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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi K.C. - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Jaipur Pink Panthers
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Naveen Kumar is the best raider of the match and Joginder Narwal is the best defender.
Naveen Kumar's 16 raid points and Joginder Narwal's 3 tackle points ensured that Deepak Niwas Hooda's efforts go in vain. After dominating the first phase of the match, Dabang Delhi K.C. surrendered to the Jaipur Pink Panthers only to come back from behind and win the match.
40' Naveen Kumar gets Sandeep Dhull in the final raid as Dabang Delhi K.C WIN!
40' Deepak Hooda gets a touch point in a 3-seconds raid!
Six seconds left in the match and Dabang Delhi K.C. have taken a TIMEOUT!
40'  ALL OUT! What a turnaround! 3 points to Dabang Delhi K.C., they have a 2 points lead now.
40' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers and Deepak Hooda has been tackled! Jaipur down to 1 man
40' What an effort from Naveen Kumar! He takes out 2 defenders in one raid, 41-43, the score!
39' Naveen Kumar has now taken out Sachin Narwal! 
39' Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Sandeep Dhull, the lead is down to 5
39' Now, Deepak Hooda pulls off a 2-point raid! What an encounter we are having here!
38' SUPER RAID! Vijay has pulled off a super raid out of nowhere. 1 bonus point and 2 touch points!
38' Pavan TR's block gets the better of Chandran Ranjit, that is probably the final nail in the coffin.
37' Elavarasan has sent Naveen Kumar out again! This time he uses the dash to send him out
37' Sachin Narwal gets a bonus point
37' Naveen Kumar takes out Sandeep Dhull! The lead is down to 4.
36' Deepak Narwal gets a bonus point but the defence successfully tackles him.
36' Elavarasan has sent Naveen Kumar to the bench, what a performance from the youngster!
36' Joginder Narwal successfully tackles Deepak Hooda in a clash of captains! Can Delhi come back into this contest?
35' Naveen Kumar gets a touch point to complete his 10th consecutive SUPER 10! 
34' Both Nitin Rawal and Deepak Narwal step in Delhi's half, 1 technical point to Jaipur.
SUBSTITUTION - Joginder Narwal in, Meraj Sheykh out
32' ALL OUT! Jaipur Pink Panthers have inflicted the 2nd all out of the match! Impressive tackle from Sandeep Dhull.
SUBSTITUTION - Naveen Kumar in, Joginder Narwal out
32' Deepak Hooda has reduced Dabang Delhi K.C. to 1 man!
SUBSTITUTION - Vishal Mane in, Naveen Kumar out
32' Naveen Kumar gets a bonus point
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! The original decision stands.
Dabang Delhi K.C. have taken a review here.
31' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Nitin Rawal has gone to raid but he steps in the lobby without a touch! 2 of the 3 defenders follow him out, 2 points to both the sides!
30' Now, Pavan TR successfully tackles Vijay as Jaipur Pink Panthers' lead grows to 4. 
29' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi, Chandran Ranjit goes to raid but steps in the lobby without a touch. 2 technical points to Jaipur Pink Panthers as it was a super tackle situation.
29' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Deepak Narwal fails to get a raid point! He has to go to the bench.
27' SUPER TACKLE! Jaipur Pink Panthers' young defender, Elavarasan has pulled off a super tackle! Meraj Sheykh fails in his do-or-die raid in a 1 vs 3 situation.
MILESTONE ALERT - Vijay Registers 150 PKL Points.
SUBSTITUTION - Meraj Sheykh in, Vishal Mane out
26' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Sushil Gulia gets tackled by Vijay!
SUBSTITUTION - Sushil Gulia in, Santhapanaselvam out
23' SUPER TACKLE! Now, a super tackle from the Jaipur Pink Panthers sends Naveen Kumar to the bench! Unbelievable comeback from Deepak Hooda's men.
22' SUPER RAID! Substitute Sachin Narwal takes out two defenders and gets a bonus point to avoid an all out for his side!
