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Right then, that's all that we have for you from this PKL contest! Join us back tomorrow for more action as we have another 'Triple Panga' on the cards! Until tomorrow then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, signing off! Stay home, stay safe!

Gujarat Giants 31-31 Puneri Paltan

Another tied encounter in the Pro Kabaddi League this season but it is Pune's first tied match in this edition. With this, the Giants move up to the sixth position while Pune rise to the seventh. A game that was played evenly and both sides equally deserved to win this contest. A good comeback from Pune in the second half but they failed to hold their nerves in the final moments of the game, which allowed the Giants to hold them to a tie.
40' Ajay Kumar comes in for the raid and Inamdar goes for a double ankle hold from the right-in position. However, Ajay tumbles and escapes to the mid-line. 
39' Vishal Bharadwaj puts in a diving ankle hold and support from the cover defenders pins down Rakesh S. 
39' Inamdar escapes Hadi's advance thigh hold attempt and makes his way back to his half.

Gujarat Giants 30-30 Puneri Paltan
38' Rakesh S feigns a bonus point. Escapes the left-in's ankle hold and gets another point on the assisting cover defender as well. 

However, Gujarat review for the bonus. The bonus is not granted as his foot was cutting the bonus line. 
38' An advance block attempt from Ernak but Inamdar is alert enough as he turns and makes his way back to the mid-line.

Gujarat Giants 28-29 Puneri Paltan
37' Aslam Inamdar picks up a bonus point. Attempts it twice as well. However, Giants review!

A brilliant review as Inamdar's foot was cutting the bonus line. Review successful! 
36' Do-or-die raid for the Giants now and Rakesh S executes a kick on Vishal Bharadwaj to fetch him a point. 
36' Do-or-die raid for the Paltan and Mohit Goyat strikes! Dives and gets a flying hand touch on the cover defender. 
34' Ajay Kumar gets a running hand touch on Abinesh Nadarajan.

Gujarat Giants 27-27 Puneri Paltan
34' Inamdar carries too much momentum during the raid and ends up stepping into the lobby without a touch. 
33' Rajput is granted the bonus point. A powerful ankle hold from Sombir along with assistance from the tackle completes the tackle. ALL OUT!
32' Mohit Goyat gets a hand touch on Parvesh and sends the former back to the bench to reduce Gujarat down to one man.

Gujarat Giants 24-24 Puneri Paltan
32' Rakesh S is sent spiralling out of bounds as Nadarajan puts in a formidable dash. 
31' Mohit Goyat ventures deep and gets a running hand touch on Pardeep Kumar in the right-in position.

Gujarat Giants 24-22 Puneri Paltan
30' Inamdar attempts a back hold on Pardeep Kumar but Pardeep comfortably goes back into his half.

Gujarat Giants 24-21 Puneri Paltan
29' Mohit Goyat goes in for a do-or-die raid. Escapes the right-in's double thigh hold attempt and makes his way back to the mid-line. 
28' Do-or-die raid for the Giants and Ajay Kumar does not rely on the bonus point. Goes back for the touch and runs straight into Ajay's double thigh hold.

Gujarat Giants 23-20 Puneri Paltan
25' Do-or-die raid for the Paltan and that is a powerful, powerful tackle! Escapes Parvesh's thigh hold but a powerful back hold from Girish prevents him from crossing the mid-line. 

However, Pune review as they believe Girish had pulled the jersey. Replays are in compliance with what Pune wanted and Girish has to make his way back to the bench. Review successful!
25' Sanket Sawant attempts a thigh hold on Ajay Kumar, who comfortably escapes. 
23' Sombir runs around with a chain with Inamdar and blocks Rakesh S. 
22' Nitin Tomar is tackled as Parvesh Bhainswal puts in a double thigh hold. Hadi is warned for holding the neck.

Gujarat Giants 22-17 Puneri Paltan
21' Pardeep Kumar runs straight into the right corner chain's block and is tackled. 

Gujarat Giants 21-16 Puneri Paltan

A brilliant comeback from the Giants after they looked pretty clueless in the first five minutes of the contest. A super raid by Ajay Kumar changed fortunes for the previously Fortune Giants as they annihilated the Pune side after that. An all-out was inflicted from which Pune has tried to recover with single point raids but their defense is making far too many errors. The Giants, after the initial passage of play, certainly look to be the better side in this contest, with Rakesh S and Ajay Kumar doing the bulk of the scoring. Will the Giants maintain the lead or will Pune come roaring back? Stick around to find out!
19' Mohit Goyat is completely surrounded by the Giants defense and is pinned down. 
19' A diving double thigh hold from Sanket Sawant completely immobilises Rakesh S.

