Pro Kabaddi 2021 Highlights, Match 46: Jaipur Pink Panthers ride on Sahul Kumar's brilliance to pick up 30-28 win

Jaipur Pink Panthers
Dabang Delhi K.C.
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So, three streaks have ended tonight. 1. Naveen Kumar's streak of Super 10s, 2. Arjun Deshwal's streak of Super 10s and 3. Dabang Delhi KC's unbeaten streak! What a performance from Jaipur Pink Panthers tonight! They are in the Top 6 now, thanks to Sahul Kumar's magnificent High 5!
FULL TIME: Jaipur Pink Panthers 30 - 28 Dabang Delhi KC
40' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Delhi dash Deepak Hooda out but they lose by 2 points!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 30 - 28 Dabang Delhi KC
40' Sandeep Dhull has sealed the deal here with a fine ankle hold on Ashu!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 30 - 27 Dabang Delhi KC
40' Ashu Malik gets a running hand touch on Amit!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 29 - 27 Dabang Delhi KC
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL - Jaipur earn 1 point. 
REVIEW - Dabang Delhi KC have challenged the decision. 
39' Sandeep Dhull dives on Naveen Kumar's ankles and sends him to the bench! Jaipur seem to have taken a winning lead here.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 29 - 26 Dabang Delhi KC
39' Deepak Hooda gets a touch on Krishan with a good kick!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 28 - 26 Dabang Delhi KC
REVIEW SUCCESSFUL - No touch point.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 27 - 26 Dabang Delhi KC
REVIEW - Jaipur Pink Panthers challenge the decision. 
38' Naveen Kumar scores his 8th point of the night with a toe touch on Amirhossein Mohammad!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 27 - 27 Dabang Delhi KC
37' ALL OUT!! Ashu Malik scored a bonus but Jaipur's defense hunts him down and earns 3 points!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 27 - 26 Dabang Delhi KC
36' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Deepak Hooda gets a touch on both Joginder and Manjeet!! WOWW!! Delhi down to 1 man.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 24 - 25 Dabang Delhi KC
36' Naveen Kumar fails in a do-or-die raid thanks to a chain tackle from Sahul and Amit!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 22 - 25 Dabang Delhi KC
34' SUPER TACKLE!! Ashu Malik dashes Arjun Deshwal out of the court!! What a dash from the Delhi youngster!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 21 - 25 Dabang Delhi KC
33' Sandeep Dhull goes for an advanced tackle on Ashu Malik but fails! Ashu also got a bonus!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 21 - 23 Dabang Delhi KC
32' Deepak Hooda scores a touch point on Krishan Dhull, Neeraj Narwal levels the score with a bonus!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 21 - 21 Dabang Delhi KC
30' Arjun Deshwal levels the scores with a touch on Sandeep Narwal!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 20 - 20 Dabang Delhi KC
30' Sahul Kumar scores his 7th tackle point of the night! This time Vijay is his victim and the skill is trunk hold!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 19 - 20 Dabang Delhi KC
29' Naveen Kumar has been tackled down this time by Sahul Kumar! Naveen lost his balance and Sahul took the advantage!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 18 - 20 Dabang Delhi KC
28' Deepak Hooda gets a running hand touch on Manjeet Chhillar! Can Jaipur make a comeback?

Jaipur Pink Panthers 17 - 20 Dabang Delhi KC
27' Manjeet Chhillar scores his 3rd consecutive successful tackle with a top-quality ankle hold on Arjun Deshwal!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 16 - 20 Dabang Delhi KC
27' Sahul Kumar completes his High 5 with an incredible ankle hold on Vijay!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 16 - 19 Dabang Delhi KC
26' Deepak Hooda completes 900 raid points with a bonus for Jaipur!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 15 - 19 Dabang Delhi KC
25' ALL OUT! Naveen Kumar beats the 2 defenders and Jaipur concede 4 points to Delhi! Naveen seems hurt again. He is receiving attention from the medical team. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 - 19 Dabang Delhi KC
25' Arjun scores a bonus for Pink Panthers

Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 - 15 Dabang Delhi KC
24' Naveen Kumar fails a back hold attempt from Sahul Kumar this time! Jaipur down to 2 men.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 13 - 15 Dabang Delhi KC
23' Manjeet Chhillar hunts down Amirhossein Mohammad with an excellent ankle hold!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 13 - 14 Dabang Delhi KC
23' Arjun Deshwal gets a bonus for Jaipur

Jaipur Pink Panthers 13 - 13 Dabang Delhi KC
22' 600 RAID POINTS for Naveen Kumar! He fails a dive from Vishal and becomes the fastest raider to 600 raid points.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 12 - 13 Dabang Delhi KC
HALF TIME: Dabang Delhi KC 12 - 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers
20' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Delhi's defense sends Deepak Hooda to their coach! My God! What a block and dash from Sandeep Narwal!

