Pro Kabaddi 2022 Highlights, Match 77: Telugu Titans pull off a 39-39 tie against Haryana Steelers

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Telugu Titans
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FT: Haryana Steelers 39-39 Telugu Titans

A terrific game that came down to the last raid, with Vikash Kandola only needing to cross the baulk line. That was going to be easier said than done though, with an inspired Titans defensive unit playing high up the baulk line to eventually tackle down the Steelers skipper very close to the mid-line. A fitting end to a thrilling game, but the Titans will be the happier team of the two, having made mini comebacks right through the game. 
40' We have a tie! Vikash Kandola looks for a hand touch but he's snapped up by Sandeep Kandola and Ankit Beniwal ahead of the baulk line! What drama! Sandeep was only a feet and a half from the mid-line, but a terrific effort from the left corner to pick up the all-important point.
40' Adarsh T puts in a raid and gets a touch within 3 seconds!

Steelers 39 - 38 Titans
40' Terrible, terrible error from Ankit Beniwal, that's the game. Vinay came in to raid, Ankit goes in with an ankle hold close to the midline.

Steelers 39 - 38 Titans
40' Huge point for Ankit Beniwal, as he shoves away a frontal block attempt from Mohit.

Steelers 38 - 37 Titans
40' Vikash Kandola has been thrown away off the mat by a dash from C Arun and Surinder! What a move!

Steelers 38 - 36 Titans
39' Bonus point for Ankit Beniwal on the right corner after looking for a hand touch. 

Steelers 38 - 35 Titans
38' Comfortable bonus point for Rohit Kumar on the right corner.

Steelers 38 - 34 Titans
38' Vinay claims a bonus but he's not been given a point, Haryana review! Looks like he's done well enough to get his foot over the black line with the trailing foot in the air. Just enough! Oh well, he hasn't, as per the umpire! Review unsuccessful, no bonus. 

Steelers 38 - 33 Titans
37' All-Out on the Titans! C Galla Raju comes in for the raid and picks up a bonus, but he's been collected by the Haryana defenders at the centre of the court!

Steelers 38 - 33 Titans
36' Vikash Kandola picks up a touch point on Rohit Kumar and gets away from C Arun's ankle hold! Did well to run around Akash C, who was quick enough to stay away from Kandola.

Steelers 35 - 32 Titans
Time-out, final 5 minutes to come!
35' Vikash Kandola races across from left to right and gets a running hand touch on Sandeep Kandola! What a move!

Steelers 33 - 32 Titans
35' Jaideep pulls off a dash on Adarsh T to take another tackle point!

Steelers 32 - 32 Titans
34' Vikash Kandola takes up the Do or Die duties, and he's been thrown out the mat! An excellent display of patience from the Titans defenders, who wait until the last few seconds to inflict an ankle hold. Akash C slipped but made up his mind to put in the tackle, and a good one at that!

Steelers 31 - 32 Titans
32' Ankit Beniwal comes in for the Do or Die raid, and he's been shoved off the court by the cover combination of Mohit and Jaideep. Picks up a bonus point to his name though.

Steelers 31 - 31 Titans
31' Two point raid from Vinay! Wriggles out of an ankle hold from Sandeep Kandola and makes his way under a dash from Surinder Singh!

Steelers 30 - 30 Titans
Time-out in place. 
30' All-Out on the Steelers! Rohit Gulia makes a sensational jump over Kandola's ankle hold, but the cover defenders run in to keep him from the midline. 

Steelers 28 - 30 Titans
29' Adarsh T reduces the Steelers to one man with a touch on Vinay, who was slow to tackle on the right corner.

Steelers 27 - 27 Titans
29' A bonus point for the Haryana Steelers. 

Steelers 27 - 26 Titans
28' Two points for Ankit Beniwal on the Do or Die raid! Gets away from Nada's ankle hold, and on his way back he pushes off a dash from Ravi Kumar. 

Steelers 26 - 26 Titans
28' A powerful effort from Kandola to get past the midline but he's held back by the Titans defenders!