Puneri Paltan 16-20 Gujarat Giants
18' Inamdar picks up a bonus point between the right-in and right cover defender. 
17' Rakesh S writhes his foot free from Vishal's ankle hold and gets another point on the assisting defender as well.

Puneri Paltan 14-20 Gujarat Giants
17' Mohit Goyat uses his sheer pace to send back the left corner defender to the bench. 
15' Rakesh S escapes Nadarajan's dash and returns with a bonus point as well.

Puneri Paltan 13-18 Gujarat Giants
15' Inamdar gets a running hand touch on Ernak to reduce the lead down to three points. 
14' Mahendra Rajput picks up a bonus point and a formidable dash from Sanket Sawant dashes him out.

Puneri Paltan 12-16 Gujarat Giants
13' Inamdar goes for a touch on the right-in defender and as soon as he does that, Sunil puts in a back hold to  tackle him. 
12' Ajay Kumar is tackled as a double ankle hold from the left corner combined with assistance from the cover defender pins him down. Bonus picked by Ajay. 
12' Nitin Tomar escapes Hadi's ankle hold and drags himself towards the mid-line. 
12' Nadarajan comes around for a block but Ajay Kumar once again has his foot in the lobby as he crosses the mid-line.

Puneri Paltan 9-13 Gujarat Giants
10' Aslam Inamdar attempts to put in a dubki through Ernak's block but instant support from the rest of the defense completes the tackle. 
10' Sanket Sawant comes around for a block and tackles Mahendra Rajput.

Puneri Paltan 9-11 Gujarat Giants
9' ALL OUT! Mohit Goyat is granted a bonus point and an ankle hold from Hadi in the dying moments of the raid tackles him. 
8' Aslam Inamdar goes for a double thigh hold but Rakesh S uses his shoulders to shove him aside and change direction towards the mid-line.

Puneri Paltan 7-8 Gujarat Giants
7' Pune down to one man and Mohit Goyat is allowed the bonus point. However, Girish Ernak attempts a back hold but Goyat turns and makes his way to the mid-line. 
7' Rakesh S escapes Sombir's double thigh hold attempt and springs towards the mid-line. 
7' Mohit Goyat picks up a bonus point as the defense hangs back. 
6' Rakesh S executes a kick on Nitin Tomar in the left corner and reduces Pune down to two men.

Puneri Paltan 4-6 Gujarat Giants
5' Ajay Kumar is dashed out of bounds after escaping Vishal's ankle hold. The cover defenders come around for a dash and gets his fingertips through the mid-line just from outside the lobby.

However, Giants review! Ajay's left foot was indeed in the lobby when he crossed the mid-line. SUPER RAID! Review successful!
5' Inamdar ventures deep in the left side of the defense and a brilliant dash from Oshtorak sends Inamdar to the bench. 
4' A sprint from Inamdar and he gets a running hand touch on Parvesh on the left corner. 
3' Mahendra Rajput picks up a bonus point to open Gujarat's account tonight.

Puneri Paltan 3-1 Gujarat Giants
2' The Giants raider runs straight into Sombir's block and support from the right-in defender, Aslam, completes the tackle.

Puneri Paltan 3-0 Gujarat Giants
2' Mohit Goyat entices Ernak into going for an ankle hold. However, he tumbles and makes his way to the mid-line. 
1' Inamdar starts off proceedings with a bonus point in front of the left cover defender.

Puneri Paltan 1-0 Gujarat Giants

Gujarat Giants have won the toss and chosen court. Pune to raid first!

Gujarat Giants: 
Ajay Kumar, Sunil Kumar (c), Parvesh Bhainswal, Rakesh, Mahendra Rajput, Hadi Oshtorak, Girish Ernak. 
Substitutes: Rakesh narwal, Davinder Singh, Soleiman Pahlevani, Maninder Singh, Pardeep Kumar. 

Puneri Paltan: Aslam Inamdar, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Mohit Goyat, Nitin Tomar (c), Sombir, Vishal Bharadwaj. 
Substitutes: Hadi Tajik, Jadhav Shahaji, Shubham Shelke, Rahul Chaudhari, Akash Shinde. 
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