Haryana Steelers Vs Patna Pirates 23 December 2021

Haryana Steelers
Patna Pirates
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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Right then, that caps off what has been another exciting day of kabaddi action. Join us back tomorrow in the evening once again as Sultan Fazel's U Mumba take on the Dabang Delhi K.C. You do not want to miss that game folks! Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, signing off! Stay home and stay safe! 

Haryana Steelers 39-42 Patna Pirates

What a contest this has been! Right from the get go the game has never seemed to be in favour of one particular side. The Pirates will be proud of the show that they have put on, especially in the second half where they came onto the mat and played an aggressive brand of kabaddi. Monu Goyat stole the show in the second half after having quite a quiet first one. 15 points to his name and he will certainly be pleased with his performance today. Along with Prashanth Kumar Rai, the duo saw to it that the team did not feel the absence of a strong defence unit. 

As for the Steelers, they will rue the missed opportunity to get their campaign going in grand fashion. Rohit Gulia's ten points went in vain as he lacked support. Surender Nada claimed a high five on return as did Jaideep Kuldeep. Skipper Kandola seemed to have lost his touch in the second half and the failure of their raiders led to their downfall. 
40' Final raid of the day and the defenders stand at the baulk line in an attempt to prevent it from being a legal raid. An ankle hold is attempted but the raider comfortably escapes and takes the point of a dashing defender as well. 
40' A quick hand touch by the Steelers' raider and the score reads 39-40 with a second to go!
40' Do or die raid for the Pirates! Nada goes for the ankle hold but Sachin escapes and puts his side in the lead!

Haryana Steelers 38-40 Patna Pirates
40' A failed ankle hold attempt from Monu Goyat and the Steelers are back in the contest!

Haryana Steelers 38-39 Patna Pirates
39' The injured Sunil is back on the mat and does well to execute the back hold to perfection! The Pirates are in the lead now!

Haryana Steelers 37-39 Patna Pirates
38' Do or die raid and Sachin strikes! A diving ankle hold from the right in defender but it is far too weak as Sachin jumps, turns and makes his way back to his half. 
37' Ashish goes for the toe-touch and executes it well on the right corner Iranian. Great extension of the right toe and he gets his man!

The points are tied at 37 apiece!
Substitution (Patna Pirates):

Sunil comes in for Prashanth Kumar Rai
36' SUPER TACKLE! Surender Nada goes for his patented ankle hold and there is hardly anyone who can escape that. Goyat is trapped and Ashish is quick to support the veteran defender.

Haryana Steelers 36-37 Patna Pirates
35' Ashish takes the bonus and gets a touch point on the cover defender as well! 
35' SUPER RAID! Monu Goyat has put in a sensational raid! He has come to the party in the second half! Escapes the ankle hold and takes a couple of more points! Uses the lobby brilliantly to escape to his side. 
34' SUPER TACKLE! All three defenders on the mat combine and after plenty of struggle, pin down the raider.

Haryana Steelers 32-34 Patna Pirates
Substitution (Haryana Steelers):

Ashish comes in for Meetu Mahender
32' A dash on Rohit Gulia and the raider has been adjudged out. He had gone deep and executed a touch on the right corner before the cover defender moved across swiftly to bulldoze him out. However, the Steelers have reviewed it!

Unsuccessful review and he has to make his way to the bench.
Haryana Steelers 30-34 Patna Pirates
31' SUPER TACKLE! Shrikant Tewathia puts in a dive and latches on to the ankle of Monu Goyat. A couple of points to the Steelers! 
31' Rohit Gulia, after multiple attempts, is successful in grabbing the bonus points. 
30' Monu Goyat is unstoppable today! Gets a running hand touch on the corner defender and uses the lobby brilliantly to escape. The dash from the other defender is to no avail and Goyat returns with two points.

Haryana Steelers 27-33 Patna Pirates
30' Vikash looks to get the bonus point but an ankle hold from Monu Goyat from right in along with support from the rest of the defence sends him packing. 
29' A surprise double thigh hold from the right in and Sachin is caught unaware. Had no chance of getting out of that. 
Green Card awarded to the Pirates' coach for coaching from the sidelines. 
27' A brilliant ankle hold from Chiyaneh and he is on of the Pirates' best defenders.

Haryana Steelers 26-30 Patna Pirates
27' Prashanth Kumar Rai runs around and sneaks in a bonus point. His tally goes on to 7 points now. 
27' A close raid as the tackle is executed by the right corner. Very very close as the raider's hand touches the mid-line but does not cross it. Would have been a super raid. The right corner defender is injured and is substituted. Shubham Shinde comes in for him. 
25' A double thigh-hold from Sachin and the Pirates are dominating again! The Steelers are ALL OUT!

Haryana Steelers 26-27 Patna Pirates
25' A couple of points from Monu Goyat reduced the Steelers to a single player. 
Substitution (Haryana Steelers):

Ravi Kumar comes in for Meetu Mahender
24' Bonus point awarded to Vikash Kandola.
23' Monu Goyat goes deep into the right corner and gets a hand touch on Surender Nada. 
22' A diving hand touch from the Steelers' raider revives one of his teammates.

Haryana Steelers 24-21 Patna Pirates
21' Smart raiding from Monu Goyat as he gets a kick on the centre defender and also a touch on the right corner. 
21' A dash from the cover chain sends Rohit Gulia packing. However, he has picked up a bonus point before doing that. 

Patna Pirates 18-22 Haryana Steelers

There was indeed a point in time where the Pirates must have had the Steelers on the back foot. With just two men on the court, one would expect the Pirates to inflict the all-out. However, a Super Tackle by Surender Nada followed by a 4-point Super Raid by Rohit Gulia completely changed the complexion of the contest!

