Pro Kabaddi LIVE: Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 24-15 over the Bengaluru Bulls at HT

Jaipur Pink Panthers
Bengaluru Bulls
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FT: Jaipur Pink Panthers win 49-29 and STORM into the Pro Kabaddi 2022 finals!

A horrid day at the office for the Bulls raider, with none of them able to get going on the day. Take a moment and salute the force that is Sahul Kumar, who notched up 10 tackle points to absolutely flatten the Bulls' three-pronged attack of Bharat Hooda, Vikash Kandola and Neeraj Narwal. A sensational effort from V Ajith Kumar, who led from the front on the offense!
40' A Rahul Chaudhari empty raid followed by one from Mahender Singh to end the match. 

BB 29 - 49 JPP
40' Misery increases for the Bulls. Ajith had been shoved off the mat, but looks like Aman stepped out of court first.

BB 29 - 49 JPP
39' Now Sachin Narwal falls prey to the Jaipur defence! Nothing has worked at all for the Bulls. 

BB 29 - 48 JPP
38' Almost! Vikash almost produces a stunning Super Raid, but Reza clings onto his thighs for dear life and Ankush runs in for support. 

BB 29 - 47 JPP
37' Bonus point for Vikash Kandola on the right side. 

BB 29 - 46 JPP
37' Super Tackle! Some consolation in the dying seconds of the match as Arjun Deshwal is brought down by Saurabh Nandal's ankle hold.

BB 27 - 46 JPP 
36' Ankush pulls off a stunning back hold! The entire defence then runs in to pull back Neeraj.

BB 25 - 46 JPP
35' Rahul Chaudhari happy to just wind the clock with the win comfortably in the bag now. 

BB 25 - JPP 45
35' A banana split from Bharat Hooda! Reza did well to almost dash out the Bulls raider, but it looks like Hooda might have got there with a stretch, but the umpires deem him out! Bulls have called for a review! Review unsuccessful, Bharat is gone!

BB 25 - JPP 45
34' SAHUL = POWER! Man just bends down, lifts up Sachin Narwal on his shoulders and projects his power to the world! What a defender!

BB 24 - 45 JPP
34' Ajith Kumar has been tackled by Aman! The young left corner dives on the Jaipur raider's ankles and brings him down. 

BB 24 - 44 JPP
33' SAHUL IS UNSTOPPABLE! This time it's Vikash Kandola who falls to the trap, goes in too deep and is brought down on the mat by Sahul's ankle hold.

BB 24 - 43 JPP
32' Sahul Kumar has Bharat Hooda's number today! Yet again, the lanky raider tries to go deep, but the left corner dives on his ankles and brings him down. 

BB 24 - 42 JPP
31' Bharat strikes again! This time runs with pace to his left and gets a hand touch on Sunil Kumar. 

BB 24 - 41 JPP
31' Arjun Deshwal is off to the benches after a top class ankle hold from Aman. 

BB 23 - 41 JPP
31' Bharat Hooda is just having a terrible day on the mat! Yet again succumbs to a double thigh hold from Sahul Kumar. 

BB 22 - 41 JPP
30' Finally, the Bulls tackle Ajith Kumar just before the time out! The corner and cover combine to lift him off the mat!

BB 22 - 40 JPP
30' A bonus point for the Bengaluru Bulls through Bharat Hooda. 

BB 21 - 40 JPP
29' Sachin Narwal has been dashed out! Sunil and Rahul Chaudhari to push out the Bulls!

BB 20 - 40 JPP
28' ALL OUT on the Bulls! This is getting from bad to worse for the Bulls. Aman steps out of bounds on the tackle, Saurabh Nandal didn't waste any time and just conceded the All Out. 

BB 19 - 39 JPP
28' Kandola on the bench, again falls prey to an ankle hold. Not a surprise anymore?

BB 19 - 35 JPP
26' Ajith is unstoppable! Mahender on this occasion goes in for an advance double ankle hold, Ajith saw it coming from a mile away and collects a point. 

