Pro Kabaddi Live Score 2022, Haryana Steelers vs Bengal Warriors: Scores level 19-19 at half time

Haryana Steelers
Bengal Warriors
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
Lineups & Stats
FULL TIME: Haryana Steelers 46 - 29 Bengal Warriors
40' Haryana scores 1 raid point and 1 tackle point in the last minute and win by 17 points!!

Haryana Steelers 46 - 29 Bengal Warriors
39' Anand V gets tackled inside 5 seconds

Haryana Steelers 44 - 29 Bengal Warriors
39' Ran Singh's diving ankle hold fails to keep Vinay down.

Haryana Steelers 43 - 29 Bengal Warriors
39' ALL OUT!! Ravi Kumar's block helps Haryana Steelers inflict another all out as they tackle down last man standing Rohit

Haryana Steelers 42 - 29 Bengal Warriors
38' Vikash Khandola completes his SUPER 10 with a running hand touch on Parveen

Haryana Steelers 39 - 28 Bengal Warriors
38' Jaideep shines again, Nabibakhsh scores a bonus but gets tackled soon

Haryana Steelers 38 - 28 Bengal Warriors
36' Maninder Singh scores a raid point, in the next raid, which is a do-or-die for Haryana, Vikash Khandola gets a touch on Ran Singh, Sukesh Hegde fails against Haryana's defense, the lead grows to 10.

Haryana Steelers 37 - 27 Bengal Warriors
33' Vinay gets a touch on Vishal Mane, in the next raid, Ashish hunts down Maninder Singh

Haryana Steelers 35 - 26 Bengal Warriors
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL: 3 points to Bengal Warriors
REVIEW: Haryana Steelers challenge the decision
33' SUPER RAID!! Maninder Singh ROARS!! He scores a bonus and takes out Surender Nada and Mohit in the same raid!

Haryana Steelers 33 - 26 Bengal Warriors
33' ALL OUT!! Vikash Khandola beats both defenders remaining in Bengal's half!! 4 points to Haryana Steelers

Haryana Steelers 33 - 23 Bengal Warriors
32' Mohit and Jaideep's combo tackle helps Haryana Steelers pull off a successful tackle on Maninder Singh

Haryana Steelers 29 - 23 Bengal Warriors
31' Vishal Mane's advanced tackle attempt is unable to keep Vikash Khandola down

Haryana Steelers 28 - 23 Bengal Warriors
30' Ran Singh stepped out of bound during Vikash Khandola's raid

Haryana Steelers 27 - 23 Bengal Warriors
30' Surender Nada's dash helps Haryana Steelers send Mohammad Nabibakhsh to the bench

Haryana Steelers 26 - 23 Bengal Warriors
29' Do-or-die raid for Haryana Steelers, Vinay gets a touch on Sukesh Hegde and Vikash Khandola is back

Haryana Steelers 25 - 23 Bengal Warriors
28' SUPER 10!! Maninder Singh scores his 10th raid point of the night by failing a dash from Mohit

Haryana Steelers 24 - 23 Bengal Warriors
26' Do-or-die raid for Bengal Warriors, Mohammad Nabibakhsh fails an advanced tackle from Jaideep and revives Maninder Singh

Haryana Steelers 24 - 22 Bengal Warriors
26' Vinay scores a bonus again

Haryana Steelers 24 - 21 Bengal Warriors
24' Vinay scores a bonus for Haryana Steelers

Haryana Steelers 23 - 21 Bengal Warriors
23' Mohammad Nabibakhsh gets a touch on Ashish and revives his compatriot Abozar Mighani

Haryana Steelers 22 - 21 Bengal Warriors
23' Ran Singh's mighty block helps Bengal Warriors hunt down Vikash Khandola

Haryana Steelers 22 - 20 Bengal Warriors
22' Maninder Singh steps in the lobby before any struggle during his raid

Haryana Steelers 22 - 19 Bengal Warriors
21' Abozar Mighani steps out of bounds during Vinay's raid

Haryana Steelers 21 - 19 Bengal Warriors
21' Sukesh Hedge attempts a jump but a chain tackle from the left side of the defense helps Haryana Steelers pull off a successful tackle

Haryana Steelers 20 - 19 Bengal Warriors
HALFTIME: Bengal Warriors 19  - 19 Haryana Steelers
20' Maninder Singh sends Akshay to the bench by failing his tackle in the final raid of the 1st half

Bengal Warriors 19  - 19 Haryana Steelers
20' Bengal pull off a successful tackle on Vinay, but the raider is safe because Ran Singh stepped out of bounds before the struggle

Bengal Warriors 18 - 19 Haryana Steelers
20' Sukesh Hedge gets the better of both Mohit and Jaideep in the same raid!! The veteran brings his experience to the fore!!

