Gujarat Giants Vs Haryana Steelers 14 November 2022

Gujarat Giants
Haryana Steelers
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
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FT: Gujarat Giants 32-33 Haryana Steelers

Turned out to be a topsy-turvy contest throughout, but somehow, the Steelers edged past the Giants by a solitary point. They had a five-point lead heading into the second half but the Giants put up an incredible fightback to inflict an all-out in the 29th minute.

It was even-steven until the last second of the match but Manjeet got some crucial raid points, coupled with some timely tackles from Jaideep as the Steelers win the nail-biter, much to the delight of Manpreet
40' Manjeet takes the last raid of the match and he's been tackled by Rinku. But that doesn't matter as the Steelers win by a solitary point. The Steelers are challenging for a jersey pull but the review turns out to be unsuccessful
The Steelers have a two-point lead as the Giants take a time-out in the dying seconds of the game
40' The Steelers have a two-point lead. Mahendra Rajput has been tackled by Jaideep with a timely dash. Manpreet is jumping in joy

Gujarat Giants 30-33 Haryana Steelers
Manjeet gets a running hand touch again after pushing the left corner deep but at the other end, Rakesh has been tackled. He escaped from the first tackle but Nitin Rawal's block came at the right time before Joginder Narwal pulled the raider back
38' It's all square now as Ranjit gets a hand touch on Jaideep

Gujarat Giants 30-30 Haryana Steelers
Manjeet gets a toe touch in the last second of the raid to send Manuj back to the bench
Manjeet has gotten just two raid points in the second half after registering a super 10 in the first 10 minutes
35' A defensive error from Amir as his ankle hold was too late and Mahendra Rajput uses his height to make his way to the mid-lie. Hang on, the Giants want more as they challenge for the bonus point. The replay shows that his forefoot is not touching the black line when his trailing foot is in the air. Review unsuccessful

Gujarat Giants 29-29 Haryana Steelers
34' Joginder Narwal wins the battle with Rakesh this time as his diving ankle hold was too strong

Gujarat Giants 28-28 Haryana Steelers
Nitin Rawal attempts a dubki but Kapil bends low to tackle the raider with ease
33' Kapil's ankle hold was too strong as Manjeet gives up easily

Gujarat Giants 27-27 Haryana Steelers
31' Jaideep dashes Mahendra Rajput out of bounds. The Steelers take a lead now
Manuj's defensive error allows Manjeet to make his way back to the mid-line easily. It's all square now

Gujarat Giants 26-26 Haryana Steelers
29' ALL OUT! Things have changed in a blink of an eye as the Giants inflict an all-out to take a one-point lead. Rakesh's multi-point raid was pivotal for the Giants to clean up the Steelers

Gujarat Giants 26-25 Haryana Steelers
29' Rakesh Narwal takes out two players to reduce the Giants to just a solitary man
Both first-choice Steeler's raiders are off the mat now. Manuj tackles Meetu with a stunning ankle hold before Rinku's support came at the right time to pin the raider down
The Steelers have just four players on the mat, but the Giants aren't taking any risks at the moment
26' Meetu takes a do-or-die raid at the other end. He gets a bonus before taking out a player on his way to the mid-line

Gujarat Giants 20-24 Haryana Steelers
25' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE GIANTS!  Rakesh Narwal has been tackled. Hang on, looks like Joginder Narwal goes out of the line before pulling off a tackle
Both teams are happy to slow things at the moment. 
Rinku dives into Manjeet's left thigh in a flash and tackles him with ease this time. Momentum with the Giants now?
22' Mahendra Rajput has been tackled here. But the Giants have taken a review. Jaideep blocks him but did he drag his fingertips to the mid-line? This is a game of millimeters. This is going to be tricky for the third umpire. A big verdict coming up and the review turns out to be successful

Gujarat Giants 18-22 Haryana Steelers
Manjeet instantly reduces the Giants to three as he gets a running hand touch on Pardeep Kumar
Manpreet looks animated at the break. The second half gets underway now
HT: Haryana Steelers 21-16 Gujarat Giants