BB 19 - 34 JPP
26' 11th point for Ajith! Yet again, runs in towards the cover and Ponparthiban had no chance of getting away.

BB 19 - 33 JPP
25' Bharat is down on the mat! Reza runs in with a proper double thigh hold, Bharat had nowhere to go.

BB 19 - 32 JPP
24' Ajith Kumar is feasting! Sachin Narwal is extremely slow to track back, Ajith gets a proper touch on the defender's chest. 

BB 19 - 31 JPP
23' All Out on the Bulls! Neeraj Narwal never looked like he would make an impact with his slow turns, the right side of the Jaipur defence just jumps on him. Huge 11-point lead for the Panthers!

BB 19 - 30 JPP
22' Ran Singh this time fails on the ankle hold! Ajith jumps out and reduces the Bulls to one man.

BB 17 - 27 JPP
22' Vikash Kandola is tackled on the other half! Poor effort from the Bulls raider. 

BB 17 - 26 JPP
22' Super Tackle!!! This is some display of power from Ran Singh! Latches onto Arjun's ankles, Vikash puts in a proper back hold and Arjun is a goner!

BB 17 - 25 JPP
21' Saurabh Nandal commits yet another glaring error! Runs in from the right just when Ajith was going back and gifts an easy point. 

BB 15 - 25 JPP
HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 24-15!

The Pink Panthers have dominated in the first half, with Ajith Kumar surprisingly top-scoring with 7 points to his name. As for the Bulls, nothing has worked apart from a couple of top raids from Bharat (5), who has also looked off colour for quite a part of this first half. The Bulls' defensive unit has looked decent though, and they'll need to continue their good work. 

Yet, don't write off the Bulls! They've earned the nickname of 'Comeback Kings' for their antics in the second half of this season - can they live up to their name when it most matters for a spot in the final? 
18' First point of the night for Vikash! Finally! Took 18 minutes to get his first touch point, this time on Sahul Kumar. 

BB 14 - 21 JPP
18' Arjun has been pinned down! A superb ankle hold from Aman, Mahender runs in with a frontal block

BB 13 - 21 JPP
17' Ajith strikes again! This time, Neeraj Narwal is very late to go back and that's just gifting away a touch point. 

BB 12 - 21 JPP
16' What a tackle! Sahul with a solo ankle hold on Bharat, the Bulls raider just stood on the mat in disbelief. 

BB 12 - 21 JPP
16' Arjun Deshwal has another! Absolutely no fuss as he gets an extended hand touch on Ponparthiban. 

BB 12 - 20 JPP
15' Bulls' defence strikes! Ajith Kumar has been shoved off by the Bulls defenders, he had no chance of making it across the mid line. 

BB 12 - 19 JPP
15' Bharat yet again gets a comfortable touch on Chaudhari! Looks like he's doing all the work for the Bulls today. 

BB 11 - 19 JPP
14' A comfortable bonus point for Arjun on the left corner. 

BB 10 - 19 JPP
14' ALL OUT on the Bulls! Bengaluru make a substitution and bring on Sachin Narwal, but he''s gobbled up by Sahul Kumar on the right corner! A bonus point as consolation for Sachin. 

BB 10 - 18 JPP
13' Arjun Deshwal reduces the Bulls to one man! Saurabh Nandal attempts an ankle hold on Arjun, but the Jaipur raider slips away comfortably. 

BB 9 - 15 JPP
13' Kandola is thrown down on the mat! The cover defenders of Jaipur lift him up and pin him down with some aggression!

BB 9 - 14 JPP
12' Mahender is fuming! A very poor solo dash from Aman on the right, Rahul Chaudhari was looking to head back and he just pushes away the defender for an easy point. 

BB 9 - 13 JPP
11' Ajith Kumar has been given out! Looks like he stepped into the lobbies without a touch and he's a goner! However, even Ponparthiban stepped into the lobbies after and he's jogging away to the benches too. 

BB 9 - 12 JPP
10' Neeraj is tackled! The Bulls raider does well to jump away from an ankle hold by Reza, but Sunil and Ankush put themselves in front of the raider and keep him down. 

