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Jaipur Pink Panthers
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FT: Jaipur Pink Panthers win 44-31 over Haryana Steelers!

A commanding performance from the Panthers, who have put in an all-round show to put a halt on Haryana's winning momentum. Arjun Deshwal was the star as expected with 14 points to his name on the night, but it was also a night to remember for Sunil Kumar, who picked up a whopping 8 tackle points to his name!

Meetu was the only man on show for the Steelers, with 16 points to his name.  
40' A tackle point from Monu Hooda on Lucky Sharma to bring a point for Haryana, but it's still a massive win for Jaipur!

40' Meetu collects another point with a jump on Abhishek KS, who's been his bunny all night. 

Jaipur 44 - 30 Haryana
40' Deshwal succumbs on the Do or Die! There was no real intent with the match in the bag, Haryana though salvage another point. 

Jaipur 44 - 29 Haryana
40' Super Tackle from Jaipur! Sunil initiates the back hold but Meetu slips away, eventually Lucky and Arjun Deshwal combine to bring him down. 

Jaipur 44 - 28 Haryana
39' Fantastic effort from Meetu! Thrusts his hands forward and pushes Sahul down on the mat as he jumps away to an acrobatic point!

Jaipur 42 - 28 Haryana
39' Prapanjan comes in as a substitute, uses his height as advantage to shove off an ankle hold attempt from Ankush. Point for the Steelers!

Jaipur 42 - 27 Haryana
38' Rahul Chaudhari is out on the Do or Die! A strong ankle hold from the cover defenders send the ace raider jogging away to the benches. 

Jaipur 42 - 26 Haryana
37' Going from bad to worse for Haryana! Meetu steps out of bounds without a touch. 

Jaipur 42 - 21 Haryana
36' Vinay is thrown off the mat! A strong ankle hold from sub Lucky Sharma!

Jaipur 41 - 25 Haryana
35' Super Raid from Meetu! First gets away from Abhisek's ankle hold, Ankush runs in for support but slips, and in the end, Sahul Kumar's attempt to help out is in vain. 

Jaipur 40 - 25 Haryana
35' Rahul Chaudhari continues on his merry ways with a touch on Rakesh Narwal.

Jaipur 40 - 22 Haryana
34' All-Out on Haryana! Vinay comes in as the last man, but he's no match to the power of Sunil and Abhishek. Massive 17 point lead for Jaipur now!

Jaipur 39 - 22 Haryana
33' Ankush puts in a strong ankle hold on Meetu and the covers rush in for support to compound misery on Haryana!

Jaipur 35 - 21 Haryana 
33' Deshwal has another point, this time goes in deep and gets a touch on Nitin Rawal, who was late to recede. 

Jaipur 34 - 21 Haryana
32' Vinay has Chaudhari off to the benches! A quick hand touch, no fuss at all!

Jaipur 33 - 21 Haryana
32' Deshwal keeps the scoreboard ticking! This time gets a running hand touch on right corner Monu Hooda. 

Jaipur 33 - 20 Haryana
31' Rakesh Narwal comes on as a sub and he's been packed off! Abhishek KS with a dash converted into a hold. 

Jaipur 32 - 20 Haryana
31' Deshwal claims a point on the right cover and he's been granted one! 

Jaipur 31 - Haryana 20
Time-out in place!
30' Meetu is down on the mat! Ankush runs in from the left corner and dives on the raider to keep him away from points!

Jaipur 30 - 20 Haryana
29' All-Out on Haryana! Meetu gets the bonus but on this occasion, Abhishek KS dives in with a double ankle hold to stop Meetu in his tracks. 

Jaipur 29 - 20 Haryana
28' Arjun Deshwal yet again leaves only Meetu on the mat as he forces an advance tackle from Sushil Khatri. 

Jaipur 26 - 19 Haryana. 
28' Meetu keeps Haryana afloat! Gets a running hand touch on Abhishek KS. 

Jaipur 25 - 19 Haryana
27' And they are now down to one! Rahul gets away from an ankle hold with ease. 

Jaipur 25 - 17 Haryana
27' Rahul Chaudhari gets a running hand touch on Jaideep to reduce Haryana to two men on the mat!

Jaipur 24 - 16 Haryana
26' Super Tackle! Arjun Deshwal is picked off by Meetu and Jaideep on the left corner!

Jaipur 23 - 16 Haryana
25' Meetu picks a bonus on the Do or Die!

Jaipur 23 - 14
24' Deshwal picks a point on the Do or Die raid! He was running out of time, the Haryana trio did well to keep him running but Mohit's error at the end proves costly. 

Jaipur 23 - 14 Haryana
22' Meetu Sharma picks up a quick bonus point. 

Jaipur 22 - 13 Haryana
21' Manjeet is pinned down! Abhishek KS and Sunil Kumar with a combined block to bring the tall man down!

Jaipur 21 - 12 Haryana
Time for the second half now!
HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 20-12 over Haryana Steelers. 

