Gujarat Giants Vs U.p. Yoddhas 19 October 2022

Gujarat Giants
U.P. Yoddhas
GUJARAT GIANTS won the match
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Whew! A great match comes to an end. Thanks for tuning into this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. Don't go anywhere; the second match of the day featuring Bengaluru Bulls and Tamil Thalaivas gets underway soon. Until then, adios!
FULL TIME! Gujarat Giants 51 - 45 U.P. Yoddhas

And that was it! With a total of 96 points scored, we have witnessed a high-scoring encounter of the highest order here in Shree Kanteerava Stadium. The Gujarat Giants, who were trailing by a couple of points at the halfway stage, shifted gears quickly and managed to register an emphatic win tonight. In a different game altogether, Chandran Ranjit was on a different level altogether where he recorded 20 points. Playing second fiddle was Rakesh Sangroya, who continued his tremendous form by registering his fourth Super 10 of the season, and in the defence, Sourav Gulia showed good amounts of promise and picked up 3 tackle points. For the Yoddhas, it was business as usual for Surender Gill and Pardeep, who scalped a Super 10 each. In the end, it was the Gujarat Giants who got their hands on those five precious points, and the Yoddhas had to settle for just a point.
39' It's the last raid of this match and Chandran Ranjit gets tackled down by Sumit. We have had a wonderful game here, such an eventful evening.
39' Pardeep Narwal puts in a quick raid and gets a point.
39' DO OR DIE! Chandran Ranjit gets a point from a touch on Sumit.

Gujarat Giants 51 - 43 U.P. Yoddhas
39' SUPER RAID! Pardeep Narwal strikes three points. Sandeep Kandola, Sourav Gulia, and Pardeep Kumar are his victims.
37' Rakesh is in amazing form now, everything he touches, turns gold. 
37' Surender Gill comes back with a bonus point.

36' ALL OUT! The Giants are just dominating their way through this encounter. 
36' Rakesh Sangroya gets another point, it's Rohit Tomar who should go to the bench. 
35' Pardeep Narwal gets a touch point on Sourav Gulia. 
35' SUPER RAID! Rakesh rushes through and bags himself a three-point raid. 
34' The Giants have a seven-point advantage, will the Yoddhas go any closer and party poppers? 
34' An empty raid from the other end as well. Surender Gill returns back without a point.

Gujarat Giants 42 - 35 U.P. Yoddhas
34' Rakesh comes back with an empty raid. 
33' Surender Gill puts in a quick raid and gets a bonus point of it.
33' Rakesh produces a two-point raid makes full use of a failed tackle attempt. Sends back Sumit and Ashu Singh to the bench.
32' Review unsuccessful: Surender Gill doesn't get that bonus point here.

Gujarat Giants 40 - 34 U.P. Yoddhas
32' Chandran Ranjit puts in an empty raid. 
31' Surender Gill comes back with a quick bonus.
31' DO OR DIE! Rakesh Sangroya plays with the clock after getting a bonus and this smart move by the leading side.
30' Rohit Tomar dives and slips, gives away a point.
30' Coach Ram Mehar's Gujarat Giants have a 5-point advantage over the Yoddhas.  
30' Rakesh Sangroya puts in an empty raid.

Gujarat Giants 38 - 33 U.P. Yoddhas
29' Surender Gill registers his 3rd SUPER 10 of the season. He has been an exciting player to watch. 
29' SUPER RAID! Surender Gill gets a bonus and also two touch points which sends Pardeep Kumar and Shankar Gadai to the bench. 
29' An empty raid from the Gujarat Giants captain, Chandran Ranjit.
28' Surender Gill too follows Ranjit, gets a bonus point.
28' A bonus point here for Chandran Ranjit.
28' Surender Gill puts an empty raid.
27' It's yet another ALL OUT inflicted by the Giants. They have absolutely woken up in the second-half.

Gujarat Giants 37 - 29 U.P. Yoddhas
26' Arkam Shaikh steps out and it's gift of a point to Surender Gill.
26' Nitesh Kumar fails a thigh hold on Surender Gill.

Gujarat Giants 33 - 27 U.P. Yoddhas
24' SUPER RAID! Chandran Ranjit is on song tonight, picks up 3 massive points!
23' Pardeep Narwal tries for the Dubki and fails. A solid tackle by Sourav Gulia.
23' Chandran Ranjit places his foot on the lobby and gets self-out.
23' Surender Gill gets tackled down by Sourav Gulia.
22' ALL OUT! The Giants have inflicted an all-out here. 
21' It's a bonus plus point for the U.P. Yoddhas and a point for the Giants.
21' Rakesh Sangroya with an acrobatic effort, new HIGH FLYER in town? Gets an incredible point.
20' An empty here to begin the half.
HALF TIME! Gujarat Giants 19 - 21 U.P. Yoddhas

As expected, this was indeed a battle between two equally matched sides in terms of talent and player ability. The U.P. Yoddhas have just got a 2-point cushion over the Gujarat Giants at the halfway stage. Pardeep Narwal looked solid early-on, which saw him bagging the most points for the Yoddhas, followed by a good performance by Surender Gill, who has put out a proper support act. On the other hand, the captain of the Giants, Chandran Ranjit, was spectacular, registering a Super 10 within the first 20 minutes, showing his class all-over. With so much to play for, an exciting second half is coming up!
19' DO OR DIE! Rakesh Sangroya capitalizes on the error committed from Sumit. A good finish to the first-half! 
19' Rohit Tomar too with an empty raid here. 
19' Parteek Dahiya comes back without a point.
19' Rohit Tomar comes back with a quick bonus point.
19' Empty raid by Rakesh HS.
18' DO OR DIE! Pardeep Narwal gets perished, Sandeep Kandola with a good tackle assisted by all of Giants players.
Here are the squads

Gujarat Giants: Chandran Ranjit, Sandeep Kandola, Parteek Dhaiya, Sourav Gulia, Rakesh HS, Shankar Gadai, Arkam Shaikh

Bench: Pardeep Kumar, Vijin Thangadurai, Baldev Singh, Rinku Narwal, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Dong Geon Lee

U.P. Yoddhas: Sumit, Ashu Singh, Surender Gill, Rohit Tomar, Nitesh Kumar, Shubham Kumar, Pardeep Narwal

Bench: Jaideep, Gurdeep, James Kamweti, Rathan K, Anil Kumar, Nitin Panwar, Mahipal
Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
All right, it’s about go time. This contest is surely going to be a belter. Can’t wait! Who will prevail in this clash of two well-matched sides? Let’s find out and away we go! Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the live coverage!
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. We have a couple of really fascinating matches scheduled for the day. The first match of this Wednesday evening will feature a struggling Gujarat Giants side who are placed 10th on the points table and will go up against a rather in-form U.P. Yoddhas are among the top 4 in the early days of this season.

If we take note of the recent form of these two teams, the Giants faced a defeat to the Jaipur Pink Panthers, while the Yoddhas had a great result against the Bengaluru Bulls. The bottom line is simple: Rakesh Sangroya will be looking for assistance from his fellow raiders to bat an eye against formidable opposition. What’s really interesting is that Pardeep ‘the Record Breaker’ Narwal has come back to form and Surender Gill has been on top of his game, leading the team’s attack from last season.
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Wed, 19/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Gujarat Giants vs U.P. Yoddhas
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