SUBSTITUTION - Sachin Narwal, Elavarasan
22' Jaipur Pink Panthers had pulled off a super tackle on Naveen Kumar however, a jersey pull from Nitin Rawal ensured that the raider stays safe.
21' Naveen Kumar kicks off the 2nd half with a touch on Pavan TR
1. Chandran Ranjit - 7 Pts
2. Nitin Rawal - 7 Pts
3. Naveen Kumar - 6 Pts
20' Deepak Narwal blindsided by Joginder Narwal! Vishal Mane's support helps Dabang Delhi pull off a successful tackle!
19' Naveen Kumar's kick has hurt Santhapanaselvam, the raider gets the point but the defender has gone out for medical assistance
18' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi, Naveen Kumar executes a kick on Sandeep Dhull to level the scores!
SUBSTITUTION - Vijay in, Meraj Sheykh out
18' Joginder Narwal sends Deepak Hooda to the bench by successfully tackling him! 
17' Deepak Narwal takes out Anil Kumar to grow Jaipur Pink Panthers' lead to 2.
16' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Deepak Hooda goes to raid and takes Ravinder Pahal with surprise by hitting him with a sudden kick. 
14' Sandeep Dhull opens his account by successfully tackling Meraj Sheykh!
13' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi K.C., Naveen Kumar goes to raid but fails! Jaipur Pink Panthers have leveled the scores.
12' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, SUPER RAID! Nitin Rawal cleans up the half of Dabang Delhi K.C. by getting the better of all the remaining defenders, 5 points to Jaipur Pink Panthers!
10' Santhapanaselvam gets the better of Naveen Kumar, Dabang Delhi K.C. down to 3 men!
9' Deepak Hooda easily touches Vishal Mane, who was standing at right corner.
7' Nitin Rawal commits an unforced error to gift Dabang Delhi a technical point
7' Naveen Kumar gets a bonus point
7' Deepak Hooda opens his account with a 2-point raid! Ravinder Pahal and Anil Kumar on the bench!
6' Naveen Kumar gets a bonus point
5' Jaipur Pink Panthers' defence hunts Meraj Sheykh down! Santhapanaselvam picks his first tackle point
5' Deepak Narwal gets a bonus point
5' Chandran Ranjit gets a bonus point
4' ALL OUT! Nitin Rawal's greed for points eventually results in a successful tackle. Dabang Delhi get 3 points
3' Naveen picks his 2nd raid point, Jaipur down to 1 man again
3' Joginder Narwal commits a mistake as Nitin Rawal gets a bonus and a touch point to avoid the all out
2' Naveen Kumar opens his account with a touch on Deepak Narwal, Jaipur on the verge of an all out
2' Nitin Rawal gets a bonus point
1' SUPER RAID! Chandran Ranjit takes 5 points in a raid! He takes a bonus first before taking out 4 defenders in a single attempt! What a start for Delhi
1' Deepak Hooda sent back to the bench in the first raid of the match!
The match will start at 7-30 PM IST.
Deepak Hooda (C), Nitin Rawal, Elavarasan, Deepak Narwal, Pavan TR, Santhapanaselvam, Sandeep Dhull
DABANG DELHI K.C. - Joginder Narwal (C), Naveen Kumar, Vishal Mane, Anil Kumar, Meraj Sheykh, Chandran Ranjit, Ravinder Pahal.
A win for Dabang Delhi K.C. will solidify their position at the top while if Jaipur win tonight they will move up 3 places to gain the 2nd position.
Dabang Delhi K.C. are coming off a terrific home leg where they won all of their matches. On the other hand, Jaipur Pink Panthers are struggling to carry on the momentum they had generated in the earlier phase of the tournament.
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of match number 73 of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2019 where season one champions, Jaipur Pink Panthers will battle with table-toppers Dabang Delhi K.C.
Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru
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Wed, 04/Sep/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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