKLE! Parvesh and Ankit hunt Amit Kumar down in the final raid of the first half. 
20' Pune have reduced Gujarat to 2 men now! The lead is down to one man
18' Amit gets the better of Ruturaj, Pune has turned the tables. 
17' Pawan takes a touch point and then, Pune's defense hunts down Rohit Gulia. 
16' What a comeback from Pune! They easily put away Gujarat's raider, Sachin. 
16'  ALL OUT! Amit is tackled this time by the Gujarat defense. Pune under pressure now
15' Rohit Gulia does it again! Pune down to one man once again
14' Amit Kumar saves his team from an all out, unnecessary tackle attempt from GB More
14' Rohit reduces Pune to one man by taking out skipper Surjeet
13' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Gujarat's defense does not allow Pawan to escape with points this time.
13' Rohit Gulia sends Girish and Shubham to the bench with a fantastic raid!
11' Bonus+ 1 touch point for More GB, he has scored 5 out of Gujarat's 6 points in this match
10' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Pawan gets 2 points! A very slow start to this star-studded match, only 10 points scored in the first 10 minutes
8' More GB gets his 3rd point of the night! He levels the score once again!
7' Pawan Kadian gets his 2nd point of the night, Ruturaj is his 2nd victim
6' One point for GB More, the scores are level now
5' GB More executes a running kick on Manjeet, first raid point for Gujarat and it has come in the 5th minute!
4' Puneri Paltan send Rohit Gulia out once again! Anup Kumar's men have dominated Gujarat's raiders thus far
3' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Gujarat's defense does not allow Manjeet to take a touch point
2' Puneri Paltan get the first point of the night! Rohit Gulia fails in his 1st raid
The match will begin at 8:30 PM IST
Matches - 6
Won by Gujarat Fortune Giants - 6 
Won by Puneri Paltan - 0 
Tied - 0 
Both the teams have had contrasting fortunes in the 2019 edition of PKL. The Fortune Giants won their first three games before losing to U Mumba in their last match. On the other hand, Puneri Paltan lost their first three matches before trouncing hosts Patna Pirates yesterday. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the second match of the night where Gujarat Fortune Giants will battle Puneri Paltan. 
Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna
Match Start Time
Mon, 05/Aug/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Puneri Paltan
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019