Dabang Delhi KC 12 - 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers
20' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi KC, Ashu Malik gets tackled this time, thanks to a fantastic dive from Sahul Kumar!

Dabang Delhi KC 11 - 12 Jaipur Pink Panthers
18' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Deepak Hooda goes in to raid and pulls off a 2-pointer raid! The competition has been very tough tonight!

Dabang Delhi KC 11 - 11 Jaipur Pink Panthers
17' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi KC, Ashu Malik gets 2 touch points! He failed a dive from Vishal and then got a touch on Sandeep Dhull!

Dabang Delhi KC 11 - 9 Jaipur Pink Panthers
15' Sandeep Narwal and Jeeva Kumar's duo hunts down Arjun Deshwal! The scores are level now.

Dabang Delhi KC 9 - 9 Jaipur Pink Panthers
14' Vijay gets a touch on Sahul Kumar, the lead is down to 1!

Dabang Delhi KC 8 - 9 Jaipur Pink Panthers
14' Arjun Deshwal fails a weak ankle hold attempt from Joginder Narwal!

Dabang Delhi KC 7 - 9 Jaipur Pink Panthers
13' Sahul tackles down Naveen Kumar for the second time! Great dive from the defender! Naveen is hurt again, this time he was hit brutally on the head!

Dabang Delhi KC 7 - 8 Jaipur Pink Panthers
12' Manjeet Chhillar shows his might with a top-class block and dash on Deepak Hooda!!

Dabang Delhi KC 7 - 7 Jaipur Pink Panthers
12' Jaipur take the lead as Sandeep Dhull hunts down Ashu Malik with a thigh hold!

Dabang Delhi KC 6 - 7 Jaipur Pink Panthers
11' Arjun Deshwal sends Jeeva Kumar to the bench again with a running toe touch!

Dabang Delhi KC 6 - 6 Jaipur Pink Panthers
10' SUPER TACKLE!! Deepak, Sahul and Arjun unite forces to hunt down Naveen Kumar! Sahul earns two tackle points for initiating the struggle with a dive!

Dabang Delhi KC 6 - 5 Jaipur Pink Panthers
9' Arjun Deshwal scores a bonus for Jaipur

Dabang Delhi KC 6 - 3 Jaipur Pink Panthers
8' Naveen Kumar inches closer to the 600 raid points milestone with a hand touch!

Dabang Delhi KC 6 - 2 Jaipur Pink Panthers
7' Jaipur hunt down Ashu Malik with a perfectly-timed dive on his ankle from Amit! Ohh but wait a minute, Amit stepped out of bounds before the tackle! Raider is safe.

Dabang Delhi KC 5 - 2 Jaipur Pink Panthers
6' Do-or-die raid for Jaipur Pink Panthers, Arjun Deshwal opens his account with a running hand touch on Jeeva Kumar!

Dabang Delhi KC 4 - 2 Jaipur Pink Panthers
5' Naveen Kumar continues his fine form with an excellent kick on Sandeep Dhull!

Dabang Delhi KC 4 - 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers
4' Vijay sends Deepak Hooda to the bench with a running hand touch on him!

Dabang Delhi KC 3 - 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers
3' Deepak Hooda gets off the mark; Sandeep Narwal went for an advanced tackle ahead of the baulk line, but Jaipur captain escapes with ease.

Dabang Delhi KC 2 - 1 Jaipur Pink Panthers
1' Naveen fails an advanced tackle attempt from Vishal; Naveen escapes but he is injured! He is receiving medical attention now. 

Dabang Delhi KC 2 - 0 Jaipur Pink Panthers
1' Sandeep Narwal opens his account with a fine tackle on Arjun Deshwal!

Dabang Delhi KC 1 - 0 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jaipur Pink Panthers: 
Arjun Deshwal, Naveen, Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Shaul Kumar, Amit Kharb, Vishal, Deepak Niwas Hooda

Dabang Delhi KC: Ashu Malik, Naveen Kumar, Jeeva Kumar, Joginder Singh Narwal, Manjeet Chhillar, Sandeep Narwal, Vijay
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Here is all you need to know about Dabang Delhi KC vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers match. 
Dabang Delhi KC are undefeated in Pro Kabaddi season eight so far with five wins and two draws from seven matches. On the other side, the Jaipur Pink Panthers are eighth in the standings with 18 points from seven matches. Delhi will start as the favorites tonight. 
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Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Mon, 10/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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