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Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Gujarat Fortune Giants
Tamil Thalaivas
TAMIL THALAIVAS won the match
Ajay Thakur is the best raider of the match and Sunil Kumar is the best defender of the match
Tamil Thalaivas battled the hosts, Gujarat Fortune Giants in the first match of Ahmedabad leg. The contest started off slow as both the teams took time before switching gears. Tamil Thalaivas were the first to gain the momentum and they soon inflicted an all out on Gujarat. The Fortune Giants tried to come back in the match on the base of their defence. Some fantastic tackles supported by quick raid points emptied the Tamil Thalaivas half and gave Gujarat the lead. However, the Thalaivas returned with new energy. Ajay Thakur's super raid sealed the deal for Tamil Thalaivas as it helped them complete one more all-out. Ultimately, Gujarat lost the match by 6 points
40' 2 points for Rohit Gulia! He gets both Mohit Chhillar and Manjeet Chhillar in the same raid. 
40' ALL OUT! Sunil Kumar tries to tackle Rahul Chaudhari in a one-on-one situation but fails to do so. 8-point lead for Tamil Thalaivas now 
40' Abolfazl has been tackled successfully. Gujarat on the verge of facing their 2nd defeat at home
SUBSTITUTION - Abolfazl Maghsoudlou in, Parvesh Bhainswal out
MILESTONE ALERT - Rahul Chaudhari Registers 1800 Raids In PKL.
MILESTONE ALERT - Sunil Kumar Registers 150 Points In PKL.
39' And now, Tamil Thalaivas' defence comes to the party. Mohit Chhillar being the tackle initiator this time. High 5 for Mohit Chhillar!
38' Thakur wanted 4 points, he asked for a review but the TV umpire rejected his plea
38' SUPER RAID! Ajay Thakur has almost sealed the deal for Tamil Thalaivas with that 3-point raid! Manpreet Singh cannot believe it. 
38' Manjeet Chhillar's double thigh hold freezes Rohit Gulia at the place he was standing. Scores Level now!
MILESTONE ALERT - Rohit Gulia Registers 100 Raid Touch Points In PKL.
37' ALL OUT! Gujarat Fortune Giants have returned in style, 3 points for the home team, they have a solitary point's lead now. 
SUBSTITUTION - Vineet Sharma in, Mohit Chhillar out
37' Rohit Gulia gets the better of Shabeer Bappu, Mohit Chhillar is the only man left in Chennai's half
37' Rahul Chaudhari tamed by Sumit and co.! The talismanic raider was clueless against Sumit's backhold. Thalaivas down to 2 
36' Sachin gets a point in his quick raid, the deficit is down to 3 now!
35' Rohit Gulia gets tackled by the Tamil Thalaivas defence, Manpreet Singh's aggression ensures that the referees rethink their decision and rule Chennai's Ran Singh out as well! What a coach Manpreet is!
34' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Ajay Thakur fails this time! He tried to escape with a Dubki but failed to execute it to perfection
33' Manjeet Chhillar commits an error, gifts Gujarat's Rohit Gulia an easy touch point
32' Bonus point for Rohit Gulia. 
31' Pursuit from Rahul Chaudhari, one of Gujarat's defenders had stepped out of the line hence, Gujarat were down to 3 men and then the remaining three took down Rahul to complete a SUPER TACKLE!
30' GB More fails to open his account, Tamil Thalaivas' defence tackles him in his 5th raid of the night. 
29' REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Sachin is OUT, Ajeet gets a life
29' Do-or-die raid for Gujarat Fortune Giants, Sachin goes for the raid and touches Ajeet. However, Tamil Thalaivas feel that there was no touch hence, they have gone for the review
28' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, the skipper Ajay Thakur fails to complete his job, Gujarat get a tackle point
26' The revived Rohit Gulia goes for the do-or-die raid, gets the bonus before getting tackled by the defence
25' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Rahul Chaudhari fails to make an impact this time around. He gets dashed by the defence
24' Sachin gets hunt down by the Tamil defence now, The EKA Arena has gone silent
23' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Rahul Chaudhari gets an easy touch point. 
23' And now, Rohit Gulia is shown the way to the bench. The defence throws him out of the court with a magnificent dash
21' Rohit Gulia scores the first raid point of the 2nd half. Perfect execution of the kick
1. Ajay Thakur - 6 Pts
2. Sachin Tanwar - 4 Pts
3.  Shabeer Bappu - 3 Pts
20' ALL OUT! 2+2, 4 points to Tamil Thalaivas. Ajay Thakur cleans up the Gujarat Fortune Giants half. The home fans are pretty disappointed with their team's performance. 
20' Rohit Gulia saves the all-out, gets a bonus and gets a touch point as well!
19' Review Unsuccessful! Instead, 2 points for the Thalaivas now, Gujarat down to one man
19' Gujarat have asked for a review
19' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Ajay Thakur does the job once again! Parvesh Bhainswal's dash could not prevent Thakur from crossing the midline
17' Do-or-die raid for Gujarat, Sachin fails to repeat his magic, Gujarat down to 3 men once more
16' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Ajay Thakur claims a touch and the defender just too honest to come forward and push Ajay to his half. 
15' Sachin Tanwar revives two of his teammates! His 2-pointer raid sends Ran Singh and Ajeet to the bench!
14' Shabeer Bappu's touch point has given the lead to the Chennai-based franchise. Fortune Giants down to 3 men now
13' Another successful tackle from Tamil Thalaivas' side. They have equaled the score once again
11' Rahul Chaudhari commits an unforced error! He steps in the lobby without any touch
10' Do-or-die raid for Gujarat, Rohit Gulia gets crushed by Mohit Chhillar and co. Scores are level now!
10' Shabeer Bappu's smart touch on Sunil awards him a touch point
8' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Ajay Thakur went deep in Gujarat's half only to be dispatched by the Gujarat defence
7' The Thalaivas defence tackles Sachin to grab their first tackle point of the night
6' Ajay Thakur picks his first raid point of the match, gets a touch on Sunil Kumar
5' Manjeet Chhillar has to go out now, Gujarat are cruising at the moment
4' Do-or-die raid for Gujarat, Ajeet steps out of the line and allows Harmanjeet to go home safe
4' Tamil Thalaivas have got a point from that raid because Rahul had taken the bonus
3' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas, Rahul Chaudhari fails to fulfill his team's need, gets tackled by the Gujarat defence.
1' Sachin takes the first point of the night, Mohit Chhillar gifts him an easy point
Tamil Thalaivas are in their new away jerseys as we are all set to kick things off!
So, the big news is GB More is not a part of Gujarat's starting seven, he is in the list of subs hence, it is not that he is missing out because of a niggle. 
The starting sevens of both the teams are out! 
GUJARAT FORTUNE GIANTS : Sunil Kumar (C), Parvesh Bhainswal, Sachin, Harmanjit Singh, Rohit Gulia, Ankit, Sumit. 
TAMIL THALAIVAS : Ajay Thakur (C), Ajeet, Manjeet Chhillar, Shabeer Bappu, Rahul Chaudhari, Mohit Chhillar, Ran Singh. 
Gujarat Fortune Giants and Tamil Thalaivas have battled in 2 PKL matches till date, with both the teams winning one game each. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the first day of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2019's Ahmedabad leg. The hosts, Gujarat Fortune Giants will be in action tonight as they lock horns with Tamil Thalaivas in the first match of this new phase. 
The Arena by Transstadia, Ahmedabad
Match Start Time
Sat, 10/Aug/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Fortune Giants vs Tamil Thalaivas
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019
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