All eyes were on Meetu ahead of this contest, but it's Manjeet, who has risen to the occasion and picked up a super 10 in the first half. The Giants' defense were so tentative at times and Manjeet used that to his advantage as he ran away with easy raid points

The all-out was inflicted in the 7th minute and the momentum stayed with the Steelers throughout the first half. The lead is just five points now, and anything can happen in the second half, so don't go anywhere as we will be back shortly
20' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE STEELERS. Manjeet gets his super 10 as he escapes from Chandran Ranjit's ankle hold

Haryana Steelers 21-16 Gujarat Giants
But here comes the do-or-die raid for the Giants! Rakesh comes in and he's been dashed out of bounds by Nitin Rawal
Both teams are striking in every raids, so we haven't seen a do-or-die raid for a long time
18' Meetu goes out of bounds without a touch and the lead is just three points for the Steelers
18' Joginder Narwal's ankle hold was weak this time as Rakesh easily make his way back to the mid-line

Haryana Steelers 19-15 Gujarat Giants
18' Pardeep once again goes out of line to gift the Steelers a point
15' Meetu gets a bonus but a defensive mistake from Amir helped Chandran Ranjit to escape the tackle with ease
Manjeet is showing some intent tonight. Another raid point for the tall raider
14' Chandran takes a multi-point raid this time to reduce the deficit to just two points

Haryana Steelers 14-12 Gujarat Giants
12' DO-OR-DIE RAID! Manjeet comes in and gets a touch point in the last second. Rinku looks disappointed
It's a multi-point raid for Rakesh as he gets a running hand touch on Nitin before leaping to escape from Amir's thigh hold
9' Ranjit tries a bonus but Joginder dives into his ankle before the cover defenders dashed him out of bounds

Haryana Steelers 13-8 Gujarat Giants
Both team's raiders are striking for fun and running away with easy raid points
8' The Steelers restore their 5-point lead as Manjeet gets a touchpoint again
A mistake comes from Amir as Ranjt escapes from his loose block to make his way back to the mid-line
7' ALL OUT! The Steelers draw first blood and take a five-point lead

Haryana Steelers 10-5 Gujarat Giants
Mahendra Rajput comes in as a substitute and he's been tackled instantly
6' DO-OR-DIE RAID! Rakesh comes in and he's been tackled easily, much to the delight of the coach Manpreet. Mohit dives into his ankle before the support came at the right time
3' SUPER TACKLE! Rinku says enough is enough as he comes from behind and flattens Manjeet out of bounds single-handedly

Haryana Steelers 4-3 Gujarat Giants
It's not Meetu, it's Manjeet who's making things happen for the Steelers. Another running hand touch to reduce the Steelers to four
1' Chandran Ranjit gets a running hand touch before Manjeet takes out two players to give the Steelers an initial lead
Toss: Haryana Steelers win the toss and the Giants will raid first
Team news

Gujarat Giants (Starters): Manuj, Chandran Ranjit, Pardeep Kumar, Kapil, Arkam Shaikh, Rakesh HS, Rinku Narwal

Substitutes: Sonu, Sandeep Kandola, Purna Singh, Vijin Thangadurai, Shankar Gadai, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Dong Geon Lee

Haryana Steelers: Manjeet, Joginder Singh Narwal, Amirhossein Bastami, Mohit, Meetu Mhahender, Jaideep Kuldeep, Nitin Rawal

Substitutes: Mohammad Mahali, Harsh, Monu , Sunny, K. Prapanjan, Vinay, Rakesh Narwal
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL 2022 match between Gujarat Giants and Haryana Steelers

Both teams haven't been at their best so far this season. They are sitting in 10th and 11th place in the standings with 31 points, and a win tonight could revive their campaign. 

This match will be deemed as the battle between Rakesh and Haryana's defense. If Jaideep & co find a way to stop Rakesh, then have a better chance to reign supreme in this match. Coach Manpreet will be up against his former team and he knows the strengths and weaknesses of players like Rakesh and Pardeep Kumar
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Mon, 14/Nov/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Giants vs Haryana Steelers
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2022
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