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Gujarat Giants
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Jaipur Pink Panthers 25-18 Gujarat Giants

Jaipur gets their third win of the season with a calculated plan upfront. Once they took the lead in the second minute, they preserved it till the very last minute and extended it slowly and steadily in the final five minutes of the game.  

The raiders had very little to say in this low scoring encounter as both the sides played in the Do-or-Die raids. Not a single 'Super Tackle,' 'Super Raid,' or 'All Out' was seen in this fixture. Rahul Chaudhari was tackled thrice while picking up five raid points while Arjun Deshwal picked only four raid points from 16 raids. 

Gujarat Giants, on the other hand, found a new rising star in the form of Parteek Dahiya who scalped six points from just nine raids while coming in the 31st minute of the game. Shankar Gadia had three tackle points to his name while Rakesh Sungroya was mostly restricted to the bench as their defenders failed to revive him in time. 

Gujarat continue to languish on the bottom half of the table but it is still early in the league and they would like to correct their mistakes as the season progresses. 
40' Parteek enters the Do-or-Die raid and initiates a 'Dubki' but fails to get his dangling hand past the mid-line in time. And, with that the referee blows his full-time whistle.

Gujarat Giants 18-25 Jaipur Pink Panthers
40' Baldev Singh goes out of the mat. Jaipur extends their lead to six points.

Gujarat Giants 18-24 Jaipur Pink Panthers
40' Parteek with an empty raid. Gujarat are happy with one point.

Gujarat Giants 18-23 Jaipur Pink Panthers
40' Bhavani Rajput wears down the clock after walking past the baulk-line. Gujarat have only three men.

Gujarat Giants 18-23 Jaipur Pink Panthers
39' Bhavani escapes Sandeep's advanced tackle. The game is surely in Jaipur's bag now.

Gujarat Giants 18-23 Jaipur Pink Panthers
39' Parteek with a timely Dubki. Gujarat are not out yet.

Gujarat Giants 18-22 Jaipur Pink Panthers
38' Bhavani Rajput gets a touchpoing on Rakesh.

Gujarat Giants 17-22 Jaipur Pink Panthers
38' Parteek gets out of the clutch of a thigh hold. That's his fifth raid point today.

Gujarat Giants 17-21 Jaipur Pink Panthers
37' Bhavani Rajput escapes Rinku Narwal's dash attempt.

Gujarat Giants 16-21 Jaipur Pink Panthers
37' Parteek with a touchpoint on Sunil.

Gujarat Giants 16-20 Jaipur Pink Panthers
36' Bhavani Rajput inflicts a self Out on himself.

Gujarat Giants 15-20 Jaipur Pink Panthers
35' Gujarat plan to enter the Do-or-Die raid and will try for the bonus. That's the talk in half-time.

Gujarat Giants 15-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers
34' No other touches from Arjun. Arkam did come forward but he withdrew himself at the last moment. Review unsuccessful! Shankar gets a green card for jersey pulling in that struggle. 

Gujarat Giants 15-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers
34' Arjun Deshwal enters the Do-or-Die raid. Shankar offers a block but he shoves him and goes past the touchline. Jaipur review. Rahul Chaudhari thinks Jaipur have bagged two raid points. 
33' Ankush tries for a dash from the blindside but Parteek Dahiya turns back in time with no support from the other defenders.

Gujarat Giants 15-18 Jaipur Pink Panthers
32' Time was running out for Arjun Deshwal in his Do-or-Die raid but Sandeep Kandola needlessly comes forward to tackle him with a double thigh hold. Arjun lets himself loose and wins a point.

Gujarat Giants 14-18 Jaipur Pink Panthers
31' Both sides are playing on the Do-or-Die raid. Pardeep Dahiya does it! He gets the dangling hand past the mid-line just in time.

Gujarat Giants 14-17 Jaipur Pink Panthers
30' Arjun walks away with an empty raid. He doesn't want to fall prey to a Super Tackle. TIMEOUT!

Gujarat Giants 12-17 Jaipur Pink Panthers
29' Bhavani Rajput with a running hand touch on Lee in the Do-or-Die raid. Gujarat down to three men. 

Gujarat Giants 12-17 Jaipur Pink Panthers
28' Mahendra Rajput enters the Do-or-Die raid and loses the struggle as five defenders pin him down.

Gujarat Giants 12-16 Jaipur Pink Panthers
27' Rahul Chaudhari gets ushered out of mat by Arkam Shaikh. Le Panga!

Gujarat Giants 12-15 Jaipur Pink Panthers
26' Rakesh enters the Do-or-Die raid. Interesting! Abhishek KS with a diving thigh hold as Jaipur win a point.

Gujarat Giants 11-15 Jaipur Pink Panthers
25' The replays confirm Sandeep Kandola has put a foot outside mat. They are checking whether there was a touch before. Nothing substantial. Review unsuccessful.

Gujarat Giants 11-14 Jaipur Pink Panthers
24' V Ajith Kumar slips in his Do-or-Die raid in the lobby. But one defender is also out of bounds. Gujarat review for only raider out. 
23' Dong Lee enters the Do-or-Die raid but gets ushered out by all four defenders collectively.

Gujarat Giants 10-13 Jaipur Pink Panthers
22' Sourav Gulia with a dash on Arjun Deshwal from the blindside and he is thrown out of the lobby.