Steelers 26 - 24 Titans
27' Terrible tackle attempt from Akash Choudhary, who runs around Kandola for a frontal block, only a few steps away from the midline. Easy point gifted to Vikash Kandola.

Steelers 26 - 23 Titans
26' Vikash Kandola picks up a comfortable bonus point on his effort.

Steelers 25 - 23 Titans
25' Super Raid from Rohit Kumar! Wow! Strength on exhibition from the Titans skipper, who powers through a frontal block from Mohit. He also does well enough to get away from Nada's ankle hold and support from Jaideep. Whew!

Rohit has also reviewed for a bonus. Looks like he's cut the black line on his bonus effort. Review unsuccessful! That's a review wasted.

Steelers 24 - 23 Titans
24' Surinder Singh makes a silly error as he puts in a late back hold, Rohit Gulia spotted it from a mile away and powers his way to the midline.

Steelers 24 - 20 Titans
24' Bonus point for Rohit Gulia under Rohit Kumar's nose.

Steelers 23 - 20 Titans
23' Ankit Beniwal sends Nada off to the benches with a back kick on the veteran's chest! Top move on the Do or Die raid. 

Steelers 22 - 20 Titans
23' Vinay pushes off an ankle hold from Akash Choudhary to turn and make his way to the mid-line.

Steelers 22 - 19 Titans
21' Vinay strikes within the first 15 seconds! Gets a quick toe touch on Rohit Kumar. 

Steelers 21 - 19 Titans
Back live now for the second half!
HT: Haryana Steelers lead 20-19 over the Telugu Titans. 

A terrific comeback from the Titans late in the second half to bring down the deficit to just one point. At one stage, it seemed like the Steelers were running away with the game, but a combination from the raiders and defenders has kept Rohit Kumar's side in the game. However, they've often thrown away games in the second half, and time will tell if they have enough in the tank to pick up only their second win of the season today. 
20' All-Out on the Steelers! Jaideep is thrown off the mat as Kandola's ankle hold gets enough support from the cover defenders.

Steelers 20 - 19 Titans
19' Adarsh forces substitute Shrikant Tewthia to make an error on the right corner. What a move!

Steelers 20 - 16 Titans
19' Bonus point for Steelers skipper Vikash Kandola.

Steelers 20 - 15 Titans
18' Adarsh reduces the Steelers to two men! Brings out the back kick to get a touch on Mohit!

Steelers 19 - 15 Titans
17' Adarsh T proves his pace with a sliding toe touch on Ravi Kumar. He's having a terrible outing tonight is Ravi.

Steelers 19 - 14 Titans
16' Rohit Gulia is thrown down by strong back hold from Akash Choudhary! He almost got no support but eventually, the Titans' defenders run in and help their man out.

Steelers 19 - 13 Titans
16' Jaideep pulls off a tackle on Adarsh T, and he gets adequate support from the others! He's got a cut on his forehead as well, he's taking some medical attention.

Steelers 19 - 12 Titans
15' Sandeep Kandola strikes on the other end with an ankle hold on Vikash! Surinder runs in with a support frontal block.

Steelers 18 - 12 Titans
15' Ankit Beniwal gets away from Surender Nada's ankle hold to pick up an easy point. Not the greatest of attempts by the veteran left corner.

Steelers 18 - 11 Titans
14' Rohit Gulia picks up a bonus point but he's been brought down by a surprise ankle hold from Rohit Kumar!

Steelers 18 - 10 Titans
14' All-Out on the Titans! Ankit Beinwal is picked off by a Surender Nada, who produces a phenomenal double thigh hold to trap his man with a solo effort.

Steelers 17 - 9 Titans
13' Vikash Kandola reduces the Titans to one man on the mat with a touch point on Ruturaj Koravi!

Steelers 14 - 8 Titans
13' Ankit Beniwal picks up a bonus point.

Steelers 13 - 8 Titans
12' Schoolboy error from Sandeep Kandola who steps out of the court! Vinay also gets a touchpoint on Adarsh, who was a sitting duck on the left corner.

Steelers 13 - 7 Titans
11' Super Tackle from Ruturaj Koravi! He almost ran in too early, but he manages to pull off a back hold on Kandola. Gets enough support from Arun and Sandeep Kandola to keep Vikash only inches away from the mid-line!