Vikash Kandola, Rohit Gulia and Jaideep Kuldeep have been the stars for the Steelers while Surender Nada and meetu have chipped in as well. A good team effort and that has put them in lead going into the second half. As for the Pirates, the defence paints a sorry picture and that has put undue pressure on the raiders. Will Prashanth Kumar Rai & Co. be able to cover the deficit and emerge on top? Stay tuned to find out!
20' An unnecessary attempt from Nada as he looks to block Monu Goyat.

Patna Pirates 18-22 Haryana Steelers
19' Surender Nada's ankle hold is indeed a treat to watch! Vintage Nada as he does not let the raider slip away with his strong ankle hold. 
19' The raider gets a bonus as the Pirates' defence is caught napping. 
18' A quick bonus point by Monu Goyat keeps the Pirates in the game. 

Patna Pirates 17-20 Haryana Steelers
18' Just the second tackle point for the Pirates as the right corner defender executes a double thigh hold. Done by the Iranian!
17' Jaideep comes in with a terrific block and sends back the opposition skipper
17' A do-or-die raid and Kandola gets in a running toe-touch! Brilliant skills and even better execution! 
16' A bonus for Patna Pirates
16' A bonus from Prashanth Kumar Rai under the nose of the right corner reduces the point difference to four points. 
14' Sole defender in the Pirates' half who surrenders and sends the raider back to his half. The Pirates are ALL OUT!

Patna Pirates 13-18 Haryana Steelers
14' A brilliant tackle from the cover defender sends Prashanth Kumar Rai packing! 
13' SUPER RAID! OH WOW! 4 points! Rohit Gulia is nimble on his feet, escapes under the chain and manages to get his fingers past the mid-line. Patna reduced to 2 men now.

Patna Pirates 12-14 Haryana Steelers
12' SUPER TACKLE! Surender Nada dashes Sachin out of the court and gets his side back in the contest!

Patna Pirates 12-10 Haryana Steelers
11' The defence stands back and allows Rohit Gulia to take the bonus point. 
11' Another unforced error as Vikash Kandola steps out of the playing area. They were in a complete disarray there!
10' The right corner chain runs around and keeps Meetu in check. First tackle point of the night for the Pirates!
9' Two points by Prashanth Kumar Rai in the do-or-die raid as the defenders are pretty unorganised in their effort.

Patna Pirates 10-7 Haryana Steelers
8' Another do-or-die raid for the Steelers and it's Meetu who assumes responsibilities. A brilliant running hand touch on the right in not only fetches him a point but also sends back Sachin. 
7' A bonus and a touch point for Prashanth Kumar Rai as he executes a kick on Tewathia.

Patna Pirates 8-6 Haryana Steelers
6' Do-or-die raid for the Steelers and Kandola entices the right corner defender into going into a false ankle hold. He is one of the best in the business. 
5' A stupendous diving double ankle hold keeps Monu Goyat in check. Good support from Shrikant completes the tackle. 
4' An unnecessary back hold from Surender Nada and Sachin gets a couple of points. In the lead now are Patna

Patna Pirates 6-4 Haryana Steelers
4' SUPER TACKLE! The raider goes out of bounds and the Pirates get two points courtesy of the unforced error. 
3' Sachin claims a quick bonus point. 
3' The right corner defender goes out of bounds and the Steelers are gifted another point. 
2' A strong dash by the Steelers sends back the Pirates' skipper Prashanth Kumar Rai. 
2' Nimble raider Meetu gets the left corner defender and puts the Steelers in the lead. 

Patna Pirates 1-2 Haryana Steelers
1' Vikash Kandola picks up a point as a failed ankle hold attempt by Monu Goyat gifts him a comfortable point. 
1' Monu Goyat begins proceedings with a bonus point. 
Starting Sevens:

Haryana Steelers: 
Vikash Khandola (c), Shrikant Tewathia, Jaideep Kuldeep, Meetu Mahender, Rohit Gulia, Mohit, Surender Nada. 

Patna Pirates: Monu Goyat, Neeraj Kumar, Sajin C, Prashanth Kumar Rai (c), Sachin, Sunil, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh. 
It is the first game for both teams and the job of picking a Dream11 side is never harder! However, fear not for we have you covered! Click on the link above to unveil some of the best combinations for this fixture!
We will have plenty of superstars on show tonight! Take a look at how the two sides can line-up for their first encounter above!
Watching the Steelers take on the Pirates is a mouth-watering prospect for any fan. However, there will be different players donning the jerseys this time around. Patna Pirates will be sans their charismatic captain, 'Record Breaker' Pardeep Narwal, a move that received severe backlash on social media. However, fans of the Pirates will still be hopeful of their favourite side getting its hands back on the trophy as the team management has assembled quite a strong side. 

The Pirates, over the years, have been a raiding-dominant side and that has not changed in this season as well, with the franchise splurging its resources on four frontline raiders, namely Monu Goyat, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Selvamani K and Sachin. However, with young and talented defenders in their ranks, one certainly cannot write off the Pirates' defence capabilities. The Pirates had a dismal season last time around, failing to qualify for the playoffs and will certainly be looking to turn that around. 

The Steelers will welcome back Surender Nada who will return in action after injury forced him out of the entirety of the previous edition. Vikash Kandola will be entrusted with the raiding duties this season and he will supported by Rohit Gulia, who had a stellar outing in the previous season. With plenty of all-rounders in the side along with a good mix of youth and experience, one can surely expect the Steelers to go the distance this season. And what better way than to start off with a win against the three-time champions? 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2021. The final encounter on Day 2 of the tournament will witness the Haryana Steelers take on the Patna Pirates in what will be the tournament-opener for both the sides. With a potentially enthralling game on the cards, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy as we get you all the live action that unfolds over the course of this contest in Bengaluru! 
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