Gujarat Giants 10-12 Jaipur Pink Panthers
21' Arjun Deshwal with an empty raid. Dong Geon Lee enters the opposition half for Gujarat and that is an empty raid as well.

Gujarat Giants 9-12 Jaipur Pink Panthers

We have an even contest so far. Both the teams saved their energy for the second half and that almost promises us an intriguing second half. Arjun Deshwal forayed forward only eight times and has only two raid points to his name. It is the 'Showman' Rahul Chaudhari who has led the pack with five points from nine raids. Defensively, Ankush has picked two tackle points for Jaipur as the team played on the Do-or-Die raids. 

Nothing much to write about Gujarat Giants either. Shankar Gadai has been the lone shining light in the back with three tackle points, including those against Rahul Chaudhari. Rakesh Sungroya has only two raid points from eight raids but was restricted to the bench for the majority of the contest. 
20' PEEP! A couple of empty raids from both the sides. Dong Geon is brought into the mat but he doesn't get an opportunity to raid as the referee blows his half-time whistle.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 12-9 Gujarat Giants
19' Rahul Chaudhari fails to track back in time as other defenders encircle him. Shankar Gadai initiates the tackle.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 12-9 Gujarat Giants
18' Rakesh tries for a 'Dubki' but gets trapped by Sunil Kumar.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 12-8 Gujarat Giants
16' Gujarat's Rakesh gets a touchpoint in his Do-or-Die raid. Rahul replies with a running hand touch on Mahendra Rajput in his Do-or-Die raid in reply.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 11-9 Gujarat Giants
14' Rahul Chaudhari tries to turn past the left corner defender but gets ushered by the rest of the defenders.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 10-7 Gujarat Giants
13' Gujarat gets a freebie in the Do-or-Die raid as a defender walks to him near the mid-line.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 10-6 Gujarat Giants
13' Rahul Chaudhari gets a running hand touch on the left corner defender. Gujarat down to three men.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 10-5 Gujarat Giants
12' Rahul Chaudhari with a tap on the toe of a defender to bag a point.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 9-5 Gujarat Giants
10' Chandran Ranjit runs into the corner defenders in the right and gets tackled by a double ankle hold.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 8-5 Gujarat Giants
10' Shankar with a double ankle hold on Ajith to take him down.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-5 Gujarat Giants
8' Shankar Gadai with a pouncing tackle from behind on Rahul Chaudhari in the Do-or-Die raid.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-4 Gujarat Giants
7' Rakesh Sungroya enters the Do-or-Die raid. He tries to get a dangling hand past the mid-line but gets trapped in the end.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 7-3 Gujarat Giants
6' Rahul Chaudhari with a running hand touch.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 6-3 Gujarat Giants
4' Arjun Deshwal bags a bonus. Jaipur continue their risk free kabaddi. Only attempting bonuses. Gujarat reply with a bonus of their own.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 5-3 Gujarat Giants
4' Rohit Kumar gets a running hand touch for Gujarat.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 4-2 Gujarat Giants
3' Sahul Kumar with a good block to tackle Chandran Ranjit

Jaipur Pink Panthers 4-1 Gujarat Giants
2' Arjun Deshwal picks a bonus and goes back quickly.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 3-1 Gujarat Giants
2' Rakesh Sungroya tries for a jump but gets trapped by a double ankle hold.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 2-1 Gujarat Giants
1' The Showman Rahul Chaudhari sneaks a bonus in the right corner.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 1-1 Gujarat Giants
1' Chandran Ranjit turns from a defender near the mid-line to win a point for Gujarat.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 0-1 Gujarat Giants
Time for the Indian National Anthem! 
It's time for the Jaipur Pink Panthers players to arrive to the mat! 
The first of the Triple Panga beckons as Gujarat Giants players enter the mat!
Jaipur Pink Panthers (Starting 7): V Ajith Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Arjun Deshwal, Ankush, Shaul Kumar, Abhishek KS

Gujarat Giants (Starting 7): Chandran Ranjit, Arkam Shaikh, Sourav Gulia, Sandeep Kandola, Rakesh HS, Shankar Gadai, Rohit Kumar
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda for the live commentary of today's PKL 2022 encounter between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Gujarat Giants. This is your host Abhishek and I will be your eyes and ears for the contest. The match should start from 07:30 PM IST. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers occupy the second position in the points table with two victories from three matches. Starting their campaign with a two point loss against UP Yoddha, they steamrolled against Patna Pirates beating them 35-30 and followed it with a 44-31 win over Haryana Steelers. 

Arjun Deshwal has been their star this season with 39 raid points from three games, that included two Super 10s. Moreover, he has received sufficient support from V Ajith Kumar and Bhavani Rajput upfront. Rahul Chaudhari, too, turned back the clock in last match with six raid points and one tackle point. 

Gujarat Giants have just one win from their three matches. Starting their campaign with a 31-31 draw against Tamil Thalaivas, they suffered a mammoth 20 point defeat against defending champions Dabang Delhi KC in their next match. Courtesy of Rakesh Sungroya's 17 raidpoints in their next match, Gujarat Giants humbled Puneri Paltan 47-37 to gain some momentum in PKL 9. 

Can the Giants maraud the Pink Panthers or will the latter have the last laugh? Let's find out. 
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Sat, 15/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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