Steelers 11 - 7 Titans
11' Adarsh T is gifted a comfortable bonus on the right corner. 

Steelers 11 - 5 Titans
9' Super Raid for Vikash Kandola! The Steelers skipper gets through a chain tackle from Arun-Surinder, before which he got a kick on the right corner defender, top stuff!

Steelers 11 - 4 Titans
9' Steelers defenders come to the party again! Mohit spots the back kick from Ankit, he runs in from the cover position to dash the raider off the mat!

Steelers 8 - 4 Titans
8' Bonus point for Vinay yet again, a comfortable attempt on that occasion.

Steelers 7 - 4 Titans
7' Ankit Beniwal picks up a running hand touch on the right corner, as Ravi Kumar is late to retreat!

Steelers 6 - 4 Titans
6' Vinay notches up a bonus point to his name, good raid from the youngster.

Steelers 6 - 3 Titans
6' Bonus point for Rohit Kumar, first point of the night for the Titans captain!

Steelers 5 - 3 Titans
5' Brilliant athleticism from Rohit Gulia as he jumps over a thigh hold attempt from Kandola, but C Arun and Akash come in with a combination frontal back to keep him from the mid-line.

Steelers 5 - 2 Titans
5' Adarsh T has been shoved off the mat by a dash from Jaideep! That's two in two for this season's lead defender!

Steelers 5 - 1 Titans
4' A comfortable bonus point yet again for Rohit Gulia, this time under the right in's nose.

Steelers 4 - 1 Titans
3' Sandeep Kandola pulls off a double thigh hold to stop Vikash Kandola in his tracks. Top tackle!

Steelers 3 - 1 Titans
3' Ankit Beniwal comes in for the Do or Die raid, and he's been thrown down on the mat! Jaideep, the man with the Orange armband combines with Mohit to keep their man down.

Steelers 3 - 0 Titans
2' Bonus point on this occasion for Rohit Gulia, in the right corner. 

Steelers 2 - 0 Titans
1' Rohit Gulia opens the scoring! Skips out of an ankle hold attempt from Akash Choudhary!

Steelers 1 - 0 Titans
1' Empty raid from Rohit Kumar to begin this game. 

Steelers 0 - 0 Titans
Haryana Steelers win the toss, Telugu Titans to raid first. 
The two teams have charged out onto the mat, and we're only a few moments away from the game!

Rohit Kumar is back in the side, but can he put an end to his poor run of form? The Titans will really need him to fire today. 
Today's Starting 7s: 

Haryana Steelers: 
Vikash Kandola (C), Rohit Gulia, Vinay, Surender Nada, Ravi Kumar, Mohit, Jaideep.

Telugu Titans: Rohit Kumar (C), Ankit Beniwal, Adarsh T, Surinder Singh, C Arun, Akash Choudhary, Sandeep Kandola.
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Hello folks, and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 77 of Pro Kabaddi 2022, between the Haryana Steelers and Telugu Titans!

For those averse to recent developments, the "one that should not be named" virus has made its way into the Pro Kabaddi bubble as well, with players from two of the 12 PKL teams reportedly testing positive and forcing wholesale changes in the schedule. For the next 4 days - including today - we will have only one game in the evening, which makes it that much more important for the two teams contesting to put in their best foot forward. 

With matches being shifted around, teams might not have enough to pick from as we head towards the business end of the competition. Today's match, in some sense, would mean that and a lot more for the Telugu Titans, who have made a habit of handing away 5 easy points to their opponents throughout this season. 

From 13, the Titans have just the one win to show for, and they're chances of making the last six are dying down by every loss. Their opponents today, the Haryana Steelers are on a high with a hat-trick of wins to their credit, and taking down Vikash Kandola's side will undoubtedly be a tricky prospect for the Titans.  

That though, does not mean the Titans don't have it in them to cause an upset. With a lot on stake, we're expecting a good clash on the cards, and I, Prasen Moudgal, am exciting to bring you all the live action today!
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Tue, 25/Jan/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Haryana Steelers vs Telugu Titans
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