Haryana Steelers Vs Puneri Paltan 28 October 2022

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FT: Puneri Paltan 27-27 Haryana Steelers

What a finish to the game! Puneri Paltan have been denied a win in front of their home crowd. But it was an incredible fightback from the Steelers in the last five minutes as Manjeet stamped his authority to drag his team back into the contest

Aslam Inamdar and Mohit Goyat were kept quiet in the dying moments as the Paltan struggled to make an impact. That all-out from Manjeet broke this game wide open but a couple of defensive error from the Steelers came at the wrong time.

Meetu got a nod ahead of the dangerous Manjeet in the final do-or-die raid and that was a questionable decision from Manpreet. He was tackled by Fazel & co but Sanket went out of bounds along with Meetu as the referee awarded 1-point each to both teams to bring delight Manpreet's face
40' It's not Manjeet, who takes the last raid! Oh man, Meetu shoulders the responsibility but he's been dashed out of the bounds. WAIT, another twist in the tale as Sanket Sawant doesn't have any part his body inside the lobby. He loses balance, goes out of bounds along with Meetu and this match ends in a tie
Aslam Inamdar kills the time and returns without a touch point. Now, it's a do-or-die raid for the Steelers
Two empty raids and we have just 30 seconds left
1 minute 20 seconds to go.. Who will reign supreme?
It's all level now but the momentum is with the Steelers as they have managed to pick up 8 points in the last four minutes.
39' Manjeet is proving too hot to handle for the Paltan. He gets a bonus point before escaping from the ankle hold to make his way back to the mid-line
38' Manjeet gets a running hand touch before another defensive error came from the Steelers. It's neck and neck at the moment
37' DO-OR-DIE RAID! Aslam Inamdar takes a raid and here comes the defensive mistake from Amir. He gifts a point to the Paltan
We have a game on our hands folks
36' ALL OUT! Game on! Manjeet takes responsibility this time and inflicts the all-out. The lead is just two points in favour of the Paltan. A stunning fightback from the Steelers

Haryana Steelers 22-24 Puneri Paltan
34' Mohit Goyat gets a running hand touch as Haryana fails to inflict an ALL-OUT

Haryana Steelers 18-24 Puneri Paltan
33' Meetu comes again. Will he be super-tackled? YES... He tried his best to escape but eventually gave up as the block and ankle hold were too strong. Hang on, it's deemed as the raider is safe as the defender touches the lobby before the tackle. Big moment in the game
31' 1 vs 3 and here comes Meetu. Oh, what a kick that was from the raider as he sends Fazal Atrachali to the bench

Haryana Steelers 17-21 Puneri Paltan
10 minutes to go. Will the Paltan get their first win in front of their home crowd?
30' Mohit with an unbelievable thigh hold to pin Nabibaksh down before Meetu ran away with a point via running hand touch. The Steelers have reduced the deficit to five now

Haryana Steelers 16-21 Puneri Paltan
28' Manjeet escapes from an ankle hold from Inamdar to make his way back to the mid-line. Manjeet is claiming a bonus point too but it's not been given

Haryana Steelers 14-21 Puneri Paltan
28' Stop him if you can! Mohit Goyat gets a running hand touch before escaping from the ankle hold from the right-corner defender

Haryana Steelers 12-21 Puneri Paltan
26' Meetu escapes from Sombir's block fro to get a raid point

Haryana Steelers 12-19 Puneri Paltan
25' ALL OUT! Vinay gets a bonus but he's been tackled by the corner defenders Sombir and Fazel.

Haryana Steelers 11-19 Puneri Paltan
24' Mohit Goyat gets a running hand touch on Nitin Rawal but the defender takes a review. But it turns out to be unsuccessful and more importantly, the Paltans are reduced to one man

Haryana Steelers 10-16 Puneri Paltan
23' Prapanjan has been tackled by the Puneri defense and the Steelers are reduced to two.