Bengal Warriors 18 - 18 Haryana Steelers
19' Vishal Mane tries an advanced tackle on Vinay this time but the raider escapes

Bengal Warriors 16 - 18 Haryana Steelers
19' Maninder Singh scores a bonus point

Bengal Warriors 16 - 17 Haryana Steelers
18' Ashish gets tackled in the 1st raid after the all-out. Vishal Mane is the hero of that tackle for Bengal

Bengal Warriors 15 - 17 Haryana Steelers
18' ALL OUT!! Maninder Singh scores a bonus but gets tackled this time!! Jaideep scores his 1st tackle point of the night

Bengal Warriors 14 - 17 Haryana Steelers
17' Abozar Mighani tries an advanced tackle in a 1 vs. 2 situation, but Vikash Khandola escapes with ease

Bengal Warriors 13 - 14 Haryana Steelers
17' Maninder Singh saves the all out with a bonus and a touch on Ravi Kumar

Bengal Warriors 13 - 13 Haryana Steelers
16' SUPER RAID!! What a moment in the match!! Vikash Khandola opens his account in style by beating 4 defenders of Bengal!! Bengal down to 1 man

Bengal Warriors 11 - 13 Haryana Steelers
15' Maninder Singh finally scores his 1st touch point of the night as Bengal's lead grows to 2

Bengal Warriors 11 - 9 Haryana Steelers
14' Sukesh Hegde gets a running hand touch on Jaideep in his first raid

Bengal Warriors 10 - 9 Haryana Steelers
SUBSTITUTION: Sukesh Hegde IN Vishal Mane OUT
13' Ashish went into the lobby without any struggle, 2 defenders of Bengal Warriors follow him!! Scores level!

Bengal Warriors 9 - 9 Haryana Steelers
11' Do-or-die raid for Bengal Warriors, Ran Singh gets a touch point thanks to his might!

Bengal Warriors 8 - 7 Haryana Steelers
8' Akshay shines in the defense with a great tackle on Maninder Singh. Ashish executes a hand touch on Anand V this time, he is in some form tonight!

Bengal Warriors 7 - 7 Haryana Steelers
8' Ashish gets a touch on Vishal Mane in his raid

Bengal Warriors 7 - 5 Haryana Steelers
8' Ashish shows off his tackling skills with a successful tackle on Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh

Bengal Warriors 7 - 4 Haryana Steelers
7' Do-or-die raid for Haryana Steelers, Vikash Khandola has been dashed out by the Bengal Warriors!

Bengal Warriors 7 - 3 Haryana Steelers
6' Haryana Steelers' defense pulls off a successful tackle on Maninder Singh, Akshay steals the show in that tackle!!

Bengal Warriors 6 - 3 Haryana Steelers
6' Vinay scores a bonus point for Haryana Steelers, Maninder Singh scores a bonus. 

Bengal Warriors 6 - 2 Haryana Steelers
4' Maninder Singh scores a bonus point

Bengal Warriors 5 - 1 Haryana Steelers
4' Do-or-die raid for Haryana Steelers, Vikash Khandola steps in the lobby without any struggle

Bengal Warriors 4 - 1 Haryana Steelers
3' Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh scores a bonus point

Bengal Warriors 3 - 1 Haryana Steelers
1' Mohit dashes out Maninder Singh, the raider scores a bonus

Bengal Warriors 2 - 1 Haryana Steelers
1' Ran Singh's advanced dive helps Bengal Warriors hunt down Vikash Khandola in the first raid

Bengal Warriors 1 - 0 Haryana Steelers

Haryana Steelers: 
Vikash Khandola, Akshay, Ravi Kumar, Jaideep, Ashish, Vinay, Mohit

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh, Anand V, Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Vishal Mane, Parveen Satpal, Ran Singh, Abozar Mighani
BIG UPDATE: Surender Nada is not in the starting 7. He is one of the substitutes for Haryana Steelers tonight. 
Here is all you need to know about Haryana Steelers vs. Bengal Warriors match. 
Here are some Dream11 tips for Haryana Steelers vs. Bengal Warriors match. 
A win tonight can take Haryana Steelers straight to number four, while Bengal can climb to number five on the standings if they win tonight. 
While Haryana Steelers are seventh with 43 points from 15 matches, the Bengal Warriors have earned 41 points from 15 games and are in the 10th position. 
It is a Triple Panga tonight and it kicks off with a battle between the defending champions Bengal Warriors and the Rakesh Kumar-coached Haryana Steelers. Both teams are out of the Top 6 right now. 
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Fri, 04/Feb/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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