The Pink Panthers raiders have enjoyed a terrific outing in the first half, with Arjun Deshwal leading the way - 8 points to his name. Rahul Chaudhari has also given us glimpses of his raiding style, quite the stark contrast to how the Steelers' raiders have operated. 

Although Manjeet and Meetu both have 3 raid points, they haven't really troubled the Jaipur defenders, and they'll need to step up and perform to have a chance of coming back in this contest. 
20' An empty raid first from Manjeet and then Rahul Chaudhari to close off the first half. 
19' Deshwal has another! This time projects his right leg front for momentum and gets a massive hand touch on Sushil Khatri.

Haryana 12 - 20 Jaipur
18' Ajith Kumar gets two points! Jumps away from a hold attempt by Jaideep, and he also gets a free point through Bastami, who looked to support his cover defender. 

Haryana 12 - 19 Jaipur
16' Deshwal inflicts the All Out on the Steelers! First gets a touch on Mohit and then pushes away Manjeet to wipe out the Steelers!

Haryana 10 - 17 Jaipur
15' Rahul Chaudhari picks points on the Do or Die raid! In fact, he has two! Gets away from Nitin Rawal's back hold and gets a touch on Iranian Bastami. 

Haryana 9 - 13 Jaipur
13' Do or die raid! Meetu gets very close to the midline but Sunil and Ankush combine to keep him away! A herculean effort from the Steelers raider, but in vain. Review! Haryana have asked for a point but in vain!

Haryana 9 - 11 Jaipur
12' Well well! Manjeet with an ankle hold! Ajith Kumar on the bench for the Panthers. 

Haryana 9 - 9 Jaipur
11' Meetu yet again gets another running hand touch, this time on cover Abhishek KS. 

Haryana 8 - 9 Jaipur
10' Super Tackle! Deshwal is gone! Mohit does a great job of diving on Deshwal's ankles, Meetu does a great job of supporting him.

Haryana 7 - 9 Jaipur
10' Yet another error from Sahul! Steps out of court again, and he's given away a free point to Haryana. 

Haryana 5 - 9 Jaipur
9' Deshwal has reduced Jaipur to one man! Jaideep went in for the ankle hold which Deshwal escaped from, Sushil came in for an unwanted back hold which was too weak in the end. 

Haryana 3 - 9 Jaipur
8' Deshwal picks off Iranian Bastami! The right corner came running in for a back hold, but the Jaipur raider turns away to the mid line easily. 

Haryana 3 - 7 Jaipur
7' Sushil Khatri picks up a point! Extends his right foot and catches cover defender Abhishek KS napping! A point for Haryana after a long time!

Haryana 3 - 6 Jaipur
6' Deshwal gets another point! Goes in deep and picks up a swift touch point on Nitin Rawal. 

Haryana 2 - 6 Jaipur
5' Manjeet succumbs on the Do or Die! Sunil Kumar with a strong double thigh hold, and seldom can a raider get away!

Haryana 2 - 5 Jaipur
5' First point of the night for Deshwal! Mistake from Mohit this time as he attempts an advance dash, Deshwal shoves him away. 

Haryana 2 - 4 Jaipur
4' Rahul Chaudhari has been brought down! Mohit switches in from the covers to the right corner and swoops in with an ankle hold!

Haryana 2 - 3 Jaipur
2' Meetu is pinned down! A collective effort initiated by the covers and Meetu is jogging away!

Haryana 1 - 3 Jaipur
1' Error from Sahul Kumar! Loses balance and steps into the lobby on Meetu's raid. Free point for the Steelers!

Haryana 1 - 2 Jaipur
1' 2-point raid from Rahul Chaudhari! Nitin Rawal steps out but Chaudhari gets a touch point on Manjeet to send him on his way!

Haryana 0-2 Jaipur
Haryana Steelers win the toss, and they've opted for court! 

Jaipur to start the raid!
The two teams have charged onto the mat, and it's almost game time!

Haryana Steelers: 
Joginder Narwal (c), Manjeet, Meetu, Nitin Rawal, Jaideep, Mohit, Amirhossein Bastami. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Sunil Kumar (c), Arjun Deshwal, Rahul Chaudhari, V Ajith Kumar, Abhishek KS, Sahul Kumar, Ankush. 
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Hello folks, welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 17 of Pro Kabaddi 2022 that will see the Haryana Steelers take on Jaipur Pink Panthers!

The Steelers have made a commanding start to the season by notching up wins in both of their matches, while the Panthers bounced back with a win after a defeat in their opening clash of the tournament. 

While Manjeet has led the Steelers on the offensive front, the Panthers have relied on Arjun Deshwal for a bulk of the raid points, with 'Poster Boy' Rahul Chaudhari yet to hit his straps this season. 

Steelers' cover combination of Jaideep-Mohit has also worked well for the Manpreet Singh-coached side, and they will be banked on to keep the Deshwal threat at bay. 

A lot to look forward to as both sides look to keep up the winning momentum - and to bring you all the live action today, a very warm welcome to the coverage from Prasen Moudgal!
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Fri, 14/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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