Haryana Steelers Vs Dabang Delhi K.c. 20 November 2022

Haryana Steelers
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Alright, then! That's it for this match. Thanks for tuning into this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. Another exciting match is coming up next, as it's going to be a battle of two of the top teams of the season. Until then, adios!
FULL TIME! Haryana Steelers 30 - 42 Dabang Delhi K.C.

It's 2 in 2 for Dabang Delhi K.C. against Haryana Steelers in PKL season 9. Today, the defending champs were absolutely on prime form, and this sort of performance was needed from them to gain that momentum back. Naveen Kumar also found his rhythm as he registered yet another Super 10, while Ashu Malik contributed 5 raid points and 5 tackle points each to complete a comprehensive win here in Hyderabad. For the Steelers, Prapanjan and Manjeet did well on the attack end, but it was their defence that didn't come prepared for this challenge. In the end, Dabang Delhi K.C. takes those five points and moves up three places on the points table.
39' DO OR DIE! Ashu Malik plays along with the clock, utilises the full 30 seconds, and concedes a point for being timed out to end this match.

Haryana 30 - 42 Dabang
39' Prapanjan ventured into that corner, and Ashu Malik caught him with an ankle hold, but it seemed like the raider would slip away, and then he came in with support from his teammates to complete a SUPER TACKLE!

Haryana 29 - 42 Dabang
38' Prapanjan is claiming a touch on Ravi Kumar, and the umpire says the raider is right in his asking.

The Dabangs, in return, have asked for a review. And the review is unsuccessful. The point stands.

Haryana 29 - 40 Dabang
38' Amit Hooda tries an ankle hold on Prapanjan, but the raider escapes from the clutches and returns with a point.
37' DO OR DIE! Ashu Malik gets two touch points here. Jaideep Dahiya and Mohit Nandal are off to the bench.

Haryana 27 - 40 Dabang
37' The Dabangs have pulled off a SUPER TACKLE, Meetu gets totally blocked by Ashu Malik. It also worth noting that, Vijay had stepped out of court and he concedes a point in the process.

Haryana 27 - 38 Dabang
36' Meetu puts in a running hand touch on Krishan Dhull and quickly makes it through the mid line.

Haryana 26 - 36 Dabang
35' Meetu gets a quick touch on Ravi Kumar and returns back.
34'  DO OR DIE! The Steelers have effect a Super Tackle! Naveen Kumar gets absolutely blocked, and Mohit Nandal gets his scalp.

Haryana 24 - 36 Dabang
34' Prapanjan K was both close and far. Amit Hooda had a double ankle hold on the raider, but he dragged himself through to the midline, which wasn't enough to keep him alive and he eventually succumbed.
32' Vinay tried a kick on Vijay, and Krishan came running right into the raider to block him and throw him off the court.
32' That was intense! Super Tackle with immense struggle, Manjeet tried and tried but, the defence led by Krishan didn't give him a chance to get away.

Haryana 22 - 34 Dabang
31' Vijay Malik gets a point off Jaideep who came in with dash, a crucial point for the Dabangs as they have earned a revival.
30' Manjeet puts a spicy tap in on Sandeep, and gets back with a point.

Haryana 22 - 31 Dabang
28' DO OR DIE! Naveen Kumar was going aggressive with this raid, Mohit Nandal puts in a block which was complimented by the entire defence.
26' Manjeet ventures in deep, tries the back kick but Vijay Malik corners him with a solid double thigh and it's a SUPER TACKLE for the Dabangs.

24' DO OR DIE! Ashu Malik perishes to a fierce dash from Jaideep Dahiya.

Haryana 18 - 27 Dabang
23' Vinay tried to stage an escape route, but Ashu Malik had other ideas and puts in a solid back hold to tackle him down.
21' Prapanjan has probably changed the perspective of this match; he has put in a massive SUPER RAID that has given the Steelers a 4-pointer.

Haryana 17 - 26 Dabang
20' Naveen Kumar goes in like raging bull and reaches out on Mohit, gets back with a touch point.
HALF TIME! Haryana 13 - 24 Dabang

The defending champs have arrived in style this evening, everything is going as per their plans. Naveen Kumar, Sandeep Dhull and all other pieces are coming together for the Dabangs. Can the Steelers script a comeback? Let's find out.
19' Meetu Sharma has been completely outnumbered by the Dabangs defence and Vishal completes this dominating challenge with a strong block.

Haryana 13 - 24 Dabang
19' Naveen has once again sent Sunny Sehrawat back to the bench. He's on a roll this evening.
18' Naveen Kumar is running away! He gets another touch point, its Monu who is his latest victim.
17' DO OR DIE! Meetu puts in a running hand touch on Amit Hooda and survives.

Haryana 13 - 21 Dabang
17' Naveen Kumar attempts for a bonus and gets that right. And it's business as usual for the Naveen Express it's a SUPER 10 for him.

Haryana 12 - 21 Dabang
16' Naveen Kumar gets a quick hand touch on Sunny Sehrawat. 
16' This raid is under review, has Meetu got the touch? That's question here.

Dabang Delhi's review is successful, and it has yielded them a big reward. Meetu has to head back without a point.

Haryana 12 - 19 Dabang
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Here are the squads:

Haryana Steelers

Starters: Manjeet, Sunny, Amirhossein Bastami, K. Prapanjan, Jaideep Kuldeep, Meetu Mhahender, Nitin Rawal

Bench: Mohammad Mahali, Harsh, Monu , Joginder Singh Narwal, Rakesh Narwal, Mohit, Vinay

Dabang Delhi K.C.

Starters: Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Vijay Malik, Vishal, Amit Hooda, Naveen Kumar, Ashu Malik, Dipak

Bench: Manjeet, Anil Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Md. Liton Ali, Vijay , Ashish Narwal, Krishan
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. Super Sunday comes with a highly intense double header. Two sets of amazing matches are lined up for the day. Haryana Steelers are squaring off against Dabang Delhi K.C. in a hope of making things even after they lost to their opponents earlier this evening and earlier in the tournament.

Manjeet, Meetu, and Jaideep will be the Steelers in focus, looking to make an impression on their opponent. With Vijay Malik coming into good form, the Dabangs will be thrilled to have him pair up with Naveen Kumar on that attack front.

An exciting match is coming right up! Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill, and enjoy the coverage.

Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Sun, 20/Nov/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Haryana Steelers vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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