Haryana Steelers Vs Gujarat Giants 22 October 2022

Haryana Steelers
Gujarat Giants
GUJARAT GIANTS won the match
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Alright then, it was three fascinating matches this evening from the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium. Thanks for sticking through this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. Stay tuned for more Kabaddi action tomorrow. Until then, adios!
FULL TIME! Haryana Steelers 38 - 42 Gujarat Giants

The battle of two charismatic coaches draws to a conclusion. Ram Mehar Singh and Gujarat Giants have prevailed over Manpreet and Haryana Steelers. The equation was different at the half-way stage; the Steelers had the upper hand, but Rakesh Sangroya's impeccable form continued and it ensured the Giants five points here tonight. A bunch of noteworthy performances from Sourav Gulia, Chandran Ranjit, and Arkam Shaikh reflected in a perfect result for Gujarat. On the other hand, it was Meetu Sharma who stood as the lead raider of the side, bagging 16 points, and Jaideep was impressive with his defensive work ethic, registering a high 5. The Steelers have settled just for a point from this match, while the Giants will take five points to end their Bengaluru leg matches.
39' Meetu gets tackled down by Arkam Shaikh.
39' DO OR DIE! Rakesh Sangroya kills the time before going deep and an error gets enforced by Nitin. 
39' Meetu Sharma comes back with a quick point.
38' An error comes in from Shankar Gadai and Prapanjan gets gifted with a touch point.

Haryana Steelers 35 - 40 Gujarat Giants
37' Review unsuccessful: No bonus there for Sushil from that raid.
37' Arkam Shaikh tackles down Sushil and it's a 6-point deficit what the Steelers are up against. 
34' Sourav Gulia fails to put the dash on Meetu, who gets back with a bonus point and a touch point.

Haryana Steelers 32 - 36 Gujarat Giants
33' It is yet another ALL OUT inflicted by the Giants on Steelers. 
32' Meetu gets a decisive touch point to bring on a revival.

Haryana Steelers 29 - 32 Gujarat Giants
31' Rakesh Sangroya gets a point on Nitin and reduces the Steelers to just a man on the mat.
31' DO OR DIE! Meetu survives and gets a bonus point. 
26' Mohit Nandal perishes, the Gujarat Giants have inflicted an ALL OUT!
21' Rakesh Sangroya with uplift momentum, gets two points of this raid.
HALF TIME! Haryana Steelers 21 - 16 Gujarat Giants

The Giants appeared to have the advantage initally, but it quickly became a cat and mouse battle where both sides were going even stevens, and in the final minutes of the half, it was the Steelers who took advantage of the opportunity and took a healthy lead of 5 points. Haryana Steelers have been a solid defensive machine, registering a high 5 within the first half, and Meetu has led the attack in front of them. On the other hand, Rakesh Sangroya and Chandran Ranjit seem in good touch. Are we going to see a close finish? An interesting second-half begins now.
19' ALL OUT! Meetu strives through a struggle and inflicts an all out on the Giants.

Haryana Steelers 21 - 16 Gujarat Giants
18' Prashant Rai gets tackled down by Jaideep. 
17' Manjeet with a superb efforts, strikes two points. The scores are now leveled.
17' A couple of empty raids here. 
16' Jaideep with a fierce tackle on Chandran Ranjit and gets that right.

Haryana Steelers 14 - 16 Gujarat Giants
16' Prapanjan gets a touch on Rinku Narwal.
15' A smart raid by Chandran Ranjit, he fetches two touch points here.
11' Meetu with a high flying move and returns with a touch point on Shankar Gadai.
10' A quick toe touch from Chandran Ranjit on Nitin gets him a point.

Haryana Steelers 7 - 12 Gujarat Giants
9' ALL OUT! The Giants have inflicted the first all out of the match.
9' Rinku Narwal puts a strong tackle on Meetu.
7' SUPER TACKLE! Rakesh falls prey. Jaideep goes for the ankle hold and Mohit comes to assist, a solid teamwork on display.
6' Rakesh Sangroya returns with a couple of points here. Bastami and Prapanjan to the bench.

Haryana Steelers 4 - 6 Gujarat Giants
6' DO OR DIE! Manjeet falls prey to a fierce challenge by Sourav Gulia.
4'  It's going even steven here.

Haryana Steelers 3 - 3 Gujarat Giants
2' DO OR DIE! Sourav Gulia tackles down Meetu Sharma.
2' It was an insane tackle by Amirhossein Bastami on Rakesh HS.
1' Chandran Ranjit gets his business underway, scalps a touch point here.
1' Manjeet draws the first bonus point of the match for the Steelers.
TOSS UPDATEL: Haryana Steelers will raid first.
Here are the squads

Haryana Steelers: Manjeet, Nitin Rawal, Meetu Mhahender, Jaideep Kuldeep, Mohit, K. Prapanjan, Amirhossein Bastami

Gujarat Giants: Chandran Ranjit, Sourav Gulia, Rakesh HS, Shankar Gadai, Rinku Narwal, Arkam Shaikh, Prashanth Kumar Rai
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. To cap off this Triple Panga Saturday, there’s an interesting match coming up between the Haryana Steelers and Gujarat Giants. If we take a look at the recent form of the two sides, the Steelers took a narrow defeat to U Mumba and placed ninth on the points table, while the Giants are coming into this fixture tonight after an emphatic win over the U.P. Yoddhas, and they are placed eighth on the points table.

The youngsters Manjeet, Jaideep Kuldeep, and Meetu Sharma, will once again be the key elements for Haryana Steelers’ road success. On the other hand, Rakesh Sangroya continues to wreak havoc and Chandran Ranjit's coming into good form is a strong positive for the men in orange ahead of tonight’s fixture.

It’s almost game time, don’t do anywhere, an interesting Panga coming right up!  Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Sit back, relax, grab yourselves some snacks and enjoy the live coverage!

Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sat, 22/Oct/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Haryana Steelers vs Gujarat Giants
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2022
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