BB 8 - 11 JPP
9' Back to back tackle points for the Bulls! Arjun Deshwal on this occasion is tackled very close to the mid line as the BUlls defenders throw themselves at him.

BB 8 - 10 JPP
8' Super Tackle! This time no respite for Ajith! Neeraj starts off with the ankle hold, Nandal joins in with a back hold and after some contemplation, Mahender pulls him back. 

BB 7 - 10 JPP
7' Effortless from Jaipur! Bharat was slow on the turn, Ankush sees it from the left corner and rushes in for the dash, Sunil gives him company and the Bulls strike raider is shoved off the mat!

BB 5 - 10 JPP 
7' Point for Bharat! Yet again, a poor effort from Sahul, puts in a dash very close to the midline. 

BB 5 - 9 JPP
6' Super Raid! Ajith is on fire! Aman came in for a dash from the left corner, Parthiban and Vikash Kandola join in for support but Ajith sneaks under the dash!

BB 4 - 9 JPP
5' Bharat picks up another point! Runs in from the right and gets a hefty hand touch on Reza!

BB 4 - 6 JPP
4' And now Ajith Kumar strikes! Mahender is late to retreat on the left cover and it's easy pickings for Ajith. 

BB 3 - 6 JPP
3' Running hand touch from Bharat on Rahul Chaudhari!

BB 3 - 5 JPP
3' Ponparthiban gifts a point to Deshwal! Puts in a poor effort and lets Arjun go scot free!

BB 2 - 5 JPP
2' Neeraj has been flattened down on the mat! Comes in for a raid and within seconds, the covers jump in to bring him down!

BB 2 - 4 JPP
2' Bharat strikes for the Bulls! Jumps over an ankle hold from Sahul for his first point!

BB 1 - 2 JPP
1' Rahul Chaudhari gets his score ticking with a bonus point.

BB 0 - 2 JPP
1' First blood to Jaipur! Vikash goes a little deep into right corner, Sahul Kumar puts him down on the mat with a ferocious back hold 

BB 0 - 1 JP
Right then, the anthem is done, the warm ups are in the past - LIVE ACTION TIME!
The two teams are on the mat and we're only seconds away from live action!
 Starting 7s:

Bengaluru Bulls: Mahender Singh (C), Vikash Kandola, Bharat Hooda, Neeraj Narwal, Ponparthiban Subramanian, Saurabh Nandal, Aman.

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Sunil Kumar (C), Arjun Deshwal, Rahul Chaudhari, Ajith Kumar V, Reza Mirbhageri, Sahul Kumar, Ankush. 
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Hello folks, and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE commentary of the first blockbuster semifinal of Pro Kabaddi 2022!

PKL 9 table-toppers Jaipur Pink Panthers will lock horns with the rampagant Bengaluru Bulls in today's clash, which would well be decided by who between Arjun Deshwal and Bharat Hooda put their best foot forward today. Deshwal leads the way on the list of most raid points scored this season with 286 to his name, while Bharat is hot on his heels with 272 raid points to show for. 

Both teams come into the semifinal contest on the back of stellar form - the Bulls giving defending champions Dabang Delhi a proper 32-point pounding, while the Pink Panthers have been unbeaten in their last 5 matches. 

The Bulls won the first meeting of these two sides in PKL 9 by a 37-31 margin, but in the second encounter, Jaipur handed Bengaluru a proper 20-point whipping courtesy of their 45-25 win. With only the small matter of a spot in the summit clash to play for, expect some real fireworks on the mat as the two star-studded sides look to put on a spectacle in front of the vociferous crowd in attendance at the NSCI Stadium!

A very warm welcome to all of you from Prasen Moudgal, and I'll be your eyes and ears for this whole clash! Enjoy!
Dome, NSCI, SVP Stadium, Mumbai
Match Start Time
Thu, 15/Dec/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls
Semi Final
Semi Final
Pro Kabaddi 2022