Gujarat Giants Vs Telugu Titans 06 December 2022

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Alright then. That's it for this match. Thanks for tuning into this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. More PKL actions will come your way during the course of this week. Until then, adios!
FULL TIME! Telugu Titans 30 - 44 Gujarat Giants

Gujarat Giants keep their playoff hopes alive, and they have completed a double over Telugu Titans this season. Parteek Dahiya was spectacular this evening, amassing over 17 raid points and registering yet another Super 10 this campaign, and he received good support from his teammates, especially Dong Geon Lee, who was the stand-in captain of the Giants and did well with the raid. Rinku Narwal was decisive with his tackles. For the Titans, Abhishek Singh had one of his best matches this season, showing a glimpse of his old self, K Hanumanthu was surely impressive with all-round capabilities, and Parvesh Bhainswal managed to finish the match with a High 5, but the end result didn't favour them as they would have expected. In the end, Ram Mehar Singh and the Gujarat Giants will be happy with those five points as they edge closer to securing their berth for the 2022 season play-off.
39' Abhishek Singh comes in with the hope of registering a Super 10, but he has to go back without that feat as he gets taken down by a fierce hold from Shankar Gadai.

Telugu 30 - 44 Gujarat
39' Mohsen falls to a terrific double ankle hold off Rinku and the Giants are just increasing their margin of victory here.
38' DO OR DIE! Youngster Rohan Singh, gets a go at it but fails to make a move, and Parvesh Bhainswal was in no mood to coincide anything off it.
38' Mohsen gets back with a toe touch on Arkam Singh and earns a revival.
37' Oh boy! Rinku Narwal comes running in from that left corner and puts in a furious dash to push Hanumanthu off the court.

Telugu 28 - 42 Gujarat
36' What a tackle! Prince D has got the scalp of Dong Geon Lee with a crisp double ankle hold.
36' Abhishek Singh had almost made it through, but the defence of the Giants didn't give up just yet and they complete a solid tackle.
34' DO OR DIE! Abhishek Singh teases the defense, and Shankar Gadai attempts an advanced tackle, but it is ineffective, and the raider drags back towards the midline with a crucial point.

Telugu 27 - 40 Gujarat
34' DO OR DIE! Parteek Dahiya has once again been caught by Parvesh Bhainswal's almighty double ankle hold. And guess what? It's a SUPER TACKLE!

Telugu 26 - 40 Gujarat
32' Adarsh T has been tackled down and it needed a solid hold, and it came right in from Arkam Shaikh.

Telugu 24 - 40 Gujarat
31' What's with Telugu Titans and super tackles this season? Parteek Dahiya falls prey to a brilliant double ankle hold attempt from Parvesh Bhainswal and it's a SUPER TACKLE.

Telugu 24 - 39 Gujarat
30' Sonu Jaglan catches Mohsen with a clutch ankle hold and the Iranian couldn't managed to break away.
30' Parteek Dahiya has found a touch on Telugu Titans' best player of the evening, Hanumanthu and returns back with a good point.

Telugu 22 - 38 Gujarat
29' Abhishek Singh has run into the defence of Rinku Narwal, and he's got to go back to the bench.
29' Parteek Dahiya returns with a hand touch on Nitin.
29' Dong Geon Lee stares for a bonus and he's got that one with perfection.
28' Mohammed Shihas gets absolutely blocked, and it was Kapil's furious hold that's enforced yet another ALL OUT!

Telugu 22 - 34 Gujarat
27' Parteek Dahiya is on a clean-up task, lands in a touch on Prince D. The Titans have been reduced just to one man.
26' Abhishek Singh gets a bonus point of his own with this raid.
26' Parteek Dahiya gets a touch point off Mohsen. 
25' Parteek Dahiya tries for the kick in the corner, but on his way back gets a couple of touches on Ankit and Hanumanthu. 
23' Dong Lee succumbs and the Telugu Titans have staged an ALL OUT! Is this their comeback train? Oh, sure it does look like it.

Telugu 18 - 23 Gujarat
22' Abhishek Singh is literally cleaning the house. Manuj tried to put in an ankle hold, but fails to complete the tackle and the raider walks away with a point.

Telugu 15 - 23 Gujarat
22' Dong Geon Lee returns with yet another bonus point. 
21' Abhishek Singh gets back with a quick hand touch on Arkam Shaikh.
20' Dong Geon Lee attempts for a bonus and he gets that right.
20' The trademark running hand touch of Abhishek Singh comes in play and he gets an all-important touch on in-form Parteek Dahiya.

Telugu 13 - 21 Gujarat
HALF TIME! Telugu 12 - 21 Gujarat

The Giants appear determined and to be in a comfortable zone, while the Titans are dealing with the same issues they did earlier this season, but in the final moments of the half, they managed to score a few points to show that fighting spirit is still present. Parteek Dahiya has been a spectacle to watch in the first twenty. His raid technique and skill make him one of the brightest stars of PKL season 9. Can the Telugu Titans manage to script a comeback? An interesting second half begins soon!
18' K Hanumanthu tried to breakfree from the space, but the defence of the Titans came through to complete a fantastic SUPER TACLKLE!

Telugu 12 - 21 Gujarat
16' Mohsen tries for a bonus and he gets that one right.
13' K Hanumanthu gets a point off Shankar Gadai's miss-timed tackle hold attempt. 
12' Rinku Narwal puts in a clutch ankle hold on Abhishek Singh and the latter has nowhere to go.

Telugu 5 - 15 Gujarat
11' Dong Geon Lee gets a touch on Parvesh Bhainswal and returns back with a point.
10' Shankar Gadai pounds down Abhishek Singh who leaned to jump on him and the Giants have inflicted the first ALL OUT of the evening.

Telugu 5 - 13 Gujarat
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Here are the squads:

Gujarat Giants

Starters: Sonu, Kapil, Parteek Dhaiya, Arkam Shaikh, Shankar Gadai, Rinku Narwal, Dong Geon Lee

Bench: Manuj, Chandran Ranjit, Pardeep Kumar, Rohan Singh, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Priyank Chandel, Sandeep

Telugu Titans

Starters: Abhishek Singh, Nitin, K Hanumanthu, Muhammed shihas, Ankit, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Parvesh Bhainswal

Bench: Vijay Kumar, Prince D, Ramakrishna Palla, Hamid Nader, Mohit , Adarsh T
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. Gujarat Giants will face Telugu Titans in the first game of Tuesday's super panga double header.The Giants would look to complete a double over their opponents, who look absolutely fragile this season. It will surely be an uphill task for the Titans to overcome this challenge on their home turf.

Parteek Dahiya has taken over the lead raider’s mantle for the Giants in the absence of Rakesh Sangroya, and the latter will likely be ready for this battle as he looks recovered from the injury scare earlier in this season. The Titans' defence is at its best during super tackle opportunities and shy away during the rest of the game, and they will be hoping for a turnaround this evening at Gachibowli Stadium in Hyderabad. 

Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill, and enjoy the coverage.

An exciting game of Kabaddi gets underway soon. Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Tue, 06/Dec/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Giants vs Telugu Titans
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