Haryana Steelers 10-15 Puneri Paltan
23' 1 vs 4 now. Aslam Inamdar takes a do-or-die raid and he gets a point. He targets Mohit and comes up with a vicious kick before making his way back to the mid-line
Aslam Inamdar opens the raid in the second half and he returns empty-handed
HT: Puneri Paltan 13-10 Haryana Steelers

Both teams started off in a circumspect manner as they were striking only in the do-or-die raids. Mohit Goyat escaped from the dash from Nitin and eventually got a super raid to make this contest exciting. Meetu and Manjeet ran away with raid points at regular intervals but this first-half hasn't produced the flow that the Pune fans are expecting now.

An important second half and both teams are yet to inflict an all-out. 
20' Aslam Inamdar escapes from the ankle hold from the right-corner defender before Prapanjan ran away with a quick bonus point
19' Fazel comes to the party. He strikes Manjeet with a brilliant diving ankle hold to pin the raider down

Puneri Paltan 12-9 Haryana Steelers
17' Meetu enters the lobby without a touch and it turns out to be a super tackle for the Paltan

Puneri Paltan 10-9 Haryana Steelers
17' The Paltan are reduced to three now and Shinde gets a bonus point
16' Mohit Goyat has been tackled finally. He escapes from the ankle hold from Jaideep but the support came at the right time to pin the raider down
14' Mohit Goyat gets rid of Mohit with a stunning hand touch. He is turning out to be a do-or-die specialist for the Paltan today

Puneri Paltan 7-8 Haryana Steelers
14' Meetu comes in for a do-or-die raid. He leaps from the ankle hold from Sombir and makes his way back to the mid-line
Four players on the mat for the Paltan, here comes Meetu. He returns empty-handed for now
DO-OR-DIE RAID! Here comes Aslam Inamdar now. He attempts a bonus but it's not been given. The umpires are having a discussion and Fazel challenges again. The trailing foot is in the air and the other foot is just inches over the black line. Will the bonus be given? It's a close call and the review has been unsuccessful
11' Manjeet uses his height to good effect as he gets a running hand touch on Nabibaksh

Puneri Paltan 6-6 Haryana Steelers
Both teams are looking to strike only in the do-or-die raids
8' Meetu leaps and escapes from the block from the right-corner defender before taking one more player. It's a two-point raid

Puneri Paltan 4-5 Haryana Steelers
7' Another do-or-die raid and here comes Mohit Goyat. He gets a running hand touch on Amir and the Paltan take the lead for the first time

Puneri Paltan 4-3 Haryana Steelers
A flurry of empty raids from both teams before Prapanjan gets a bonus point. Oh wait, it's been challenged by Paltan now. Looks like the trailing foot is grounded when the fore foot touches the line. Turns out to be a good review from Fazel
4' Here comes the do-or die raid for the Paltan and it's a SUPER RAID. MOHIT GOYAT YOU BEAUTY! How many he has? The umpires are having a discussion. The left corner defender Nitin tries to dash him out of the bounce but the swiftness has helped him to go back to the mid-line after evading from two more challenges

Puneri Paltan 3-3 Haryana Steelers
Meetu gets a toe touch on Nabibaksh

Puneri Paltan 2-0 Haryana Steelers
2' Manjeet gets a hand touch on Fazel Atrachali to open the account for the Steelers
Two empty raids to start the proceedings
Haryana Steelers will raid first and here comes Prapanjan
Toss: Puneri Paltan win the toss and elect to defend
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL match between Haryana Steelers and Puneri Paltan at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Wrestling hall in Pune. To take you through everything that unfolds in this contest, it's myself (Pragadeesh) who is ready to roll out the updates in your way

Alright! Puneri Paltan looked down in the first three matches and many of us would've written them off but they bounced back really well to win four matches on the trot. The fast and furious raids by Mohit Goyat and Aslam Inamdar, coupled with Fazel Atrachali's strong defense has come in handy for Paltan in recent matches. The trio would look to put in a strong show to help his team continue the winning streak

On the other hand, the Steelers end their losing streak when they defeated the below-par Titans' defense by a huge margin. But their real test will be today and it's interesting to see how Manjeet & co perform against the solid Paltan's outfit
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Fri, 28/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Haryana Steelers vs Puneri Paltan
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